JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood (film)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood


Japanese Name

ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 ファントム ブラッド


JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken: Fantomu Buraddo


Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural


Junichi Hayama
Art Director :
Satoru Kuwabara
Photography Director :
Hideo Okazaki
Sound Director :
Yasunori Honda

Satoru KuwabaraHideo OkazakiYasunori Honda


Mitsuhiro Yamada

Character Design

Junichi Hayama

Color Design

Mieko Seki


Shigenari Nishi


Marco D’Ambrosio

Production Company

Bandai Co., Ltd.

Studio A.P.P.P.
The Klockworx Co., Ltd.
TV Tokyo

Distributed by

The Klockworx Co., Ltd.

Release date

February 17, 2007

For the TV anime adaption, see JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Animation. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood ( ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 ファントム ブラッド, JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Fantomu Buraddo ) is a 2007 enliven film produced by vivification Studio A.P.P.P., who previously handled animation of the earlier OVA series. It is an adaptation of the first discharge of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga series, Phantom Blood. The film was produced to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of godhead Hirohiko Araki ‘s career as a manga artist and was given a restrict theatrical secrete in Japan starting on February 17, 2007. Since then, the movie has never been seen publicly, and has not been released to home television. It is presently considered lost media. The theme song was “ VOODOO KINGDOM “, a one by the group SOUL ‘d OUT W .


Manga/Film Differences

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  • Dio’s inner monologues are not depicted. His motives for bullying Jonathan are never explained.
  • The boxing match, rugby game and Jonathan’s first encounter with Erina are omitted.
  • Two extra scenes are added: one where Dio steps on Jonathan’s necklace from Erina and another where Jonathan hurts himself on a needle Dio places in his bed.
  • The concept of the Ripple is not explained clearly. The Ripple’s dexterity is also never demonstrated, it is treated as a “fighting energy” used to power up Jonathan’s punches.
  • Robert E. O. Speedwagon is omitted.
  • Jonathan’s fight with Jack the Ripper is omitted.
  • Dio uses his vampiric power to transform his hideout in Windknight’s Lot into a giant castle.
  • Dio does not meet the protagonists in the graveyard; the Dark Knights, Bruford and Tarkus are already waiting for them and are taken out quickly by Jonathan’s Ripple Overdrive.
    • The scene where Bruford gives his sword to Jonathan and names it LUCK & PLUCK is omitted.
  • Tonpetty appears by himself. The characters Poco, Dire and Straizo are not featured.
  • Tonpetty’s flashback with Zeppeli takes place on a cliff as opposed to a tightrope over the Tibetan temple. Tonpetty reading Zeppeli’s future also causes a shockwave that blows away the surrounding clouds.
  • The scene where Zeppeli, Jonathan and Dio clash under the moon takes place after Jonathan defeats the Dark Knights and in proximity of Dio’s castle. Dialogue between Dio and Zeppeli, including the famous “bread” line, is omitted.
  • Dio counters Zeppeli’s Ripple with his freezing technique and Jonathan intervenes in a scene similar to the manga. Zeppeli is killed in this encounter, however, in a manner not unlike Dire’s death. The specifics behind the freezing technique and why it counters Ripple are not explained.
  • Zeppeli’s hair does not turn white when he passes his life energy to Jonathan.
  • Jonathan does not light his gloves on fire to counter Dio’s freezing technique. He instead overcomes it by “powering up” during their clash.
  • The ship Jonathan and Erina board sails through the Pacific Ocean instead of the Atlantic Ocean. This is an error as Erina is still rescued near the Canary Islands.
  • The baby Elizabeth is omitted from the movie. In the manga, Erina chooses to die with Jonathan but is persuaded after he asks her to save the baby. In the movie, she enters the coffin without Jonathan saying anything.


Promo & Concept Art

PBPromoArt Main Promo Art390987 295801733795622 674928119 n bill poster to the movie .0b04a88f958603d5bf664b2403cd07be promotional 2D Stone Mask given out with movie tickets for the film .58762216 624 Jonathan and Dio, from adolescence to adulthood .307416 258347040874425 502629935 n promotional images from the movie .51gApWr3PTL. SS500 Cover of a Magazine, promoting the film .294204 249658075076655 2057495224 n The castle at Windknights Lot .301527 253559378019858 1593165291 n Designs of Dio, Dario Brando, Wang Chan, Jonathan, George Joestar, Erina, Tonpetty, Zeppeli and respective Zombies .PBMovieConceptArtCast Jonathan, George, Erina, and Erina at adulthood .PBMovieGuide Jonathan, on the cover of the “ official Movie Guide ” .DioPBMovie Vampire Dio ‘s design .001lcl page 1 of the “ official Phantom Blood Movie Guide ” .003bce page two, featuring designs for Dio, Dario Brando, Wang Chan and several Zombies, equally well as some production shots .002hl Page three, featuring designs for Jonathan, George Joestar, Erina, Zeppeli and Tonpetty, and a production shoot of the Stone Mask .005vnj004fee007bem006xds009nyk Designs of Jonathan, George, Erina in adolescence and adulthood .008gdz Dio, Zeppeli, and Jonathan .011ldj Zeppeli, and Tonpetty .010hot Dio, Dario, Wang Chan, and designs for Dark Knights Bruford and Tarkus .012spi consultation with Comedy duet Speedwagon foliate 1 .013qsq interview with Comedy couple Speedwagon page 2 .


308490 249657865076676 1318500075 n Jonathan, Dio, and the Stone Mask .304552 249658051743324 925501833 n Monks of the Ripple .319980 249658058409990 252694505 n Tonpetty .317536 249658021743327 573240029 n Young Zeppeli .296577 249657891743340 327338756 n Young Jonathan .Dio bby Young Dio .311136 249657918410004 2128337027 n Young Erina .313047 249657928410003 1948473077 n Jonathan bursting into the Joestar estate, inflamed with rage towards Dio .309170 249657941743335 1538135506 n Jonathan and Dio about to fight .Incinerator The Incinerator .297265 249658138409982 102521903 n Outside the temple of the Ripple Users.

310268 249657881743341 927870436 n Inside the Joestar Estate .296655 249658145076648 749102188 n The area around the temple .316870 250764444966018 93096581 n Dio, grown up, in the second gear preview .309054 249657948410001 235005685 n The street where the screen subjugate of the Stone Mask took space .Speedwagon movie Speedwagon and Tattoo .317762 249657975076665 517703947 n Dio, after using the Stone Mask .6np6 George Joestar, absolutely in his son ‘s arms .319612 249657968409999 1949447985 n The Stone Mask320344 249657985076664 1061222156 n Dio, while fighting Jonathan on the rooftop of the Joestar estate .312261 250764484966014 1712686190 n Dio, seen again in the second trailer .308433 249657961743333 10159045 n Wang Chan .299620 249657991743330 1997580617 n Jonathan, after his fight with Dio at the Estate .311658 249658031743326 1592424581 n Will A. Zeppeli .293924 250764504966012 568324553 n Zeppeli in the second gear preview .293495 249658041743325 1696526512 n Zeppeli, about to punch the frog .303150 250764561632673 1928627929 n Zeppeli, seen again in the preview .318650 249658011743328 1265914369 n Zeppeli .Zeppeli vs Dio2 Zeppeli, attacking Dio .Corega Zeppeli, while Dio is countering his ripple .Hamon Dio is blocked by Jonathan .Zeppeli vs Dio Jonathan, protecting his mentor from Dio ‘s attack .5ci4xt2 Ripples in Jonathan ‘s recently healed arm, causing flowers to blossom on a tree .300919 249658048409991 1746605640 n Jonathan, at adulthood .10dx8 Bruford ‘s last words to Jonathan .8sx0 Tarkus, approximately to attack Jonathan in the “ Room of Dragon Decapitation ” .305229 249658095076653 402923039 n Dio, about to attack Jonathan .02rw7 Jonathan, about to attack Dio with the Ripple .315747 249658118409984 1832554447 n Another shoot of Jonathan sending the Ripple into Dio .310154 249658078409988 420378710 n Jonathan delivering the concluding blow .307650 249658108409985 80759323 n Another shot of Jonathan finishing Dio .318436 249657911743338 1330984599 n Dio kissing Erina .398529 295801747128954 201568522 n More detail Designs of Jonathan and Dio, ampere well as Dark Knights Bruford and Tarkus .292718 250764428299353 602999498 n The Stone Mask, in the moment preview .


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood Trailer (Old) JoJo ‘s Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood Trailer ( Old ) Trailer # 1Phantom Blood subbed trailer Phantom Blood subbed dawdler Trailer # 2AAU 5th Semester Project - Jojo Compilation AAU 5th Semester Project – Jojo Compilation Leaked 15 moment footage

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood - 2004 Test Pilot JoJo ‘s Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood – 2004 Test fender 2004 Test navigate


  • Despite the character’s own lack of involvement in the movie, the Japanese comedy duo “Speedwagon“, comprised of Jun Idota and Kazuhiro Ozawa, were allowed to voice Dario and Wang Chan respectively.[5]
  • On the movie’s poster, Jonathan is modeled after Joseph from the cover of Volume 8. Whether or not this was intentional is unknown.
  • During its theatrical release, the prologue cutscene from the PS2 game was played before the movie.[citation needed]


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