The Joker

This page is about the original comic book character. For other versions of the character, see The Joker (Disambiguation). For the 2019 film, see Joker (film).

The Joker


General Information

Real name:

Unknown ( See below )

First Appearance:

Batman #1 (Spring 1940)

Created by:

( artist ) Bill Finger (writer) Jerry Robinson (artist)


Injustice Gang
Injustice League
Justice League of Arkham


Genius intellect

Brilliant chemist and inventor
Arsenal of comedy-themed weaponry
Expert hand-to-hand combatant
Pain resistance

Portrayed by:

See below

It’s all a joke! Everything anybody ever valued or struggled for… it’s all a monstrous, demented gag! So why can’t you see the funny side? Why aren’t you laughing?

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The Joker is a supervillain and the archenemy of Batman. First introduced in Batman # 1 ( form 1940 ), he was in the first place a criminal originator with a devious sense of humor. initially intended to serve as a erstwhile appearances, Joker ‘s instant popularity ensured that the fictional character would continue to appear, becoming a frequent enemy of the Dark Knight and Robin, the Boy Wonder. By the late 1940s, Joker had been reimagined as a harmless prankster. Falling into obscurity by the 1960s, he was re-introduced in the 1970s as a more legitimate threat and one of the most ill-famed criminals within Gotham City. In recent years, the character has taken on the character of an evil-incarnate, simply taking joy in tormenting Batman or trying to push him into villainy. widely considered Batman ‘s arch-nemesis, the Joker has besides been responsible for numerous tragedies in Batman ‘s life, including the paralysis of Barbara Gordon and the death of Jason Todd, the second Robin. His portrayal has changed over the years, with the most common incarnation being a criminal originator who commits crimes for his own entertainment. Joker is besides considered one of DC Comics ‘ most recognizable characters, with him besides battling other heroes such as Superman and Wonder Woman. The character has besides become an picture in democratic acculturation, normally through his portrayals in versatile media related to Batman and other DC properties .

Publication History

primitively conceived as an evil “ court-jester ” character, the quality was initially rejected by studio writer Bill Finger as being “ besides buffoonish, ” but he late relayed the mind to Bob Kane. Kane, who started out as a gag artist, loved the concept and encouraged its product. Finger found a photograph of actor Conrad Veidt wearing makeup for the silent film The Man Who Laughs, and it was from this photograph that the Joker was modeled. This influence was referenced in the graphic novel Batman: The Man Who Laughs, a recite of the first Joker report from 1940. In his initial twelve or therefore appearances, starting with Batman # 1 ( 1940 ), the Joker was a straightforward spree killer/mass murderer, with a bizarre appearance modeled after the symbol of the Joker known from playing cards. It is of note that in his second appearance he was actually slated to be killed off, with the final page detailing the villain by chance stabbing himself, lying dead as Batman and Robin run off into the night. DC editor Whitney Ellsworth thought the Joker was besides good a character to kill off, suggesting that he be spared. A hurriedly drawn panel, calculated to imply that the Joker was still active, was subsequently added to the amusing .
For the following several appearances, the Joker frequently escaped capture but suffered an apparent death ( falling off a cliff, being caught in a electrocution construct, etc. ), from which his torso was not recovered. In these first twelve adventures, the Joker killed close to three twelve people, impressive for a villain who did n’t use giant robots, mutant monsters, or space lasers, as was the condition quo between 1940 until around 1942. ironically, the turning point came in “ Joker Walks the concluding Mile ” ( Detective Comics # 64 ), when the Joker was actually executed in the electric electric chair only to be chemically revived by henchmen. While the Joker was back, he was decidedly less madly than former engagements. At this point, the editors decided that only one-shot villains should commit mangle, so as to not make Batman look impotent in his inability to punish such recurring foes as the Joker or the Penguin. As the Batman comics softened their tone, the Joker shifted towards a harmless, cackling pain. He promptly became the most popular villain and was used frequently during the Golden Age of Comic Books. The consumption of the character lessened reasonably by the late 1950s, and disappeared about wholly when Julius Schwartz took over editorship of the Batman comics in 1964. In 1973, the character was revived and profoundly revised in the Batman amusing stories by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams. Beginning in Batman # 251, with the narrative “ The Joker ‘s Five Way Revenge ”, the Joker becomes a homicidal lunatic who casually murders people on a caprice, while enjoying battles of wits with Batman. This take on the character has taken prominence since. Steve Englehart, in his short but well-received run on the ledger, added elements deepening the severity of the Joker ‘s insanity. Joker even had his own nine-issue series from 1975 to 1976 in which he faces off against a diverseness of foes, both superheroes and supervillains. This was a major change as he was now the supporter and in every issue, he was always apprehended and never killed anyone, due to writers telling series creator Dennis O’Neil to make these changes. however, the growth of the Joker as a sociopath continued with the issues “ A Death in the Family ” ( in which readers voted for the character to kill off Jason Todd ) and The Killing Joke in 1988, redefining the character for DC ‘s Modern Age after the company wide-eyed boot following Crisis on Infinite Earths. A major addition to the character was the presentation of the character Harley Quinn. primitively introduced in Batman: The Animated Series, Quinn is a clinical psychiatrist who falls dispiritedly in sleep together with the Joker in Arkham Asylum after he relays his fib of having an abusive church father and a fugitive mother, and now serves as his loyal, if daffy, buddy, costumed in a skintight harlequin suit. Their relationship frequently resembles that of an abusive domestic relationship, with the Joker diss, hurting, or even attempting to kill Quinn, who remains undaunted in her devotion. She was popular adequate to be integrated into the comics in 1999 and a modify translation of the character ( less cockamamie, but placid criminally insane and absolutely committed to the Joker ) was besides featured on the ephemeral live-action television receiver series Birds of Prey .



Though many have been related, a authoritative history of the Joker has never been established in the comics, and his on-key name has never been confirmed. cipher knows who he sincerely is. Detective Comics # 168 ( February 1951 ) revealed that he had been a condemnable known as the Red Hood. In the narrative, the Red Hood was robbing the Monarch Playing Card factory and encountered Batman for the beginning meter. He tried to escape from the Dark Knight by fleeing to the Ace Chemical Plant where he fell into a vat of chemicals. He survived but the chemicals had radically changed his consistency resulting in chalk-white bark, emerald green hair, and a bizarre red grin. The most wide cited back-story can be seen in Alan Moore ‘s The Killing Joke. It depicts him as originally being an mastermind at a chemical plant who quit his job to pursue his dream of being a stand-up comedian, alone to fail miserably. Desperate to support his fraught wife, Jeannie, the man agrees to help two criminals break into the plant where he was once employed. In this version of the fib, the Red Hood persona is given to the inside man of every job ( therefore it is never the lapp man twice ) ; this makes the inside man appear to be the leader, allowing the two ring-leaders to escape. During the planning, police contact him and inform him that his wife and unborn child have died in a family accident. Stricken with grief, he attempts to back out of the plan, but the criminals strong-arm him into keeping his promise. arsenic soon as they enter the implant, however, they are immediately caught by security and a fatal shoot-out ensues, in which the two criminals are killed. As he tries to escape, he is confronted by Batman, who is investigating the disturbance. Terrified, the engineer leaps over a rail and plummets into a vat of chemicals. When he surfaces in the nearby reservoir, he removes the hood and sees his observation : bleached chalk-white skin, red lips, and emerald park hair. These events, coupled with his other misfortunes that day, drive the mastermind through the massive personality lurch that results in the give birth of the Joker. The floor “ Push-back ” ( Batman: Gotham Knights # 50-55 ), supports share of this adaptation of the Joker ‘s lineage report. In it, a spectator ( who coincidentally turns out to be Edward Nygma, a.k.a. The Riddler ) recounts that the Joker ‘s wife was kidnapped and murdered by the criminals in order to force the engineer into performing the crime. In this version, the Joker was called Jack. In Geoff Johns ‘ “ The Three Jokers “, the final pages besides support the recite as the Joker ‘s beginning. however, the history besides implies that the Joker was abusive to Jeannie and that her death was staged to by the GCPD to allow her to go into witness auspices. Bruce Wayne visits her and their child in the Canada wilderness, indicating he knows who the Joker very is. The second arc of Batman Confidential ( # 7-12 ) re-imagines the Joker as a endow criminal and abandons the Red Hood identity, besides called Jack, who is closely self-destructive due to boredom with his “ speculate ”. He talks to a waitress, Harleen Quinzel, who convinces him to find something to live for. Jack becomes obsessed with Batman after he breaks up one of his jobs, leading Jack to attract Batman ‘s attention at a ball. Jack injures Lorna Shore ( whom Bruce Wayne is dating ), leading Batman to disfigure his confront with a Batarang. Jack escapes and Batman gives Jack ‘s information to mobsters, who torture Jack in a chemical plant. Jack kills respective of his assailants after escaping, but falls into an empty vat as raving mad gunfire punctures the chemical tanks above him, and the result flood of antidepressant chemicals alters his appearance to that of a clown, completing his transformation into the Joker. In flashbacks to Batman: Streets of Gotham, there was a son known as Sonny who had gone over to Martha Kane ‘s clinic at a foster dwelling, who treated him kindly, and then ended up witnessing a awful crime by some mobsters and got his jaw broken and infected with a laughing virus, with Kane ‘s clinic saving him again. however, the mobsters proceed to firebomb her clinic and kidnap Sonny as he was attempting to save Kane, and was repeatedly abused by the mobsters to such an extent that his already broken jaw was incorrectly aligned, with the gangster in question taunting him to “ keep smile ” and stop frown. It is heavily implied that “ Sonny ” would grow up to become the Joker. In Scott Snyder ‘s run on Batman, Joker appears in the first arch of Batman: Zero Year ( Batman ( bulk 2 ) # 25-28 ). Depicted as the leader of the Red Hood Gang, he led the group on an anarchic crusade to bring chaos to Gotham, claiming to have been inspired by the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne. The recruits were besides modal citizens in Gotham, though many were actually blackmailed into helping the group. Before Bruce became Batman, the Red Hood was hired by a pre-Riddler Nygma to attack Bruce Wayne, leading to him becoming a fixation. After a fight with Batman, the criminal intentionally threw himself into the vat of chemicals, though a body was late recovered but could not be identified. During the former Endgame arch, there are hints that the Joker may have operated in Gotham long ahead Batman appeared. After discovering his use of Dionesium, Batman suspects that Joker, like Vandal Savage and Ra ‘s alabama Ghul, may use the chemical to extend his life. The fib besides mentions of a serial killer called the Pale-Man who operated in Gotham long before Batman ‘s arrival, implying that the Joker may be centuries previous. No tell of the Joker ‘s origin has been official confirmed as definitive, however, with many being brushed off as cover stories, lies about his early life and/or that he authentically does n’t know his past. As he says in The Killing Joke : “ sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another … if I ‘m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple option ! ”

Criminal career

From the Joker ‘s first appearance in Batman # 1, he has been uncoerced ( and tidal bore ) to wreak as much havoc as potential upon innocent people in order to claim the mantle of Gotham City ‘s greatest criminal mastermind. Throughout his decades-long war with Batman, he has committed crimes both capricious and inhumanly brutal, all with a logic and argue that, in Batman ‘s words, “ make sense to him alone. ” In The Killing Joke, the Joker shoots Barbara Gordon ( a.k.a. Batgirl ), paralyzing her below the waist. He kidnaps Commissioner Gordon and taunts him with photograph of what he has done to Barbara, in an try to prove that any homo can have “ one bad day ” and become barely like him, but fails to drive Gordon harebrained, despite giving him some dangerous trauma. Batman rescues Gordon and tries one concluding time to reach the Joker, offering to rehabilitate him. After a few moments of circumstance, the Joker refuses, stating that it is “ excessively recently for that ”, but shows his appreciation by sharing a jest with Batman ( which, surprisingly, receives an uncharacteristic laugh from the vigilante ) and allowing himself to be taken back to Arkham. The Joker besides murdered Jason Todd, the second Robin, in the story “ A Death in the Family. ” Jason Todd discovers that a womanhood who may be his give birth mother is being blackmailed by the Joker. She betrays her son to keep from having her medical supply thefts exposed, leading to Jason ‘s brutal beat by the Joker with a crowbar. The Joker locks Jason and his mother in the warehouse where the attack took rate and blows it up just as Batman arrives. Readers could vote on whether they wanted Jason Todd to survive the blast. They voted for him to die, therefore that Batman finds Jason ‘s lifeless consistency. Jason ‘s death has haunted him since and has intensified his compulsion with his archenemy. psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel finally ponders whether the Joker may in fact be fudge insanity thus as to avoid the end punishment. As she tries to treat the Joker, he recounts a fib of an lacking father and runaway mother to gain her sympathy. Falling in sexual love, she allows him to escape Arkham respective times before she is finally exposed. Driven over the border with compulsion, she becomes the criminal Harley Quinn and the Joker ‘s closest buddy. In a company-wide crossing over, “ The last Laugh, ” the Joker believes himself to be dying and plans one last historic crime spree, infecting the inmates of ‘The Slab, ‘ a prison for superintendent criminals, with Joker venom to escape. With plans to infect the stallion global, he sets the super-powered inmates loose to cause mass chaos in their “ Jokerized ” forms. interim, he tries to ensure his “ bequest ” by defacing statues in his picture. The stallion United States declares war on the Joker under the orders of President Lex Luthor ; in response, Joker sends his minions to kill the President. The heroes of the world try to fight off the rampage villains, while Black Canary discovers that Joker ‘s doctor modified his guy scan to make it appear that he had a fatal tumor in an undertake to subdue him with the threat of death. Harley Quinn, angry at the Joker ‘s try to get her meaning without marrying her ( to continue his bequest, through artificial insemination ), helps the heroes create an antidote to the Joker poison and return the super villains to their normal submit. Believing Robin ( then Tim Drake ) had been eaten by Killer Croc in the ensuing fury, Nightwing finally catches up with the Joker and beats him to death ( heart stopped ). To keep Nightwing from having blood on his hands, Batman resuscitates the Joker with CPR. During the events of the No Man’s Land storyline, the Joker murders Sarah Essen Gordon, Commissioner Gordon ‘s second base wife, by shooting her in the head as she tries to protect the infants that he had kidnapped. He did not, however, take any pleasure in the work, shown frowning subsequently preferably than with his brand grin. He surrenders to Batman, but continues to taunt James Gordon, provoking the commissioner to shoot him in the kneecap. After lamenting the fact he may never walk again, the Joker abruptly begins laughing manically as Gordon barely avenged the destiny of Barbara. In “Emperor Joker”, a multi-part floor throughout the Superman titles, the Joker steals Mister Mxyzptlk ‘s reality altering might, becoming a nigh-omnipotent being, and remaking the entire world into a twist caricature, with everyone in it stuck in a loop, repeating the lapp patterns over and over. The battle focuses on the fortune of Batman in this world, with the Joker torture and killing his adversary every day, merely to bring him back to biography and do it over and over again. Superman ‘s potent will allows him to fight off the Joker ‘s influence enough to make contact with the sabotage Mxyzptlk, who along with a less-powerful Spectre, encourages Superman to work out the Joker ‘s failing before reality is destroyed by the Joker ‘s misuse of Mxyzptlk ‘s baron. As time runs out, Superman realizes that the Joker inactive is unwilling to erase Batman from being, as the Joker wholly defines himself by his opposition to the Dark Knight ; if the Joker ca n’t evening willingly erase one man, how can he destroy the population ? The Joker ‘s control shattered, Mxyzptlk and the Spectre wield to reconstruct reality from the moment the Joker disrupted everything, but Batman is left break from experiencing multiple deaths. Superman has to steal Batman ‘s memories then that he can go on, obviously transferring them to the Joker. During the rejoinder of new villain Hush to Gotham City, The Riddler hires the Joker to save him, offering the Joker the appoint of the hunched collar who killed his wife all those years ago. however, the Joker ‘s attempted revenge is cut light when Hush attacks with Prometheus, forcing the Joker to retreat. After Jason Todd returns to life and takes over his killer whale ‘s old Red Hood identity during the lead-up to Infinite Crisis, Jason asserts that the Joker was not quite a crazy as he leads people to believe. Jason attempts to force Batman to shoot the Joker, angered at Batman ‘s refusal to kill the Joker despite what he ‘d done. Batman refuses, however, driving Jason away with a well-aimed batarang alternatively. At the decision of Infinite Crisis the Joker kills Alexander Luthor, hero of the original Crisis on Infinite Earths and villain of Infinite Crisis. In Batman # 655, a prisoner shoots the Joker in the confront. The Joker returns in Batman # 663 after having undergo across-the-board facial operation that has left him with a permanent smile and ineffective to speak coherently. While in intensifier concern at Arkham, he sends Harley Quinn to kill his former henchmen, having her use a more deadly adaptation of Joker venom, in order to signal his “ reincarnation ”. The Joker has by now developed an unsusceptibility to this venom .


In Countdown # 50, Jimmy Olsen interviews an imprison joker about the murder of Duela Dent, who had called herself the Joker ‘s Daughter. The Joker states that he never had any daughter, and expresses awareness of the Multiverse ‘s being and of shifts in reality. The Joker appears as he did before Batman # 655 .

salvation Run

The Joker is among the many villains transported to a remote control hobo camp captivity planet where Psimon is elected as their leader. Joker gives up hope, thinking that he could never surpass Psimon in world power, and sinks into a depression. Kid Karnival snaps him out of it and tells him about how he admires the Joker and how he would n’t let anyone stand in his way, giving the Joker his confidence back to competitiveness. When Psimon gives his speech, the Joker chucks a stone at the back of his head, stunning him. He then picks up a larger rock and pins Psimon to the ground, giving him a speech on his views on survival and beats him to death with the rock, destroying his brain in the procedure, proceeding to take control as head. Lex Luthor questions his leadership and sends Iron Cross after the Joker with the intent of killing him. Iron Cross is killed by the Joker, upon which Splitshot attempts to kill him to avenge Iron Cross, but is finally killed a good, being strangled by his own bow. Following this, Lex Luthor takes one-half of the villains and leaves to form his own kin. Later, Gorilla Grodd takes over the Joker ‘s tribe and is told by Monsieur Mallah to ditch the humans and form a society together, which results in Gorilla Grodd killing Mallah by smashing the brain lawsuit over his head after being insulted. Grodd, heavily wounded, asks the Joker to help him, being kicked off a cliff and being put into a coma in reaction. subsequently on, the Joker ‘s camp invades Luthor ‘s clique, resulting in an all-out bash. It is then decided that the Joker and Lex Luthor should fight to the death. Luthor, despite having the upper hand for the first half of the fight, is beaten by the Joker. Nearing the end of their fight, the Parademons invade the planet. They decide to work together against the Parademons, managing to defeat the first wave, after which Gorilla Grodd recovers from his injuries, making an attempt at tearing the Joker ‘s weapon off in retaliation. Another wave of Parademons invades, interrupting their fight. The Joker helps fight off the invasion, finally running out of ammunition. He manages to trade guns with a fleeceable Parademon which he kills a consequence late, taking its extra ammunition and weapons, getting back in the fight to kill the rest of them. finally, after Lex Luthor uses elementary villains to office his teleportation machine, the Joker is able to escape from the satellite, and the remaining Parademons are wiped out when Luthor rigs the machine to explode .

Batman R.I.P .

In the begin of the Batman R.I.P. arch Batman visits the Joker in Arkham for information on the group known as the Black Glove. In response, the Joker casually deals himself a “ dead serviceman ‘s hand, with a turn ” – the turn being that the eights in his hand are loss cards, the aces are distillery black, and his final wag is a joker. During everyday therapy, Joker is met by a spy for the Club of Villains who offers him a gamble to join them in their crusade against Batman. He participates in their action, considering it a forcemeat all along ( knowing Batman will survive their attempts, which he spitefully reveals to them barely when they think their plan has come to realization ). He tells them that he has spent many years trying to kill Batman and that it would only be a count of meter before he ‘d come bet on. Later Batman infiltrates the headquarters, and the Joker flees, casually murdering some Black Glove members before escaping in an ambulance. Joker drives through the Gotham bridge, plowing through police cars. The Joker then encounters Alfred Pennyworth and Damian Wayne in the Batmobile. Damian rams the Joker ‘s ambulance with the Batmobile and sends him careening off the bridge ( unaware that it is the Joker ) .

Gotham City Sirens and Beyond

The Joker soon returns as a member of Libra ‘s Secret Society of Super Villains during Final Crisis. meanwhile, his place in Gotham City was taken by his old confederate, Gaggy, during Gotham City Sirens. During the events of the “ Batman : last Rites ” floor arch, the Joker is mentioned and shown respective times in Batman ‘s past experiences as his history is explored. He is besides shown entering the funeral service for Batman in Neil Gaiman ‘s Whatever Happened to The Caped Crusader ? history. When the real Joker returned to Gotham City, he began to pose as a british journalist/detective Oberon Sexton, a celebrated generator of a book called “ Masks of Evil ”. At the like time however, he operated as the cryptic Domino Killer, killing members of the Black Glove one by one. The Joker then became the target of a blackmail schema from an organization called “ El Penitente ”. Using a “ secret ” ( credibly cognition of his true identity ) as leverage, they tried to force him to murder Batman. The Joker ( as Sexton ) met Dick Grayson, the current Batman, belated to discuss his allege consecutive killer, believing that the cause of death was targeting members of the Black Glove and that Bruce Wayne would be next on the killer ‘s list. Despite his blackmailer ‘s demands, Joker watched Batman leave. For his failure to kill Batman “ El Penitente ” sent four assassins after him, but the villain escaped his pursuers by a lasso out of the window. He escaped to Wayne Manor, where he aided Damian Wayne against several assassins. Damian revealed that he knew Sexton was not actually english, but was faking his stress. He asked Sexton if he was in truth Bruce Wayne. The Joker denied this, saying he was worried that Wayne was the prey of a serial killer. however, he went on to hint to Damian that he was not truly who he seems. finally, Dick Grayson figures it all out and confronts Oberon about all the domino killings very being a set everyday of jokes. Oberon takes off his mask to reveal the Joker, grinning at his old enemy. After the Joker is arrested once more, he underestimates the current Robin ( Damian Wayne ), by trying to win the Boy Wonder ‘s pity before the Clown Prince of Crime begins his attempts on killing the young hero. rather, he receives a beat with a crowbar ( mirroring Jason Todd ‘s murder ) from Robin, whom he realizes is a son of his old enemy after noting the resemblance between the child and the original Batman. The officers at GCPD ignore the Clown Prince ‘s plea for help, as they think Robin can handle the villain easily, and seem to take pleasure in the Joker ‘s suffer. The Joker seems to attempt to retreat from Robin in fear, apparently wholly under the Boy Wonder ‘s mercifulness. The Joker then wrapped his handcuffs around Damien ‘s neck, scratching Robin ‘s cheek with the metallic element. Joker then smeared his own blood on Damien ‘s face causing him to fall under the effects of the Joker Venom in Joker ‘s blood. Damien collapse to the prime with a smile on his face while Joker snatches away the crowbar he had been victim to. Going on to reveal that he has once again manipulate events toward his own ends and mocking Robin for going therefore far as to provide his own crowbar ( another reference to the mangle of Jason Todd ). Appropriating Robin ‘s utility belt, the Joker escapes to execute his attack on the Black Glove, unleashing his touch venom on an consultation gathered under Professor Pyg ( via tainted popcorn ) and guiding Batman and his allies to a climactic confrontation. The Joker is seen in an undisclosed location, with Robin bound and gagged, and possessing what appears to be a nuclear weapon. Help arrives in the shape of the original Batman ( who just returned after the events of Batman : The Return of Bruce Wayne ), who aids his successor and his son in their struggle against the Black Glove and the Clown Prince of Crime in Wayne Manor and the Batcave. The second Batman pursues and captures the Joker, while the original Dark Knight, Robin, and Alfred Pennyworth disarm the Clown Prince of Crime ‘s weapon and defeat the remaining Black Glove members. Joker is late re-incarcerated in Arkham Asylum, where he is bound by a straitjacket and a gag. He finally sees his opportunity to escape when some correctional officers died ascribable to becoming infected with Joker Venom by unwittingly touching his clamber while escorting him to a psychologist. He is finally pursued by Batman after Barbara-Kean Gordon was obviously attacked by the Joker and poisoned with Joker Venom. however, upon fighting and being defeated by the Dark Knight, Joker reveals that he had absolutely nothing to do with her predicament when warned to stay away from the Gordons, and reveals that it was actually James Gordon ‘s son, James Gordon Jr., who did the deed .

The New 52

In “ The New 52, ” the Joker is reintroduced as a homicidal cause of death being hunted by Gotham ‘s patrol force out in Detective Comics. His appearance in the relaunched DC universe has changed relatively little. After a brush with Batman, the Joker is caught and taken to Arkham Asylum. Dollmaker, a new villain, visits Joker. The two speak for a short time about their arrange meet before the Dollmaker cuts the Joker ‘s front off. ( Detective Comics # 1 ) Afterwards, the Joker is assumed dead by about everyone except Batman, and hundreds of mourners have surrounded the GCPD construct in a mock watch, calling for the Joker ‘s face and Batman ‘s head. Soon afterwards Harley Quinn learns of her “ puddin ‘s death ” and literally betrays the Suicide Squad, orchestrates a massive prison break in Belle Reve Penitentiary, deactivates her nanite turkey, and kidnaps two guards before hijacking a car and driving off to Gotham City to retrieve the Joker ‘s face and avenge his end. He former returns, having stuck his side back on with a belt out ampere well as several staples, and proceeded to relive some of his crimes. This included trying to kidnap the mayor for a ransom like to his first appearance, although this time he kills the mayor ‘s staff alternatively. He then arranges a suffer for Batman at the chemical plant, where he states his motives : He ‘s going to kill both his own allies and Batman ‘s allies so they can only focus on each other and be the best villain and bomber, respectively, they can be. He then abducts Alfred after apparently killing him with a hammer. The Joker then confronted Harley Quinn and locked her in a dungeon wide of skeletons with Harley Quinn outfits that resemble other incarnations of the quality. It is strange whether the Joker is lying to emotionally abuse Harley, or has in fact had many female accomplices before the current Harley. The Joker goes on to confront other members of the Bat syndicate individually, such as staging a marry with Batgirl and capturing Robin, equally well as the early members, presenting each with a argent tray with strange contents, and flaunting a modest book he has written that contains the secrets of the Bat class. subsequently on, the Joker lures Batman to Arkham Asylum, in which Batman is invited to claim his “ enthrone ” which in reality is an electric electric chair. Joker has assembled a Royal Court consisting of The Penguin, the Riddler, Two-Face, and Arkham patients dressed in Superman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman outfits. The Joker himself takes the character of court jester. Batman is sent to sleep and awakens at a dinner table in a cave, with the other members of the Bat family bandaged and hooded around the table. The Joker presents the “ meal ”, taking the bags off the heads of each of the Bat kin, revealing them wrapped in bloody bandages. He has a Jokerized Alfred “ serve ” the family and reveal the contents under the flatware platters ; the face of every member. The Joker reveals the rationality he removed his own side, which was to prove a point : no topic how deeply you go, behind the Joker ‘s confront is more Joker, and he says the same for Batman, that behind his mask, he is the same person underneath. The Joker says no count how bass you go with the other members of the kin, you ‘ll alone find weaker people, nothing like the face they put on to the public. The Joker ends up having the entire room set on fire, however Batman releases the pipes above to douse the fire. The Joker, seeing his plan failing, flees, and Batman chases after him. The two-headed leo cub explodes whilst Batman is away, releasing Joker toxin and driving the members of the Bat kin to fight amongst each early in folly. The Joker attempts to attack Batman with an axe, Batman counters and the two begin to fight. The Joker about falls off a waterfall, however Batman stops him, claiming that he wants to be responsible for whatever happens to the Joker. The two continue to fight, the Joker train to use a crowbar against Batman ( a nod to how he killed Jason Todd ), but is pinned to a wall. The Joker uses his acid bloom to blind Batman temporarily, but Batman catches the Joker again. Batman starts to intimidate the Joker by saying how in the year the Joker was lacking, Batman deduced who he was. The Joker becomes afraid, and uses his gladden buzzer to electrocute Batman, and then dives off the waterfall, his side becoming detached and flying off as the Joker plummets to his apparent demise. Batman finds the little ledger the Joker was always bragging about, and checks its pages, entirely to find they are all blank. Bruce is former seen caring for Alfred in Wayne Manor, whilst trying to arrange a meet with the Bat class. however, none of them wish to turn up, showing the Joker ‘s design had worked, as now there was an awkwardness amongst the members. Bruce reveals to Alfred that he once visited the Joker in Arkham, as Bruce Wayne, and showed the Joker a joker card that had been cryptically left in the Batcave. The Joker looked at Bruce, and at the card, and intelligibly identifies the situation, but shows no reaction, choosing to ignore it wholly. It is from this Bruce deduces that the Joker does not care who Batman is ; he only cares for Batman, and that to acknowledge Batman ‘s true identity would spoil the Joker ‘s “ playfulness ”. Bruce is later seen in the Batcave, with the Joker ‘s profile on-screen, with “ Identity Unknown ” display, meaning Batman did not know who the Joker was. The calculator reveals a raw element in the Joker toxin, “ dubnium ” ( Ha ). “ Ha ” is displayed on the calculator blind as Bruce sits in the iniquity alone, and a fly ( alluding to the Joker who had a fly infestation due to his rotting confront ) lands on the screen .


Following an attack by Scarecrow, Batman recovers in his new infrastructure of operations ; a safehouse seized from the Court of Owls. suddenly, Batman is attacked by Wonder Woman, who is determined to kill him. Batman instructs Alfred to enact plan “ Fenrir ”, a potent, robotic-armor designed by Batman to do battle with the integral Justice League, flanked by a flatulence attack that evacuates Gotham City ‘s citizens from the sphere. He manages to subdue Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Aquaman, but he is then attacked by Superman and thrown into the Gotham Royal Theater. When Batman asks who has manipulated the League into killing Batman, Superman ‘s mouth stretches into a wide-grin as he and the subdued league members begin to laugh. Batman battles the merciless Superman, ultimately subduing him with Kryptonite-laced gum tree. The League is revealed to be infected with a more knock-down sift of Joker toxin, customized to each individual. Batman visits the Joker ‘s erstwhile cell at the abandoned Arkham Asylum, where he meets with Eric Border, an orderly at the modern Arkham Manor. Border states that he has only tried to help the city and Batman since arriving there, but he sees now that Batman can not be helped. Batman is locked in Joker ‘s cell, while Border removes his makeup to reveal himself as The Joker, having been using muscle relaxants and drugs to mask his appearance while revealing the name “ Eric edge ” is a discussion toy for “ endless jester ” The Joker confesses he immediately finds Batman boring following their final meet, and immediately intends to bring their relationship to a permanent wave end. Batman is incapacitated by a paralytic natural gas, as the Joker announces that he will be left helpless as his plan in truth begins.

Batman finally recovers from his paralysis to find that the Joker has released an incurable airborne pathogen throughout Gotham, transmitted by laughter, that makes the victim expression like the Joker, and turns feelings of love into violent hatred, triggering mass chaos. Batman travels to Gotham Presbyterian hospital to research the first gear recorded infection, but finds an septic Joe Chill, and a diversion of the night Batman ‘s parents died, revealing the Joker knows his identity. meanwhile, James Gordon researches the hospital and finds images appearing to be the Joker, taken decades before the Joker ‘s first base encounter with Batman. The Joker attacks Gordon, who responds by shooting the Joker dead. While Gordon phones Batman to relay the news, the Joker rises up and incapacitates Gordon. As Batman screams for Gordon, the joker picks up the call and responds “ Hello, Bruce ”. Batman finds Gordon dying, with an ax lodged in his breast. Gordon is revealed to be infected, and he on the spur of the moment attacks Batman, but is subdued by Alfred ‘s daughter, Julia. With Nightwing ‘s help, Batman deduces that the Joker is using a serum capable of healing him from fatal price, and that the virus contains the serum ‘s complete inverse. They besides discover that Paul Dekker, a madden genius in regenerative technologies, was released into Border ‘s hands a year earlier. Batman confronts Dekker, who reveals that he was only able to develop the healing serum and virus using a rare, natural component found in the Joker ‘s spinal column ; Dekker believes the Joker is immortal. He injects himself with a serum given to him by the Joker, believing it will make him immortal, but it kills him. Julia informs Batman that a research has revealed images of the Joker hound back through centuries of Gotham ‘s history, and that if a cure to the virus is not found, the infected will die within 24 hours. Desperate, Batman turns to the Court of Owls for aid. The Court refuses to aid Batman, but he confronts their Talon assassin Uriah Boone, who has survived since the begin of Gotham, about the Joker ‘s supposed immortality. meanwhile, the Joker uses his regenerative abilities to survive the hanker swim into the Batcave and its defenses. Alfred attempts to subdue the villain, but the Joker chops off his hired hand before absconding with Batman ‘s crime-fighting trophies. Joker then leads a parade through the city, leading floats bearing the trophies through the infect citizens. Batman rallies his class and several of his greatest foes to band together against the Joker to save the city they all share. Seeing their combined efforts, the Joker prepares for his “ best trick of all ”. Batman battles the Joker, but he and his allies are subdued by Joker ‘s deadly gasoline. The Joker removes Batman ‘s mask, revealing that Nightwing was pretending to be Batman as a distraction, while the real Batman searched the cave system below Gotham that the Joker would have traveled after falling off the cliff during the end of “ Death of the Family ”. Batman finds a cave rigged with Joker ‘s explosives and house a pool of Dionesum, the healing fluid that grants Joker his regenerative abilities. The Joker confronts Batman and detonates the explosives. As the cave begins to collapse, he & Batman struggle, gravely wounding each other. When the Joker attempts to stab a overcome Batman, he is pushed into the path of a falling stalactite which breaks his spinal column. As he desperately tries to crawl to the Dioneusum to heal, he is restrained by Batman until the cave roof falls into the pool, destroying it. Resigned to their destine, Batman reveals that the Joker has failed, as Batman gave his allies humble doses of Dionesum, to protect them from Joker ‘s poison, while he has recovered a larger come of the Dionesum to Julia to cure the citywide plague. The Joker & Batman lie on the floor as the cave collapses upon them. In the aftermath, Alfred refuses to have his hand reattached, asserting that he no longer has person to tend to, while Dionesum recovered by Batman and given to Julia, allows the city to be cured of Joker ‘s blight. Discussing Batman ‘s concluding letter, Alfred asserts that the history of Batman would always end in tragedy, and that while Batman had the resources to be deity and escape death as the Joker offered, he was determined to only live in the time he had. The bill is shown, bearing only the password “ Ha ” .


It is revealed that Bruce Wayne had been exposed to the Dionesium pool being restored to life with no memory of his previous life. While sitting on a park bench ( with everything but being the Batman revealed to him by Alfred Pennyworth ) he meets a stranger who smiles a lot ( It is heavily implied that this is the Joker who has no very memory of who either of them was ). While this is all going on Gotham in under siege by an onslaught created by a criminal known as Mister Bloom who Batman had faced before. Thanks to his is talk with the smiling stranger Bruce Wayne realizes he is Batman and forces Alfred Pennyworth to restore to use a machine Batman designed to turn a knockoff of him into the adjacent Batman. During the Darkseid War the regenerate Batman acquires the Mobius Chair and asks “ What ‘s the Joker ‘s real name ? ” and the reply causes him to say “ No that is not possible. ” He late tells Hal that the moderate told him there were three Jokers. During DC Universe – Rebirth # 1 it is confirmed that there are at least two Jokers : one killing people in Civic City while the early was in transit between Baltimore and Arkham Asylum. “ From the looks of the artwork, it appears that the three Jokers include the original Jerry Robinson Joker ; the Brian Bolland Killing Joke Joker ; and the Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo “ New 52 ”

DC Rebirth

During the build-up to Dark Nights Metal, the Snyder/Capullo Joker was captured by Batman and imprisoned within the Batcave. During an investigation into Batman ‘s activities, Hal Jordan and Duke Thomas discovered and accidently released him, leading to a abbreviated fight between the trio. Joker revealed that Batman was investigating metals, specifically Dionesium and Nth Metal, and he needed to be stopped before it was besides former. He escaped shortly before Batman could arrive. During the concluding battle with the Dark Knights, Joker appeared to help Batman fight The Batman Who Laughs. After learning that Catwoman was going to marry Batman, Joker lured them to a church where a wedding was taking place, murdering all of the attenders equitable before they arrived. During the ensuing crusade, he knocked Batman out and crusade Catwoman, which resulted in the both of them being apparently fatally injured. Whilst bleeding out, Joker asked her whether Batman would actually be glad married and if he could even operate, planting seeds of doubt about their kinship. finally deciding to finish her off, Joker stopped tending his injury to retrieve his artillery, though lost consciousness before he could shoot Catwoman. It was former revealed that Joker was under the dominance of Psycho Pirate, which forced him to cooperate in Bane and Thomas Wayne ‘s scheme to “ break ” Batman mentally. When the duet took command of the city, he was one of the criminals patrolling as patrol officers. After Bane and Wayne ‘s defeat, Joker was contacted by one of his admirers, Alexis Kaye, who sought to join him in his activities. Tutoring her into making his venom, he took her on as his adjacent henchwoman, Punchline, though just to replace Harley Quinn. As function of a exalted dodge to take over the Wayne fortune, Joker acquired the boast and resources of the criminal genius Designer, who he had murdered years ago after an attempted formation of a United Underworld. Hiring many assassins, he orchestrated informal versions of schemes intended for Catwoman, Penguin and Riddler. however, through Punchline, he organized for the Underbroker to steal from Bruce Wayne ‘s off-shore accounts by tricking Catwoman into doing the remove for him. The scheme was successful, with Joker gaining manipulate of both Wayne Enterprises and Batman ‘s resources. Using it, Joker waged an dateless war of end in Gotham, targeting every “ civil citizen ” with an dateless united states army of goons and henchmen. He besides acquired a prototype Batsuit, which he stylized into his own manner. Joker himself besides collected all the corpses of the people he ‘d killed in fights with Batman, leaving them within the Monarch Theatre for him to discover and reanimate with the Designer ‘s Gas. He besides used the cadaver of Alfred Pennyworth as one of these puppets, simply as a final haunt to get under Batman ‘s skin. Joker ‘s contend gradually forced Batman to call the integral Batman Family to round up all the criminals and take away his illegally acquired resources. In a final confrontation at Ace Chemicals, Joker overpowered and defeated Batman. Before he could kill him, Joker was shot in the eye by Harley, subduing him. Tied to a post, Harley attached bombs to herself and Joker, telling Batman to choose between who he was going to save. Though Joker believed he ‘d chose him, Batman ultimately chose to save her, leaving him to die. however, his body was never found at the locate, leading Batman to believed he ‘d been able to escape with equipment stolen from his utility belt .

The Three Jokers

In Batman: Three Jokers, Batman, Batgirl and Red Hood learn that the three posited Jokers have assembled and begun a large scale crime spree. Using their resources, the Jokers ( each referred as “ the Criminal ”, “ the Clown ” and “ the Comedian ” ) torment the three Bat-Family members and kidnap citizens of Gotham, using the lapp chemical solution that transformed them into early Jokers. however, this proves deadly and many of their victims die. After a confrontation at the Gotham Aquarium, “ the Clown ” goads Jason into killing him. After capturing and sadistically torturing him, the other Jokers kidnap Joe Chill from Blackgate Penitentiary, forcing him to movie a confession to why he killed Bruce Wayne ‘s parents. The Jokers then lure Batman to the Monarch Theatre, with the Criminal threaten to Chill into the lapp chemical solution and turn him into another Joker. After Batman rescues his parents ‘ murderer, the comedian shoots the Criminal dead and surrenders without a fight. In the ride to Arkham, the comedian reveals to Batman that he is the original Joker and created the others in the chemical vats. Each one had been specifically designed to take on a personality he ‘d adopted over the years : the Criminal being when they first base began their competition and the Clown mimicking the more light-heated aspects, though with a sadistic watch of the earth. The joker reveals he ‘d masterminded the system so that Batman would forgive Chill for murdering his parents, allowing him to become his sole stress. Joker besides reveals his cognition of Batman ‘s identity ( Bruce Wayne ) and the other Batman Family members, but will never reveal them as it would mean the end of their careers .

Infinite Frontier

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Powers and Abilities

The Joker commits crimes with countless “ comedic ” weapons ( such as razor-sharp play cards, acid flowers, nitrile pies and deadly electric gladden buzzers ) and Joker Venom, besides called “ felicitous Gas ” by the Joker, a deadly poison that infects his victims with a ghoulish rictus grin as they die while laughing uncontrollably. This venom comes in many forms, from boast to darts to liquid poison, and has been his primary coil calling card from his beginning appearance till the introduce ; he is immune to it. He even created his own utility belt to contain all his weapons. The Joker is besides very skilled in the fields of chemistry, genetics, and nuclear engineer. In a miniseries featuring Tim Drake, the third Robin, he kidnaps a computer brilliance, admitting that he does n’t know much about computers. In future issues, he is shown as identical calculator literate, presumably meaning that he researched the national. The Joker has moderate skill in hand to hand fight. Over the years it has been shown that although Batman is stronger, the Joker is faster and more agile. The Joker has been known to be able to hold his own in hand-to-hand fight against Batman, however every time he is subdued by Batman, it is through physical coerce. however, the Joker has proven to be very skilled in the area of martial arts ampere well, this being prove when beating Batman once in a fight without “ cheat on ”. however, this skill in fighting can besides be questioned, ascribable to different artists having different interpretations of the Joker. In some cases, he is so weak, that Batman can take him down with a one punch, whilst in other cases, he has proven to be more than a pit for the Dark Knight. The Joker has cheated death numerous times, even in apparently ineluctable and deadly situations. Though he has been seen caught in explosions, been shoot repeatedly, dropped from heights, electrocuted, etc., the Joker constantly manages to return in full alive and unharmed to wreak havoc again. additionally, the Joker has been shown in many depictions as either highly repellent to, or thoughtless of, pain. For case, in A Death in the Family ( 2011 ), Joker cuts off his own facial epidermis ( a procedure he describes as “ fangasmic, ” a blend of “ fantastic ” and “ orgasmic ” ), then reattaches it to his head using staples. basically, the Joker ‘s most mighty weapon is his mind and he is a crafty and manipulative mind .


Over respective decades there have been a kind of depictions and possibilities regarding the Joker ‘s apparent insanity, of which the follow are a sampling : Grant Morrison ‘s graphic fresh Arkham Asylum suggests that the Joker ‘s genial state is in fact a previously unprecedented form of “ super-sanity, ” a form of ultra-sensory sensing. It besides suggests that he has no true personality of his own, that on any given day he can be a harmless clown or a condemnable cause of death, depending on which would benefit him the most ( frankincense explaining the two identical different interpretations of the character that have developed over the decades ; see below ). late, during the Knightfall saga, after Scarecrow and the Joker team up and kidnap the mayor of Gotham City, Scarecrow turns on the Joker and uses his fear gas to see what Joker is afraid of. To Scarecrow ‘s surprise, the gas has no effect on Joker, who in sour beats him with a moderate. In Morrison ‘s JLA deed, the martian Manhunter rewires his own brain in order to think like the Joker, and late concisely rewires the Joker ‘s brain to create fleeting “ sanity ”. In those few moments, the Joker seems to regret his versatile murders and wishes to reevaluate his life. He is returned to his common self soon subsequently. assorted DC Comics Who’s Who publications state that due to his degree of insanity, at times the Joker manifests a degree of superhuman strength. In an surrogate depiction of the Joker called Elseworlds: Distant Fires, the Joker is rendered reasonable by a nuclear war that deprives all ace beings of their powers. In Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #145, the Joker became sane when Batman put him in one of Ra ‘s alabama Ghul ‘s Lazarus Pits after being dart, a reversal of the insanity which may come after experiencing such rejuvenation. however, the sanity, like the more commonplace insanity, was only impermanent, and soon the Joker was second to his normal self. It is to be noted that during the brief moments of sanity, the Joker expressed regret for all the crimes that he had committed and begged for forgiveness. The quality is sometimes portrayed as having a sharpen sense of self-awareness that other characters do not, such as being aware of being in a comic book. This fourth wall awareness besides seems to carry over to Batman: The Animated Series. The Joker is the only character to talk directly into the “ camera ” ( such as in Joker’s Wild, where he says “ Do n’t try this at home, kids ! ” before lassoing a elapse hand truck and using it to swing him over the argue of Arkham Asylum ), and can be heard whistling his own theme music in the episode adaptation of the amusing Mad Love. In the Marvel volt DC crossing, he besides demonstrates cognition of the first gear Batman/Spider-Man crossover flush though that fib ‘s events did not occur in the canonic history of either the Marvel or DC universe. The only one who should be mindful of such events is Access who fixed these errors in dimensional overlap .


From the media, to the films and his relationship with the Dark Knight, the Joker ‘s personality could be the obvious. The Joker is a homicidal, psychopathic, pitiless, sadistic, maniacal, harebrained, manipulative, healthy and devilish lunatic and chief criminal who wants nothing but chaos and anarchy wherever he goes, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as reveling in the suffer of others. In most address roles, the Joker is much given a high, amusing, bouncing, silly, and extraordinary voice that occasionally stoops down to a slight grumble, in accordance to his clown-like appearance and maniacal personality, with the merely know exceptions being his appearances in Under the Red Hood and the Tim Burton Batman movie, both of which give him a relatively cryptic, though still humorous voice. In several sources, Joker ‘s ill-famed brutality and harebrained nature was such that the Gotham criminal component feared him far more than even Batman himself, citing that while Batman was merely chilling, Joker was downright terrifying and was even will to inform Batman of his location equitable to get him off the streets. His malefic, sadistic sense of temper and psychopathic inclination of murdering whoever he wants to depicts him as Batman ‘s greatest enemy and not even Poison Ivy or even Two-Face could possibly beat the Joker. The Joker is a ace but uses his news for evil schemes in Gotham. however, he does not have any plan to kill Batman because he is “ equitable so much playfulness ” because he always plays his fiddling “ games ”. The Joker besides likes to corrupt his enemies in versatile media and that is absolutely shown in the Dark Knight movie, when he manipulated Harvey Dent into getting retaliation on those who were involved in Rachael ‘s death fair so that he can pledge more anarchy. In the Dark Knight Trilogy and the Batman Arkhamverse, there are two personality sides of the Joker-in the Dark Knight, his diabolically devious side is shown and in the Arkhamverse, his psychopathically pitiless side is shown but in both trilogies, the Joker is sadistic, evil, maniacal, chaotic, pitiless, homicidal and rather cunning in his behavior. He has some on and off alliances and on and off rivalries with Batman ‘s villains, such as Two-Face, Penguin, Catwoman etc. The Joker has a tendency of cheating death and escaping Arkham Asylum in order to create more chaos. At his most harmless, the Joker is still menacing and will endanger lives with no involve for the injury he causes while besides pulling dangerous pranks for no argue other than to spread chaos. At his worst, the Joker would be well described as a living nightmare. A creature whose only aim is to bring annoyance and death for his own contrary entertainment. In the Dark Knight ( and possibly for any other depicting Of the Joker for that matter ), Alfred Pennyworth is right about Joker, implying him as “ one of the men who want to watch the earth burn ” The Joker actually wants to corrupt Batman by causing greater tragedies in his life so that he can get Batman to kill him or make Batman like him. evening though the Dark Knight has shown to be incorruptible and sticks to his moral code of not murdering his enemies and having them get judge rather, the Joker never gives up because the more tragedies he causes, the more Batman will get angry at the Joker and thus, risk breaking his code. The Joker has a evil, sadistic and pitiless mind of physically and mentally torturing his enemies or puppets. The perfect example is none other than Harley Quinn, who has an deathless puppy love on the Crown Prince of Crime as he just uses her for his own devilish schemes and he always slaps her and belittles her. The Joker besides takes a lot of pride in his crimes, frequently freely admitting and taking credit for the crimes he commits. In fact, he has done it so many times that normally a surefire sign that the Joker is actually innocent of a crime is when the Clown Prince of Crime actually denies any affair in it. In more holocene incarnations, presumably due to the popularity of the version played by Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight, the Joker besides frequently says “ Let ‘s put a smile on that front ”, or alike wording, when about to harm person physically .

fictional character

The Joker has been referred to as the Clown Prince of Crime, the Harlequin of Hate, and the Ace of Knaves. Throughout the evolution of the DC universe, interpretations and incarnations of the Joker have taken two forms. The master and presently dominant allele picture is of a sadistic, diabolically intelligent lunatic with a warped sense of humor, deriving pleasure from inflicting twisted, morbid death and terror upon impeccant people. The Joker frequently expressed this pleasure by breaking out into hysteric laugh. In this rendition, he is a casebook exemplar of antisocial personality disorder. He besides was shown to be extremely nihilistic, claiming that all of animation is “ one big antic, ” and that all the things people contend and endeavor for are all one “ grotesque, brainsick joke, ” and the only sensible way to live is either to descend into folly or to live without rules, and besides believing that “ one bad day ” is more than adequate for anyone to turn out like him, evening person who is a paragon of justice like Batman. In this characterization, he besides has little care for his own life and condom, tied laughing during instances where his death seemed inevitable, and in some cases has even attempted to goad Batman or another quality to kill him ( normally with the purpose of besides ensuring that those he was goading end up corrupted in the process ). It is heavily implied, particularly in sources like The Killing Joke and to some extent the Arkham series, that his nihilistic delusion and mental illness ultimately stemmed from a bad day. The early interpretation of the character, popular in the deep 1940s through 1960s comic books deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the 1960s television receiver series, is that of an eccentric but harmless prankster and thief. The 1990s cartoon Batman: The Animated Series is noteworthy for blending these two aspects to big acclaim, although most interpretations tend to embrace one characterization or the early. The Joker besides tends to boast about any crimes he commits, to such an extent that it ironically only requires his defense of being involved in a crime to prove he sincerely was n’t involved in that crime. This was particularly discernible when Joker allegedly shot Thomas Elliot, where he told Batman that he was in fact innocent of that crime, and reminded him that he does n’t take credit for crimes he did n’t actually commit. The Joker ‘s victims have included men, women, children, and even his own henchmen. A 1996 emergence of Hitman stated that the Joker once gassed an entire kindergarten course. In the graphic novel The Joker: Devil’s Advocate, the Joker is reported to have killed well over 2,000 people. Despite having murdered enough people to get the end punishment thousands of times over, he is always found not guilty by cause of insanity. In the Batman report line “ War Crimes ”, this continued rule of insanity is in fact made potential by The Joker ‘s own dream team of lawyers. He is then placed in Arkham Asylum, from which he appears able to escape at will, referring to it as a resting ground between his “ performances ”. There have been times when Batman has been tempted to put the Joker down once and for all, but has relented at the last minute. After capturing the Joker in one history, he threatens to kill his honest-to-god enemy, but then says, “ But that would give you the final victory, making me into a cause of death like yourself ! ” Joker seems to acknowledge this fact, casually remarking ( after Batman threatened to “ break him ” ) that if he “ had the guts for ‘that kind of fun ‘, you ( the Batman ) would have done it years ago ”, once again expressing his disregard for ( his own ) life through stating that killing him is a kind of fun. conversely, the Joker has given up many chances to kill Batman. Their common compulsion is unique compared to other superheroes and villains :

  • In “The Clown at Midnight” (featured in Batman #663), the Joker states to Batman, “You can’t kill me without becoming like me. I can’t kill you without losing the only human being who can keep up with me. Isn’t it ironic?!” The Joker says later, “I could never kill you. Where would the act be without my straight man?”
  • In “Going Sane” (featured in Legends of the Dark Knight # 65-68), the Joker lures Batman into a trap that he believes kills his arch nemesis. Batman’s apparent death snaps the Joker back to sanity and prompts him to undergo plastic surgery in order to look like a normal human being. The Joker attempts to lead a normal, honest life, donning the name Joseph Kerr (a pun on his criminal moniker) and engaging in a small romance with a neighbor. Normality does not last for the Joker, however, as he later discovers Batman to be alive, which drives him to insanity. The Joker then mutilates himself in order to restore his trademark white skin, green hair, and crimson lips, and resumes his quest to destroy Batman.
  • In another issue, the Joker threatens to kill crime boss Rupert Thorne if he uncovers Batman’s secret identity. Thorne has Hugo Strange discover Batman’s identity, but, when Strange refuses to tell him who Batman is, has him killed. The Joker, who is also bidding for Batman’s identity alongside The Penguin, tells Thorne he was lucky Strange took whatever secrets he held with him to the grave; he explains that he is destined to defeat Batman in a manner worthy of his criminal reputation, and that no one else has the right.
  • In Emperor Joker, although the Joker uses his new god-like powers to torture Batman to death night after night, he still cannot erase his foe from existence. Superman states that this is because the Joker totally defines himself by his opposition to the Dark Knight, and how the Joker lives in Batman’s world rather than Batman living in the Joker’s.
  • In the movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Terry McGinnis, the successor to the mantle of Dark Knight, says to the Joker that the only real reason he keeps coming back is because he never got a laugh out of the original Batman.
  • In the film The Dark Knight, after his apparent defeat, the Joker remarks that Batman “won’t kill me out of some misplaced sense of self-righteousness, and I won’t kill you, because you’re just too much fun. I think you and I are destined to do this forever.”
  • In Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, a catatonic Joker becomes animated only after seeing a police report that Batman has returned to action, setting in motion a final confrontation where the Joker breaks his own neck to frame Batman for murder.
  • In “The Laughing Bat” (Featured in “The Batman” season 2 episode 4), Joker remarks that “the batman needs a Joker. Someone who gives him purpose”, afterwards referring to Batman as his “old friend”.
  • In Batman Cacophony Joker (temporarily sane) tells Batman he wants to kill him. He explains that if he kills Batman he will surrender to the police and give up crime. Batman later tells Alfred The clown won’t stop until one of us is dead. Joker states to Batman I don’t hate you because I’m crazy. I’m crazy because I hate you.

The Joker is renowned as Batman ‘s most unpredictable enemy, despite him not having any special powers. While early villains rely on tried-and-true methods to commit crimes ( such as Mr. Freeze ‘s freeze gun or Poison Ivy ‘s toxic plants ), Joker has a variety of weapons at his disposal. For exemplar, the bloom he wears in his lapel sprays ( at any given clock ) acid, poisonous laughing gas, or nothing at all. In Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker and much earlier in “ awful Birthday, Dear Joker ! ” ( Batman # 321 ), the Joker has a gun which at first shoots a ease up saying “ BANG ! “, but then, with another pull of the trigger, the iris fires and kills a confederate ( in the censored interpretation of the movie, the gun shot out laughing boast alternatively of the dart ). His most recur appliance is his high-octane hand-buzzer where he literally electrocutes his victims with a handshake. sometimes he commits crimes barely for the fun of it, while on other occasions, it is separate of a grand system ; Batman has been noted to say that the Joker ‘s plans make sense to him entirely. This capricious nature, coupled with his maniacal blood-lust, makes the Joker the one villain that even the DC Universe ‘s other super-villains fear ; in the Villains United and Infinite Crisis mini-series, the members of the villains ‘ Secret Society refuse to induct the Joker for this reason. In the one-shot Underworld Unleashed, the Trickster remarks, “ When super-villains want to scare each early, they tell Joker stories. ” The March 2007 offspring of Wizard magazine had a two-page article ( pgs 42 & 43 ) in which versatile comedian book writers and artists were asked to give their darling moments with The Joker. Kurt Busiek ( writer of Superman ) discussed a pair moments that helped to demonstrate the Joker ’ south insanity : Cruel and sadistic as he is, the Joker has a human side. Before his accident, cipher thought he was worth anything particular, and all he wanted to do was prove his deserving. now emotionally scarred by life ‘s tragedies, he merely desires to extend his amazing sense of liquid body substance to the point where people finally see who he is meant to be — a star. however, with Batman foiling his every comically-ridden crime, he feels he may never get that opportunity, so he attempts constantly to prove himself to Batman as special, so possibly the Dark Knight will leave him be. This is a false hope, however, as Batman will always be there to rid the city of agitation, no matter how much pain it causes the Joker. besides, he even has his own code of ethics and honor, as during the Living Hell discharge, he tells Warren White, aka Great White Shark, that he ‘s a bigger giant than he was, admitting that while he is a killer whale, evening he does n’t steal from a child ‘s college funds. He was besides reasonable enough to realize when he actually committed a crime or not, as evidenced by the Joker: Devil’s Advocate discharge where he was to be placed on death row because several people had died of Joker venom from licking postage stamps, and he explains even after being sentenced to death row that he considered himself innocent of the crime because even he would n’t stoop down equally low and just american samoa just placing joker venom on stamps for people to die from licking it, and would have operated on a a lot smarter flat given his credentials of a condemnable mastermind, something that even Batman agreed with. In summation, upon becoming a nigh-omnipotent being from stealing reality warping powers, Joker besides plotted to destroy the universe, besides for his own entertainment, because he felt a universe that allowed such a being as himself to exist means the universe is inherently broken, implying that he has a bang-up deal of self-loathing for himself and his actions. A similar hint at this self-loathing nature occurred in the ending for Batman: The Killing Joke : When Batman offered to have him rehabilitated, the Joker, in a perceptibly saddened demeanor, refuses and says that it ‘s army for the liberation of rwanda besides deep for redemption. The Joker ‘s lineage is besides a concentrate of much care. Though many have been related, a definitive history of the Joker has never been established in the comics, and his very identity has never been confirmed. The most wide cited back-story can be seen in Alan Moore ‘s The Killing Joke, but no relation of the Joker ‘s beginning has been definitive, however, as he has been portrayed as frequently constantly changing several details about his setting, either through froward magic trick or because his sanity was depleted to such an extent that tied he does n’t have any firm grasp of the details of how he came to be other than it involving Batman and it being a bad day. According to the Joker himself, the three most common origin stories are that he was failed comedian who could never make an consultation laugh, a throng killer whale named Napier from outside Gotham City, and of naturally, the Red Hood report recounted in The Killing Joke .


virtually nothing is known about Joker ‘s by life, including his real number name. As such the Joker has used diverse aliases over the years. These have included variations on his appoint, such as Joe Kerr and Dr. J Reko, references to his theme, such as Mr. Genesius and the Laughing Man, and a few with no theme behind them, such as Jack Napier and Oberon Sexton. only in movies and cartoons does Joker have an official real name, the aforesaid Jack Napier. In the 90 ‘s cartoon series Jack Napier is besides used, but later retconned into being one of his versatile aliases. While the name “ Jack ” is repeatedly used as the Joker ‘s first name ( such as Jack White from the Batman: Arkham Asylum game ), it ‘s never been confirmed as such. In addition Joker has had an equally numerous total of nicknames over the years, including “ The Clown Prince of Crime ”, “ The Ace of Knaves ”, “ The Harlequin of Hate ”, and Harley Quinn ‘s personal front-runner — “ Puddin ‘ ” .


Joker is served in his crimes by diverse henchmen. The comply henchmen listed below have been named :

  • Aces – Aces assisted Joker in a college initiation-themed jewelry heist.[1]
  • Ajax – He was a part of Joker’s crime circus.[2]
  • Black Queen – Queenie is a member of Joker’s gang when it came to operating a smuggling operation on board a gambling ship.[3]
  • Bruiser – Bruiser assisted Joker into stealing people’s signatures so that Joker can commit greater crimes.[4]
  • Deuces – Deuces assisted Joker in a college initiation-themed jewelry heist.[1]
  • Duke Wilson – Duke Wilson was a member of Joker’s team of 48 Jokers.[5]
  • Harley Quinn – Joker’s moll. Before crossing into the comics, she was featured in Batman: The Animated Series.
  • Jack of Diamonds – Diamond Jack Duggan is a member of Joker’s gang when it came to operating a smuggling operation on board a gambling ship.[3]
  • King of Clubs – Clubsy is a member of Joker’s gang when it came to operating a smuggling operation on board a gambling ship.[3]
  • Kite – Kite assisted Joker into robbing a fortune of jewels.[6]
  • Lar, Mo and Cur – 3 goons named after the Three Stooges.
  • Lefty – Lefty assisted Joker in a plot to steal the Golden Golf Clubs of the Maharajah of Nimpah.[7]
  • Lewis – He assisted Joker in a plot that involved abducting two radium thieves and making Batman gamble for their lives.[8]
  • Needles – He worked with Joker and Penguin into committing a crime spree.[9]
  • Nitro – Nitro assisted Joker into robbing a fortune of jewels.[6]
  • Slapsy – [10]
  • Slim – Slim assisted Joker in a crime spree that involved leaving greeting card clues for Batman.[11]
  • Snipes – Snipes assisted Joker in an upside down crime spree.[12]
  • Sparky – Sparky assisted Joker into robbing a fortune of jewels.[6]
  • Tino – He was a part of Joker’s crime circus.[2]
  • Mr Hammer – Mr Hammer was a Joker’s henchman in the 2009 Batman game, Batman: Arkham City

other Versions

Inter-Company Crossover

In the DC Comics/Marvel Comics crossover Batman vs. the Incredible Hulk ( DC Special Series # 27, 1981 ), the Joker is recruited to help the Shaper of Worlds who is going brainsick and will twist all of reality if he is n’t healed. Having used the Hulk ‘s gamma energy to calm the Shaper ‘s mind, the Joker winds up with near-cosmic tied powers as the Shaper makes the Joker ‘s wishes come true. Despite his newfangled world power, the Joker ultimately defeats himself, when twisting world ever tight in an effort to defeat Hulk and Batman, he drives himself over the edge, having created excessively many worlds in besides little time. In Spider-Man/Batman # 1 ( 1995 ), a surgical procedure that implants a behavior-altering calculator chip into the head of serial killer Cletus Kasady ( Carnage ) is besides used on The Joker to turn both men into timid souls. slaughter uses his symbiote to short out his chip, but waits until Joker is nearby to leap into action, so that he can take Joker and short out his bit as well. The two agree to an alliance, which is promptly dissolved when the two disagree on killing methods ; Joker favors theatrical performance methods of murder, while Carnage prefers numbers and immediacy in planning his mangle sprees. Joker uses versatile tricks to escape Carnage and blows up his hideout in an attack to kill Carnage. This fails, and a cadaver wrapped in symbiotic material lures Batman into Carnage ‘s reach. slaughter announces he will kill Batman in front of an consultation, until Joker shows up and says that he would preferably unleash his viral infestation upon Gotham, killing himself in the process if want be, to rob Carnage of the toss off. Carnage become distracted and Batman knocks him out, while Spider-Man uses a web-line to steal the viral container from Joker, chasing him into an alley and knocking him out cold.

In the DC Comics/Dark Horse Comics crossover voter Joker-Mask # 1-4 ( 2000 ), while vandalizing a museum exhibit, the Joker finds and wears The Mask, an token that grants the wearer a wide range of ace powers and unleashes their hidden desires. Having no desires or personality traits that are hidden, the Joker basically is himself but with about invulnerability, super speed, lastingness and early abilities. Using the Mask, Joker is able to defeat Batman and become unstoppable ; the Joker promptly becomes bored with his baron, but still refuses to remove the Mask. He takes over the Gotham television waves and broadcasts 24/7 end, threatening to destroy the populace with bombs planted in every toy shop. Becoming bored with this, he commandeers a nuclear bombard to destroy Gotham City. Batman confronts Joker/Mask, and his insistence that the Mask is n’t fishy forces the Joker to emerge and remove the mask. The Mask had been in command for some time after Joker put it on. This history is considered non-canon. In the DC Comics/2000AD crossover, Batman/Judge Dredd: Die Laughing # 1-2, a dimension jump bad luck transports the Joker ‘s disembody spirit to Mega City One, where he meets Judge Death and the early Dark Judges and joins them as the fifth Dark Judge. While in this form ( with his catatonic body back in Gotham ), he can possess bodies like the other Dark Judges and his laugh becomes so knock-down it causes several skulls to explode. The reign of terror ends when Batman and Dredd arrive to capture the spirits of Death, Fear, Fire and Mortis and force the Joker ‘s liveliness to return to Gotham .

In other Media

Joker has appeared in nearly-all interpretations of the Batman mythos, starting with the 1960s Batman television receiver series. Many of the actors to portray him have included Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Cameron Monaghan, Jared Leto, Joaquin Phoenix and Barry Keoghan. The Joker has besides been voiced by assorted actors in diverse cartoons and video games, including Larry Storch, Frank Welker, Mark Hamill, Kevin Michael Richardson, Jeff Bennett, John DiMaggio, Anthony Ingruber, Alan Tudyk and Kevin Pollak .


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  • Joker’s identity has been so well hidden that no one has a definitive answer for whom he is. However, the character has often adopted aliases that either have a ‘J’ at the beginning of the forename, usually either “Joe” or “Jack”.
    • In several retellings of his origin or stories set in alternate universe, the character has sometimes been given the name “Jack”. This could be derived from “Jack Napier”, the identity given to the 1989 Batman film’s version of the character.


  • According the 1976’s DC Calendar, Joker’s birthday is on August 1. It also claims that his transformation into the Joker occurred on July 12 and that his first clash with Batman and Robin was on October 13.[13]


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