John Ridley Discusses I Am Batman’s Black Caped Crusader

Image for article titled John Ridley Discusses I Am Batman’s Black Caped Crusader Coming out of Fear State, the DC Universe needs a fresh hero, and Jace Fox needs purpose. You know what that means, we ’ re getting a new Batman, and he ’ sulfur Black.

The Oscar fetching writer/director behind 12 Years a Slave, Red Tails, American Crime and the approaching Netflix biopic of Shirley Chisholm, starring Regina King, is besides a prolific amusing book writer, who is presently thrilling and surprising fans with I Am Batman. I Am Batman features Lucius Fox ’ s son Jace consume over the mantel as Gotham ’ mho defender, but he quickly finds out it ’ s not a simple transition when Batman is Black. ad

In “ I Am Batman # 6, ” with the Fox kin needing a new starting signal, and Jace deciding to blaze his own hero path, they move from Gotham to New York. Ridley spoke with The Root about taking on this new Batman floor, reinventing classical characters and the total darkness of Batman. G/O Media may get a committeeLifetime Subscription to CuriosityStream 28 % off Lifetime Subscription to CuriosityStream Feed your brain
With 28 % off, you excessively can learn all about Jane Goodall ‘s chimps, or possibly enjoy David Attenborough ’ s department of commerce on bioluminescence. ad No matter who ’ second wearing the cowl, writing Batman is constantly going to be a big ask. however, Ridley was excited about the challenges of bringing the populace a new Caped Crusader. “ It ’ s opening that Christmas giving and you ’ ra excited because you got that thing that you wanted, but now you realize there ’ sulfur assembly required, ” Ridley said. “ I got tantalum put this together, I got tantalum make it work…all the pieces got tantalum be in station and that ’ s the only way this thing will work. You get everything you desire and everything you fear all at once. ” ad

Image for article titled John Ridley Discusses I Am Batman’s Black Caped Crusader In exploring Jace ’ s story, Ridley gets the chance to do a nice deep dive into the Fox family. american samoa significant as they are to Bat-history, we haven ’ t been given the opportunity to actually meet them.

“ There ’ s an chemical element of franchise here. There ’ randomness instantaneous recognition of that name, of the Fox list, but at the lapp time that franchise, and I mean this in the best way, have not been exploited in terms of who they are, ” he said. “ To be able to talk about the Fox family, you ’ ve got clamant brand recognition. It ’ s not this whole new matter where people have to go ‘ wait, who are these folks ? It ’ s going to take me eight issues to even wrap my head around them. ’ People are aware of them. It is the best of all possible worlds to have a brand that people are aware of, but one that they don ’ t in truth know. ” With the Foxes nowadays established as one of the richest families in the DC Universe, Ridley besides gets to focus on talking about wealth and power in a completely different way from Bruce Wayne ’ s influence. ad

“ What does wealth, privilege, power base to this kin ? I think it ’ south truly interesting to be able to take a Black family and tell these stories from a position where you talk about prerogative, but not necessarily the way people think about it when those conversations are had on the even news, ” he said. Where Bruce is driven by his desire to keep others from suffering the same injury he did, Jace is on a quest for redemption. These contrasting motivations make them completely different heroes. ad

“ Jace ’ south fib is the demand opposition. He didn ’ t lose his syndicate, he was the driver of what caused loss in another syndicate. He was the agent of chaos, and has struggled with that, ” Ridley said. “ He ’ s seen his founder function all of his stature to protect him, and then begin to question wealth and baron and privilege. then in real time, where Bruce doesn ’ metric ton have a kin, Jace has a syndicate and it ’ s a complicated family. ” “ To me, that ’ s where the difference is, Bruce had his parents taken from him and doesn ’ t have class. Jace shattered another family, but he does have family, and everything he does has consequence in regards to that kin, ” he continued. “ That ’ s where it ’ second different, that ’ s where it ’ mho unique, that ’ s what I love about it. It ’ s not just the Jace Fox report. It ’ s a kin drama. Every week to have the opportunity to excavate more and more of this family that people know. ” ad

Though he ’ south bring in his own mythology, introducing a new set and taking Batman in a raw guidance, Ridley never loses sight of the character ’ s importance or bequest. “ It ’ s an amazing, and I mean that in every sense of the word, duty to be the shepherd of this real estate, ” he said. ad

“ I Am Batman # 6 ” is now available digitally and in your local comics shops .

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