Justice League 2: Predicting The Future DCEU Roster

Justice League 2 will have a identical different roll when it happens, and here are the DC Extended Universe characters who will likely be involved. Following the underwhelming reply to 2017 ‘s Justice League and the fallout with Zack Snyder and the alleged “ Snyder Cut “, the future of the franchise remains indecipherable. Warner Bros. and DC Films have an ambitious slate of approaching movies featuring a variety of heroes. Some will continue to remain outstanding characters in the DCEU, while others will be introduced with undimmed futures in mind. In either case, they could all be part of a future Justice League 2 team .
The original Justice League hurl assembled the six biggest DCEU heroes together to fight Steppenwolf. Those characters are Batman ( Ben Affleck ), Superman ( Henry Cavill ), Wonder Woman ( Gal Gadot ), Aquaman ( Jason Momoa ), Flash ( Ezra Miller ), and Cyborg ( Ray Fisher ). however, one-half of them now appear to be done with the shared universe. Affleck will make his final Batman appearance in The Flash, while Cavill ‘s days of Superman besides seem to be behind him – despite his interest in playing the serviceman of Steel again. Ray Fisher, on the early hand, wo n’t return as Cyborg until diverse producers, and studio executives, including DC Films president of the united states Walter Hamada, apologize for how he was treated during the cook of the first Justice League .

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With half of the original Justice League roll improbable to return for Justice League 2, that puts the studios in a side where they ‘ll have to bring in multiple new characters. Some of the original members are probably to be part of the adjacent Justice League movie, but the sequel/reboot could besides be where newer DCEU characters join the team. This would allow the Justice League 2 team to represent both the by and future of the partake universe. But who precisely will be part of the team next ? here ‘s a prediction for which characters will make up the future Justice League 2 roll .

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince in Wonder Woman 1984 The leader of the Justice League 2 team is all but sealed to be Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot ‘s portrait of the Amazonian warrior has made her a superhero icon and the fresh face of the DCEU. even though Wonder Woman 1984 was n’t as universally praised as her first solo film, there is however great admiration for Wonder Woman. Her popularity makes her the coherent choice from WB and DC ‘s perspective to be at the forefront of Justice League 2 ‘s roll. however, it besides is an apprehensible conclusion in-universe. She was creditworthy for recruiting some of the master Justice League members, sol Diana Prince already has seniority and power in the group. The absences of Batman and Superman should mean that other DCEU heroes look to Wonder Woman for guidance, and her impregnable morals and incredible powers make her an ideal character to lead the future iteration of the team. even if another superhero emerges as the Justice League ‘s leader, it is impossible to imagine Wonder Woman not being part of the roll .


Jason Momoa Aquaman 2 image The DCEU ‘s future Justice League roll is besides certain to see Aquaman return for Justice League 2. Jason Momoa has helped transform the quality from a pop-culture joke to one of the cool superheroes around. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom should further this stance as Momoa dives deeper into Arthur Curry. On top of being a fan-favorite fictional character, Aquaman is besides a certified box office draw after his first solo film. As the king of Atlantis, some might argue that Aquaman could be a sting preoccupy to take separate in future Justice League missions. however, his prominence is precisely why he ‘d likely lend a bridge player to save Earth from the next major menace. Aquaman already chose to do what was right and get involved in Justice League ‘s Steppenwolf fight when he did n’t need to, but now that the seven seas are under his control, he should be willing to protect them from any new threats and work with the Justice League to do that if necessary .


Barry Allen running through the speed force in The Flash movie It besides makes sense that Flash will be share of the Justice League 2 draw. He ‘s had the smallest DCEU role of the propose returning members, but WB and DC are still committed to him being part of the future. Ezra Miller is leading The Flash alone movie, which loosely adapts Flashpoint. The positive movement on his alone film proves that the studios want to make it work with Miller ‘s Flash. The speedster would give the future iteration of the Justice League roll some youth and continue the character ‘s trajectory after Justice League. Although his connection to the team chiefly came from Batman, Flash returning for Justice League 2 could allow him to grow up a spot and become a spot more of a drawing card for the new recruits.

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Fan art of Sasha Calle as Supergirl by MizuriAU Justice League 2’s hurl is probable to include Sasha Calle ‘s Supergirl at this point. With Henry Cavill ‘s Superman future in doubt, it makes sense that the studios will want to fill his void with another similarly strong fictional character. Supergirl can be Justice League 2 ‘s Superman refilling following her introduction in The Flash. It ‘s unmanageable to know precisely how the character would fit on the team considering her DCEU debut has yet to happen. But angstrom long as audiences respond positively to Sasha Calle ‘s portrait, there should be a spot on the DCEU ‘s future Justice League team for Supergirl .


Zachary Levi in Shazam 2 Another new member of the DCEU ‘s Justice League team should be Zachary Levi ‘s Shazam. He could join Justice League 2 and immediately be one of the team ‘s most knock-down members, which is saying something considering who else might appear. Shazam is surely well-liked among viewers but that has nothing to do with why he should join the Justice League. The DCEU has already confirmed Shazam and Superman know each early, and there are rumors he could meet Wonder Woman in Shazam : fury of the Gods. This should give Shazam the inside traverse to being on Justice League 2 ‘s roll .


DC Batgirl Movie Casts Leslie Grace It besides seems likely that Justice League 2 ‘s roll will include Leslie Grace ‘s Batgirl. Barbara Gordon ‘s DCEU introduction will come in her alone film, which will happen after Ben Affleck ‘s Batman exits in The Flash. With Robert Pattinson ‘s Batman in a unlike population and Michael Keaton ‘s Batman more suited for a mentor character than an active agent crime combatant, Batgirl could be Justice League 2 ‘s Dark Knight successor. After battling Brendan Fraser ‘s Firefly in Batgirl, joining the next Justice League team can give Barbara a new challenge and show how valuable her skills can be on a team with god-like beings. This would further establish Batgirl as a major separate of the DCEU ‘s future .

Green Lantern

Green Lantern Corp. DC Comics Whenever Justice League 2 happens, it should be the station to bring one of Earth ‘s Green Lanterns to the DCEU. Justice League provided confirmation of Green Lanterns existing in the share universe, but Earth ‘s current defender is unknown. WB and DC have been trying to make a solo film for years to no avail, and plans for an HBO Max series could kill the fleeceable Lantern Corps movie. As a result, one or two of Hal Jordon, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Simon Baz, and Jessica Cruz need to be on the DCEU ‘s future Justice League team. Their duties protecting earth and exploring the cosmos can give Justice League 2 ‘s roll person connected to space, which could, in turn, open up the entire galaxy for other DCEU movies and shows to explore. Plus, if a solo movie is off the board, having green Lantern on the superhero team can give the quality a future .
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