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Real Name

Kong Kenan

Main Alias


Other Aliases

Superman, Superman of China


( beget )
( uncle, deceased ) Kong Zhongdan (father) Doctor Omen (mother) Kong Zhonglun (uncle, deceased)


The Great Twenty · Justice League of China · Superman Family · Supermen of the Multiverse · formerly Ministry of Self-Reliance

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Secret Identity



Marital Status



Student, former Government Agent










Prime Earth


Gene Luen Yang · Viktor Bogdanovic

First Appearance
New Super-Man #1
(September, 2016)
Quote1.png In the whole history of China, there are maybe three other people as important as I am. Quote2.png

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Kong Kenan is the Super-Man of China. initially a egoistic strong-arm who cared alone for himself, Kenan was changed after standing up to Blue Condor and receiving the powers of Superman, whom he greatly respects. Kenan is brash, froward and frequently rushes into situations without intend, although he has the best of intentions.

early life

Kong Kenan [ note ] was born to Kong Zhongdan and Kuang Maitai. His parents were believers of Truth, Democracy and Justice, with his mother being a member of the Freedom Fighters of China known as the Liberty Goddess. unfortunately his mother was killed in a plane accident when Kenan was young, causing his father to join the Freedom Fighters, although Kenan lone found out about his parents ‘ roles in the Freedom Fighters at a much later date. [ 1 ] ascribable to the nature of his beget ‘s end, Kenan would frequently bully Luo Lixxin, who was the son of Luo Longde, who owned the airliner his mother died on. [ 2 ]

Becoming the New Super-Man

One day while beating up Lixxin, his victim was attacked by Blue Condor, a super villain member of the Freedom Fighters. Reacting out of instinct, Kenan threw a sodium carbonate can at Blue Condor ‘s oral sex, causing him to flee the fit. This was recorded by Laney Lan, a reporter, who heralded him as a hero. Picking up on Kenan ‘s success the Ministry of Self-Reliance ‘s director Doctor Omen decided to pick him for their Super-Man of China project. [ 2 ] Upon being promised the powers of Superman Kenan travelled to their adeptness where he was imbued with the life sentence force of the dead Kryptonian. [ 3 ] Upon emerging from the power imbuing chamber Kenan began trying out his new powers. When he refused to stand down, Doctor Omen sent in the Bat-Man and the Wonder-Woman of China to deal with Kenan. During the fight, Kenan ‘s powers stopped working and he was taken down by the pair. [ 4 ] Upon waking up, Kenan was suspended from leaving the complex. however, during a mission briefing for Bat-Man and Wonder-Woman, Kenan noticed that he had the passcode to the homestead they were heading to. After begrudging being sent on the mission by Doctor Omen to save Wei Li, C.E.O. of the biggest network support company in the nation from the Freedom Fighter, Sunbeam. evening though Wonder-Woman and Bat-Man told him not to engage Sunbeam, he saw Wei Li in danger so he punched Sunbeam. She then shot Kenan with a solar balance beam causing him to baron up and get the better of Sunbeam. Laney Lan then arrived and he revealed to the World that he was Kong Kenan the New Super-Man, and that he, Bat-Man and Wonder-Woman were the Justice League of China. [ 4 ] Kenan was among the many Supermen of the multiverse who were kidnapped by the Prophecy to steal their powers, but they were freed by the Justice Incarnate. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] Roy Harper Cry for Justice.jpgIncomplete
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Hawke & Kong

While temporarily watching over Metropolis at Superman ‘s request, Kenan encountered Connor Hawke on his means over to visit his mother with a delicate jar of kimchi. After the two teamed up to defeat a rampaging LexCorp experiment, Hawke quietly left, dejected over unintentionally breaking the jar and annoyed with Super-Man ‘s unintentional glory-hogging. Feeling bad, Kenan flew to China and bought him pao cai, a cup of tea with similarities to the Korean kimchi. Hawke ‘s great-aunt invited him to stay for dinner, eating the pao cai in concert along with it. [ 7 ]




  • Power Instability (Formerly): So far Kenan has only learned to activate his powers one at a time and cannot use them simultaneously. Furthermore, by losing his focus, the level of his abilities tend to fluctuate. Due to synchronizing with a mystical artifact known as the Red Jade Dragon, Kenan was finally able to rid himself of these limitations.
  • Vulnerability to Kryptonite: Like Kryptonians, Kenan is weakened by Kryptonite. However, exposure is non-lethal since he is basically not a real kryptonian.[15]


  • Containment Suit[2]

  • Kenan’s birth name is typically presented using Chinese naming conventions, which give surnames first. Kenan is his given name, while Kong is the family name.


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