Is Wonder Woman Immortal? And 9 Other Questions About The Amazonian

While Wonder Woman is one of the most popular superheroes, people inactive wonder about her lineage, abilities, & more. Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic DC Comics characters of all time. Born on an island populated by the fabulous Amazons of Ancient Greece, Diana Prince brings her fight skills and godhead powers to the stay of the global, joining up with the Justice League to defend the Earth against all kinds of threats .
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Despite the fact that Wonder Woman is one of the most popular amusing book characters of all time, ascribable to a constantly changing comic record continuity, some people hush have a lot of questions about the character. For example, one of the most popular Wonder Woman questions centers around immortality.


10 Is Wonder Woman Immortal?

Wonder Woman Hammer in action As is expected with such a long continuity, the answer to this interrogate is quite complex and largely depends upon who is writing the character. The most general principle regarding Wonder Woman is that she is immortal but not invulnerable. In other words, she is immune to natural death but not to a violent death .
In other continuities, Wonder Woman has been immortal but only on the island of Themyscira. This makes her decision to leave the island even more sacrificial as she is besides giving up immortality to help the people of Earth .

9 Does Wonder Woman Have A Sidekick?

Wonder Girl in Young Justice #19 Wonder Woman has had a buddy in some continuities, though her buddy is n’t vitamin a well known as Robin or Speedy. There have been two Wonder Girls to appear in DC Comics. The first was Donna Troy and the second was Cassandra Sandsmark .
In accession to sidekicks, Wonder Woman has a few allies who appear systematically in the amusing books. One of the most big of these sidekicks is Etta Candy, who appears in the 2017 Wonder Woman movie .

8 Who Are Wonder Woman’s Parents?

hippolyta amazons DC comics Wonder Woman ‘s beginning report has changed dramatically over the years the character has been around. While some earlier continuities had the character be formed from clay, recent amusing runs have been fairly consistent in the Amazonian Princess ‘ parenthood .
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by and large, Wonder Woman ‘s parents are Hippolyta and Zeus. This makes Wonder Woman a Demi-god in the like vein as Heracles and Achilles, explaining her incredible feats of strength in the serve .

7 How Old Is Wonder Woman?

zarda heroes reborn wonder woman There has been no definitive answer to this question, with Wonder Woman ‘s long time changing depending upon the continuity, the decade, or even the writer of a certain report. Although, while there are inconsistencies in her actual age, one thing is certain .
Wonder Woman is decidedly erstwhile, she is besides potentially ancient. Some continuities have the character at around a century previous or a millennium erstwhile, while others have Diana at several thousand years old .

6 Does Wonder Woman Have A Weakness?

Wonder Woman Valhalla holding lasso A superhero ‘s weaknesses are sometimes synonymous with the character themselves. Superman, for exemplify, is about arsenic celebrated as his kryptonite weakness. Wonder Woman, however, does n’t have an accurate helplessness in the lapp manner as Superman .
In Golden Age stories, Wonder Woman loses her powers when tied up, but this has changed over the decades. As a solution, while the fictional character does n’t have a distinct weakness, she is vulnerable to bullets and other weaponry .

5 Does Wonder Woman Kill?

Wonder Woman Earth One feature Batman has a well-established “ no-kill ” rule in the comics that not merely allows villains to return in late comics from a narrative position but besides separates him from these very villains on a moral level. Some may wonder if Wonder Woman has a exchangeable govern .
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Wonder Woman does n’t have a no-kill rule in the same manner as Batman and has killed earlier in the comics, but she will broadly merely do therefore as a last recourse. Her noteworthy recent kills are Maxwell Lord and the Batman Who Laughs .

4 Can Wonder Woman Fly?

Wonder Woman flying with Superman excellently, Wonder Woman ‘s choose method acting of conveyance was the invisible jet. As a result, many fans were surprised that Gal Gadot ‘s Wonder Woman was able to take the skies and fly in Wonder Woman 1984. however, this does n’t constantly hold true in the comics .
While in the first place the fictional character was n’t able to fly, George Perez ‘s ply on the Wonder Woman comics changed this to allow Diana Prince to fly of her own accord .

3 Does Wonder Woman Age?

Wonder Woman gold armor Wonder Woman ‘s aging depends upon the continuity and the writer. Some stories, such as Kingdom Come, have Wonder Woman historic period slower than the normal human, allowing her to live a vastly lengthier long span with a level of aging to match .
early continuities have gifted Wonder Woman with both immortality and endless youth, with this affecting her relationships with those around her .

2 Does Wonder Woman Have A Secret Identity?

Wonder Woman Eros fighting In the original Golden Age comics, Wonder Woman does possess a secret identity on Earth. however, over the decades since her original appearances, the confidential identity expression of Wonder Woman has slowly started to fade away .
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On Greg Rucka ‘s applaud run on Wonder Woman, Diana Prince is the Themysciran Ambassador to the United Nations, giving her a clear home in the foreground as Wonder Woman .

1 Who Created Wonder Woman?

Sensational Wonder Woman Wonder Woman ‘s parenthood has already been covered, but there are besides questions surrounding the real-world creation of the Princess of the Amazons. William Moulton Marston is officially credited with the creation of Wonder Woman, but the frequently uncredited contributions of H.G. Peter and Elizabeth Holloway Marston should n’t go unmentioned.

The character has been around for 80 years, first gear appearing in All-Star Comics # 8 in October 1941, and has gone on to superstardom since, appearing in movies, television shows, and television games .
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