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Jordan Kent


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Human-Kryptonian hybrid Alive

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Smallville Crows ( once )


Clark Kent ( beget )
Lois Lane ( mother )
Jonathan Kent ( brother )
Jor-El ( agnate grandfather ; deceased )
Lara Lor-Van ( paternal grandma ; deceased )
Tal-Rho ( agnate uncle )
Natalie Lane ( maternal great-grandmother )
Sam Lane ( enate grandfather )
Unnamed ( parental grandma )
Jonathan Kent Sr. ( adoptive paternal grandfather ; deceased )
Martha Kent ( adopted paternal grandma ; deceased )
Lucy Lane ( enate aunt )


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I thought coming here would be a chance to start over, but I guess I’m just gonna be a freak like always.
—Jordan Kent[src]

Jordan Kent ( bear 2006 [ 1 ] ) is the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, the twin buddy of Jonathan Kent, and a scholar at Smallville High School. He is besides the nephew of Lucy Lane, the grandson of the recently Jor-El, the belated Lara Lor-Van, Sam Lane, and an nameless woman, the adoptive grandson of the late Jonathan Kent Sr. and the late Martha Kent, and the ex-boyfriend of Sarah Cushing.

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After moving to Smallvile and discovering that Jordan demonstrates powers, Jonathan began calling his brother Superboy. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ]


early life

Jordan was born in 2006, with his twin brother Jonathan .
Jordan had destructive outbursts and tantrums that were finally diagnosed as social anxiety disorderliness, while Jonathan was a glad, athletic child. As a child, Lois and Clark took Jordan and Jonathan to spend a summer in Smallville, where they met Sarah Cushing. There, Jordan was repose write in his notebook. In Jordan ‘s adolescent years, he started therapy. [ 2 ] He took piano lessons, but dropped out when his anxiety got besides strong for him to play. [ 6 ] At Metropolis High School, Jordan was bullied by several students, including Jimmy Cutter. [ 7 ]

Discovering Clark ‘s secret

One night, after having dinner with Jonathan and Lois, Jordan went to his room to play video games, when Clark returned home, he went into Jordan ‘s room and apologized for missing the sidereal day ‘s therapy, Jordan said that his mother had already said that he was working, his father besides said that Jordan was a great Superman in the game, with Jordan responding that Superman was boring and he was playing as Raiden, Clark said that if he needed to talk, he was there. When he was leaving, Jordan told him to turn up the music .
The following morning, when Jordan left his room, Jonathan questioned him about his kit, with Jordan answering him sarcastically. then they went to school. When Jordan ‘s grandma, Martha Kent died, he went to her funeral in Smallville, there, when Jordan was eating, Jonathan asked him if he had taken his pills from him, Jordan said he was not his mother, with Jonathan saying that person had to look after him, when Jonathan saw Sarah and her family arrive, he warned Jordan and they went over to meet them with his parents, Sarah said she was blue for his passing of him, when his parents left, they talked about the summer they met .
then Sarah asked what had in the Kent farm barn, so he and Jonathan accompanied her there. While in the barn, Sarah said that about anything there could kill them and that Smallville sucks. Sara then asks for Jordan ‘s telephone. Sara then picks up the telephone and says that there will be a bonfire tomorrow and he can go. Jordan tries to impress Sarah by climbing on the scaffold without a ladder to reach the router, but he falls hard on the prime when the straps that hold the steel beams are broken. Jonathan then tries to save his brother from the sword beams by jumping in front man of him, but Jordan manages to turn them over and save them both. Sara alerts Clark, who finds the boys, and quickly takes the steel beams off them .
then, a doctor of the church examines them and says that they lone have mild concussions. then they go to their rooms. Jonathan says he missed train for the week and Jordan asks him if he actually cares about it now. Jonathan said that if he wants to stick to something, it must be Sarah Cushing. He takes Jordan ‘s cell call and mocks the message the early one station to Sarah, calling him freaky and Jordan says they need to find out what happened in the barn .
The following dawn, Jordan and Jonathan investigate the barn ; he finds it strange that they are not all in. Their search reveals a starship, which scares Jon. Jordan takes a crystal from the embark and Jonathan asks what it is, with Jordan responding that any it is, it is not from Kansas. When Lois and Clark return home, the twins confront their parents and Clark reveals his origins ; to prove his change ego, he lifts his cable car over his head while flying, surprising the twins, who feel they have heard lies all their lives and angrily leave. Later, they go to Sarah ‘s party. While they talk, his attraction to her becomes overpower and he kisses her passionately. Sara reveals that she has a boyfriend, merely as he appears to fight. Jonathan steps in front. But soon several boys are beaten up, until Jordan incidentally uses his hotness vision and explodes the bonfire. At Kent grow, Jonathan asks what will happen to Jordan and Clark says he does n’t know. Jordan explains what it was like to use the powers and Jon then says that Jordan can control, which is like learning to drive, if the cars were indestructible and with giant lasers, infuriating Jordan, who leaves the salt and goes to his room. He then has a conversation with his father on the porch, who says that everything will be finely. The future good morning, the twins talk to Sarah about what happened the night ahead. He gives them privacy for them to talk alone. After talking, she gets in the cable car and leaves. [ 2 ]

Moving to Smallville

Adapting to the newly town

late, Lois and Clark decided to move to Smallville with their children, to be close as a syndicate and allow Jordan to explore his powers. His parents besides decided to keep Jordan out of school until he could control his powers. In the next day, Clark took Jordan to the Fortress of Solitude, sol Jonathan went to the new school alone. In the Fortress, the hologram of Jor-El talked about the end of Krypton and its cities. The tests at the Fortress indicated that his displays of superpowers were random occurrences and he would never be able to use them at will or be like his founder. When they returned to Kent farm, Jordan was distraught that he was not obviously special and got into a shouting equal with Jonathan, who was angry at his life being disrupted for Jordan ’ mho benefit. The two started to argue until Lois appeased the situation and the two went to their rooms. then they went to the Cushing family barbecue, where they met Sarah and Sophie Cushing. That night, the brothers made up and he thanked Jonathan for agreeing to move to Smallville and for always protecting him. The next dawn, Clark allowed him to go to educate. [ 3 ] The adjacent good morning, they were trying to paint the house until Clark heard something and had to leave. then they went to school, where he talked to Sarah until Sean and other members of the football team intimidated him, despite Jonathan ‘s efforts to protect him. then his father suddenly showed up at school, making the bullies go off and making the twins angry. He besides heard Sarah and Sean break up and was interrupted by Timmy. Jordan decided to participate in football train. secretly using his powers, he took down all his opponents, impressing the trainer and making Jonathan angry. They besides chatted with Sarah at Victoria May ‘s, until Lana came out and yelled her out. When his parents learned that Jordan had joined the team, they forbade him to play. Later, Jonathan convinced Clark to let Jordan play for the team, telling him how his assurance and sociable skills had improved while playing on the team. [ 1 ] As Jordan became the star of the team and popular with his colleagues, his mental health improved well, stopping him from having anxiety attacks. Jordan participated in his first gear game with the Smallville Crows and defeated all his opponents, being applauded by his class and friends. After the game was over, he and his brother went to a party at Corey Wellnitz ‘s lake sign of the zodiac, where they met Sarah. The next day, Sam Lane told the twins not to distract their don from duties as Superman. Later, Jordan and Jon followed Tag Harris when he ran off alone into the forest. They found him suffering huge pain due to the uncontrollable vibration. As Tag had been injured by the bonfire plosion, Jordan believed that he is the perpetrator. Jon wanted to call Clark for aid, but Jordan reminded him of Sam ‘s warnings, and blaming himself for Tag ‘s situation, he tried to help him. Tag threw Jordan away, knocking him unconscious mind, so Jon used the signaling device to call their founder. Back at dwelling, Jonathan assured Jordan that he was not creditworthy for Tag ’ s condition, which was proved true when Sam explained that politics scientists had determined Tag ’ randomness powers came from being exposed to a nearby yellow phosphorescence in the mines. When Clark asked why the two of them did n’t call for him arsenic soon as they learned about Tag, the brothers revealed that Sam had told them not to bother Clark with their problems, to their parent ‘s joint fury. [ 8 ] Jordan is working on the grow with his syndicate to prepare for the approaching Smallville Harvest Festival. late, he and Jon go to educate, where Jon receivs a call from his girlfriend Eliza and she breaks up with him. When they return home, Jordan tells his parents what had happened. Sarah asked Jordan to go on a date to Smallville ’ randomness Harvest festival with her, which was Jordan ’ s first date. At the Festival, they talked and got closer, however the moment was ruined when Jon arrived with Timmy Ryan and another boy, and drunkenly made fun of them both. Disgusted with his behavior due to her beget ’ second dipsomania, Sarah stormed off. The future day she told Jordan she was not ready to date anyone at the moment, but asked that they stay friends, which he agreed to. As Jordan was walking home, he was ambushed by Tag Harris, demanding to know what had happened to him. [ 4 ]

back in Metropolis and losing control

therefore Jordan used his signal device to summon Superman, who tried to stop Tag but failed. After the attack, Jordan returned home and began to experience atrocious migraines triggered by the exploitation of his super hearing. At school, Jordan had the pains again ; Jonathan wanted to tell his parents but Jordan asked him not to as he wanted to participate in the adjacent Crows game in Metropolis. The game was against Jonathan ‘s old team in Metropolis, which was formed by boys used to bullying Jordan. During the game, Jordan was temporarily incapacitated by his migraine and failed to protect the Crows quarterback. Jonathan was sent to replace him and the brothers managed to rally the team and lead them to win the game. In the final play, Jordan was tackled and beaten by Jimmy Cutter and the other rival players, causing him to lose control of his inflame vision ; which Clark managed to block with his handwriting .
back in the hotel room, Clark questioned Jordan about what had happened, prompting Jonathan to tell the accuracy about Jordan ‘s migraines and he berated them for not telling them oklahoman. Clark had to leave when Lana called him and shortly afterwards his team members showed up and asked them to come out and lionize. Cutter and a few other Metropolis players followed them and began bullying Jordan, with Cutter trying to goad him into a battle. Though Jonathan tried to calm him down, Jordan was going to smack Cutter over the head with all his might, but Jonathan thrust his fist forward, making the bones in his hand crack. Back at Kent Farm, they told their parents what had happened and Jordan apologized, but Jonathan refused to accept and his parents were defeated that he used his powers like that. The adjacent day, Sarah told Jordan what happened when Tag kidnapped her, on the hypothesis that he gave Tag the powers. Jordan told her he had no idea what Tag was talking about. After everything that happened, Jordan started to cry and told Lois that he wished he did n’t have powers. then he started having another migraine and fell to the grind having a seizure. indeed Clark arrived and took him to the Fortress of Solitude. [ 7 ] Jor-El A.I. tells Clark that Jordan will feel pain until he learns to control his super hear. Jordan started to hear everything around him, so he started using headphones to muffle the sounds. He managed to focus his hearing on Sarah, and he heard her talking to Jonathan. Believing his brother was flirting with Sarah, Jordan punched the wall angrily. When Jon returned home, Jordan confronted him ; they argued and Jordan was unable to tolerate Jonathan ‘s trouble scream at him, finally passing out when Jon slapped the rampart. Later, Jordan heard Clark being assaulted by the Stranger and told Jonathan, so they took a cable car and drive to the picture and managed to incapacitate the Stranger. Back at Kent Farm, Jordan apologized to Jon for everything that had happened. They reconciled and their parents decided to no longer keep secrets, promising to answer their questions. Jordan asked them to explain who the foreign was. [ 9 ] Jordan then decided to quit the football team after what happened to Jonathan. Later, Jordan convinced Sarah to participate in the educate ‘s music audition, as he had to leave music as a child because of his anxiety. At the hearing, Kyle did n’t show up and Sarah was besides nervous to perform alone, so Jordan offered to join her playing the piano, they both had an excellent performance. [ 6 ] During final examination rehearsals, Jordan began to sneeze and cough up icy air. He called Clark, who took him home and his condition began to deteriorate. His parents deduced that Jordan had caught a Kryptonite disease transmitted by Clark when he was stricken with synthetic Kryptonite. Jordan wanted to go back and not let Sarah down, but he started having trouble breathe and Clark took him to the Fortress. The A.I. scanned him and determined that the kryptonite in his lungs had caused a respiratory contagion and his lungs were filling with fluid. The infection had besides triggered his frozen breath and the fluid was starting to solidify, which would kill him. The only discussion was to burn the kryptonite inside him. The procedure was highly irritating, but Jordan endured it with his father ‘s assistant. Clark heard that Lois and Jon were in perturb indeed he went back to the farm with Jordan to help them. After their Kryptonian-possessed neighbors attacked them, the army and Sam Lane decided to stay in Smallville to protect them. [ 10 ]

Tal-Rho ‘s attack

Jordan finally learns from his father not entirely that Morgan Edge is a kryptonian named Tal-Rho but that he is besides Clark ‘s brother and therefore his uncle. The future day, Sarah told Jordan and Jon how she believed her don ‘s dipsomania had gotten worse. Believing she deserved to know the truth, they told her that Kyle was possessed by a Kryptonian and took her to see him at an army facility where he was being held. Jordan tried to comfort her and encouraged her to keep hope. When multiple citizens from Smallville who were converted started to group together to kill Superman, Jordan and his brother shroud while his forefather cope with the army, though Clark did n’t return home afterwards. [ 11 ] After Tal-Rho ‘s attack Jordan and Jon go talk to Sarah, who thanks the two for being square with her when everyone else seemed to have secrets. Sarah then requests a second alone with Jordan an kisses him, saying that she would like to be more than friends now. When returning to their house, Tal-Rho droped from the sky before the three to tell them that his founder wo n’t be returning, after telling him to leave Jordan attacks Rho with his jeat imagination but he was no match for the very experience kryptonian as he got thrown to the grind by Rho ‘s inflame sight. His beget finally arrives in a attenuate state to stop Rho from killing them and says that he will do anything he desires if it means saving his syndicate, Tal-Rho agrees to this and takes Clark. [ 12 ]

Finding his dad and relationship with Sarah

His ma reassures Jordan and Jon that his dad will finally fight through this problem and he will win. The future day Jordan spies on the military with his extremely hearing only to realize that they have no way of finding his dad, but Jonathan tells Jordan that he can find their dad using his super listening like he did the time Clark was attacked by John Henry Irons. After a draw of effort, Jordan managed to locate his dad screaming his name conclude to Tal-Rho ‘s Fortress in the Badlands, the two brothers by and by tell Sam Lane about Superman ‘s placement so that John Henry can stop him as he was possessed by Zod .
Thanks to some convincing, John Henry refuses to kill Clark and alternatively saves him from Zod ‘s command, Superman former comes back home plate to hug Jordan and Jon as the class reunites. [ 13 ] After having his dad back, Jordan started to spend more clock with Sarah, with the two finally skipping school, though they then got arrested for trespassing on Atlas Pond, which was a private place. Jordan late manages to get out with a warning thanks to Lois bailing him out. [ 14 ]

Possessed by Zeta-Rho

Three weeks after Tal-Rho escaped from containment, Jordan spent more time with Sarah and later went to a party at the sign of the zodiac of one of their friends along with his brother. When Tal-Rho, now turned into the Eradicator, and Leslie Larr started an attack on Metropolis, Jordan received a call from his grandfather but the two brothers ignored it, believing that it was nothing besides important. At the party the boys finally found out through a television receiver broadcast about the attack on Metropolis, worrying when his mother about was killed by Leslie Larr until she was saved by John Henry Irons .
by and by that same day Sam Lane went to the house where they were at in ordain to bring Jordan and Jon back to the farm so that they could be condom, Jordan asked to bring Sarah along but during the tease base they were attacked by the Eradicator. Jordan told Sarah he loves her and the Eradicator kidnapped Jordan. Jordan was late taken at an nameless localization where Superman could n’t find him and was late possessed by Zeta-Rho ‘s awareness. [ 15 ] In Jordan ‘s soundbox, Zeta ordered Tal-Rho to resurrect the Kryptonian Defense Council. He then went to a volcano in Japan and temporarily released control over Jordan, who yelled at Superman for aid. When he arrived, Zeta took restraint and attacked him, but Superman refused to fight for reverence of hurting Jordan. Zeta finally left when he heard Tal-Rho resurrect the Defense Council. Zeta led his followers to the Shuster Mines, where Tal-Rho would use bombastic amounts of X-Kryptonite to convert the integral population of Smallville into Kryptonians, but Superman and John Henry Irons appeared and tried to stop them .
Irons knocked Zeta unconscious with a loss solar flare and took him to the Kent Farm, where Lois used a Kryptonian device to enter his mind and try to wake Jordan. Zeta realized what she was doing and woke up, choking Jon and lifting him up in the publicize, but Lois was able to find Jordan trapped inside his mind and help free himself. Jordan destroyed Zeta ‘s consciousness inside him, precisely in time to stop him from killing Jon. belated, at the Cushing house party, Jordan reassured Sarah that he loved her, she replied that she loved him excessively. Jordan attended the “ funeral ” of his grandfather Jor-El ‘s A.I. along with his family, when a ship crashed and Natalie Lane Irons, the daughter of John Irons, came out of it. She then confused Lois with her mother, surprising everyone. [ 16 ]

Helping his dad and problems with Sarah

A few months after Tal-Rho ‘s try invasion, Jordan took Sarah on a go steady to where they had been arrested previously. He had her blindfolded while he secretly used his heat vision to light a bunch of candles he ‘d placed in the water. She was amazed at what Jordan did but then felt uncomfortable when he kissed her. She claimed she was n’t feeling well, but Jordan could tell something was up with her. [ 17 ] After his dad began having visions, Jordan insisted he go with his dad to take Tal-Rho to Tal ‘s fortress to back him up. While there, Jordan got to meet a hologram of his Kryptonian grandma who approved of her half human grandson citing he reminds her of Clark ‘s dad. While Lara ran some scans on Clark to help him figure out the causal agent of his visions, Tal-Rho attacked Clark revealing he still had his powers. Jordan got between them and fired a heat blast from his eyes before proceeding to fight his evil uncle. He managed to put up a good contend before getting knocked devour. Tal was impress and complimented how a lot stronger he ‘d gotten. Clark then stopped Tal from killing Jordan. former that nox, Jordan went into his brother ‘s board and told him about fighting Tal. Jonathan was impressed upon hearing this. Natalie entered the room and told Jordan that Sarah was outside want to talk to him. When he walked out on the front porch, he & Sarah talked. Sarah revealed that a girlfriend she ‘d become friends with at camp ended up kissing her and she admitted to liking it. Jordan showed he was heartbroken to the point of tears. [ 18 ] This section is a stub. You can help expand this section by .

Becoming a vigilante

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Jordan started acting as a vigilante after his father went missing after hunting Ally Allston. Jordan saved Kyle Cushing from a burn, being seen by John Irons who warned Lois, who scolded him for risking his life, so they had an controversy. Later, Jordan saved his mother and grandfather from the thugs making a distributing X-Kryptonite ( using a hood to hide his identity ). [ 19 ]


Jordan suffers from social anxiety disorderliness, as a resultant role he has been shown to lash out when stressed as both a child and a adolescent, he is best described as a loner, not socializing much with kids of his own age and a miss of pastime in what others think of him. He besides has a little smell of assurance that was far shaken when he learned from Jor-El ‘s AI that he would n’t amount to being arsenic limited as his father. Yet, it has started to grow when he joined the football and started to become friends with his mate teammates. Despite trying to remain close off to others, he has shown an instantaneous connection with his childhood crushed leather, Sarah Cushing and a solid alliance with his twin buddy, Jonathan Kent, seeing him be attacked by kids at the bonfire is what caused Jordan to activate his heat sight for the first time. Jordan seems to be closer to his mother, Lois Lane than to his church father, Clark Kent as she has been more give in his life while Clark was saving the world as Superman, she was able to comfort him during an anxiety attack and Jordan felt particularly betrayed by her knowing about his church father ‘s hidden identity and not telling him, Jordan has grown aloof from his don because he was constantly traveling for “ shape ” and this has caused resentment to build towards him. however, this rupture has possibly began to heal as Clark was able to comfort Jordan after the emergence of his powers and promising to be there for him .

Powers and abilities


You’re stronger than you think you are.
—Clark Kent to Jordan Kent[src]
  • Human-Kryptonian hybrid physiology: Because of Jordan’s human-kryptonian hybrid genetic structure under the effects of a yellow sun, he possesses the same potential powers as any kryptonian.[2] According to Zeta-Rho, Jordan’s body is the perfect vessel because it possesses such untapped power.[16] Three months after he was freed from Eradication, Tal-Rho and Lois pointed out that Jordan’s powers have matured greatly,[18] and his maternal grandfather started training him to sharpen his powers and make sure he had control. His grandfather later told Jordan’s mother that he is one of the most powerful beings on Earth.[19]
    • Solar energy absorption: While Jordan’s powers are dependent on the energy spectrum from a yellow sun, the stored up energy allows him to use his powers.[2]
      • Accelerated healing factor: Jordan can heal faster than most humans. He quickly recovered from getting attacked by Tag and getting dog-piled by a rival football team.
      • Flight: 250?cb=20220626150651 Like all Kryptonians, Jordan has the ability to fly, he awakened this ability when he needed to save Kyle Cushing’s life but was surrounded by fire and he instinctively flew out the window, because he can’t control it he didn’t go very far and he fell right as he got out the window. Jordan used this power again to a greater degree during a fight with Jonathan-El however he still has issues with control over this power. However his father helped teach him to perfect this ability however he appears to still have issues with landing.[20]
      • Superhuman durability: With Jordan’s cells supercharged with solar energy, his body is considerably less vulnerable than that of a normal human; he only suffered a mild concussion from badly falling 30 feet and having multiple large metal beams falling directly onto him. When Jordan initially exhibited his powers, his durability was fairly inconsistent; as he had been knocked down, beaten up and bled from punches and kicks from normal humans, and was vulnerable to Tag’s attack (due to the latter’s amplified strength and speed), yet he was able to punch through his bedroom wall without receiving a scratch, and later survived a car crash. Since season 2 Jordan has shown significant increases in all of his powers, including his durability; having been able to endure multiple blows from Bizarro Jonathon, a Krypton with similar levels of superhuman strength, and only receive minor wounds. It appears as though Jordan’s durability is still not at the same level as his father, Clark’s.[2]
      • Superhuman speed: Jordan can move faster than the human eye can see, as demonstrated when he saved Jon and Candice from a drug dealer. This also allows everything in the environment turn to slow-motion as he dodged a heat vision strike from another X-K user before sneaking behind him. He later outran a cave-in, bringing Jonathan and Natalie along with him. He later sped his father out of the way from Lana-Rho hitting him, and turned her freeze vision against Jonathan-El before it could reach him; he also caught the kinetic hammer when Natalie threw it at Lana.[21]
        • Accelerated perception: Jordan awakened this power when heat vision was flying at him when he removed his arms protecting his face time seemed to slow down around him allowing him to move behind the XK junkie and beat him.[19]
      • Superhuman strength: While Jordan’s strength is not yet as tremendous as his father, Clark Kent’s; due to his limited solar energy capacity, his strength is still elevated by human standards. He is a natural football player, as he was seen stopping other members of the team with ease.[1] During training with his father, he was able to embed his fist in a wooden log. He also accidentally snapped the bones in Jonathan’s wrist when he attempted to punch Jimmy Cutter. He also punched through his bedroom wall in anger towards his brother bonding with Sarah. He can also as pick up Jonathan with one arm.[16] Later, his strength increased enough to actually harm his uncle with his hits, which were also accompanied by shock waves.[18] Under his grandfather’s training, which included punching feed bags, he became strong enough to punch a bag off its suspension hook and uppercut people into the air.[19] During his fight with Jonathan-El, he catapulted him high into the air with a knee strike.[22] He later knocked out Lana-Rho with the kinetic hammer.[21]
        • Super breath: Jordan’s first experience with kryptonite left him sick and he rapidly cooled the air when he sneezed, resulting in the formation of ice. After the kryptonite was burned out of his system, he gained some control over his freezing breath.[10] His grandfather trained him by having him freeze water being tossed from a bucket.[19]
      • Super hearing: Jordan’s auditory senses are highly developed. His hearing is very sensitive, as common sounds are much more harmful to him, causing him to have migraines. He heard Jonathan’s bones snap when he accidentally broke his wrist. His grandfather, Jor-El’s hologram said his mechanosensations had become significantly enhanced and his auditory perception caused an allodynic response; until he can control what he heard, every sound would be accompanied by pain, and would require practice to focus. He was able to briefly concentrate on just the voices of Sarah and his brother, but Jordan lost focus, when he heard them bonding. He later replicated this to locate his father, Clark, who was several miles away, and later when he attempted to find him again, he was able to hear either Australia or New Zealand until he heard his father yelling from the Badlands. He overheard a conversation between his father and Lana Lang Cushing, much to Sarah’s confusion. His grandfather stated that his super hearing makes him better than a satellite.[19]
      • Heat vision: 250?cb=20220622224910 Jordan can emit red energy beams of intense heat from his eyes. Jordan first used this power when under stress over being bullied and his brother being beaten up by Sarah’s then-boyfriend for a mistake.[2] He has since gained some control over this power, as seen when he attacked his paternal uncle. He was able to reuse it again with ease in his second clash with his uncle. His grandfather trained his power by having him shoot at tin cans.[19] He was able to cut through solid rock with ease following his training, and he is accurate enough to intercept Jonathan-El’s freeze vision with his own heat vision.[21]


They’re not so bad in a fight.
—Sam Lane[src]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Jordan began training in boxing by his maternal grandfather to sharpen his powers.[5] While he already demonstrated moderate skill against his paternal uncle, his training allowed him to fare better against a drug dealer enhanced by X-Kryptonite and he even subdued him. He defeated more XK junkies when he rescued his mother and grandfather,[19] and he was later able to obtain the upper hand against Jonathan-El.[22] Although he was initially overwhelmed by Lana-Rho, he fared better against her in their rematch, especially considering how he fought both Lana-Rho and Jonathan-El simultaneously despite being overpowered, and when Natalie joined him, receiving commendation from his grandfather.[21]
  • Musician: Jordan is a trained pianist, performing Amos Lee’s “Little Light” for Sarah’s audition and later playing the piano at home. He also taught Sarah a little on how to play the piano before he experienced kryptonite sickness.


  • Kryptonite: Due to being half-Kryptonian, even while empowered, Jordan is vulnerable to the exposure of Kryptonite, a radioactive mineral from the planet Krypton. Depending on the nature of the said Kryptonite, it will cause a different adverse effect on him;
    • Green kryptonite: Green Kryptonite not only physically hurts Jordan, but also it weakens his physical attributes; making his resilience equivalent to that of a normal human, but if he is exposed to enough Green Kryptonite for too long, it will eventually kill him.
  • Noise sensitivity: Presumably due to enhanced hearing, loud noises, such as a locker door closing or a bell ringing, can leave Jordan feeling disoriented, giving him headache-like symptoms. Since learning to control his powers he has had less and less headaches.[7]
  • Red sun energy: Jordan is powerless when exposed to the energy of a red sun.
  • Social anxiety disorder: Jordan suffers from severe anxiety, which first manifested as tantrums and night terrors as a child. He takes benzodiazepines as medication and he is in therapy for his anxiety. However, it has been implied that these outbursts have been his superior senses sporadically appearing. His mercurial temperament and social anxiety limit his interactions with individuals. Although after becoming Sarah’s boyfriend and bonding more with his family, his disorder doesn’t have too much affect on him anymore.[2]

former weaknesses

  • Power instability/Mixed DNA: Due to being half-human, Jordan doesn’t have constant access to his Kryptonian powers. According to Jor-El’s A.I.; Jordan may have spontaneous instances of power like heat vision, but he will not be able to manifest anything beyond enhanced physical condition just above that of normal humans; as his cells cannot properly store solar energy. However, it is possible that his age is associated with this, as he has not yet fully matured.[3] After Zeta-Rho took over Jordan’s body and he regained control of it, Jordan gained better control of his powers which have begun to steadily grow.


  • ELT: After gaining Kryptonian powers, Jordan was given a signal device known as an ELT by his parents in case of emergencies.[3]

former equipment

  • Headphones: While Jordan was learning to control his superhuman hearing, he had to wear his headphones to stop him from hearing everything.[9]


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  • Jordan always had a crush on Sarah since they met.
  • Jordan is a fan of “Flake” by Fidlar.[2]
  • Jordan’s name is derived from “Jor-El”, the name of his biological paternal grandfather. Like his brother, Jonathan Kent was named after their adoptive grandfather, Jonathan Kent Sr..[3]
    • Jordan was also the alias assumed by Clark after quitting his powers in the famous story arc Whatever Happened to the Man of Steel?.
  • According the episode, ” A brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events”, Jordan was born before Jonathan.


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