Superman’s New Boyfriend Reveals His Awesome Secret

Jonathan Kent is officially DC ‘s raw Superman, and the superhero ‘s new boyfriend Jay Nakamura has a secret he ‘s reluctant to parcel with the global. Warning: contains spoilers for Superman: Son of Kal-El #4!
Jay Nakamura, the newfangled boyfriend of Jonathan Kent and DC ‘s official new Superman, is hiding a secret from everyone – but even he ca n’t keep it forever. The two met in the pages of Superman : son of Kal-El # 2, in which Jonathan Kent attempted to live a normal life ( and blew his secret identity in seconds while saving a group of students – including Jay – from a gunman ). now in Superman : son of Kal-El # 4, written by Tom Taylor with artwork by Daniele Di Nicuolo and colors by Gabe Eltaeb & Hi-Fi, Jay reveals his true self to Jon : he ‘s a post-human .

The Superman : son of Kal-El series chronicles the animation of Jonathan Kent as he takes over his celebrated father ‘s title. He ‘s battle climate change in the form of a baneful forest arouse ( which was caused by a metahuman with out-of-control powers ), and saved a boat fully of Gamorran refugees in a frightful storm attempting to sail to the United States. In the previous issue, both Jon and his father saved a city from Faultline, another post-human who apparently had no master over her powers. At least everything is safe at the Kent farm, where Jon, Jay, and the rest of his kin parcel a meal. But mere moments after Clark departs the satellite, a massive explosion rocks the theater, immediately endangering everyone at heart .
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time seems to freeze around Jon as he thinks and moves in super-speed. He realizes the house is in the process of explode, he ca n’t do a thing about it, and therefore his beginning priority is to get everyone out. Superman attempts to grab Jay – but his bridge player goes right through him. “ There ‘s nothing to hold on to. It ‘s like he ‘s not there. Like he ‘s pot … he ‘s a post-human ” Superman thinks to himself. He realizes Jay ‘s powers render him intangible, and he ‘ll be condom ; he uses his super-speed to get Jonathan and Martha Kent a safe distance aside from the house before the explosion destroys it wholly .

After discovering an unwilling Faultline is once again behind the destruction ( and after saving her from the Justice League ‘s quick response to Superman ‘s base ), Jay brings Jon to a post-human assemble of sorts. President Bendix – the ruler of Gamorra – experimented on unwilling Gamorran subjects and use the now-superpowered individuals for his own ends. Jay is from Gamorra and was one of the subjects. It appears Jay ‘s power either activates in the presence of an immediate menace … or his reflexes are angstrom fast as Superman .
It ‘s nameless at this time what this means for Jon and Jay ‘s relationship going forward. The growth surely changes the moral force between the two, seeing as Jay is no longer a helpless human who idolizes Lois Lane as his personal journalistic hero. If Jay has far secrets he ‘s keeping from Superman, they ‘ll most likely be revealed in the subsequent topic.

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