10 Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Figures That You Can Buy Right Now

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Araki is known for its colorful character designs, moral force poses, and creative natural process sequences. There ‘s no better way for the series ‘ most give fans to show their love for the series than by purchasing trade .
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Figures, in detail, are extra because they encapsulate a character ‘s effect and tied recreate their iconic poses. There is a overplus of Jojo ‘s Bizarre Adventure figures in the world, ranging from action figures to massive fixed model statues that are worth every penny. They capture the air of characters and Stands alike, but fans may feel overwhelmed by their variety show .

10 Killer Queen’s Unique Design Is Captured In A Medicos Statue

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, MediCos Killer Queen Figure Killer Queen is the stand of Part 4 ‘s antagonist, Kira Yoshikage. The stand has a singular design and its feline attributes are instantaneously recognizable. Fans can keep Killer Queen on display with a 6.2-inch-tall statue from Medicos. Made from PVC, the figurine is durable and will never lose its semblance .
Since the figure ‘s joints can move, fans can pose Killer Queen to their like and recreate their favorite fight scenes from the series. The figure besides comes with a miniature Stray Cat, which can be placed inside Killer Queen ‘s abdomen .

9 Aoshima’s Dynamic Gyro Statue Is Perfect For Fans Of Steel Ball Run

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Gyro Zepelli statue from Aoshima. Gyro Zepelli is one of the most popular characters from Part 7, Steel Ball Run. Gyro ‘s alone plan instantaneously caught fans ‘ care. There are plenty of figurines in his likeness out there to choose from. however, none of them compare to Aoshima ‘s statue of him riding his sawhorse, Valkyrie .
Standing at 10 inches tall, the moral force statue is the perfect addition to any Steel Ball Run winnow ‘s collection. The addition of kanji at the bottom makes it seem like the figurine popped straight out of a manga page .

8 Medicos’ Chozokado Jolyne Figurine Is As Colorful As It Is Posable

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Jolyne figurine from Chozo Kado. Jolyne made waves as the supporter of Stone Ocean. She was the series ‘ first female moderate and the daughter of the flagship supporter, Jotaro. She instantaneously became a winnow favored thanks to her dapper personality and singular fashion feel .
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fortunately, fans can keep Jolyne on their ledge with this highly posable calculate from Medicos ‘ Chozokado solicitation. Standing at 6 inches tall, the figurine ‘s bright colors will brighten up any room and stand out in every solicitation. It besides comes with two faces, different pass poses, and parts replicating Stone Free ‘s abilities. Fans can complete the duet by buying the Stone release figure from the same collection .

7 Joseph Joestar & Iggy Come As A Pair In This Set From Medicos

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Joseph and Iggy figures from Medicos. stardust Crusaders is the most democratic separate of Jojo ‘s Bizarre Adventure. The Joestar group ‘s travel to Egypt has become one of the most iconic stories in anime. Joseph Joestar, though not the supporter, undoubtedly played an authoritative character in the floor. Iggy came in former but became a fan-favorite character thanks to his adorable appearance and antagonistic personality .
Fans can keep this iconic duet on their ledge with this fructify from Medicos ‘ Chozokado collection. Though Iggy is n’t posable, fans can pose the articulate Joseph figure to their like to create a dynamic picture .

6 Banpresto’s Majestic DIO Statue Is Just Too Cool To Pass Up

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, DIO statue from Banpresto. DIO is the series ‘ overarch antagonist, but there ‘s no deny that this despicable vampire ‘s smell of dash is unmatched by about any other character. Part 1 ‘s Dio Brando looks much different from the time-freezing freak in Part 3 .
In Part 3, DIO looked like a full supervillain with an undeniably vampiric twist. Fans can allow the ill-famed DIO ‘s bequest to live on by buying this Banpresto statue and keeping him on their shelves. Standing at 10.5 inches grandiloquent, the statue encapsulates the vampire ‘s undeniably menacing presence .

5 Medicos’ King Crimson Action Figure Stands Out Because Of Its Bright Red Coloring & Dynamic Posing Potential

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, King Crimson action figure from Medicos King Crimson is the terrifying Stand of Part 5 ‘s antagonist, Doppio. Its abilities are mind-numbingly complex and arduous to understand, but everybody acknowledges its strength. It ‘s one of the most overpower stands in the series .
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Fans can keep this doozy of a Stand in their collection with a highly posable and colorful carry through digit from Medicos. Most of its consistency is grey or silver, but the loss and blank details are attention-getting and make it stand out from other figures. Its articulated limbs make it easy for fans to create dynamic poses and recreate their darling scenes .

4 Medicos Recreated The Cover Of Volume 4 With This Bust Statue Of Joseph Joestar

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Joseph bust statue. Jojo ‘s Bizarre Adventure has no deficit of innovative and colored manga covers. sometimes, Araki ‘s art jumps right off the manga pages and into the readers ‘ faces. fortunately, Medicos created a huge statue that brings the manga ‘s artwork to life .
The Joseph Joestar bust statue from the Chozoart collection stands at closely 10 inches grandiloquent. Its vibrant colors and active present perfectly play volume 4 ‘s manga cover. It ‘s hyper-realistic and clearly shows how much attention to contingent was put into creating this impressive statue in the Part 2 supporter ‘s likeness .

3 Statue Legend Recreated A Scene From The Anime With This Statue Of Oingo & Boingo

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Statue Legend's Oingo and Boingo recreation statue. Oingo and Boingo are two of the series ‘ most unforgettable villains. They ‘re hilariously decrepit and have the worst fortune conceivable. The sibling couple has a bent for getting themselves in over their heads .
Statue Legend recreated a scenery from the anime when they created a statue in the couple ‘s compare. Fans can now immortalize this perpetually doomed duet on their shelves with this statue of Boingo anxiously hugging onto Oingo ‘s peg. It ‘s arrant for the series ‘ most dedicate fans and specially perfect for those who appreciate the memes that come out of the zanzibar copal .

2 Medicos’ Jotaro Figure Recreates His Iconic Pose From Part 3

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, MediCos Jotaro Kujo Part Three Stardust Crusaders Statue There ‘s no deficit of Jotaro Kujo figurines out there. As the protagonist of Part 3 and the series ‘ flagship character, it ‘s no motion that about every Jojo ‘s fan would love to have something in his compare gracing their collections .
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fortunately, this statue from Medicos recreates Jotaro ‘s iconic Clint Eastwood-inspired pose. With brilliant tinge and fluid movement on his clothes, it in truth brings Jotaro to liveliness. Since his limbs are give voice, fans do n’t specifically have to recreate his iconic put, giving them options for how they ‘d like to display him in their collection .

1 Giorno Giovanna’s Nendoroid Is Adorable & Easy To Pose

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Giorno Giovanna nendoroid. Nendoroids are some of the most beloved anime figurines on the grocery store. They ‘re adorable, fun to pose, and highly customizable. Some fans even love making outfits for their favorites. Giorno Giovanna ‘s Nendoroid is among the most democratic.

The bantam figurine captures Giorno ‘s integral personality. It may be small, but it still shows the gang-star ‘s ferocity. It comes with three boldness plates and a cup of tea for him to hold. It besides comes with a ocular effect objet d’art inspired by his Stand, Gold Experience, so that fans can recreate their favorite fight scenes with their front-runner Jojo ‘s Nendoroid .
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