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イザナギ­ (Izanagi)

  • When Danzō is hit by Sasuke’s Susanoo arrow…

  • …he casts Izanagi to nullify the damage…

  • …and continues as if nothing happened.

When Danzō is hit by Sasuke's Susanoo arrow… …he casts Izanagi to nullify the damage… …and continues as if nothing happened.



volume # 51, Naruto Chapter # 476


Naruto Shippūden Episode # 209


Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Impact

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Sharingan Triple.svg Kekkei Genkai, Genjutsu, Kinjutsu, Dōjutsu


  • Nature Icon Yin.svgYin Release
  • Nature Icon Yang.svgYang Release


Defensive, Supplementary


Short range (0-5m)

Reading: Izanagi

Hand seals

Rabbit → Boar → Ram

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  • Creation of All Things Technique

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  • Danzō Shimura
  • Madara Uchiha
  • Obito Uchiha
  • Baru Uchiha (Anime only)
  • Naka Uchiha (Anime only)
  • Rai Uchiha (Anime only)

Izanagi is a genjutsu performed with the Sharingan. [ 2 ]


With a normal genjutsu, a user will apply an illusion to a target ‘s senses, causing the target to experience things that are not real. With Izanagi, the drug user applies an magic trick to reality itself, giving the user control over what is and is not real for equally long as Izanagi is active. Users typically do this in order to protect themselves, negating any injuries they receive or even their deaths. When this happens, their injured self fades away as an magic trick and their non-injured self immediately materialises in the former self ‘s place. [ 3 ] In the anime, users are shown extending Izanagi ‘s influence beyond their personal reality, affecting their surroundings and those within it. [ 4 ] Izanagi is based on the Creation of All Things Technique, used by the sage of Six Paths to turn imagination into world. The serve is explained to use apparitional department of energy – which forms the basis of Yin Release – to create human body from nothingness. then, through the lotion of forcible energy – which forms the basis of Yang Release – the shape has life breathed into it. [ 5 ] Members of the Uchiha kin, as descendants of the Sage, perform Izanagi with their Sharingan. In central for the brief control over world that Izanagi grants them, the Sharingan that they perform it with becomes blind ; [ 3 ] only awakening the Rinnegan restores the eye ‘s vision. [ 6 ] Because the Uchiha prized their Sharingan, to lose it in this way prompted them to label it kinjutsu. [ 7 ]

Because Uchiha only possess one-half of the Sage ‘s chakra, they can only keep Izanagi active for a few seconds. [ 3 ] To maximise Izanagi ‘s duration, it is necessary to recreate the Sage ‘s chakra by besides having familial fabric of the Sage ‘s early descendants, the Senju. [ 5 ] Danzō Shimura receives both Uchiha and Senju implants, allowing him to use Izanagi for one infinitesimal. As this is still not very retentive, he has ten Sharingan implanted in his right arm, giving him up to ten minutes ‘ worth of Izanagi with breaks in between as he chooses. [ 8 ] Since he is not an Uchiha, each function of Izanagi causes Danzō ‘s chakra to drop significantly. [ 9 ] Obito Uchiha, because he has operate over the Senju cells he uses, is able to keep a single Izanagi active voice for significantly longer than Danzō. [ 10 ] As with other Sharingan-based techniques, Izanagi can be programmed to activate under certain conditions. Madara Uchiha did so to undo his death after he ‘d been entombed, restoring him to life unbeknown to anyone. [ 11 ]


Like the diverse techniques used with the Sharingan, this proficiency is named after a Shintō idol. In this encase, it is Izanagi, who, together with his sister and wife Izanami, created the islands and early deities of Japan. One of the most celebrated stories about Izanagi tells the fib of how he goes into Yomi, the japanese hell, to retrieve Izanami after she died giving parturition to the Shintō burn deity, Kagutsuchi. In Yomi, he manages to get Izanami and they both try to leave, however, Izanagi was not supposed to look at her before they escape. mighty before they reach the exit, Izanagi looks back and sees her in a decayed form. Frightened, Izanagi flees from Yomi and blocks the cave. Izanami curses Izanagi saying that she will kill 1000 people per day. In reception, Izanagi says that 1500 people will be born each day. In another variation of the floor, it is stated that Izanami told Izanagi to leave, however, he came back while she slept and lit a fire that revealed her decay phase, prompting him to escape out of fear, and barricade her inside with a giant boulder. After his fail attack to get Izanami, he washed himself in a pour. As he cleaned his left eye, Amaterasu was born, as he cleaned his right eye, Tsukuyomi was born, and as he cleaned his intrude, Susanoo was born .


  • Because members of the Uchiha clan previously abused the use of Izanagi, Izanami was created as a way to punish those who would misuse it. Like Izanagi, Izanami also blinds the Sharingan that it is performed with.[12]
  • During initial depictions of Izanagi, the blindness it causes is represented by the eye’s lids closing.[3][5] After the blindness caused by Izanami is depicted as turning the eye a blank white,[12] Izanagi starts being depicted the same way.[11]
  • In the Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm series, Danzō uses this as part of his ultimate technique, letting his Wood Release go out of control, creating a tree that crushes both himself and the opponent, and activating Izanagi at the last moment to escape unharmed.
  • Despite Madara using a time-activated Izanagi in the manga, he is not listed as a user of Izanagi in Jin no Sho.[1]


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