The Joker Vol 1 1

“ The Joker ‘s Double Jeopardy ! “ : A criminal named Senor Alvarez sneaks into Arkham Asylum and breaks Two-Face spare from his cell. The Joker sees them and implores them to set him free american samoa well, but Senor Alvarez has need of a “ superior ” crimina

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The Joker Vol 1 #1

May, 1975

Executive Editor

Julius Schwartz

Cover Artists

  • Dick Giordano

The Joker’s Double Jeopardy!


  • Dennis O’Neil


  • Irv Novick


  • Dick Giordano


  • Julius Schwartz
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Quote1.png Much as I hate to admit it, the Batman has taught me a few tricks… such as be prepared! Or was that the Boy Scouts? Quote2.png

The Joker

The Joker #1 is an issue of the series The Joker ( book 1 ) with a overlay go steady of May, 1975. It was published on February 6, 1975.

outline for “ The Joker ‘s Double hazard ! ”

A criminal named Senor Alvarez sneaks into Arkham Asylum and breaks Two-Face absolve from his cell. The Joker sees them and implores them to set him free a well, but Senor Alvarez has need of a “ lake superior ” criminal. Besmirched at such an insult, the Joker arranges for his own escape. Using a helium balloon from a charity contribution, the Joker inflates it and floats out of the prison yard.

later, Senor Alvarez consults with Two-Face in his hotel room. He wants Two-Face to steal a collection of valuable spanish doubloons. Two-Face flips his special coin and decides to help Alvarez steal the coins. The Joker and one of his henchmen sneak into the hotel room disguised as board avail staff ( the Joker is hiding inside the food handcart ). He throws an acerb pie at Alvarez, but Two-Face keeps him at true laurel by hurling a bowl of pears ( pairs ) at him. When the Joker ultimately picks himself up, Two-Face is gone. As the evening goes on, the Joker tracks Two-Face to the scenery where he plans on staging the crime. The two fight one another, but Two-Face proves triumphant and ties the Joker to a circular saw postpone in the basement. He ribs the Joker that the examine is going to cut him into “ two ”. Two-Face leaves the Joker to his destiny and stalks off to fetch the doubloons. fortunately for the Joker, he uses the acid in his lapel bloom to weaken the ropes and escapes. Two-Face steals the coin solicitation from their display case and retreats back to his hideout where he finds the Joker waiting for him. The Joker distracts Two-Face by throwing clumps of imposter hair’s-breadth at him, but Two-Face manages to grab him by the coat. The Joker ‘s coat is treated with an adhesive and Two-Face can not let go. The two criminals wrestle around until last knocking each other onto the floor. The Gotham City police department arrives to collect them. Commissioner Gordon reveals that the coins Two-Face stole were counterfeit. Senor Alvarez had previously stolen the substantial coins anterior to his confrontation with the Joker. He is now in patrol hands.

Appearing in “ The Joker ‘s Double hazard ! ”

Featured Characters:
Supporting Characters:

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Other Characters:

  • Batman (Mentioned only)
  • Mister Kemp (Single appearance)





  • This issue features the first appearance of the Joker’s trademark acid spray flower on his lapel.

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