Secret Origins

Justice League episode


“Secret Origins”


November 17th, 2001

Production Number:

01; 02; 03

Airdate Order:

01; 02; 03

Reading: Secret Origins

Animation Services by:

Koko Enterprise Co., LTD.

Written by:

rich Fogel

Directed by:

Dan Riba and Butch Lukic

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In Blackest Night “ Episode images ( 24 ) ” Secret Origins “ is the series premier of Justice League. It primitively aired as a full-length movie, on November 17, 2001. subsequent re-runs divided the episode into three parts .


separate I

Two astronauts ( Carter and Ed Reiss ) explore the terrain of Mars. One stumbles onto the entrance to an underground cavern, at the end of which is a massive, flowery door. He wedges his pick into the door ‘s lock, and forces it candid. The doors open, and something massive rushes out, reaching for him … Two years late, Batman makes a brief tripper to the outskirts of Metropolis, spying on a satellite communications facility operated by Wayne Tech. As he watches, three employees of the facility commute affable good-byes with their co-workers, but a soon as they are alone, begin conversing in an alien language and tampering with the equipment. Batman appears and attempts to subdue them, but each of them fight back with amazing speed and military capability. Batman corners one on top of the ceiling serve, but it turns the tables on him. then Superman arrives and sends it running. Before they can deal with them, Superman sees strange images in his mind and is rendered unconscious mind. Batman grabs him as the three mysterious scientists detonate the satellite. As Batman watches the three scientists, they twist their bodies back to normal from positions that are inhuman, and they flee into the forest .
The two heroes share a reserved greet ; two years after Darkseid ‘s brainwashing, Superman has regained the majority of the world ‘s trust, but wonders if Batman is however in the minority. Batman explains that this station is the latest in a series that has been sending foreign encrypted signals into space. Superman offers his help, but Batman declines. Superman hands him a communicator to use in case he needs help ; Batman is doubting, but places it in his utility knock and keeps it anyhow. In the nation ‘s das kapital, J. Allen Carter, one of the two astronauts from the Mars expedition and now a U.S. Senator, proposes a boldface plan for sum nuclear disarming. He champions Superman as Earth ‘s defender, believing that the Man of Steel is both reliable and more than capable of handing any terror to the Earth. Superman embraces the idea, despite protests from the military and other sources. These even include other heroes, such as The Flash from Central City, who remarks : “ I ‘m the fastest man alive, and even I ca n’t be in five places at once. ”
As Superman works to disarm the world ‘s nuclear weapons, Batman continues his probe. He traces the three juke scientists to a warehouse in Metropolis, where he discovers the three real scientists, unconscious, inside alien-looking containers. then a defend pawl appears, which turns out to be an extraterrestrial being creature, and attacks. Batman is outmatched, and calls for aid using his signal watch. Superman arrives, and manages to save Batman, and both of them watch as a meteor comes down from the flip and crashes into the heart of Metropolis. From the volcanic crater, a massive extraterrestrial being vehicle appears, and without preamble makes its aggression clear : it begins attacking the patrol and fire units nearby. More meteors crash, giving surface to more vehicles. Superman and Batman throw everything they have at the creatures, but apparently to no avail. While preparing to fight again, Superman suffers another psychic migraine ; realizing something, he flies aside .
The universe goes into a panic about the new alien invasion, and the apparent absence of Superman. On Themyscira, Princess Diana notices signs of trouble in the outside populace, but her mother, Queen Hippolyta, tells her that it is none of their concern, as the Gods protect Themyscira. Batman flies after Superman, tracking him to a U.S. Army base. Inside, they find a green-skinned alien being held prisoner. After being freed, the estrange introduces himself as J’onn J’onzz. Before he can tell his floor, the three are confronted by a group of united states army soldiers. Superman tries to explain, but the soldiers morph into white-skinned aliens and aim their weapons at the three .

part II

On Themyscira, Diana enters the Temple of Athena, and prays for her mother ‘s forgiveness. She picks up a set of armor laid at the altar and puts it on … At the military base, Superman, Batman, and J’onn flee the scene, with their attackers close up behind. Taking to the publicize, they find themselves pursued by swarms of flying craft. Although they manage to down some, the Batwing is critically damaged, and closely crashes ; however, Batman is saved and the fighters are driven off by the timely arrival of four more heroes : green Lantern John Stewart, Hawkgirl of Thanagar, Princess Diana, and the Flash .
J’onn tells his floor : The aliens invaded Mars a thousand years ago, all but wiping out J’onn ‘s people, and absorbing their telepathic and shape-shifting abilities. J’onn was the sole survivor of a hit mission that incapacitated the invaders, and he sealed them away in an belowground bedroom five hundred years ago. unfortunately, some astronauts released them while J’onn was in hibernation. J’onn came to Earth to warn the Earthlings, but was captured on arrival by the aliens. alternatively, he used his partially-blocked telepathic powers to summon the heroes. The boldness gas which the Martians used to incapacitate the aliens before is made from a now-extinct martian plant, and it can not be reproduced, meaning they would have to find another way to defeat the invaders .
With their presence on Earth established, the aliens set up enormous factories that project an ionize field into the standard atmosphere, creating a massive cloud that shrouds the integral planet. J’onn explains that the invaders are nocturnal and wish to block out the sun. The heroes agree that the factories should be investigated and destroyed. Unused to working together, but resolved, the heroes split into three groups to destroy a factory each. Superman and Hawkgirl head to Metropolis, but they are captured. Flash and Green Lantern attack another, but are forced to retreat ; J’onn, Diana, and Batman attack a third gear. While inside, Batman discovers that the aliens are vulnerable to the sun ‘s rays, which is why they are creating the mottle blanket. They besides manage to steal the crystal powering the factory.

then the trio is attacked, and though J’onn and Diana evasion, Batman, who stayed behind to hold the invaders off, is cut off and obviously killed .

region III

The four remaining heroes regroup in Metropolis and prepare to free Hawkgirl and Superman. J’onn warns that they do not have much prison term, as the Imperium — the leader of the Invaders — will be arriving soon. While Flash creates a diversion, J’onn, Diana, and Green Lantern breach the adeptness. Managing to fight off the aliens, they find acid and Hawkgirl in a holding cell, but it ‘s a trap. The two heroes are actually aliens in disguise, and the rest of the heroes are captured. As the six heroes are held prisoner, they are shocked to see Senator Carter appear alongside their captors. It turns out that Carter is actually an stranger in disguise ; the real Carter perished on Mars. Using his persona, the aliens learned adenine much as possible about Earth ‘s defenses, and besides tricked humans into disarming their most knock-down weapons. With no effective obstacles to their invasion left, the aliens signal a mothership orbiting the ground, and receive their leader, the Imperium. The empire remembers J’onn, and begins to torture him. The Imperium calls on J’onn to surrender, saying that he has ultimately lost, but J’onn lets slip that he however has a privy. suddenly, Batman appears, surprising everyone. J’onn explains that he telepathically shielded Batman from detection until then. Batman had used the meter to sabotage the ion quartz glass, reversing the sphere ‘s polarity. The cloud part, and the sunday shines through the opening in the factory ‘s roof .
Exposed to the sun, the aliens begin to burn and die. Batman explains that the aliens have no resistance to ultraviolet radiation as he helps detached Diana. Superman, having regained his powers thanks to the sunlight ‘s chicken lightly, frees himself with his heat vision. He then frees Hawkgirl, who frees John, while Diana frees Flash. Afterwards, they all engage in fight with the aliens, smashing big holes in the roof to kill off the remaining aliens. The Imperium, with its skin blistering, grapples with J’onn, then hurriedly retreats back into its shuttle, leaving the Carter doppelganger to die, and makes for the mothership. however, Diana lassoes the shuttle, which Hawkgirl further damages with her macebearer, and swings it into the factory, destroying both the factory and the Imperium. The other heroes quickly evacuate the capture humans being held there, merely before the factory explodes. The mothership flees into space. ground rejoices over the repel of the invasion, but several skeptics, including General Wells, states that they got lucky this clock ; if the aliens or a similar terror return, the Earth has no means of advance warning. Watching the report, Batman ponders this comment … A short time late, the heroes assemble aboard a large space place orbiting the earth, built and launched in privy by Wayne Enterprises. The station will provide warning in advance in case of another estrange invasion .
Superman addresses the meet heroes, saying that the invasion has proved to him that even he is n’t mighty adequate to safeguard the earth by himself. He proposes the formation of the Justice League. Four of the other heroes agree ( in his or her own way ) ; Batman, used to operating solo, is loath to join a team, but assures them that he ‘ll be on call when they need avail. The last holdout is J’onn, who is near the windows by himself, gazing at the stars. When Superman goes to him, J’onn says he is the last outlive member of his race. Superman says that he can relate, and assures J’onn that he does n’t have to be alone anymore .


Background information

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production notes

production inconsistencies

  • Wonder Woman says they have to destroy the “factories” despite never seeing them and wondering what the smoke in the horizon is just prior.
  • It does not seem plausible that:
    • The aliens would be able to entrap Hawkgirl in the substance with her Nth metal mace in her hand, nor John Stewart with his ring still on.
    • One of the alien parasites could successfully impersonate a prominent American politician for two years without ever stepping foot into direct sunlight—especially considering only brief exposure to the sun is exactly how the impostor ultimately died.
    • A civilization as advanced as the Martians could be at war with the invaders for decades and never stumble upon their weakness to solar radiation.
  • After the destruction of the Imperium, when the seven heroes are shown from behind, Hawkgirl’s legs are miscolored in a flesh tone.


  • Another reference to popular Martian-themed science fiction is the way Senator Carter is replaced by an identical Martian agent similar to the way the Martians of Gerry Anderson’s series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons advanced their war against the Earth. In fact. the primary antagonist in that series was an astronaut who was replaced by a Martian and sent back to earth similar to Senator Carter’s “sleeper twin”.
  • The Imperium invaders also bear a strong resemblance to the White Martians in DC Comics, a violent genetic offshoot of the peaceful “greenskins” who share all of J’onn’s powers, and use them in an attempt to take over the Earth. The story featuring the White Martians’ first appearance also bears strong similarities to this episode. Before actually attacking, the White Martians shapeshifted into superhero personae to win favor with Earth and easily bypass certain defenses (as the invaders impersonated Senator Carter and some scientists to do the same). The same story was also intended to restart the Justice League with the “original seven” (with some small changes) as well. In both stories, Batman is thought killed by the enemy, rescues his captured teammates, and discovers the enemies’ weakness to use against them.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode “Showtime” (which aired on January 7, 2003), Andrew mentions the Justice League putting “their differences aside to stop the Imperium and his shape shifting alien horde”.
  • Superman disarming all the world’s nuclear weapons was the plot line of the movie Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. In the movie, however, Superman threw all the world’s nuclear weapons into the sun.
  • When Stewart was knocked out by the sleeping gas, the color of the gas was yellow which seemed to bypass John’s shield with no trouble. This could be a reference to mainstream comics, where, up until recently, power rings had no effect on the color yellow.
  • The Imperium posing as Senator Carter calls the six captured superheroes “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”, which is a subtle nod to The Avengers, a team of superheroes owned by DC’s rival Marvel Comics and who are also known by this name in the title of their comic book.
  • Flash’s sarcastic suggestion that they call themselves “Super Friends” is an obvious reference to Hanna-Barbera’s animated TV series Super Friends (also based on the Justice League).
  • To coincide with both the 25th anniversary of The Death of Superman comic book storyline and the 16th anniversary of the Justice League TV series, the DC Extended Universe film Justice League was released on November 17, 2017, the same day in which “Secret Origins” premiered in 2001.


Uncredited appearances


J’onn J’onzz: I came to warn you, but I was captured and imprisoned. They would n’t listen.
Batman: Big surprise.
J’onn J’onzz: I sense you do n’t trust me. possibly this will help. (Shapeshifts into humanoid form) I am J’onn J’onzz.
(Offers his hand, which Batman doesn’t take.)
Superman: Do n’t take it personally, J’onn, he does n’t trust anyone.
J’onn J’onzz: A fresh policy .
Flash: Whoa ! Where have you been all my life ?
Wonder Woman: Themyscira.
Flash: Huh ?
Hawkgirl: The home of the Amazons. I always thought it was merely a caption.
Wonder Woman: I assure you, it ‘s adenine real as the ground on which we stand on. I am Diana, Princess of the Amazons.
Flash: Pinch me, I must be dreaming. (Superman elbows him) Ow !
Wonder Woman: then, J’onn J’onzz, you came from Mars to warn us ?
Flash: This is just excessively wyrd.
Green Lantern: I ‘ve seen strange things .
Flash: What ‘s the problem ? Ca n’t you good whip up another batch of that heart gas ?
J’onn: Unfortunately, no. The accelerator can only be made from a rare martian establish. I brought a sample with me, but it was destroyed when I was captured.
Flash: Uh, what ‘s plan B ?
Green Lantern: Lady, this is no job for amateurs.
Wonder Woman: We Amazons are warriors born ! Want to test me ?
Superman: Let ‘s not fight among ourselves. John, we ‘re going to need all the avail we can get.
Green Lantern: Fine. Sorry, “ your highness ”. tactically, we ‘ll have multiple objectives. We ‘ll need to split into teams.
Flash: Dibs on the Amazon !
(cut to Flash and Green Lantern)
Flash: You are no playfulness !
Superman: Are you always then eager to fight ?
Hawkgirl: My homeworld, Thanagar, is a war-like global. There, one must strike first or die.

Imperium: You ‘re hiding something. A secret in the recesses of your take care. Is this another of your martian tricks ?
J’onn J’onzz: Do I sense fear ?
Superman: I once thought I could protect the worldly concern by myself. But I was incorrectly. Working together, we saved the satellite. And I believe that if we stay in concert, as a team, we would be a pull that could truly work for the ideals of peace and justice.
Flash: What, like a bunch of Super-Friends ?
Superman: More like a Justice League.
Flash: Do you have any estimate how bromidic that sounds ?
Batman: I ‘m not truly a “ people person ”. But when you need help—and you will—call me .

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