Jason Todd’s 10 Best Costumes, From Robin To Red Hood

Jason Todd has worn quite a few costumes since he first appeared as Robin, and his closet only grew after he adopted his own identity as the Red Hood. Fans of Jason Todd have watched the DC character develop over the years. Todd has used a few unlike costumed identities, from his earliest days as an doomed Robin to the dark anti-hero known as Red Hood. His memorably crimson death during the “ Death in the Family ” storyline finally led to his shocking return and rise in popularity .
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While every member of Batman ’ s family has worn a few different costumes, Jason Todd ’ sulfur closet is overflowing. He ’ s break multiple Robin costumes, a few different Red Hood costumes, and even briefly tried on other costume identities as he tried to find his place in the DC Universe.


10 Jason Todd Wore His Own Robin Costume In The Pre-Crisis Continuity

Jason Todd in his Pre-Crisis Robin costume When Jason Todd first base took over the function of Robin in the Pre-Crisis continuity, his origin was about identical to his predecessor Dick Grayson. however, Todd was given an all-new costume as Robin that he only wore a copulate of times. His fresh Robin costume took the look in a satiny direction and gave the young hero pants .
His origin was changed after the Crisis to separate Todd and Grayson. however, he returned to the original Robin costume and dyed his hair to appear more like Grayson. Todd ’ s Pre-Crisis Robin costume at least made it authorize that a new character was operating in the role .

Jason Todd's New 52 costume as Robin The New 52 boot of the DC Universe introduced new costumes for every hero ampere good as a reduce timeline. This think of every penis of the Batman family received a new mod costume a well as a new debut look. Jason Todd ’ s Robin costume in the New 52 is unique from the pillow as it featured a fully chicken cape, something he in the first place shared with Dick Grayson .
Todd ’ s New 52 Robin costume was besides the foremost to introduce the short-sleeved tunic. Every Robin until Damian Wayne wore brusque sleeves, though this was made exclusive for Jason in the New 52. It was pass that Jason Todd wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate afraid to inject his own personality, despite the many harsh realities of being Robin .

8 Jason Todd’s Original Debut As The Red Hood Was Simple And Tactical

Red Hood vs Batman When Jason Todd first returned from the absolutely, he adopted the erstwhile identity of the homo who murdered him, The Joker. Todd made his debut as the Red Hood in a simple dark tactical jacket over lead of casual grey and black armored dress. red Hood ’ s biggest defining have was the faceless crimson helmet and white eyes he wore to hide his identity .
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Jason Todd besides wore a crimson domino dissemble under the helmet to reference his past as Robin. This translation of Jason Todd ’ s Red Hood costume was designed to keep his identity unavowed while besides teasing his past. The costume began to add more of his identifying traits after the secret was out .

7 He Armored Up As A Vicious New Batman During The Battle For The Cowl

Jason Todd as Batman in Battle for the Cowl Following the apparent death of Batman during the Final Crisis consequence, Gotham City was left without its greatest defender. This left a null that others rushed to fill. One of the most savage things that Jason Todd has done was create his own dark version of the Batman costume. He then used it to murder criminals using his choose firearms .
Todd ’ s Batman costume featured a singular cowl with bolshevik eyes and a metallic cover over the expose mask. The costume besides featured armor worst that far separated it from Bruce Wayne ’ s usual gear. Todd besides wore a jagged cape that peaked around his shoulders. He abandoned the costume after he was defeated by Nightwing, who took over as Batman until Wayne returned .

6 Red Hood’s Villainous Suit Improved When Merged With His Tactical Look

Jason Todd's villainous and reformed Red Hood costumes split image When Grayson and Damian Wayne debuted as the new Batman & Robin, Jason Todd decided to become their arch-enemy. He created a new white and black costume with a red skull insignia on his thorax. He besides added a dark cape and returned to the original elongate helmet worn by The Joker during his prison term as Red Hood .
Todd ’ s brief plow to villainy during this period saw him partner with a young anti-hero known as Scarlet to become a wrench but effective Dynamic Duo. He finally began his long road to reformation in this costume. He kept the black and white bodysuit, though returned to his original helmet and tactical jacket to create a arrant blend of his Red Hood outfits at the time.

5 Jason Todd Briefly Wore The Original Red Robin Suit During Countdown

Jason Todd as Red Robin during Countdown An older Dick Grayson first appeared as Red Robin in the futuristic Kingdom Come series. The costume blended Batman and Robin ’ s costumes to reflect Wayne ‘s charm on Grayson over the years. The costume would finally appear in the contemporary during the weekly Countdown To Final Crisis series, though it wasn ’ t worn by Dick Grayson .
Jason Todd discovered a world where he had lived longer in the character of Robin before his death. That Earth ’ sulfur Batman created the Red Robin costume for his Jason, though he never got to wear it before his death. Todd then wore the costume throughout the mini-series. He discarded it curtly after he returned to his reality. Tim Drake would then wear it as the first official Red Robin .

4 He Secretly Became Wingman After He Was Asked To Join Batman, Inc.

Jason Todd and Damian Wayne as Wingman and Redbird After the end of the original Wingman, Batman offered the role to Jason Todd. He hoped it would give Todd a prospect to redeem his reputation after his time as a villain. however, Todd had to keep his identity hidden from his international allies in Batman, Incorporated .
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As Wingman, he began working with Damian Wayne in disguise as Redbird. Wingman ’ s costume was an armored take on Batman ’ s suit that featured a solid red visor and a metallic feather cape. After Damian ’ south death at the hands of the Heretic, Todd abandoned his function as Wingman and returned to his Red Hood identity .

3 Red Hood’s New 52 Costume Embraced His Role With Batman’s Family

Red Hood with the Outlaws in the New 52 The Bat-Family changed a distribute after Flashpoint rebooted the DC Universe. Red Hood ‘s New 52 costume embraced his reform side with the Bat-Family. His key signature red helmet was stylized with lines that now implied facial features. He besides retained his tactical jacket, though it was now light brown and heavy detailed .
The biggest change to this interpretation of Red Hood was the costume he wore under his tactical jacket. It was a blue grey armored suit with a red bat symbol on the chest of drawers. It served to connect the fictional character with his former allies as they worked to repair their relationships .

2 Jason Todd Adopted A New Edgy Hoodie Which Got A Future State Upgrade

Red Hood in the present and Future State split image Following a violent discrepancy with Batman, Jason Todd retreated further to his own brutal methods. Since his identity was publicly exposed, he abandoned his helmet for a protective font shield and darkness domino mask that left the rest of his plane fountainhead exposed. He normally covered up with a loss hood vest over a black shirt with a raw crimson chest of drawers insignia .
This costume retained the tactical look of his earlier suits while giving it an even grittier edge. He began using a crowbar as his chief weapon with this costume arsenic well. His new look received a high-tech upgrade in DC ‘s darkest timeline, Future State. Red Hood ’ s vest was replaced with an armored motorcycle jacket and his helmet was given a futuristic upgrade angstrom well .

1 Red Hood Armored Up To Lead Zombified Suicide Squad In Task Force Z

Red Hood with Task Force Z bolshevik Hood helped stop Batman from killing the raw villain known as Cheer. Batman then welcomed Todd back to the Bat-Family with a new costume. Todd began wearing it on an clandestine mission that went off the rails in Task Force Z. Ironically, the mission put him at odds with the Bat-Family once again, despite his choice to wear the new costume .
He returned to an update version of his original red helmet with slightly more specify lines. His new costume was a gray heavy armored suit with red accents on his arms and legs. It besides featured a red bat symbol on the thorax and holsters for new weaponry since he stopped using guns. He spray-painted a “ Z ” on each shoulder embroider in support of his new zombified team .

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