The Flash: What Happened To Julian Albert

julian Albert, besides known as the villain Dr. Alchemy, was last seen in The Flash season 3 finale before going back to London between seasons and hasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate been heard from since. Played by Tom Felton ( best known as Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter movies ), julian ’ randomness presence on Team Flash was one of the changes made by “ Flashpoint ” in season 3. After preventing his mother ’ s death at the goal of The Flash season 2, Barry Allen resets prison term by and large binding to what it was supposed to be. One of the changes is julian Albert working with the Central City police and Team Flash .
julian came to Central City looking for the Philosopher ’ s Stone, which he thought would be able to bring his baby back to animation. While there, he came under the control of Savitar, the chief adversary of that season of The Flash, and went around under mind dominance as Dr. Alchemy, giving metahuman powers to people who had them in the “ Flashpoint ” timeline. Julian besides played a big character with the team for the rest of the season, even after his time as Alchemy was all over. He finally became conclusion with Caitlin, including trying to find a way to suppress or cure her Killer Frost character .
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His disappearance at the end of The Flash season 3 came as a bit of a surprise since it wasn ’ thyroxine announced until after the first trailer for The Flash season 4 released. Since his final appearance, he ‘s only been mentioned once — in The Flash temper 4, episode 1. specifically, Joe West ( Jesse Martin ) says that the crime lab has been swamped always since julian left to go back to London, leaving them down another CSI as Barry was trapped in the Speed Force. Presumably, Julian could be about somewhere on Earth-Prime, but there ’ s no ratification even. Tom Felton has shown pastime in coming back to the usher to reprise his role, but so far there ’ second been no movement on that front man .

Caitlin and Julian talk with one another over a laptop Why Julian was written off the usher is indecipherable and has never truly been addressed. julian ’ mho passing in the fourth dimension jump between The Flash seasons 3 and 4 was given a watery report explanation. Tom Felton and the rest of the vomit and crew seemed to get along, and there was no reading Felton chose to leave for any particular reason. even though he was part of season 3, the most assorted season of The Flash, his presence was one of the better-received parts of the temper, leaving his disappearance from the express a bite baffling .
The Flash ‘s floor has come a long way since Julian ‘s deviation, and while there did n’t seem to be a lot board for the fictional character ‘s return in former season, it ‘s something that could happen in season 7 or subsequently given that the earth has changed due to Crisis on Infinite Earths. possibly Earth-Prime ‘s julian never worked with Team Flash or possibly something changed at some point that would allow him to return down the argumentation. however it could happen, The Flash should surely bring back julian.

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