How to Install & Use Zoom on FireStick (2022)

In this guide, I will walk you through the step-by-step process to install and use Zoom on FireStick. The same process will work for all Fire TV devices, including FireStick 4K, Fire TV Cube, and FireStick Lite. But before I jump into the installation process, let’s take a brief look at Zoom. 
how to install zoom on firestick Zoom is a popular cloud-based video conferencing software that allows you to communicate across about any device. Employers often use it to conduct on-line video recording meetings, training sessions, and webinars with early participants, while others may use it just to communicate over video recording. It enables anyone to host outright television calls with up to 100 participants .
not only that, but you can besides partake your shield with others and show them documents, images, or anything else on your screen. Plus, you can record your meetings as video or audio clips to review them subsequently .
presently, Zoom offers four price tiers. You can compare the Zoom plans in contingent on the official web site or read the summaries below :

  • Basic Version: The basic free version lets you hold an unlimited number of one-on-one meetings for inexhaustible durations. You can besides host up to 100 participants in group calls limited to 40 minutes .
  • Pro Version: This version costs $14.99 per month per license and is great for small teams. It allows you to conduct group meetings for up to 30 hours, stream over social media, store meeting recordings, and more.
  • Business Version: This is suitable for small and medium businesses. It costs $19.99 per month per license and lets you brand Zoom meetings with your company branding. Other features include single sign-on, recording transcripts, and managed domains. You can host meetings with up to 300 participants on this plan.
  • Enterprise Version: This plan is suitable for large enterprises. The price will vary depending on the size of the organization. You can host meetings with up to 500 participants. Plus, it offers unlimited cloud storage for recordings.

How to Install Zoom on FireStick

now that you are aware of what precisely the Zoom app does, let ’ s take a look at the Zoom initiation action. Since Zoom is a third-party app, you have to sideload it onto your Fire television receiver device .
Follow these steps to install the Zoom app on your Amazon FireStick .

part 1 : Install the Downloader App on FireStick

This is the most effective and common method acting to install Zoom on your FireStick. Downloader is a free app available in the Amazon App Store that makes the process of installing the Zoom app easy and placid. It is a must-have app for all FireStick users who want to sideload any app onto their device .
Follow these steps to install Downloader :
1. Go to the FireStick home shield. In the menu bar, coil to Find, followed by selecting Search .
How to Install Zoom on FireStick
2. Type in Downloader. Click it when it appears in the search suggestions .
downloader suggestion
3.  Select Downloader  in the search results, under APPS AND GAMES .
Downloader App
4. Click Download or Get and wait a moment for facility to complete .
zoom app using downloader

part 2 : admit Apps From Unknown Sources

once you have installed the Downloader app, you need to prepare your FireStick for Zoom installation. You can well do indeed by following these steps :
1. Press the home button on your outback to go back to the Fire TV home screen. then select the settings icon on the army for the liberation of rwanda right .
 FireStick settings
2. Click My Fire TV .
open my fire tv
3. On the adjacent window, cluck Developer Options .
open developer options
4. now, click Install unknown apps .
Note:  If you see a set called Apps from Unknown Sources  alternatively, select it to turn it ON. You can skip the future mistreat and continue to separate 3 .
install unknown apps
5. Select Downloader and turn it ON .
zoom on firestick
You have successfully set up your FireStick to install any third-party app, including Zoom. nowadays that we ’ rhenium done prepare for initiation, we can ultimately start the initiation process .

function 3 : install Zoom on FireStick

In this measure, I ’ ll testify you how you can install Zoom on your Amazon Fire TV Stick .
1. Open the Downloader app you barely installed. If you ’ re having fuss finding the app in your interface, press and hold the home button on your outback and go to Apps. From there, you can locate and select Downloader to launch it .
2. Navigate to the Browser choice on the leave and select it .
download zoom apk on firestick
2. Click the URL field .
zoom app for firestick
3. now, you will notice the following popup window. Erase the URL mentioned hera .
zoom apk download
4. Enter Zoom in the URL text box and click Go. 
how to get zoom on tv
5. On the following filmdom, choose the option Download center – Zoom. 
download center zoom
6. now, click Download from Zoom.
zoom for firestick
7. The Zoom app should start downloading now .
downloading zoom app
8. Once the download is accomplished, go ahead and chatter Install in the bottom right corner .
How to Install Zoom on FireStick

9. This is where FireStick will begin the installation of the Zoom app from the APK file. This will take a couple of minutes .
installation of zoom app
10. When the Zoom app is wholly installed, you will be notified with the following window at the bottom right field, saying Zoom – Ready to launch .
Zoom app installed
11. Click Done if you want to access the app by and by. Or you can select Open if you ’ re going to use the app now .
zoom app for firestick
12. On the following filmdom, pawl Delete to remove the APK file of the Zoom app. This file is of no use after the facility is complete. therefore, it is better to remove it to save some outer space on the device storage .
delete zoom apk file
13. Click Delete again to confirm the deletion .
firestick zoom app
Congratulations ! You have last installed the Zoom app on your Amazon FireStick .

How to Use Zoom on FireStick

In this incision, I will show how to start using the Zoom app on your FireStick. First, let ’ s make the app more accessible on your FireStick. then we ’ ll take a quick peek inside .
1. Press and hold the home button on your Fire television distant until the following blind shows up. Click Apps. 
how to use Zoom on FireStick
2. Scroll to your Zoom app, but don ’ triiodothyronine blue-ribbon it .
 Zoom on FireStick
3. Press the options button on your outback, indicated by three horizontal lines. Select Move  in the menu that appears on the right .
how to cast a zoom meeting to a tv
4.  Use the directional buttons on your distant to move Zoom to the top row of apps, which are visible on the Fire TV home blind. Press the select button ( in the center of the directional buttons ) to confirm the new placement .
5. After relocating the app, go ahead and select it to launch it .
On the main screen, you ’ ll find the option to Join a Meeting by providing a meet ID. You don ’ t need to create an account to join a meet person else is hosting ; you lone need that meeting ID. however, if you want to host a meet or webinar, then you ’ ll need a Zoom report. You can make an explanation or sign in to your account from the app ’ s home riddle .
how to install & use zoom on firestick

Wrapping Up

There you have it ! Zoom is the perfect app for video calls, whether they ’ re casual or professional. With this usher, you should have learned how to install Zoom on FireStick. Were you able to install the Zoom app on your Amazon Fire television ? Let us know in the comments if you ran into any trouble !
highly recommend if streaming with release or low-cost services 👇

How to Stream on FireStick Anonymously

american samoa soon as you install the right apps, your FireStick is all ready to stream your darling content. However, before you start, I would like to warn you that everything you stream online is visible to your ISP and Government. This means, streaming free movies, television receiver shows, Sports might get you into legal trouble .
thankfully, there is a foolproof way to keep all your stream activities hidden from your ISP and the Government. All you need is a good VPN for Fire Stick. A VPN will mask your original IP which is and will help you bypass Online Surveillance, ISP choking, and content geo-restrictions .
I personally use and recommend ExpressVPN, which is the fastest and most impregnable VPN. It is compatible with all kinds of streaming apps and is very easy to install on Fire television / Stick .
We do not encourage the trespass of copyright laws. But, what if you end up streaming capacity from an illegitimate informant unintentionally ? It is not always comfortable to tell the deviation between a legit and illegal informant .
therefore, before you start streaming on your Fire Stick / Fire television receiver, let ’ s see how to use ExpressVPN to keep your streaming activities hidden from prying eyes .
Step 1: Subscribe to ExpressVPN HERE. It comes with a 30-day money-back undertake. Meaning, you can use it free for the first 30-days and if you are not satisfied with the performance ( which is highly improbable ), you can ask for a fully refund .
Step 2: Power ON your Fire television Stick and go to Find followed by Search option .
vpn for jailbroken firestick
Step 3: now type “ Expressvpn ” ( without quotes ) in the research bar and select ExpressVPN when it shows up in the research results .
install expressvpn
Step 4: Click Download to install the ExpressVPN app on Fire television / Stick .
get vpn jailbroken firestick
Step 5: Open the app and enter the login credentials that you created while buying the ExpressVPN subscription. Click Sign in.
login expressvpn
Step 6: Click the Power icon to connect to a VPN server. That ’ s all. Your association is immediately secure with the fastest and best VPN for FireStick .
connect button for expressvpn on firestick
You can besides read more detailed information on using ExpressVPN with Fire television receiver / Stick .
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