Timothy Fox (Future State)

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Future State‎

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Real Name

Timothy “ Jace ” Fox

Main Alias


Other Aliases

Tim Fox


Lucius Fox (father),
Tanya Fox (mother),
Tam Fox (sister),
Tiffany Fox (sister),
Luke Fox (brother)


Justice League · formerly The Resistance

Base Of Operations

Gotham City · Hall of Justice, Washington, D.C.





Secret Identity



Marital Status













Future State


Len Wein · Irv Novick

First Appearance
DC Nation Presents DC: Future State #1
(November, 2020)
Quote1.png I don’t know how the real Batman ever– Nah, check that. I am the real Batman. This is my city now. And I will protect it. Quote2.png

Batman src

Timothy “Jace” Fox is the once estrange son of Lucius Fox. After the establishment of the Magistrate and the apparent death of Bruce Wayne, he succeeded him as Batman.


Timothy Fox is the son of Lucius Fox and his wife Tanya, along with his siblings Luke, Tiffany, and Tam. His forefather, Lucius, was the President and CEO of Wayne Enterprises, making their syndicate one of the wealthiest in Gotham. Becoming estranged from his parents and siblings, Tim was sent to a military academy. After graduating from the academy, he apparently put off going home. Tim would late return to Gotham, immediately going by the name of Jace. Gotham City became a patrol department of state under the rule of the Magistrate, a private security push patrolling Gotham. The Magistrate would hunt anyone wearing a mask with deadly enforcement including the original Batman, Bruce Wayne. After the apparent kill of Bruce, Jace would take on the mantle of the Batman. Donning a courtship evocative of the master Batman, save for a mask that fully obstructed his font, he would go on to fight crime, placing himself at the circus tent of the Magistrate ‘s kill list .

The following Batman

Jace chased down a criminal, defeating the valet after a brief brush. Confronted by two patrol officers, Jace took out his cope accelerator. He would take the criminal ‘s mask, saving his life, before leaving him in the hands of the patrol, to their surprise. Afterwards, perched on the circus tent of a ledge, Jace concisely contemplated the state of his life. He would conclude that he was Batman and Gotham was his to protect, before heading into the city once more. The future day, Jace would head to the hospital, intent on spending time with his sister, Tam, who was in a coma as the leave of a relapse. His buddy Luke arrived, shocked that he was there. After an argument with Luke, who admonished Jace for his decision not to return sooner, Jace left. by and by, Jace would confront the Bane-Litos gang in Hype territory. They were initiating two brothers, Eddie and Nestor, through the drive-by shoot of a rival gang member. After the kids failed to shoot a penis of the Hype gang, Jace intervened, saving the man from the gang members ‘ try to run him over. Distracting them into ramming their car into a truck, Jace took down the gang members while Eddie and Nestor escaped. Chasing them into an alley, Jace pleaded with the two to let him help them before the Peacekeepers arrived, asking for their gunman. Eddie gave Jace the gunman, though the Magistrate ‘s Peacekeepers were already there. With the function of a smoke bomb calorimeter, Jace blocked the Peacekeepers ‘ sight as they opened arouse. Using his wrestle accelerator, Jace saved both kids, escaping from the alley to the top of a construct. When questioned about taking the pair to imprison by Eddie, Jace replied with his intention to take them both to Children ‘s Services. [ 1 ] After being wounded in another physical confrontation with a Magistrate ‘s foot soldiers, Jace would go on to hunt down two mask assailants for mercilessly beating a man named Jershefsky to death in an alley. The perpetrators would surrender to Jace, revealing that they were actually a married match who killed Jershefsky as revenge for grooming and kidnapping their pre-teen daughter. Conflicted by the disclosure, Jace decides to protect the couple from the Magistrate and safely escort them to his contact within the GCPD so they can have their bonny day in court rather of being gun downed in the streets by the Peacekeepers. [ 2 ]

The Battle of Arkham

once Jace learned that Sarah Dowell, a young girl he rescued from human traffickers, was interrogated and killed by the Magistrate ‘s Peacekeepers, the Dark Knight sought out Nightwing in his mystery base of operations inside the immediately defunct Arkham Asylum, to officially join his Resistance movement and tear down the authoritarian government oppressing their city. Refusing to leave Grayson behind in what would have been a self-destructive death stand, Jace and Dick worked together to successfully defeat the legions of Magistrate soldiers surrounding the Asylum while publicly exposing Peacekeeper-06 of Sarah ‘s murder in the summons. [ 3 ]

Hunt The Batman

After being wrongfully implicated as the terrorist responsible for blowing a giant bat-shaped crater in Gotham City ‘s Narrows which wiped out countless innocent lives in the blink of an center, Jace set out on a mission to clear his name while being hunted by the newly promoted Peacekeeper Red who had been manipulated into believing Jace truly was the perpetrator until the genuine villain, an insane prototype Peacekeeper named Warmonger, released every inmate at Blackgate Penitentiary. Discovering that Warmonger plotted to use the Mad Hatter ‘s engineering to brainwash every person in Gotham into waging a ceaseless war, Jace would join both Jason and Astrid Arkham in stopping the homicidal lunatic before it was besides late. [ 4 ] With Warmonger defeated and Gotham ‘s religion in Batman restored, Jason decided that rather of returning to the Bat-Family, he would keep his side as a Peacekeeper and become Jace ‘s ally from within the Magistrate precisely like how James Gordon was to Bruce within the GCPD. To make their partnership official, Jason constructed a sword new Bat-Signal in a mannequin of a deployable holographic projector that can blanket the flip with celebrated Bat-insignia, symbolically letting both their common friends and enemies know that true justice has returned to Gotham. [ 5 ]





  • Shurikens: Golden shurikens shaped liked bat-wings.

  • Batman hums to himself when he fights, almost as if he is giving himself his own fight scene music.[7]


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