Superman’s Boyfriend’s Secret Identity Was Just Exposed to the Entire World

The following article contains spoilers for Superman: Son of Kal-El #12, on sale now. Jon Kent ‘s boyfriend unintentionally exposes his unavowed identity in Superman : son of Kal-El .
In the title ‘s one-twelfth issue by writer Tom Taylor and artists Cian Tormey and Ruairi Coleman, Jon and his cloaked boyfriend, Jay Nakamura, publicly confront U.S. Senator Henderson over helping Gamorran President Henry Bendix by abducting the metahuman Faultline from S.T.A.R. Labs, with Bendix late using her to attack the Kent Farm. During the confrontation, Henderson turns into a tentacle monster, prompting Jay to use his phasing abilities to stop Henderson. however, Jay removes his mask while doing thus, causing everyone to see who he in truth is, which could have major ramifications in the title moving advancing .

associate : Superman ‘s Worst Enemy Is Becoming His Greatest ally Superman Son of Kal-El 12 Jon Kent Mask Image beginning appearing in Superman : son of Kal-El # 2, Jay is the son of early Gamorran President Sara Nakamura. After Bendix won in the presidential election against Sara, he had her kidnapped along with Jay, who was experimented on to give him powers. After escaping with help from the Revolutionaries, Jay former became “ Gossamer, ” the cloaked articulation behind The Truth, a journalistic group that works to expose lies and corruption. Superman Son of Kal-El 12 Jay Nakamura Image As a share of The Truth, a member chooses to keep their true identity a secret. Though Jon ‘s civilian biography away from Superman has been populace for a while immediately, Jay ‘s has not. If members of The Truth did n’t know who Jay was before, they do now, and so does President Bendix. Before this revelation, the Gamorran leader had already been targeting superheroes like Jon and Nightwing with the assistant of Superman bane Lex Luthor .

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Jay is about to become a superhero himself. When acid : son of Kal-El # 14 releases in Aug. 2022, he will be given his very own super befit to “ become the superhero Jon knows he can be. ” however, there is no news program on whether he will have his own superhero name as of publish. Except for taking his glasses off as opposed to some Supermen that use them for a disguise, Jay ‘s newfangled suit will have no mask to hide his identity .
Jon, Jay and the Revolutionaries will be going up against Bendix head on this Summer, and they good gained a raw ally in Superman : son of Kal-El # 12 : Krypto the Superdog. As for more allies, the following consequence is set to introduce Dreamer, based on actor Nicole Maines ‘ character from Supergirl, which marks her inaugural appearance in the main DC continuity. Maines will co-write the approaching offspring alongside Taylor .

demigod : son of Kal-El # 12 is written by Taylor with pencils and inks by Tormey and Coleman, other inks by Scott Hanna and Raül Fernandez, colors by Federico Blee and Matt Herms and letters by Dave Sharpe. Main traverse art for the issue is done by Travis Moore and Tamra Bonvillain, with variant covers contributed to by Roger Cruz, Norm Rapmund, Luis Guerrero, Mario “ Fox ” Foccillo, Prasad Rao and David Talaski. The return is now on sale from DC Comics .
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