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To clarify, I am writing a review of the “ Snyder Cut ” of Justice League. The 2021 version, a 4 hour long re-edit by the original conductor Zack Snyder- ( not the 2-hour 2017 “ Justice League ” movie started by Snyder but completed by Joss Whedon. ) I love showing superhero movies to my kids but the DC movies of the past 10 years are normally a lot benighted and more acute than the Marvel films- so the lowest age I normally recommend most of these for is kids 12 and up- I ‘ve made some exceptions here and there. Individual scenes in Justice League might be all right for younger kids ( there are some very dear Wonder Woman and Amazon war scenes that I would say are fine for younger children than that but as a unharmed the film is very murky and dark and grim in tone. ) I honestly think most kids would be bored more than scared, due to its slowly, mood-setting, character-building pace. This deletion is by and large an improvement over the 2017 cut- more clock time for character development and more superhero legal action. In terms of values and messages, it emphasizes the importance of teamwork, cooperation, selflessness, province and heroism, making amends for one ‘s mistakes, helping those who need it, and showing compassion for those in pain and dealing with loss and grief. The ferocity is by and large big “ Return of the King ” type struggle scenes of CGI aliens or warriors being stabbed or zapped. I recall seeing a identical humble amount of blood in a couple of battle scenes. The chief CGI villain gets decapitated at the end, bloodlessly, after a pretty violent pummel by respective superheroes. A body is zapped out of being by an estrange weapon and you can see bones and muscle being vaporized in slowly movement but not bloody, more like an anatomical reference exemplification. The F parole is used precisely 3 times- once by a villain and twice by heroes- this is not a high-profanity movie, but it ‘s there. There are besides very dark THEMES. The movie very focuses on death and grief- dead superheroes, dead parents, grieving fiances, grieving husbands, grieving parents. There are no fewer that three voiceovers by dead fathers talking to their sons in this film … If you know about the personal syndicate calamity that caused the film maker to leave the movie initially, this all greatly adds to the aroused power of the film, distinctly a very passionate and personal work. But it besides makes it more adult. long floor short- I think the very dull yard will bore younger children before they have a find to be scared or scandalized — the themes of loss and grief will go over most of their heads, the action scenes may identical good thrill them but might scare younger children. It very feels more of a harder PG-13 than an R. So fine for 12+ in my opinion, though use your opinion based on the child. I am a church father of 6.

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