Zack Snyder Fans Continue the DCEU’s Justice League With Animated Sequel Trailer

Although Warner Bros. has no plans to continue Zack Snyder ‘s imagination for the alleged DC Extended Universe, the conductor ‘s most fervent followers refuse to give up on the SnyderVerse. The latest evidence of that comes in the form of the fan-produced trailer for Project Justice League II .
It ‘s, effectively, a motion-comic good continuation of Zack Snyder ‘s Justice League, based on the storyboards for the film ‘s primitively intended sequel. The preview is accompanied on Twitter by a liaison to donate to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention ‘s Autumn Snyder Tribute Fund, established following the death of Snyder ‘s daughter in 2017 .
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Following the tragedy, Zack Snyder stepped away from production of Justice League, leaving Joss Whedon to oversee extra photography and edit. The leave 2017 film was a commercial and critical failure, for which Snyder fans blamed Whedon, whose behavior on place became the subject of a studio investigation. ( A recent report contends Snyder ‘s final examination cut of the theatrical release was “ unwatchable ” and “ joyless. ” )

separate of the continuing # RestoreTheSnyderVerse campaign that arose in 2021, following the HBO Max release of Zack Snyder ‘s Justice League, the footage focuses on the future glimpsed in that film ‘s “ Knightmare Sequence ” : earth is rendered a barren after Darkseid murders a meaning Lois Lane, driving Superman huffy. The man of Steel then helps the lord of Apokolips to conquer the planet, leaving entirely a rabble group of heroes to resist him .
Batman, Cyborg, The Flash and Mera are joined by Deadshot are joined by Deadshot, Hal Jordan and John Stewart, the latter of whom, Snyder previously teased, would have gathered the Green Lantern Corps to stand against Darkseid in the final battle .

Project Justice League II Is Closest We’ll Get to More SnyderVerse

The fan-led campaign for WarnerMedia to release Snyder ‘s original vision for 2017 ‘s Justice League made news again earlier this month with a report asserting it was fueled by bots and forge accounts. The # ReleaseTheSnyderCut effort drew criticism at its stature with accusations of target on-line harassment and review bombard.

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Any remaining hope for the studio apartment ‘s good continuation of the SnyderVerse was apparently quashed by DC Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee at Comic-Con International in San Diego .
“ “ I work on the projects that are in development. And so, I think the Snyder Cut was Zack ‘s vision realized, and it was a truly satisfy report told, ” Lee said. “ But there ‘s no plans for extra work on that material. thus, I was happy to help contribute to the gear for the other stuff, and it was kind of playfulness to actually see that stuff get out there, ’cause I did that years ago. ”

Project Justice League II is teased for turn erstwhile this year .
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