Justice League: The First 10 Members of DC’s Super Team, In Chronological Order

DC ‘s Justice League is an iconic team among amusing book and superhero fans, but do they know who the inaugural 10 members were besides the obvious ? The Justice League formed when Earth faced some of its most frightful dangers, the top heroes of DC Comics working together to save the planet. At the meter, the theme was to bring all DC ‘s biggest and best heroes together in one koran, although it was difficult because creative teams had command over what their characters did .
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The first appearance of the Justice League came in The Brave and the Bold # 27 by Gardner Fox, Mike Sekowsky, Bernard Sachs, Joe Giella, Murphy Anderson & Gaspar Saladino, where they battled Starro the Conquerer. however, this was not the beginning time the group teamed up, their true beginning coming in the pages of Justice League of America # 9 by Gardner Fox, Mike Sekowsky & Bernard Sachs.


10 Martian Manhunter

The first time the Justice League teamed up was to battle aliens from a planet known as Appellax. The storyline had different aliens battling for the principle of their home satellite, with whoever could conquer Earth winning that function. The first man to face these aliens was martian Manhunter, making him formally the first champion to battle as a establish member of the team. Manhunter did n’t last angstrom long as others, leaving the team in Justice League of America # 71 and was gone from the JLA comics for 15 years .

9 Aquaman

new 52 aquaman
The second person to show up in the Justice League origin history was Aquaman. martian Manhunter was taken captive, and Aquaman was in the oceans when a fish arrived and told him that his companion pisces had been turned to glass by aliens. Aquaman tried to save the ocean life but was besides captured by the aliens. Aquaman ended up serving as a member throughout most of its history and even took over as the Detroit team leader .

8 Wonder Woman

Immortal Wonder Woman #2 Preview
The next member to join was Wonder Woman. She saw the aliens attacking Paradise Island and failed to stop them on her own. She showed up about at the lapp time as Aquaman. While introduced as a knock-down warrior in her own comics, Diana was actually listed as the secretary for the Justice League in her early days, a shock title for a identical different era. however, that was ephemeral, and Wonder Woman became the heart and soul of DC ‘s most mighty team .

7 Green Lantern

Hal Jordan as Green Lantern
While martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman were battling to save the land from the invasion. green Lantern was not on the planet. however, fortunately for the early heroes, Green Lantern was on his way rear to Earth and noticed a meteoroid headed toward the planet .
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much like the other heroes, Lantern was besides stopped momentarily, thanks largely to the aliens ‘ yellow color. He ended up being captured alongside the other three Justice League founders .

6 Flash

Up next was Flash. This is interesting because when DC superheroes returned in the Silver Age, Flash was the first quality to return in a newfangled shape, as Barry Allen was the first base fresh hero created for the fresh genesis. however, he was the fifth to show up when the Justice League formed. The commodity newsworthiness is that the five heroes worked together and escaped, taking the battle back to the aliens .

5 Superman

All-Star Superman
The adjacent two heroes arrived at the like prison term. The five superheroes showed up in Greenland, where they found both Superman and Batman battling an extraterrestrial being together. martian Manhunter tied humorously stated that these two heroes frequently work together. Superman is golden that Batman was there to help them because the meteoroid Green Lantern saw was Kryptonite. Superman, a lifelong member, was never around much for the beginning missions of the team after this .

4 Batman

much like Superman, Batman besides was n’t around a fortune after he joined the team. The two biggest heroes in DC Comics were often there as special guests, despite being full-fledged members, for the first few adventures. The truth is that the two heroes ‘ editors felt that they would be overexposed if they appeared excessively much outside their own books .
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however, Batman besides has one other major position in Justice League lore. After the seven heroes beat the aliens, they all gathered together, and it was Batman ‘s estimate to form the Justice League, calling it “ a club or club, ” before Flash decided on “ league. ”

3 Green Arrow

Black Canary Proposes To Green Arrow - Injustice 2 Comics
When the Justice League explained their origin report in Justice League of America # 9, Green Arrow was there and was good interested in hearing the history. Arrow was the first new penis to join the team after its formation. park Arrow joined the team in the fourthly write out and his entree to the Justice League when they invited him to join the team over other possible members like Adam Strange and Hawkman. It ended up as a consentaneous vote of yes for fleeceable Arrow to join the team .

2 Atom

Screenshot Justice League Unlimited Atom John C. McGinley
The following newfangled member came in Justice League of America # 14 when Atom joined the team. The team opened the exit by voting on a fresh penis, and the winner by solid decision was for The Atom. however, the Justice League members forgot who they were and what powers they held and forgot everything they knew about Atom thanks to the villain known as Mister Memory. After Atom helped saved the team, they made his membership official .

1 Hawkman

It was two years before the Justice League brought on another member. This took position in Justice League of America # 31 when Hawkman joined the team. The issue opened with the Justice League message that Hawkman received membership for life. Atom was sent to meet with Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and he offered Hawkman membership since alone one new extremity could join at a time. It took 13 years before Hawkgirl became a member .
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