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Clown Prince of Crime

Puddin’ (by Harley Quinn)
Mistah J (by Harley Quinn)
Dr. J. Reeko


legion of Doom ( once )


( self proclaimed )


38 (according to Scarecrow)[1]


Bethany ‘s House

Joker’s Fun House
Joker’s Tower
Arkham Asylum


Crime lord

Bartender at Noonan’s Bar
Bartender at Wayne Tower



Unnamed man
( founder )



( girlfriend )

Harley Quinn
(ex-girlfriend and arch-frenemy)


( arch-nemesis )

Queen of Fables †
(former ally)
Scarecrow †
(former ally, murder victim)
Poison Ivy
(arch-enemy, murder victim)



Til Death Do Us Part “

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The 83rd Annual Villy Awards “

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Alan Tudyk The Joker is one of the main antagonists of the adult animated series Harley Quinn. He started out as the scourge of Gotham City ‘s hell and the archenemy of Batman. He was besides in Harley ‘s crosshairs after she dumped him, sick of being a buddy and became determined to prove herself as a supervillain in her own correct and join the Legion of Doom .


The Joker is very pale, with sheet-white clamber, and dark, glistening green hair slicked back over the peak of his head, with the rest languish into a lighter green on his temple and the back of his head. He has bright red lips that resemble lipstick, yellow tooth, black eyebrows, and deep purple fingernails. The Joker is much seen wearing a purple suit, with a collar green shirt and imperial tie. last, he constantly wears a little yellow flower with a red dot in the center which can spray out fabulously deadly acid, which he used against Scarecrow and to try to kill Harley Quinn both in “ The Final Joke “. In “ Devil ‘s Snare “ and the very beginning of “ The Final Joke ”, he is seen wearing a spoof of his own outfit which has elements of a military general added in, such as a coordinated empurpled hat, sunglasses, and medals of respective sorts. At the end of “ The Final Joke ”, he is “ normalize ” by the acidic he intended to have Harley jump into, his peel turning to that of a even caucasian man and his fingernails reverting to the same color .




According to Joker, he was born from a affluent but loveless family as his parents neglected him emotionally. He was loner throughout his life sentence with only Mr. Ferris the black-footed ferret as a supporter. unfortunately, one sidereal day he by chance stumped upon his dad cheated on his wife with a maid. To punish Joker, his dad killed Mr. Ferris and beat the crap out of him. The end of Mr. Ferris and physical abuse finally drove Joker toward the road of villainy. however, it turned out Joker made up his childhood fib by plagiarizing from Ivy ‘s atrocious childhood. [ 2 ] It ‘s incriminate, like the other incarnations of him, cipher rightfully has any idea of what the Joker ‘s true lineage is, possibly not even himself, and he simply makes up multiple interpretations of his backstory to get people to feel bad for him like he did with Harley .

Arkham to present

As an adult, The Joker is Gotham City ‘s top evil supervillain, committing crimes only to get Batman ‘s attention, becoming the Dark Knight ‘s greatest foe in the process. While doing a stint in the Arkham Asylum, he was assigned Harleen Quinzel as his psychiatrist. originally, Harleen was brought in to discover where the Joker has placed a bombard in Gotham. To get close to him she goes against protocol and enters his cell where he attempts to kill her but is unable to do then ascribable to Harleen ‘s acrobatics. even thus, he manages to charm her before she leaves the cell. [ 2 ] They send in Batman to get the information rather but his violent methods show no use therefore Harleen asks to try again after getting intel from Poison Ivy, realizing his family is a off subject. He recounts his forge backstory and with the Joker ultimately showing some emotion for once, Harleen is apparently able to play off it and convince him to reveal the bomb location in central for allowing him to have a meal that night in the chief mental hospital cafeteria. however, Batman and Gordon arrive at Little Italy, but find no fail in “ the heart of Little Italy ” where the Joker said it would be. As Harleen sits depressed to eat with the Joker, their chef Luigi doubles over in pain, and the Joker mentions that his nickname is “ small Italy ”, at which item he promptly explodes. The bomb blasts through the wall and allows the Joker to escape with Harleen as a hostage. Harvey Dent orders them to shoot the Joker through Harleen, but Poison Ivy, who has besides escaped, blocks the fastball. Joker thanks her but she dismisses the mind that it had anything to do with him, tying him up in vines and helping Harleen up. The guards catch up with them and Ivy and the Joker are both recapture. [ 2 ] Harleen continued working as the Joker ‘s psychiatrist and soon fell in love with him. He had her leap into a tub of chemicals to transform her into Harley Quinn, giving her the name, and she became his side-kick in crime. [ 3 ] however, he repeatedly mistreated her and used her as a pawn against Batman, or to save his own peel, such as when he gave her a live grenade and fled indeed that Batman would be forced to toss the grenade aside rather than chase after him. [ 4 ] Despite their toxic relationship, they won “ Best pair ” at the Annual Villy Awards every class, something which Joker spent a batch of fourth dimension campaigning for. He never let her accompany him on degree or give the adoption manner of speaking though and one meter he tied brought his hood Dean alternatively of her. [ 5 ]

“ Til Death Do Us Part ”

Main article: Til Death Do Us Part

The Joker paraded as a embark captain on a yacht full moon of affluent, arm businessmen, offering a toast to a pile of money they got by “ fucking the poor ”. Harley Quinn then arrived to steal it for herself and for the Joker, but the businessmen were contemptuous and secure of her. She smashed a man ‘s leg to be taken badly, but the businessmen simply pulled out weapons and mocked her for coming alone, at which point the Joker ripped off the fleshy face of the master he had killed and used it as a puppet, revealing himself and horrifying the businessmen. Harley became indignant about handling it herself, so the Joker apparently allowed her to continue but tossed an acidic fail at the businessmen before she could finish threatening them, killing a large swathe of them. Harley once again complained that she wanted to be the “ muscle ” but was interrupted when the businessmen ultimately rallied and began firing on them, forcing them to take recourse behind the money pyramid. The Joker simultaneously fought them off with a flamethrower and Molotov while smoothly carrying on a conversation, complimenting her, and then saying, “ you do your thing, I do my thing. You ‘re the appetizer ; I ‘m the entrée. ” They then dodged when a businessman launched a rocket at the pyramid, and Harley told the Joker that she wanted people to fear her name and “ make ’emselves ”, that she wanted “ a smack of that ”, so he jokingly asked if she wanted “ a sample of urine ? ”

❝ You know, I’d love to take you, puddin’, but I’d never deny you the pleasure of buying me time to escape. ❞
— The Joker before he abandoned Harley Quinn

The Joker continued fighting off the businessmen in high spirits, but when Harley asked to join the Legion of Doom he finally became annoy, saying the Legion of Doom does n’t give memberships to “ sidekicks ”. At Harley ‘s suggestion that they become partners rather, the Joker became in full aggravated and tried to dodge the question as he stabbed the stopping point businessman to death. fortunately for him, at that consequence Batman arrived, so he remotely activated a submarine and abandoned Harley to distract Batman hanker enough to escape, despite her desire to escape with him. She promptly became overpowered by Batman and worried that she would be sent to Arkham, so the Joker swear to break her out “ before breakfast ”, at which point he entered his submarine and submerged .
Women_Aren't_Funny Women Are n’t Funny
He ended up forgetting about Harley for an integral year while she languished in Arkham waiting for him. When she saw the news coverage about her escape, he lone cared that the Riddler was referred to as “ Gotham ‘s funniest villain ”. He demanded that one of his goons name a funnier supervillain than himself, and when he guessed “ Harley ”, the Joker shot him to end because “ women are n’t fishy ”. At that moment, Harley cleared her throat to get the Joker ‘s attention and criticized him for breaking his promise, lying to her, and leaving her in Arkham for a year. She then declared she was breaking up with him, and although the Joker angrily said she did n’t “ call the shots ”, she made to leave anyhow. Forced to change tactics, the Joker proclaimed it was what he always wanted anyhow, that he prayed she would leave him. He claimed that he would have insisted on breaking up, as it was the lone way “ to keep you safe ”. He shoved Poison Ivy away and lied to Harley about an increase pressure from law enforcement and from Batman, how they were “ hell-bent on destroying everyone I care about ”. He deceptively confirmed Harley ‘s suspicion that he left her in Arkham for her own guard and insisted on them staying separated – unless their sleep together was so knock-down, “ even the menace of death ca n’t keep us apart ”. He claimed he would die for her any day, at which point Harley finally turned around and came second to him with open arms, stunning Ivy .
subsequently, the Joker became fixated on the Riddler ‘s raw riddle that purportedly makes people ‘s brains explode. Although Harley made cocoa nick bread pudding for him ( which he shot as he mistook them for raisins and apologized ), he still could n’t get his judgment off of the Riddler, sol Harley offered to kill him for the Joker if he ‘d watch a movie with her subsequently. He was shortly called by the Riddler, who had captured both Harley and Batman, and forced the Joker to choose which of the two to live and which to die. The Joker then began to laugh and claimed he could n’t let “ this punctuation asshole ” get credit for killing Batman, so he chose Batman to live and Harley to die, at which point he ran away with Batman in hot avocation. once he reached guard, he sent a lout to Harley to apologize, literally exploding to make the point. still feeling betrayed, however, Harley redid her outfit ( which the Joker initially appreciated ) and returned to the Joker again to break up with him, claiming that he mistreated her and never loved her. He claimed that was “ folderal ” as his motives were never clear as “ an agent of chaos ”. When she was in-situ, he frustratedly insisted that no one ever breaks up with him, the top villain in Gotham, but Harley declared that she would be replacing him in that role .
Challenged, the Joker called his goons to kill her, saying that she could n’t even leave the room alive unless he allowed it. Although she initially did well with her mallet, the Joker blew it up with a bombard, and she was soon overwhelm. He offered to relent if she submitted, but she rebelliously retorted “ til death do us part ”, so he coolly ordered her death. This time however, she managed to fight everyone off and to raid his hoard of grenades, which she used to destroy his lair and bring it crumbling down around him. He survived by taking refuge under a pool postpone, and although he was left at Harley ‘s clemency, she spared him so she could “ see the count on your front when I ‘m runnin ‘ this township ” .

“ A eminent barroom ”

Main article: A High Bar

At the Legion of Doom, the Joker encountered Scarecrow and Bane, and learned that everyone know of Harley breaking up with him. Angered, the Joker played it off but soon tried to change the optics. He went onto Howie Mandel ‘s television usher, having strapped a bombard to Howie, and forced him to recount his joke about Harley and the Joker breaking up. The Joker then took this opportunity to broadcast to the earth that he actually dumped her and that he would “ respect her wishes to drift into the darkness of full anonymity ”. He then activated Howie ‘s bomb calorimeter, which concisely killed him .
by and by, while rebuilding his lair, Bane called the Joker and let him know that Harley was at the Penguin ‘s nephew ‘s cake mitzvah, trying to get along with the Legion of Doom. He rushed to the party and found her bantering with Legion members, and quickly drove her off. While camping at the postpone he ended up stealing Bane ‘s dinner and laughed hysterically when he saw that Harley had beaten up the imposter guards for Joshua Cobblepot ‘s bar mitzvah. Joker continued heckling and insulting Bane while Harley was captured and prepared for execution .

❝ Harley. You’re not a solo act. You’re a sidekick, an afterthought. ❞
— The Joker to Harley Quinn

Harley finally undermined Joshua ‘s confidence and escaped, at which point the Joker demanded that she admit that she was “ nothing ” without him, or else he would have her killed. She refused, so he ordered the Penguin, Scarecrow, Two-Face, and Bane to attack her. The Joker then sat recording her increasingly besiege competitiveness, and when he noticed Bane attacking Kite valet he ordered him to refocus on Harley and Poison Ivy, calling him a “ dumb, bizarre monster ”. Harley used this to turn the Legion against the Joker, with Bane complaining about the insults, about the Joker stealing his dinner, and about the Joker considering the bar mitzvah to be “ unintelligent ”, shocking everyone .
Fed up, the Joker decided to kill Harley himself, at which point Ivy blocked him. He politely asked her to move, but alternatively, she enshrouded him in vines, and the repulsion increased in tension. fortunately for the Joker, his contractor called him at that moment, so he took a moment to complain about it and de-escalate the situation. He asked to “ put a pin in this ” and then departed to deal with it, leaving Harley and Ivy unmolested .

“ thus You Need a Crew ? ”

The Joker belated sabotaged one of Harley ‘s heists to steal a nuclear bomb calorimeter from KGBeast. She could n’t use all three keys alone to unlock the vault to steal it, but the Joker ‘s goons were, so the Joker took it for himself. Harley claimed he only got it because of his blindly faithful followers, and although he denied this, they obediently tossed her out of the train when he commanded them to. Later on, Harley created her own crew and made it on the news, with the reporter claiming that Harley might soon become the Joker ‘s “ biggest rival ”. This angered him therefore much that he crushed his toast and shot his own television receiver .

“ Finding Mr. Right ”

The Joker finally attempted to rob a Credit Union, merely to be stopped by Batman. This prompted Harley to attempt to get a bane of her own, which backfired when Robin ended up as her nemesis. Bemused, the Joker mocked her by sending pregnancy decorations to Poison Ivy ‘s apartment along with a recording note card. The recording derisively congratulated her for “ Robin the cradle ” before exploding. late, the Joker successfully robbed the Gotham City Bank, but Batman was n’t there to oppose him, as he was busy defending Robin from King Shark and Harley Quinn .

❝ If you want to see the Boy Wonder alive again, you better start showing up to my cool crimes. ❞
— The Joker to Batman

Angered, the Joker rushed down the Tawny Young ‘s studio apartment and exploded his way inside. He insisted that Batman was his nemesis and shoved Tawny apart, engaging in a tripartite fight between himself, Batman, and Harley and Ivy fighting together. Batman blasted Ivy apart with explosives and fight Harley again, so the Joker took the opportunity to bomb hanging studio equipment to fall onto Batman. This allowed Ivy and Harley to gang up on Batman while the Joker kidnapped Robin, goading Batman into following him again, abandoning Harley and Ivy .

“ Being Harley Quinn ”

Main article: Being Harley Quinn

The Joker, while not physically present, was placid seen throughout Harley Quinn ‘s subconscious mind when Harley ‘s gang entered her mind. Dozens of clones of the Joker littered the circus landscape, welcoming people or running circus games. One Joker even pointed out that Harley was still distinctly obsessed with him and offered her a find to “ Win Daddy ‘s Love ” in a game of skill. Before they could be interacted with far, several Harley Gremlins arrived and forced them to leave the area, and the Jokers, behind. The Joker was besides seen in Harley ‘s memory of her backstory, where he convinced a younger Harleen Quinzel to jump into a vat of chemicals. Harley promptly reshaped the memory to be the moment when she broke up with the Joker, and although the Joker insisted that Harley could n’t change the past, she however continued to alter the memory until she successfully deluded herself into believing an endow, false memory of her defeating the Joker rather of willingly jumping into the chemicals, as actually happened .

“ L.O.D.R.S.V.P. ”

once again in the real universe, the Joker appeared before Harley after she successfully joined the Legion of Doom, laughing maniacally .

“ A seat at the table ”

Main article: A Seat at the Table

The Joker decided he would take his retaliation on the Legion of Doom for allowing Harley Quinn inside, and set a plan in apparent motion to create PlanetWide Pavers, an anti-environment trap to entice Poison Ivy to attack it so that she could be captured by Scarecrow and used in a outline to destroy the Legion of Doom and all of Gotham City. He besides simultaneously decided to try to deceive Harley into believing she had regained his deference in order to betray her at an opportune moment. He began this procedure by praising Harley in a language to the entire legion of Doom, and nodding encouragingly at her when he caught her eye concisely, which affected Harley powerfully. At a Legion meet, the Joker requested $ 600- $ 800 million for a loom he wanted to build with his face on it, and although the Legion swiftly went to approve, Harley did n’t agree. She thought it excessive, and since the Joker could n’t justify the price for such a gratuitous stick out, Lex Luthor rejected it, much to the Joker ‘s anger .
subsequently, the Joker came to the break room with Bane and Harley, and ripped out one of Bane ‘s tubes to send him sprawling out of the room. nowadays along with Harley, he continued his facade by thanking Harley for standing up to him, agreeing with her that his design needed work and that he needed to put the fourth dimension in to in full flesh it out. He invited her to have a “ work toast ” with him so that they could work on the plan together, and in change, he offered to help Harley learn how to “ game the arrangement ” in the Legion of Doom. He insisted that they were now colleagues and would n’t be having sex, given that he never had sex with Scarecrow or Bane. When she continued to not respond, he backed out of the room and asked her to think about it. Harley soon agreed to the Joker ‘s offer, intending to use him to get her crew off the hook shot from working for Bane, and so they went to Wild N ‘ Wacky Wings for a drink in concert. Harley asked him for aid getting her crew unblock of Bane, and he assured her that he would have Lex Luthor take concern of it, saying that Lex Luthor wants to keep Harley as an “ asset ”. At her incredulity, the Joker assured her that everyone think of her as an asset, “ You ‘re a big softwood. You ‘re Harley Quinn ! ” They then got to talking about their previous memories together, and although Harley tried to leave to help Poison Ivy, a wait who “ ships ” them arrived with unblock drinks for them, and the Joker managed to convince her to stay a bit longer .

❝ If this is the Harley Quinn solo act, I just have one thing to say… I wish it had happened sooner. Bravo! ❞
— The Joker lying to Harley Quinn

They finally ended up on a commandeer yacht much like the one in “ Til Death Do Us Part “, drinking wine in a amatory mise en scene with the former owners tied up beside them. When one of the owners commented on how they were eating, the Joker and Harley threw them overboard onto a life sentence raft, laughing together. Harley besides gave him a suggestion that he have his column shoot up from clandestine to scare people “ like a jack-in-the-box ”, which the Joker was unusually receptive to. Harley was surprised and pleased by this, which the Joker brushed off as her becoming “ another dominate ”, although he could n’t quite agree that she was “ the chief ”, and insisted that the phrase was “ the scholar becomes a overcome equal to the original master, but not with more domination than that master ”. even then, Harley took this to mean that the Joker was now o with her leaving him, and he claimed that he wished she had become mugwump preferably.

Batman then arrived to interrupt their dinner, at which point the Joker remotely activated a helicopter to escape in and blasted Batman aside with a grenade. then, in deliberate mirror of the day he abandoned Harley on a yacht in “ Til Death Do Us Part ”, he made as if to escape alone but alternatively allowed her to escape with him, much to Harley ‘s delight. She squealed in joy and acceptance as he took her in his arms, and together they were lifted into the air by his helicopter out of Batman ‘s strive. hush overjoyed, Harley confessed that she used to dream about ultimately escaping together with him, so the Joker charmingly said he could n’t leave her because he needed her, at which luff they began to kiss heatedly. then, just as Batman ‘s Batplane flew up beside the helicopter, and while Harley was in the bliss of passion, he shoved her out of the helicopter to her death, laughing maniacally as Batman was forced to break her fall and allow him to escape .

“ Bensonhurst ”

Main article: Bensonhurst

Despite not making an appearance, the Joker remained active voice behind the scenes, furthering his plans to take his revenge on the Legion of Doom. Already, Scarecrow had succeeded in capturing Poison Ivy, and intended to use her pheromones to mutate Gotham City Park trees into edacious plant monsters .

“ Harley Quinn Highway ”

Main article: Harley Quinn Highway

Scarecrow succeeded in his tax even as the Joker finalized the last portions of his design, however behind the scenes. At this point, he had already sought out Queen of Fables, entering into an alliance with her so that she could wipe out the Justice League when they arrived to deal with the plant monsters. All the Joker had to do now was to finish his loom, which would spring up from the ground ( as Harley suggested ) and destroy the Legion of Doom headquarters in the process, leaving him in arrant manipulate of Gotham City .

“ Devil ‘s Snare ”

All of the Joker ‘s plans came to fruition, with Queen of Fables trapping the Justice League inside her storybook and sending Harley and her crew into the cloud to be killed by the giant star from Jack and the Beanstalk. With only the Legion of Doom left to take his retaliation on, he activated his now-finished tugboat, exploding the Legion headquarters and launching the tower into the air where it stood. He then broadcast himself to the city, mocking the honest-to-god numerous of Doom for admitting “ any mediocre clown with a cheap dye problem ” into their ranks. Afterward, he celebrated with Queen of Fables, until he realized that Harley Quinn and her crowd survived, so he demanded she finish them off. His plans initially seemed to be unraveling when Poison Ivy ( presently a giantess ) drew away and killed the plant monsters defending his column, and Harley Quinn personally assassinated Queen of Fables, leaving him with fewer assets. however, he kept a close up eye on the situation and trained a harpoon on Ivy after killing the last of the plant monsters. While she stood distillery and talked to Harley, the Joker launched the harpoon – actually just a flag pole with his streamer on it – which ran clean through Ivy ‘s chest, mortally wounding her. As the situation dawned on everyone, the Joker outburst out into hysteric laugh, which rolled across the countryside from his tower ‘s speakers. He stopped equitable long enough to admire everyone ‘s grief at Ivy ‘s end, saying “ oops ” before continuing to laugh in response to Harley ‘s belly laugh of fury and denial .

“ The Final Joke ”

Main article: The Final Joke

On the Joker ‘s birthday, Harley Quinn on the spur of the moment arrived at the base of his column claiming to have a endowment for him. He derisively mentioned how he murdered Poison Ivy on purpose, but Harley insisted that she was virtual, that she wanted to be on the “ acquire side ”, which the Joker said was quite mature of her. In answer she brought out Clayface, disguised as Batman, to present to the Joker as her giving. This overjoyed the Joker, who insisted that Harley sing “ felicitous birthday ” to him, but this caused Clayface to burst out into sung a well, revealing to the Joker that this was n’t the veridical Batman. Panicking, Harley shot a rocket at the Joker ‘s tower, forcing him to dodge. however, the blast disrupted the veridical Batman, who was trying to ambush the Joker while he was distracted, just farseeing adequate for the Joker to notice him and react. The Joker fled to the center of the tower and erected a protective dome around himself, at which detail knock-out gas began to flood the room, knocking out Batman and allowing him to be captured. The Joker then resumed command of the tower ‘s defense systems, extending hooks to capture all of Harley ‘s crew except her, who agilely dodged and fled the bullets the tugboat shoot after her .
With Batman, the Legion of Doom, and the Justice League gone, and with Gotham City still in chaos after the plant freak attack, the Joker easily took over the local government and turned it into an authoritarian city state. Under his govern, he created a little army ( who would kill anyone who did n’t laugh at the Joker ‘s jokes ) and set a amplitude on Harley Quinn for appropriate. personally, he set about torturing Harley ‘s crowd by ripping out King Shark ‘s dentition to make a necklace, forcing Doctor Psycho to watch feminist rallies nonstop, tossing Sy Borgman down a spiral stairway, and shaping Clayface into a sculpt of himself. He besides turned Batman into a cuckoo clock, and would electrocute him for fun. unfortunately for the Joker, his victories soon paled for him, and he became bore with what he had. He reminisced about the times he would spend with Harley Quinn, getting even more disruptive whenever they finished causing some evil or another. He wondered what was wrong with himself, and became angered when Batman suggested that it was because he was a “ sociopathic narcissist ”. He asked “ who do you think you are, a psychiatrist ? ” at which point Scarecrow decided to find out, and ripped the mask off of Batman while he was bound, shocking them both as they realized he was actually Bruce Wayne. The Joker soon became even angrier after Scarecrow revealed his identity, as the Joker liked the mystery, and when Scarecrow continued to talk about Harley he became enrage. He shot acidic from the flower on his shirt onto Scarecrow ‘s head, causing his skull to explode, but flush that did n’t cheer up the Joker. He just complained to Batman about not getting his electric cable car from WayneTech .
Obsessed with Harley, the Joker put out several flyers saying he would execute her crowd, attempting to bait her in. This succeed, but she arrived in a suicide singlet prepared to kill herself if he did n’t release her friends. Wanting her animated, he allowed her inside the tugboat and asked her to put on her previous Harley Quinn outfit. She refused, saying she ‘d rather die and take him with her, but he had her crew members nearby – doing indeed would kill them, besides. Using them as leverage, he was last able to coerce her into putting it on in exchange for their release, which he honored as “ a serviceman of my give voice ”. He spoke to Harley then and claimed that she was the missing piece to his happiness, which she pretended to believe, and as they both came in for a snog, they stabbed each other .

❝ If I were to kill you, you’d live on forever, an emotional martyr in my soul. So I’m going to erase you from existence. ❞
— The Joker in response to Harley Quinn ‘s request that he kill her

Neither of them being particularly surprised, they both dug the knives in deep, and the Joker head-butted her away. They then began to fight, and although Harley scored him thrice more with a knife, he managed to distract her with the acid from his flower and then sucker punch her, winning the crusade. He then claimed that he was being wholly truthful earlier, that she was his final examination helplessness that he needed to remove. Harley then begged for death, but the Joker had another mind. He refused and alternatively had her taken away by a couple of his goons .
At last, the Joker brought Harley once again before a tub of chemicals, these chemicals intended to wipe away her memory and leave her as a “ cipher. A blank canvas tent. A strange on the streets. normal ”. He held her to blame for “ making me fall in love with you ”, and assured her that she would n’t remember a thing. however, Harley suddenly requested that she jump on her own, which the Joker found amusing and easily allowed, to his regret. He walked away after she jumped, but neither he nor his bodyguards heard any squelch, at which distributor point Harley and Poison Ivy rose above the catwalk. He immediately regretted not harpooning Ivy in the head and tried to flee after Ivy dispatched his bodyguards, but Ivy ‘s vines were excessively fast, and he was captured. Although he tried to talk his way out, Ivy forced him to endure Harley ‘s gloat and then dropped him into the chemicals .
not to be outdo, however, he emerged from the chemicals and tried to escape the vat, but finding that impossible, he remotely detonated his column just before he went under for the final time. This caused his tower and most of Gotham City to self-destruct, however, the Joker did not die as a result. After his column fell into destroy, he reached his arm out from the debris, laughing maniacally, but his laugh turned into a convention one, and his skin turned from arrant flannel to a normal white tone, as the chemicals finally took impression and made him normal again .

“ All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues ”

Main article: All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues

Months by and by Harley and Ivy find him working at Noonan ‘s Bar with no memory of his by as the clown prince of crime. They debate whether to kill him or not, uncertain if he ‘s actually changed or equitable pretending. To prove a point about people ‘s ability to change, Harley recount some of their past at Arkham. When they are unable to decide they have Doctor Psycho read his heed to see if he had rightfully forgotten, when it was confirmed they left ; however, when he saw a amusing picture of his new girlfriend ‘s kids on his phone, he starts to laugh maniacally hinting that he is relapsing .

“ Dye Hard ”

Main article: Dye Hard

The Joker finally managed to get a job at the high-end bar in Wayne Tower, where he once again bumped into Harley Quinn. He strikes up a conversation with her, dismissing her theme that he ‘s hitting on her because he is already in love with his girlfriend until they are both interrupted by a armed robbery crowd come to kidnap everyone. panic, he suggested giving up, and was shocked that Harley would fair try to leave. however, when she is captured, the crowd handcuffed her to him. He ‘s fixate with her, as he had a dream after meeting her in “ All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues “, a dream that they were both on a yacht with bankers. He was conflicted as it felt like a past life, but was confident that him and her being a couple in the ambition could not have happened because her white skin freaks him out .

❝ You go girl! Having a good vent in a literal vent! ❞
— Joker

Harley dragged him along to the passing, using him as a homo flail to incapacitate a guard who she then kicked to death. Disturbed, the Joker asked her if she wanted to talk about it while they crawled through a vent. Although hesitant, she finally acquiesced, telling him about confessing her love for Ivy and being turned down with the Joker supporting her ( even her hate of the Joker, since he had his memory wiped ). however, when they came before the Riddler, he about recognized him as the Joker. The Joker found it funny that he could possibly think he was the Joker, and began laughing – maniacally, as the Joker did – until Harley covered his mouth and brought them away to safety .

The Joker
All that gratuitous violence. Yuck. This is why I don’t like TV today.
Harley Quinn
Violence ups the dramatic effect.
The Joker
I got enough drama in my life.
[Harley rolls her eyes]
The Joker
Just once, I’d like to watch something where two people fall in love, and experience no complications whatsoever. Oh, and they don’t have sex till they’re married.

— Harley suffers through wholesome Joker

soon after, they stumbled upon two guards. One ran away after being given cancer while the other stun Harley, allowing him to close on the Joker. The Joker begged for mercy as the final hood began choking him, so the Joker instinctively grabbed a pencil and stabbed the lout to death. The Joker found this absolutely hilarious, and his old laughter and personality began bubbling to the surface until Harley smacked him binding into sanity. After riding in the elevator, the Joker was promptly tackled by Jim Gordon, with the Joker once again resurfacing and recognizing him as “ Gordo ”. Gordon tossed the Joker in the Batplane, once again snapping the Joker back to sanity, whereupon he began complaining about his fear of little spaces. As he watched Doctor Psycho reveal his betrayal and summon Harley ‘s erstwhile united states army of Parademons, he panicked and implored her to call for Ivy ‘s help, but Harley refused. When the Parademons attacked, he tried to control the Batplane to escape, but unintentionally shocked himself unconscious. When he awoke, he recalled that the Justice League was in Queen of Fables ‘ script, and that he had it, but not precisely where. Harley took him to Ace Chemicals to restore his memory, and although he offered her shelter with Bethany ‘s family, she knew she had to fix the situation and could n’t run from it anymore. She tried to get him to remember, but when he could not, she tossed him into the vat of acidic to restore his memories .

“ A Fight Worth Fighting For ”

Main article: A Fight Worth Fighting For

The Joker emerged from the tub of acidic in hysterical laugh until Harley slapped him out of it, demanding to know where the Book of Fables is located. At beginning indignant, he on the spur of the moment began remembering his clock time of normalcy, from when Bethany pulled him out of the ruins of his tower, to falling in sleep together with her as she nursed him rear to health, to ingratiating himself with her kids by giving them a puppy, to her defending him from an angry driver, and last coming to love her family as his own .

That’s fuckin’ ridiculous.
The Joker
Is it any more ridiculous than pointing that gun at my face? The gun you think little Sofia and Benicio don’t know about? The gun you’ve never loaded or shot in your life?
[The Joker takes the gun away]
The Joker
Soy yo, pudding.
Mi corazon.

— The Joker proves his identity to Bethany

Snapping second to the present, the Joker was appalled at what he became. He refused to help her until she revealed the bomb calorimeter in his read/write head, so he consented. At Bethany ‘s house, he explained everything to Bethany, and although she did n’t initially believe, he proved his cognition of her syndicate. She wanted to know if anything they had was real, and although the Joker did enjoy his time with her, he gratingly rebukes her, saying, “ I ‘m the fucking joker ! I mean, come on ! I mean, badly. ” angry, Bethany threw the script over their heads – into the waiting hands of a Parademon. While searching for the book, Harley blamed him for their predicament of mistreating his girlfriend. This gets the joker to thinking about his kinship, how much he actually enjoyed it, that it was the most meet kinship of his biography. Harley insulted him, therefore he fired back that he could n’t believe she was ever a therapist and that he was n’t sentimental with her because she came to him when he was a supervillain – Bethany came to him when he was no one. Continuing to needle Harley, he says she “ pummel ” her relationship with Ivy, making her angry .

❝ Bethany and I used to cuddle just like that. God, we could just sit on the couch and talk about nothing for hours. We just got each other. She always had my back. … Good God! That’s true love. ❞
The Joker

They finally come upon the ledger beside two cuddling Parademons, causing him to ruminate on how he and Bethany once cuddled. In reply, Harley insists that he not give up on Bethany, that he try to restore their relationship. As he considered this, one of the Parademons suddenly belched forth a crowd of acid that melted the side off the Parademon he was cuddling, prompting joker to say “ that is foul ”. As they prepared to leave, a bunch together of Parademons saw them, so the Joker ran to a dead end and then turned to fight them off with a crowbar. together they slew dozens of them, but began to tire out. fortunately, they were saved by the arrival of Batman, who captured them both. Batman assumed them to be working together and for Doctor Psycho, so the Joker insulted Batman ‘s detective skills for the error. Harley explained their true intent to Batman, but the Joker abruptly realized they had the wrong script from Bethany ‘s house. They had to go back, and the Joker had to explain his relationship to Batman along the way, besides revealing Harley ‘s bungled relationship with Poison Ivy in the process .

The Joker
I thought I had it all. But, now, I realize… I was missing something. Love is what makes life worth living.
So, Joker went through some changes over the last few months.
The Joker
I don’t wanna blow what could be a great thing. Like a friend of mine did.
Harley Quinn
I still have the remote to blow up your fuckin’ head.
The Joker
I wanna give this a shot. ¿Y tú, mi amor?
Oh, baby!
[The Joker and Bethany begin kissing]
We need that book.
Harley Quinn
Jesus! Read the fucking room!

— The Joker makes up with Bethany

After the Joker made up with Bethany, they all went inside to see Zatanna Zatara free the Justice League. After they departed, Harley asked the Joker if this would be his new life now. He denied it, saying he now just has a better reason to kill and be a psychotic maniac : sleep together. He urges her to find her own love, and although she insists that Ivy said no, he demands to know if she ‘s fix to live with that but she claimed to be prepared for anything .

“ Lovers ‘ quarrel ”

After Ivy arrived and immediately began trying to kill Harley, the Joker was bemused but did not get involved, alternatively of lounging about and asking Bethany if she wanted Thai food or italian. late that night, when he saw Doctor Psycho ‘s projection in the publicize of Ivy ‘s infidelity with Harley, he laughed and commented that Harley was “ still limber ” .

“ The 83rd Annual Villy Awards ”

Main article: The 83rd Annual Villy Awards

Joker is the host of the 83rd Annual Villy Awards, introducing himself through a birdcall and dance number, complete with an intro referencing the end of Jason Todd and two background dancers dressed in Harley ‘s classical outfit. He besides reveals in his song that he purposefully sat Harley and Ivy future to Kite Man, Ivy ‘s ex-husband. later, he presents the award for “ Most creative No de Plum ” to Cock King, who upon seeing he is dressed as a wimp, he notes is creative. After announcing Catwoman as the achiever of the “ Joe Chill Honorary Award ” he watches her call option out the ceremony ‘s history of ignoring black villains and is surprised upon learning that Black Manta is black. After Man-Bat gives an indecipherable lecture, he jokes that he hopes they wo n’t need to censor it. As the night comes to a close, he announces Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy as the winners of the “ Best pair ” award. however, upon finding their seats empty as they have already left, Joker accepts the award “ on their behalf ”, thanking firm lout Dean, Laura his co-class ma, Bethany and his step-kids in his speech .


❝ Do you take me for a basic bitch? ❞
[1] — The Joker

As with other iterations of the Joker, the Joker in Harley Quinn talks about the atrocious things he does with a blasé demeanor, treats violence as a joke, manipulates Harley, is incredibly exultant, treats his own minions like they ‘re disposable ( if he does n’t outright kill them himself for petty reasons ), is erratically crimson, bullies his own colleagues, and shows no compunction for anything he does. In “ The Final Joke “, both Batman and Harley describe him as a “ sociopathic narcissist ” with a chemical asymmetry in his parasympathetic skittish organization. His pride frequently leads him to try to sabotage Harley Quinn, unable to accept her means or independence and leads him to ruthlessly betray her after deceiving her into think that she had regained his affections .

❝ Look, lots of dads are serial killers. I’m not gonna change who I am, I just got a better reason to kill; I am in love! ❞
[6] — The Joker

Despite all this, Joker admitted that he actually did love Harley but due to his belief that love was a helplessness, he wanted to get rid of her. Realizing that killing her would make her a afflictive memory that would hurt him for the rest of his life, he settled for trying to make Harley forget who she was alternatively. After having his own memory erased, Joker ‘s view on love changed dramatically when he fell in love with Bethany. Spending six months as a “ loser stepdad ” softened him and even once he regained his memory, he decided that his relationship with Bethany could be a great thing. however, he besides told Harley that he still intended to be a serial killer, except now his motivation to continue killing was that he was in love. He had besides apparently changed his view on Harley, nobelium longer feeling the want to dispose of her and evening encouraging her to seek out her own beloved with Poison Ivy .


  • Genius-Level Intellect
    • Chemistry
    • Engineering
  • Deception
  • Hand-to-Hand Combatant

Media Appearances

Season 1
Season 2
Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red
The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour
Season 3


  • As a homage to Heath Ledger’s Joker, references to the 2008 movie, The Dark Knight, can be seen.
    • He claimed himself to be an “agent of chaos,”[4] a title to which Ledger’s Joker also claims himself to be.
    • His quote “Do you want to know how I got these emotional scars?” was also a homage to Ledger’s famous quote minus ’emotional.’
    • Joker’s previous inmate look as seen in “All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues” is likely based on that of Ledger’s ragged hairstyle and deteriorating paint.
  • In “A Fight Worth Fighting For,” after Harley pushed Joker into the same vat of acid, his emergence from the vat was a reference to his origin story in The Killing Joke.
  • According to Harley, Joker always stole her makeup, mainly her lipstick, noting that despite being able to commit murders he was too afraid to buy makeup on his own.[2]


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