Green Lantern: 10 Essential John Stewart Comics

The fourth human Green Lantern introduced in the green Lantern mythos was the former marine and architect John Stewart. As one of eight human Green Lanterns in the corps, John Stewart, despite his popularity in the Justice League Unlimited show, has much found himself taking the backseat to other Lanterns like Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner. however, John has remained one of the most popular members of the Green Lantern mythos .
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once readers dig past the comics’ surface degree, it ‘s clear up that many bang-up stories featuring John Stewart do exist, from compelling solo stories to adventures as one of the four corpsmen. Thanks to well-executed themes like sorrow, pride, fellowship, and justice, John Stewart has a great collection of comedian storylines despite never having a proper solo function .

10 John Stewart’s Debut

John Stewart Debut DC Comics John Stewart made his comic introduction in Green Lantern Vol 2 # 87 as the backup Green Lantern to Hal Jordan after his original backing, Guy Gardner, was hurt during an earthquake. In the consequence, Hal consults with one of the Guardians of the Universe as they look down from a rooftop at two kids playing cards on the street. As a collar walks up, harassing the two kids, John Stewart promptly approaches and defends the kids using his key signature feisty position. John ‘s philosophy and unorthodox methods initially make Hal think that John is not fit for the Green Lantern Corps. however, after the two knead together to protect a US senator, Hal realizes that John ‘s unusual style is not a problem but an asset .

9 John Stewart Joins The Justice League

John Stewart Green Lantern DC In his 2nd appearance in DC Comics, Justice League of America # 110, John Stewart made his Justice League debut. Thanks to Hal slipping in the shower and knocking himself unconscious mind, John Stewart is called into action to work aboard the Justice League to defeat The Key – a maniacal villain who ‘s working to ruin Christmas for an orphanage full of kids. As the Key sets off a group of bombs in the neighborhood, destroying numerous buildings, John cursorily springs into legal action and immediately uses his baron ring to rebuild all the destroy buildings .
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This publish made readers realize the kind of bomber John Stewart is, and it besides made long-time Justice League extremity, Green Arrow, formally recognize John as a worthy substitution for his ally, Hal Jordan .

8 John Fights Major Disaster

Green Lantern 182 cover At this point in park Lantern history, Hal Jordan had wholly given up the responsibilities of the Green Lantern of sector 2814, leaving the Guardians to fill the role with John Stewart. In green Lantern Vol 2 # 182, as John and Hal sit down in a bar and share a beverage, the television receiver comes on and reveals that major Disaster – a former foe of Hal ‘s – has invaded Coast City and is attempting to draw out his erstwhile bane for a replay. The two break with John leaving the bar in a travel rapidly as Hal heads for the phone, hoping to contact any of his hero friends. Hal turns to look out of the window and sees John flee into the flip towards major calamity. At that moment, Hal Jordan realized that the Guardians had replaced him with his acquaintance, John Stewart .

7 John Stewart’s Greatest Mistake

Xanshi DC Comics possibly his most meaning moment as a character, John Stewart is guilty of allowing his pride to take control condition of his actions, which caused him to by chance destroy an entire planet and kill millions of lives instantaneously. In Cosmic Odyssey # 2, John Stewart and Martian Manhunter find that the planet, Xanshi, has been infected by the Anti-Life Aspect. After evading a volcanic eruption, John arrogantly blames Manhunter for holding him back, restraining him in a construct burp .
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As John approaches a nearby build up that ‘s purportedly holding the Anti-Life Aspect, he comes across a doom turkey painted wholly yellow. ineffective to affect anything yellow with his world power gang, John can only watch, effectively causing the explosion of Xanshi. Although this moment highlights John ‘s greatest mistake, the storyline has proven to be a massive factor for John ‘s development as a green Lantern .

6 John Visits Fatality In Prison

Green Lantern DC Comics After John incidentally destroyed Xanshi, he spent years hating himself and the err he made, and even attempted suicide. If it were n’t for his confrontations with Xanshi ‘s only survivor, Yrra Cynril, aka Fatality, John would never have been able to forgive himself. In k Lantern Vol 3 # 156, after stopping a closed chain of illegal smuggle, John Stewart, alongside the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, stops an armed robbery in New York City. After getting some advice from Alan, John heads to the Slab – a high-security prison – where he thanks Fatality for helping him move on from his mistakes. Fatality is not moved by the words and tells John Stewart that she will kill him and everyone he ‘s ever loved .

5 John Stewart Sees His Wife Again

John Stewart Green Lantern DC Comics DC ‘s Blackest Night event pitted the green Lantern Corps against Nekron – the wedge of death who reanimated dead heroes to eliminate all animation things from the universe. In green Lantern Vol 4 # 49, John goes up against an united states army of Black Lanterns, including his belated wife, Katma Tui. As emotions confront John, Katma, charged by Nekron, tells John the Black Lantern Corps is greater than him because it could do what he could n’t : save the victims of Xanshi .
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John then uses his world power to create a group of Marines, who fight aboard him against the Black Lanterns. This meet with Katma made John think about his advice and how being a fleeceable Lantern does n’t build fictional character ; it reveals it .

4 John Stewart Kills Mogo

John Kyle Green Lantern In a fantastic team-up history, John Stewart, now a member of the Indigo Tribe, and Kyle Rayner, a Blue Lantern at the time, discovered Mogo the Living Planet corrupted by Black Lantern energy. In park Lantern Corps Vol 2 # 60, Kyle and John come across Mogo as hundreds of Green Lantern power rings are being expelled from his core. Realizing a problem, the two enter Mogo ‘s core to find that he ‘s filled with Black Lantern department of energy, making all his expelling rings corrupted american samoa well. After Kyle ‘s closed chain can not purify Mogo, John constructs a sniper plunder and fires a fastball into Mogo ‘s core, killing the populate satellite and stopping the creation of defile rings .

3 The Alpha Lanterns Arrest John Stewart

John Stewart Green Lantern DC Comics The mangle of Kirrt, a extremity of the Green Lantern Corps, is one of the most challenging things John Stewart has had to do in his years as a green Lantern. In green Lantern Corps Vol 3 # 6, John, Vandor, and Kirrt are tortured by the Keepers. Giving in to the torment, Kirrt decides to give the Keepers what they want : information on how to break Oa ‘s security carapace .
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Before he can hand over the data, John breaks his neck, killing Kirrt while simultaneously saving thousands of Green Lanterns. Later in the storyline, in Green Lantern Corps Vol 3 # 9, John, despite protests by Guy Gardner, is arrested by the Alpha Lanterns for the mangle of Kirrt .

2 John Stewart’s New Origin

Secret Origin A standard method acting by DC to retcon character origins is to give them a report in DC Secret Origins. John Stewart received his edition of the championship in DC Secret Origins Vol 3 # 9. In the issue, John is introduced as a young world in Detroit enter in protests with his ma. After life in the marine corporation, John is contracted by Ferris Air to design a construction on their place. At this moment in clock time, the Guardians of the Universe noticed John and, wanting to test him, sent a Manhunter to earth to see how he would react. After the Manhunter attacks Carol Ferris, John intervenes and protects her .

1 John Stewart’s Rematch With The Shayol

JL Adventures 22 The Justice League Unlimited animated series has played a considerable function in the popularity of John Stewart. Its comedian counterpart, Justice League Adventures, continues the like storyline that made John a fan-favorite member of the Justice League. In Justice League Adventures # 22, John remembers a past mission where three of his green Lantern Corps allies are killed at the hands of Shayol. As John engages in a replay with Shayol, he remembers the difficult decisions he had to make as the mission drawing card that day .
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