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Real Name

Jason Peter Todd


Red Hood

Red Robin





Batman Family ( once )

League of Assassins (As Robin)


Thomas Wayne ( Adoptive Grandfather )

Martha Wayne (Adoptive Grandmother)

Willis Todd (Father)

Catherine Todd (Mother)

Bruce Wayne (Adoptive Father)

Dick Grayson (Adopted Brother)

Damian Wayne (Adoptive Brother; Adoptive Son, Determinant)

Timothy Drake (Adopted Son, Determinant)

Voice Actor

Jensen Ackles, Alexander Martella, Vincent Martella

Jason Todd is the titular central adversary of the 2010 animated film Batman : Under the Red Hood, and the main supporter of the 2020 animated interactional follow-up Batman : death in the Family.

Jason Todd is the second Robin after Dick Grayson and the sixth Red Hood, who was subject to the first base Red Hood, The Joker ‘s agony. He was killed by Joker, but was belated revived by the League of Assassins, becoming an enemy of his erstwhile mentor ; Batman, all in a system to kill the Joker.



“ I must ‘ve been crazy to put Jason in the field before he recovered from his loss. His father ; murdered by Two-Face, his beget succumbing to illness. His actions as Robin are guided by unresolved pain and anger. ”Batman, Batman: Death in the Family

After Jason ‘s parents were killed, his beget assassinated by Two-Face and his mother to sickness, Jason was left to survive by himself, specifically by crime. One night, in Crime Alley, he attempted to steal the Batmobile ‘s tires, but was caught by Batman. alternatively of punishing the new son, Bruce taken him under his fly, as the moment Robin, ascribable to Dick leaving him to become his own hero .

Becoming Robin

now Robin, Jason is Batman ‘s stream buddy. When beginning trying on the befit, Jason snuck behind the Bat-Computer and climbed up it. Alfred believed Jason was stunned by the cape, while Batman already knew what he was up to. Jason would jump down and try to scare them, although only frightened Alfred. As a result of Jason ‘s department of energy due to his age, he grown good at crime active at a more rapid pace, from being able to save mayor Hamilton Hill from a crowd to being able to stop Riddler equitable by jumping onto him, even making a antic about how Riddler leaves riddles behind .

Jason ‘s death

As Jason aged, Jason became more pitiless and had a more strain relationship with Bruce. He aided Batman in fighting a gang in the in-between of a deal, and ended up breaking one ‘s collar cram, disappointing Batman. He attempted to try and get Jason to feel guilty, but Jason still believes he did well, as he was dealing drugs and is a bad share of Gotham. After pulling up how Jason put the man in shock, Jason apologized, but silent believed he deserved it. He, besides, at some bespeak, learned of boyfriend teammate, Batgirl, was crippled by Joker in her own home in ordering to kidnap Commissioner Gordon, in regulate to get to Batman. Gordon was saved, as Barbara continued to aid Batman and Robin as Oracle. When the League of Assassins had something bigger planned, they hired Joker to use as a red herring. Batman and Robin would chase him around Gotham Bank and fight his goons until losing him. ultimately tracking the Joker, they locate him in a warehouse, as some of his goons escape. He tells Batman to chase him while he stopped the Joker. rather, Jason was kidnapped and beaten to death with a crowbar. Batman failed to get there in meter, causing Jason to get caught in an explosion .

Jason ‘s conversion

Jason was former resurrected in the pit of Lazarus by Ra ‘s alabama Ghul who felt guilty for being the reason of Jason ‘s death. Although, Jason came back more pitiless and insane, and became the vigilante known as Red Hood. He was capable of beheading the heads of the Drug Dealer ‘s majors, and constructing a design to get Joker out of Arkham and to him. Coming back as Red Hood, he headed to a warehouse where drug lords hide, talking about Black Mask. After shooting up the table, he tossed the dealers the heads of their majors. Upon them asking what ‘s in for them, he offered them protection from both Batman and Black Mask, vitamin a long as they did n’t deal to children ; which would get them killed. He had 2 men steal and deal an Amazo. Upon the men and the Amazo being defeated, the 2 men ratted out Red Hood, causing Jason to shoot and kill the 2 men before they could say anything else. He ran from Batman and Nightwing as they chased his throughout Gotham City. He chased Jason into Ace Chemicals, where he would refer to the first Red Hood, the Joker ‘s, transformation in there. He late shot his car, causing the building to explode with Red Hood escape .


Jason during his phase before Batman worn a grey shirt and gloomy jeans. He carried a organ pipe wring. He has black hair. During his younger Robin phase, Jason wore a Robin lawsuit with a loss torso part, yellow straps and Robin ‘s logo, green sleeves, green gloves, and green shorts. He wears green shoes and a yellow cape, and a black mask. He has a jaundiced utility belt that carries batarangs and marbles. During his older Robin phase, he has a red Robin courtship with k shorts, green gloves, and a green mask. He has a different cape that is yellow on one slope and black on the other.

As Red Hood, he had a leather jacket that carried his gear, a red helmet capable of exploding remotely, a dark green domino mask under the crimson helmet, a grey long-sleeved shirt, and black jeans .






  • Acrobatics: Jason has an acrobatic skill, being able to jump from roof to roof to evade Batman.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Jason has an advanced hand-to-hand combat skill, as he is able to go toe-to-toe with Batman himself.
    • Martial Arts: Jason was taught by Batman, learning some forms of Martial Arts.
  • Throwing: Jason is capable of throwing a batarang and shurikens.
  • Swordsmanship: Jason is capable of using his knife, and even crafted it to be able to cut through Batman’s grapple.
  • Driving: Jason is capable of driving.
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Jason had enough intellect to be able to craft a knife that can cut right through Batman’s grapple line.
  • Intimidation: Jason was capable of intimidating several crime lords into working for him, and was even capable of scaring Black Mask.
  • Investigation: As Robin, Jason was capable of finding out Ra’s al Ghul and Joker’s true plan.
  • Peak Human Condition: Ever since Jason was a child, his condition as a human was the highest it could be.
    • Peak Human Speed: Jason was able to dodge gun fire from an armed thug firing 20 rounds per second.
  • Firearms: Jason is capable of operating a firearm properly.



  • Robin suit Mk. I (Formerly): Jason wore a Robin suit until the suit outgrew him.
  • Robin suit Mk. II (Formerly): Jason used to wear a Robin suit until his encounter with Joker.
  • Robin suit Mk. III: If Jason is to survive Joker’s encounter (barely), he will go mad, and become Batman’s worst Nightmare. He will dawn a new Robin suit, with a chestplate (Resembling Hush’s).
  • Red Robin suit: If Jason is to survive the explosion, he will create a new alias; as Red Robin, and became a murderous vigilante.
  • Red Hood suit: If Jason is to survive or die, he will become Red Hood, and dawn a new suit.


  • Robin Suit Mk. I (Formerly)
    • Utility Belt: Jason used to wear a utility belt, that carried his gadgets.
      • Marbles: Jason used to carry marbles to trip criminals up.
      • Batarangs: Jason used to carry Batarangs as a far-ranged weapon.
      • Grapple: Jason carries a grapple.
  • Robin Suit Mk. II (Formerly):
    • Utility Belt: Jason used to wear a utility belt.
      • Batarangs: Jason used to carry Batarangs as a far-ranged weapon.
      • Grapple: Jason carries a grapple.
  • Robin Suit Mk. III
    • Assault Rifle: Jason used an assault rifle to gun down the drug dealers.
    • Sniper: Jason used a sniper to kill Cheetah.
    • Trench coat: As Batman’s worst nightmare, Jason wore a trench coat, carrying his gadgets.
      • Pistol: Jason carries a pistol as a far-ranged weapon.
      • Knife: Jason carries a knife as a close-ranged weapon.
  • Red Robin Suit
    • Assault Rifle: Jason used an assault rifle to gun down the drug dealers.
    • Sniper: Jason used a sniper to kill Cheetah.
    • Utility Belt
      • Dual Pistols: Jason used dual pistols as a far-ranged weapon.
      • Grapple: Jason carries a grapple.
      • Taser: Jason carries a taser.
  • Red Hood Suit: Jason wears a Red Hood suit.
    • Red Hood: Jason wears a red helmet, that is capable of exploding remotely.
    • Leather Jacket: Jason has a Leather jacket that carries his gear.
      • Knife: Jason carries a knife as a close-ranged weapon.
      • Dual Pistols: Jason carries dual pistols as a far-ranged weapon.
      • Taser: Jason carries a taser, that killed Shot.
      • Smoke Grenade: Jason carries smoke grenades.
      • Shurikens: Jason has several shurikens as a far-ranged weapon
    • Crowbar: Jason used a crowbar for close-range when fighting the Joker if Batman is to die.
    • Sniper: Jason used a sniper to snipe the dealers ratting on him.
    • Assault Rifle: Jason uses a assault rifle to threaten the drug dealers.


  • Car (Formerly): Jason had a car he would use to escape Batman, but was destroyed in Ace Chemicals.
  • Red Hood ‘s motorbike: Jason has a bike he uses to escape Batman.


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