Thor Actress Jaimie Alexander Shares Loki Selfie

Warning – This article contains spoilers through Episode 4 of Loki.
summer 2021 continues to thrive in a boastfully way for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, within which Episode 4 of Loki premiered for fans worldwide.


This new outing throw Tom Hiddleston ‘s Loki and Sophia Di Martino ‘s Sylvie into worlds of trouble as the TVA rescued them from Lamentis-1 and immediately pressed them for answers. Some of the express ‘s most emotional moments were unveiled as the TVA ‘s true intentions started to reveal themselves, and the plot even included teases for exciting entries coming by and by in Phase 4 a well .
The show ‘s leading actor got to showcase some true emotion through trying situations, which included a time-loop-induced punishment for betraying Mobius and the TVA. In an excite moment for fans, this led to the long-awaited render of one of an MCU regular in Jaimie Alexander ‘s Lady Sif .
To celebrate her first on-screen MCU appearance in eight years, Alexander took to social media to give fans a sub-rosa look into this charming moment.



MCU headliner Jaimie Alexander posted a sub-rosa selfie in her Lady Sif costume on Instagram to commemorate her appearance in Episode 4 of Loki .
Jaimie Alexander Instagram

Showcasing her missing ball of hair that was featured in Episode 4, Alexander included a memorable quote from 2017 ‘s thor : gotterdammerung but with her own comedic wrench :

“ ‘Asgard is not a place. It ’ s a people…’ and one of them is a colossus A-hole # Loki ”

Lady Sif, Episode 4, Loki
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Considering the God of Mischief pulled quite the barbarous prank on one of Asgard ‘s finest warriors, Alexander captured quite the appropriate opinion of “a-hole” in her caption .
As for the actress’ appearance, this marks the one-third time she has reprised her role in the MCU after first appearing in 2011 ‘s Thor and 2013 ‘s thor : The Dark World. She ‘s even brought Lady Sif into Marvel ‘s first round of television scheduling, appearing in two episodes of Marvel ‘s Agents of SHIELD .
Alexander ‘s inclusion in Loki was rumored as army for the liberation of rwanda spinal column as December 2020, although the specifics of her report in the express were a mystery. With her only appearance in a agonizing time-loop setting alongside Tom Hiddleston, it seems improbable that she will play a larger function in the rest of the plot.


Alexander ‘s fall is a welcome one after so much time aside from Marvel Studios, and it helps lead directly into her big-screen reelect in 2022 ‘s thor : Love and Thunder. After being absent from Hela ‘s approach in thor : Ragnarok and with her whereabouts nameless during Avengers : Infinity War and Avengers : endgame, she will have the casual for enough of action and drama as she rejoins the crusade .
Episode 4 of Loki is now available to stream on Disney+ .

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