Weird Science DC Comics: Justice League #49 Review

Oops ! … I Did It Again

JUSTL Cv49Written By: Si Spurrier Art By: Aaron Lopresti, Matt Ryan, David Baron, Tom Napolitano
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 14, 2020

After saving a cargo ship full of alien children and returning them to their homeworld, the Justice League then took out the satellite ‘s evil dictator in hopes of freeing a world that was overrun by absolutism. The only problem is …….. what do these people, who have merely known their own atrocious way of life sentence do with no drawing card to lead them ? Why, they ask their star saviors to lead them of course, but do the Justice League have the correct to put their beliefs on these people ? Let ‘s jumpstart into this consequence and see what the Justice League will do after they besides had to save these people from an alien menace. Let ‘s check it out .
For this issue of Justice League, we take Wonder Woman ‘s concerns about the Justice League leading a refinement and how amiss that is and run with it. The idea that our heroes would n’t know the customs, backgrounds or pretty a lot anything concerning these people becomes the main focus of this book and while it was fun initially, you ‘re pretty much just waiting for the adjacent misinterpretation to take set as the pages progress. Yeah, this premice does get a little old as we continue on, not to mention that the estimate that some of the Justice League members would think that it would be okay to be the rulers of this global comes off a small eldritch, but even with that being said, there is some fun to be had with this and the theme that things are n’t precisely as they seem to our heroes in this topic .

I was kind of hoping that we would have gotten a small bite more out of the backgrounds of this stranger civilization that seems to hate one another because of their diverge ideals of choosing their paths in life, with one choosing the Way Of The Cell and the other choosing the Way Of The Spark ……. pretty much, skin vanadium cybernetics, but it does appear that we may be getting more out of their backgrounds in the next publish so I guess I can wait. I just wanted more out of this issue though beyond proceed misunderstandings, while Wonder Woman told us a report about a giantess, who once ruled people before the Amazons were born that was a perfective doctrine of analogy for what ‘s going on with our team here .

All in all, I actually enjoyed the art in this topic and the misunderstandings were playfulness at first gear but did get a little overbear as the issue continued. The mind for this narrative is cool, even if it comes off a little cliched at times, but it feels like we just do n’t do enough with the concept in this issue to in truth make it all that challenging because all we get by the end is the changeless estimate that our heroes are idiots who ca n’t learn. It ‘s a problem, but it ‘s not adequate to make me hate what we got hera because it ‘s a newly character for our heroes here and they ‘re on a bit of a learn swerve, I precisely wish that they could get on the streetcar a sting sooner. Hopefully, things actually pick up for the future issue because I need to get binding to some old fashioned effective guys vs. bad guys soon because what we got in this return kind of wear out its welcome for how overact it was

Bits and Pieces

While the artwork looks great here and there is a bit of fun to be had, this exit largely merely showcases our heroes ‘ inability to learn from a position and in truth barely makes them look like dumbells in the end. I do hope that we ‘re able to move on from what we got this issue when we go into the adjacent one because the constant errors in judgment that our heroes found themselves in here got a act old .


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