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(This template will categorize articles that include it into Category:Quotes.) Quote1.png There is another reality, okay? And I have seen it! Where–where I grow up to be Superman, okay? And then–oh yeah, I kill millions of people with my out-of-control solar flare power!! Quote2.png
So let me get this straight, I go to the 31st Century to join The Legion of Super-Heroes. And you go and get a new, cooler son?
This is a job for Superboy!

Sorry, Rob, the Superboys’ve got a better plan! Our two heads are totally better than one!
Staying close to Damian– being a good friend in good times and bad–is the answer, not pushing him away. We only learn by making our own choices dad.
I’m confused… These guys are scared to death of you. Exactly how many people have you… killed?
So it’s basically you and me versus the world’s greatest heroes.
You do what every hero does… the best you can.
Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go deliver a smackdown on her that only the House of El can.
Why does dad look so much like the guy they say is Superman? An’ why do you look like the lady that outed him?
Up until a couple days ago I thought I was a normal kid–with normal parents livin’ a normal life. But that was a lie! Now I’m hearing about other planets and aliens and dad bein’ Superman even though there’s another Superman and I just… I mean, what I really want to know is… what does all this mean?
We’ve got a promise to keep.
After those time flashes, after Black… I can’t explain it… I don’t feel afraid anymore. I know I can be brave, no matter what it costs, for the people I care about.
You promised me that today I could show you that I can do this job. But all you’ve done is doubt me the entire time. I can do this, and I don’t need you telling me that I can’t.

Dad, I’m messing with you. ‘Course I know. It’s the anniversary of the day our home planet Krypton exploded.
Hi, Damian.
Grandpa is wholly insane… and we have to do something about it. Sorry, Pa.
That was the exact moment I decided to leave Grandpa’s ship and find my way back to Earth. Because, like that, it went from “cool vacation with Grandpa” to “uh-oh, I’m stuck in here with a crazy old man.”
The one called Ultraman. Their leader. He didn’t give them a chance. For a second, just the briefest moment… I thought — I thought it was you. You’d come to save me.
When was I going to hear about a New Krypton?
Like my mom always says, a good reporter doesn’t get great stories, a good reporter makes them.
All these terrible headlines. Gangsters, Luthors, Leviathans. Everything is so crazy all the time. Let’s fly around and just spread a little something else. Let’s take the afternoon and just… help.
I hate when people call me Superman, or ask me when I’m gonna be Superman. Like Superman’s a job, and anyone could just replace… Y-you’re Superman. This place needs you. I’m not ready.
We’re gonna die! Plus, you just admitted you were wrong about something! What is even happening?!
For a guy who’s like a thousand years old, you’re a big idiot. We’re not just the children of superheroes! We’re the Super Sons! And we’re gonna kick your —
I can’t hide. I can’t pretend to be normal when people need me. I guess I just have to be happy being Jon Kent, the son of Superman. A life spent in the public eye… living in the biggest shadow in the universe.

I can see your heartbeat. I can hear your pulse. I know you’re lying. You hide it well, though. Lying must come pretty easy to you. Like second nature, I guess.
My dad says you like having control. You could use your intellect, your power, and your resources to improve the future of an entire planet. Billions of lives in your hand. That sounds a lot like control.
I’m glad you read up on Pride history, Damian, but that was in 1969. Pride’s been a party for decades.

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