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Mainstream Universe‎‎, 2011‎-present

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Real Name

Virginia Hex [ 1 ]

Main Alias

Jinny Hex


Ginny Hex ( parental great-great-great grandma )
( enate great-great-grandfather, deceased )
( nameless relation )
Stella Hex ( mother, deceased )
Jack Duckett ( beget )

Woodson Hex (maternal great-great-great grandfather, deceased)Ginny Hex (maternal great-great-great grandmother) Jonah Hex (maternal great-great-grandfather, deceased) Chastity Hex (unknown relation)Stella Hex (mother, deceased)Jack Duckett (father)


Young Justice

Base Of Operations


Formerly Dripping Springs





Public Identity



Marital Status



Former Mechanic










Prime Earth


Brian Michael Bendis · Nick Derington

First Appearance
Batman Giant #4
(December, 2018)

Virginia “Jinny” Hex is the great-great-granddaughter of the ill-famed american Old West bounty hunter Jonah Hex. She is a extremity of Young Justice.


Jinny was born to Stella Hex and Jack Duckett. Unbeknownst to them, Duckett was a centuries-old former associate degree of Jonah Hex who gained ageless life in a confrontation with him over the “ Godseye ”, a powerful keepsake that besides left him with an insatiate “ starve ” for life. Duckett entirely began a kinship with Stella to uncover the location of the Godseye and abandoned her after she apparently did not have it, unaware that she was fraught. Stella subsequently raised her daughter in Dripping Springs, Texas, where Jinny would remain until she graduated high school. [ 1 ] Two months before joining Young Justice, Jinny by chance walked into a looting at a local anesthetic bowl bowling alley. Taking command of the situation, she disarmed the robbers and stopped them before they could get away. She returned to her theater, where her mother showed her the trunk that was owned by Jinny ‘s great-great-grandfather, Jonah Hex, wide of things that he had collected over the years — including the Godseye. She used these artifacts in her own superhero career.

Young Justice

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Stella finally passed away from ovarian cancer and Jinny took over the family business, Heck ‘s Auto Repair, with the serve of her old school friends Ladybird and Alex. Sometime by and by, Duckett resurfaced and met her for the first fourth dimension under the pretense of wanting to make things right with her. After bonding over the future week, Jinny decided to confide in him about the Hex family luggage compartment. While she was out with Ladybird, he assaulted one of her employees and stole the trunk. last reunited with the Godseye, he used its baron to transform Dripping Springs and its residents into a wrench vision of the belated 1800s. Looking to regain animation, Duckett intended to use their blood connection to facilitate his permanent wave self-control of Jinny, though her rejection of his person forced him to try possessing Ladybird alternatively. however, the striving of transferring bodies left him weak adequate that Ladybird was lento able to reject him a well, leaving him wholly without phase and attenuation into an unknown destiny. Itching for venture in light of their newly changed lives and concerned that Duckett may still be out there, Jinny and Ladybird left the car workshop to Alex and went on an adventure with the Hex syndicate torso in tow.


  • Unique Physiology: Being the daughter of a (supposedly divine) immortal man, Jinny is still discovering and understanding the possible powers that she must have.[1]
    • Energy Negation: She was able to negate her father’s absorptive power.[1]




  • Truck


  • Ray Gun
  • Shotgun

  • As of Jinny Hex Special #1, Jinny was 20 years old.
  • Although she and Ladybird are not biological siblings, they consider each other sisters after Ladybird’s possession by Three-Eyed Jack, due to some of his power permanently remaining part of her.[1]
  • She or her mother appears to be a fan of Green Lantern Guy Gardner, as a large novelty blanket of him lies in their family storage and is used to cover the Hex trunk when it’s at home.[1]
  • Prior to joining Young Justice, she had a girlfriend with whom she broke up after catching her having fun with another girl.[2]


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