Is Thor gay in Marvel comics? Thor: Love and Thunder trailer hints at it

The latest hypothesis to rise after the publish of the first teaser preview for thor : Love and Thunder is the prospect that Thor may be gay. We reveal what Marvel fans are saying about the God of Thunder ’ s preference, confirm if Thor was gay in Marvel Comics, and discuss other Marvel characters who are LGBTQ+. Directed by Taika Waititi, returning to the helm after thor : Ragnarok, and penned by Waititi and Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, Thor : Love and Thunder is set to star Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Chris Pratt, and more to showcase the spend of the Thor mantle and Mjølnir to Portman ’ s Jane Foster, allowing her to become Mighty Thor.

Thor: Love and Thunder | Official Teaser

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Marvel fans think Thor could be gay after teaser trailer

One Marvel fan openly claimed that they had “ won ” after referencing the scene where Star-Lord, a.k.a. Peter Quill speaks about looking into the eyes of the people you love : This contented could not be loaded

Another fan claimed that Thor had been gay since Taika Waititi ’ s former movie thor : gotterdammerung :

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last, this fan speculated that Thor and Star-Lord could end up in a amatory relationship during thor : Love and Thunder : This contented could not be loaded

Is Thor gay in Marvel Comics?

No, Thor is not canonically gay in Marvel Comics, but many of his acquaintances are LGBTQ+. According to Marvel lore, Thor has had relationships with many characters, including Jane Foster, Sif, Enchantress, Valkyrie, Shawna Lynde, Lorelei, Bloodaxe, and She-hulk. however, the beginning substantial does country that Thor ’ s ally Korg is gay and time will tell if thor : Love and Thunder explores that. thor love and thunder poster marvelImage from Marvel Studios.

Other LGBTQ+ MCU characters

Marvel Comics includes LGBTQ+ representation frequently across many narratives, including Yelena Belova who is confirmed to be asexual. additionally, Riri Williams from the Ironheart series is confirmed to be bisexual, and Wiccan – Wanda Maximoff ’ s son – is openly gay. Valkyrie ’ s androgyny and Loki ’ s gender fluidity have been addressed in both the comics and the cinematic population. furthermore, Guardians of the Galaxy # 9 confirmed that Peter Quill was bisexual, hinting that the aforesaid relationship with Thor could come about.

Guardians Of The Galaxy (Marvel Studios UK) By Jo Craig – [ e-mail protected ] thor : Love and Thunder is scheduled to release on July 8, 2022, in the US. In other news program, SPOILERS : Fall movie ending explained

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