The History of Marvel’s Newest Eisner-Award-Nominated Hero Jeffrey the Landshark

The Eisner prize nominees for 2022 were revealed respective weeks ago and a new solo series starring one of Marvel ‘s trimmed heroes has been nominated. It ‘s Jeff !, an Infinity Comic single to Marvel Unlimited, was nominated for Best Digital Comic. In light of this, it ‘s time to reflect on the history of Jeff and how he rose to popularity as one of Marvel ‘s most adorable characters .
Jeffrey the Landshark was initially introduced as the darling of Gwenpool, but has since taken on a life of his own. He ‘s appeared in Marvel # 1000 with Elsa Bloodstone and exhausted time with Deadpool as he became the King of Monsters. After cameo in a series of pandemic-themed short comics called Heroes at Home ( written by Zeb Wells with art by Gurihiru ), he got his own series on Marvel Unlimited written by Kelly Thompson with art by Gurihiru .
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Jeff ‘s partnership with Gwenpool began when she was a member of Kate Bishop ‘s West Coast Avengers. During West Coast Avengers ( 2019 ) # 7 ( written by Kelly Thompson with art by Daniele Di Nicuolo and Tríona Tree Farrell ), Gwen adopted one of the landsharks created by M.O.D.O.K. as part of his schemes for global domination. While her team hesitated to let a shark enter their life quarters, Gwen won them over and Jeff cursorily became a beloved member of the team for the concluding issues few of the series ‘ tragically-short run .
Jeff won over viewers equally well, as he cursorily appeared in respective more wonder stories in 2019, though the actual timeline of the events he appeared in bewilderingly does not match publication order. In Gwenpool Strikes Back ( written by Leah Williams with art by David Baldeón and Jesus Aburtov ), Gwen became concerned about her future being in the Marvel population and, as part of this, passed ownership of her landshark onto Wade Wilson ‘s Deadpool .
Wade then brings Jeff with him in his pursuit to slay the King of Monsters and claim the crown for himself, as depicted in Deadpool Vol 8 # 1 ( written again by Thompson with art by Chris Bachalo and David Curiel ). As separate of Marvel ‘s eightieth Anniversary visualize Marvel # 1000, Marvel ‘s resident giant hunter Elsa Bloodstone declared her deathless loyalty to the shark in a one-page short history ( written by Thompson once more with artwork by Pepe Larraz ). Per Thompson ‘s word, Elsa is now his current caretaker in the Marvel-616 universe .
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The watch class, the artist duet Gurihiru were tasked with working on Heroes at Home, a series of inadequate comics sold on random variable covers based around how several of Marvel ‘s biggest heroes would hypothetically adapt to living during the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this, every comic book had a hidden cameo from Jeff the Landshark in respective places. This format, showcasing short adventures with little to no negotiation, was used by Gurihiru for the Marvel Unlimited series It ‘s Jeff ! .
It ‘s Jeff ! trades Elsa Bloodstone as Jeff ‘s caretaker for Kate Bishop, whose MCU debut was impending at the time. The series provides slice-of-life adventures and a shark-eyed perspective on the Marvel population as Jeff lives his best liveliness with all of his friends. Jeff ‘s number of friends is besides quite across-the-board, with the comics featuring cameo of Marvel heroes old and newfangled alike in respective roles, turning every crowd fit into a bet on of Where ‘s Waldo where you can hunt for your favorite characters .
Related : Boba Fett Director and Baby Yoda Rock Out on Guitars for Star Wars Day Jeff the Landshark shows up for a pool party, featuring a variety of Marvel characters from Squirrel Girl to She-Hulk to Iceman. Jeff besides benefits from not suffering oversaturation. While Jeff is beloved by amusing book fans, he has so far to experience any major trade or marketing push overall in the same way other cunning Disney icons like Baby Groot or Baby Yoda have experienced. There are not push of people lining up to buy a Jeffrey the Landshark popcorn bucket or limited-edition Jeffrey the Landshark pins. Jeff simply exists in the comics to be cute and brighten your day, helping him feel more like a fictional character and less like a market gambit.

Despite his relatively holocene universe in 2019, Jeffrey the Landshark has proven himself to be a fun and adorable character. With the confirmation of It ‘s More Jeff ! coming later this year, the future looks bright for Marvel ‘s most adorable landshark .

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