5 Pages of The Big Book of Wild Women by Amanda Conner to be Published

5 Pages of The Big Book of Wild Women by Amanda Conner to be Published

The Big Book Of was a series of comedian book anthologies published by DC Comics ‘ Paradox Press impress between 1994 and 2000. Ten of the seventeen were written by a unmarried generator and a diverseness of artists, authors including Doug Moench John Wagner and Jonathan Vankin. Artists among the hundreds included the first american cultivate for Frank Quitely, Rick Geary in all seventeen volumes, E.C. creators Joe Orlando, George Evans and Marie Severin, a well as Russ Heath and Gray Morrow, the final whole shebang of Tom Sutton and Pat Boyette american samoa well as regulars Bob Fingerman, Eric Shanower, Lennie Mace, Randy DuBurke, James Romberger, Salgood Sam, Steve Leialoha, Joe Sacco, Roger Langridge, and Alec Stevens.
Scheduled for 2001, Paradox had planned to publish the 18th book in the series, The Big Book of Wild Women, edited by Heidi MacDonald. Written by Susan Barrows in her Subgenius radio host character Susie the Floozie, it was the entirely one of the Big Books comics to be written by a woman, and it was to profile luminary women throughout history who had made an impact on american english culture while pushing the envelope of unconventional demeanor. Artists on the book included Mary Fleener, Lea Hernandez, Max Douglas, Jimmy Palmiotti, Colleen Doran, Amanda Connor, Gregory Benton, Eric Shanower, Steve Lieber, Pia Guera, David Roach, Seth Fisher, Philip Bond, Richard Piers Rayner, Steve Harris  and Minnie Moore. Subjects included cabaret singer-comic Rusty Warren, gangster Virginia Hill, 17th-century dramatist Aphra Behn, secretary to Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North Fawn Hill, B-movie star Tura Satana, presidential candidate Victoria Woodhull, 19th-century sex star Lola Montes, Egyptian queen Cleopatra, writer Anaïs Nin, and cover girl icon Bettie Page.
That last story with Bettie Page was drawn by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. The Big Book of Wild Women was cancelled because it would have shipped one week late and would have been made returnable by Diamond Comic Distributors unless it was resolicited. Which it was n’t. completely finished and produced, it was never resolicited, the only one of the Big Books line not to be published.

But now over twenty dollar bill years after it was ascribable to be published, it will be published in the approaching Hot & Messy : The Art Of Amanda Conner presently on Kickstarter and previewed on Bleeding Cool. Jimmy Palmiotti tells me “ We got license from DC comics and Susie the Floozie – the writer – to run it and are including it in the ledger. It ‘s been sitting in the dark for a long retentive clock. I inked it, that ‘s how long. “
5 Pages of The Big Book of Wild Women by Amanda Conner to be Published

“ We ‘re putting together some fabulous content for the book, some great tier options for backing along with, you ‘ve asked for it, some great remarque options within the koran. That ‘s correct, you ‘ll see content never shown before, some great images with comment on the work Amanda has done along with an incredible roll of people providing some memorable quotes and thoughts for AMANDA. You can see some of the fabulous tiers and inner images below ! Sign up using the button below to be notified immediately on launch ! nakedness and violence make this an ADULTS ONLY content project…We ca n’t stress adequate how gorgeous and beautiful the contented that both AMANDA and JOHN worked to put into this collection. Amanda maticulously went through her library of images and selected some capital pieces and had a probability to talk about them. This is going to be very limited ! ”

But what of the rest of The Big Book Of Wild Women ? not a lot. Richard Piers Rayer is soliciting all four pages of his floor on gangster Virginia Hill on eBay .
5 Pages of The Big Book of Wild Women by Amanda Conner to be Published

There are besides pages from the fib of Fawn Hill by Steven Harris .
And one page from Aphra Behn by John Green.
5 Pages of The Big Book of Wild Women by Amanda Conner to be Published

Does anyone else have any pages they ‘d like to share ? so if we can Frankenstein it all in concert ? possibly, but for now you can get five pages, the Bettie Page story, by backing the Kickstarter for Hot & Messy : The Art Of Amanda Conner .
5 Pages of The Big Book of Wild Women by Amanda Conner to be Published
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