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Mainstream Universe‎‎, 2011‎-present

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Real Name

Jay Nakamura

Other Aliases

Gossamer [ 1 ]


Sara Nakamura (mother)


The Truth

Base Of Operations

Metropolis · formerly Gamorra Island





Public Identity


Gamorran · american

Marital Status



Student · Journalist · Activist










Prime Earth


Tom Taylor · John Timms

First Appearance
Superman: Son of Kal-El #2
(October, 2021)
Quote1.png Hey. I don’t need you. I mean, with my powers. I can’t actually be hurt. You feel like you have to protect the whole world, but you don’t have to protect me. I’m the one person in the world you don’t have to worry about. Quote2.png

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Jay Nakamura is a Gamorran refugee living in the United States. He has a cutting interest in journalism and activism, and anonymously runs an belowground journalism web site called The Truth [ 2 ] for an eponymous militant group he leads under the code mention Gossamer. [ 1 ] due to experimentation against his will by Henry Bendix, Jay is besides a “ post-human ” with artificially created metahuman abilities. [ 3 ]

At some point, Jay began attending Metropolis College, where he headed the media department. On the foremost day of a new semester, he and other students were saved from a educate shooter by Jon Kent, the fresh Superman, who gave up his unavowed identity in doing thus. In reelect, Jay revealed to Jon that he runs the news program locate The Truth, where he exposes truths that mainstream media make bold not report, such as the betroth of Gamorran refugees, becoming an authoritative ally of Superman in the battle for department of justice. [ 2 ]

After an invitation from Jon and his father to dinner with their family in Smallville ended with an attack orchestrated by Gamorran President Henry Bendix, Jay ‘s powers were revealed to Jon. Convinced that the attack is the solution of Bendix creating and using other post-humans to use as weapons, Jay introduced Jon to Wink and The Aerie, early members of The truth who are besides victims of post-human experiment. [ 3 ] The group explained their concerns to Superman, who set off to confront Bendix directly. however, Bendix was prepared for this result and rigged a trap to overload Superman ‘s powers. Jay later found that Superman had set off in a frantic try help people around the world while distillery distressed by the overload. When the burnout began causing him to make mistakes, Jay insisted that he rest to avoid harming anyone. By the time Jon recovered, night had fallen and the two had a find to talk. Jay assured Jon that even if Jon feels like he has to save everyone, he never has to worry about saving him. The two found comfort in a kiss before Jon departed, giving Jay his cape and promise to come back for it soon and work in concert on a plan to stop Bendix. [ 4 ]




  • Gossamer mask

  • Lois Lane is his personal hero, and he has a picture of her on his wall (not in a weird way).[6]
  • As of Superman: Son of Kal-El #13 Nakamura is seventeen years old.


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