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Part 8 : JoJolion Part 9 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, tentatively subtitled JOJOLANDS, is preceded by JoJolion. It is probable the third base contribution within the SBR continuity, that takes identify in a parallel global from the first gear six parts, and the final part in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series. depart 9 is the upcoming most holocene separate of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series that will begin serialization in monthly Ultra Jump after Hirohiko Araki ‘s break dance . As it is completely unreleased, there is no official manga release for Part 9 in English .

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    • A potential Part 9 has been discussed by Araki multiple times throughout the span of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.
      • In an interview during the serialization of Part 7, Araki mentioned that he had the general outlines done for Parts 7, 8, and 9.[1]
      • In another interview, Araki stated that he wants to return to writing about the town of Morioh in Parts 8 and 9.[2]
        • How accurate this is, as in, whether or not Morioh will appear in Part 9, is yet to be seen.
      • During Lucca Con 2019, a fan asked Araki if he could make a new part in Italy, to which he replied that he would think about it.[3]
      • In an interview with Rurubu Morioh that came with JoJolion Volume 12, Araki said he wanted to write a story in a location with a “lonely feel” to it, like the Scottish Highlands.[4]
    • 180?cb=20220705020744 As of December 2021, Part 9 is currently being worked on.[5]
    • As of June 2022, Part 9 is being planned.[6]
    • On July 3rd, 2022, a video of Araki was released that showed a sketch of an unknown character in the background. It has been edited to show this character in some detail. It is unknown if this is a future Part 9 character or not.
      • The new character bears a possible resemblance to “Fumi” (Joseph Joestar,) from the end of the previous part.


    • JOJOLANDS” is the tentative title for Part 9, meaning it is subject to change. If it does receive a name change upon release, JoJolion will be the only part without a change in title in the main series.
    • As it is currently unreleased, this makes the break between Parts 8 and 9 the longest wait between parts so far, being more than one year (13 months) in total. The previous record was between Parts 6 and 7 which was 9 months long.




    Part9 confirmation JOJOLANDS announcement in Ultra Jump



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