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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
* Truth
* One World, One People John Walker’s Shield is a carapace made by John Walker to use in stead of his original shield, which had been taken from him by Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes .


In 2024, U.S. soldier John Walker was chosen by the U.S. government to be the new Captain America, in awaken of Steve Rogers, the former holder of the title, retiring and disappearing from the public eye. During his time as Captain America, Walker would use Rogers ‘ shield. however, the harbor was forcibly taken from him by Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes after Walker killed a extraneous home in populace, following the death of his best ally and partner, Lemar Hoskins.

Rebuilt by John Walker

late, having been stripped of the title of Captain America and other than honorably discharged from the U.S. Army, John Walker would forge his own shield to substitute Steve Rogers ‘, painting it bolshevik, white and blue in the manner of the original. He would weld his Medal of Honor to the shield ‘s inner surface to remember his time serving. [ 1 ]

At the GRC New York Headquarters, John Walker sported the shield when confronting Karli Morgenthau, intending to get revenge for Lemar Hoskins ‘ death. Though Walker held his own against the Flag Smashers during the duel, the harbor suffered heavy wrong, including a large dent being formed in it when Gigi punched it. finally, however, Walker would defeat all of the Flag Smashers except for Morgenthau, attacking her with his shield which would become even more damaged as the two contend .
Walker and Morgenthau ‘s fight would be cut short-circuit when Walker noticed a nearby hand truck containing hostages was close to falling off of a ledge. Walker would discard his carapace, throwing it off of the ledge as he used his enhance strength to pull the truck back onto dependable ground. [ 2 ]


Unlike the original shield, Walker ‘s harbor is not made of vibranium, and therefore does not possess its vibration-absorbent capabilities, nor its incredible lastingness, being sternly damaged to the point of being about unserviceable during Walker ‘s duel with the Flag Smashers. Despite this, the shield is calm helpful, greatly assisting Walker during his contend .


  • In the comics, John Walker keeps photos of his deceased parents in the inside of the shield as a memento to help him focus during combat, much like his Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart does with his Medal of Honor.


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