10 Most Iconic Justice League Villains

Created by Garnder Fox in 1960, the Justice League made their amusing bible debut in The Brave and the Bold # 28. The founding members included Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, and martian Manhunter – those heroes would remain some of the most outstanding members of the team .
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While the heroes who make up the Justice League are some of the greatest characters in fiction, the villains who posed a terror to the entire team became good as iconic. Some of the most mighty DC Comics villains challenged the League, including Vandal Savage, Darkseid, and the Anti-Monitor. They became some of the most memorable villains in comics because the aggregate efforts of the integral League were required to stop them .

10 Vandal Savage Is An Immortal Villain

Vandal Savage David Finch Vandal Savage first debuted in Green Lantern # 10, but his Silver Age counterpart cursorily became the stallion Justice League ‘s villain. savage was in the first place a caveman who was exposed to a radioactive meteorite that gifted him with immortality. Over the run of humanness ‘s history, Savage has amassed office, wealth, and cognition, building an conglomerate that he could use to rule the world .
Because of his immortality, Savage is one of the scariest villains in DC Comics. savage has frequently fought heroes like Hawkman and Hawkgirl, who besides possess some form of immortality due to reincarnation, and Doctor Fate, who he battled in Ancient Egypt .

9 Despero Deputed In Justice League of America #1

Despero battles the Justice League Despero debuted in Justice League of America # 1 in 1960 after challenging the Justice League, particularly the Flash, to a series of mental challenges. Despero is fabulously intelligent, using his powers of telekinesis and mind-control to dominate the League .
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After his initial defeat, he ‘s reappeared many times in books like Justice League Europe and Justice League International. In the interpolate history of the New 52, Despero challenged the Justice League for the first base meter aboard their Watchtower. Since then, his comedian ledger appearances have been few and far between, but he remains in the populace center thanks to recent appearances on The Flash television receiver series .

8 Starro Conquers Worlds

Starro on Superman's Face Starro is actually the first villain the Justice League ever contend. Starro debuted alongside the team in The Brave and the Bold # 28 in 1960. Starro the Conquerer is an alien starfish able of controlling people ‘s minds deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as it latches onto them and uses their bodies as hosts .
Starro amusing book stories always play out like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, with armies of heroes and villains succumbing to its control condition. Starro has appeared in Justice League Europe, JLA/Avengers and played a big function in the celebrated Batman Beyond episode “ The call, ” where it controlled a future version of Superman and the League .

7 Eclipso Is The Manifestation Of God’s Wrath

Eclipso rages in DC Comics Eclipso may not sound incredibly threatening based on his name alone, but he is one of the most herculean Justice League villains of all time. Eclipso preceded the Spectre as the Wrath of God and Angel of Vengeance. Eclipso turned evil and was replaced by the more neutral Spectre .
Beyond superintendent military capability, focal ratio, escape, and immortality, Eclipso possesses a wide range of charming abilities that basically make him a deity. He first appeared in House of Secrets # 61 and has since challenged the Justice League and Teen Titans in the “ Countdown to Mystery ” and “ Rise of Eclipso ” storylines .

6 The Royal Flush Gang Have Appeared Many Times

The Royal Flush Gang From DC Comics The Royal Flush Gang is surely army for the liberation of rwanda less distinguished or brawny than other Justice League villains like Darkseid or Starro, but they are memorable and have appeared many times in DC Comics. They were one of the earliest villains the JLA had to fight, debuting in Justice League of America # 43, created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky .
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The Royal Flush Gang is the title used by many criminal organizations and the team members are in changeless liquefy. In other media, the team appeared in the DC Animated Universe and the cold-open for the Justice League : destine animated movie.

5 The Crime Syndicate Is An Evil Justice League From Earth-3

New 52 crime syndicate The Crime Syndicate, which included Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Power Ring, and Johnny Quick, was an evil translation of the Justice League from an understudy universe. In Earth-3, the alignments of popular DC characters were reversed. Superman was the evil tyrant known as Ultraman, while Alexander Luthor Jr. was a hero .
The Crime Syndicate first gear appeared in Justice League of America # 29 in 1964. They were the first “ malefic doppelgängers ” of democratic amusing book characters, a concept that would be replicated hundreds of times in comics that followed. The syndicate were the chief antagonists of Grant Morrison ‘s JLA : Earth-2 series and Geoff Johns ‘s “ Forever Evil ” New 52 arc .

4 The Anti-Monitor Threatened The Multiverse

Anti-Monitor-Guardians-Sinestro-Corps The Anti-Monitor has played large roles in some of DC Comics ‘ biggest events. The Anti-Monitor was the custodian of the Anti-Matter Universe but attempted to take over DC ‘s multiverse in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Through the unite efforts of DC ‘s heroes from by, present, and future, he was defeated .
He late returned in Infinite Crisis, became Guardian of the Yellow Lanterns during “ The Sinestro Corps War ” Green Lantern event, and fueled the Black Lanterns of Death in Blackest Night. The Anti-Monitor is capable of devouring stallion universes and his appearances in these events have made him one of the greatest villains in DC Comics .

3 Lex Luthor Is Much More Than Just A Superman Villain

Lex Luthor running for U.S. president, standing in front of the American flag in DC Comics Lex Luthor may be more recognizable as a Superman villain, but he ‘s posed a terror to the entire Justice League on many occasions, and he ‘s been involved in some of the most popular DC Comics events. Luthor inaugural premiered in Action Comics # 23 and frequently teamed up with the Joker in the Silver Age before establishing his own team of villains called the Injustice Gang in Justice League of America # 111 .
Luthor is besides normally depicted as the drawing card of the Legion of Doom. Luthor was President of the United States, placing bounties on Superman and Batman ‘s heads, he gained an Orange Lantern ring of Greed in Blackest Night, and he tied joined the Justice League after the events of “ Forever Evil. ” Luthor is constantly trying to use the League to get what he wants, normally enlisting the aid of other supervillains .

2 The Legion Of Doom Is The Anti-Justice League

legion of doom by alex ross The Legion of Doom was primitively created for the Challenge of the Superfriends animated series that was part of the Superfriends liveliness era that ran from 1973 to 1986. Lex Luthor led the team of villains which included Scarecrow, Solomon Grundy, Giganta, and more .
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Superboy Prime led a translation of the team in Extreme Justice # 16, while Lex Luthor and Joker led a Legion of Doom in Scott Snyder ‘s Justice League ongoing series. While the comic book team of villains was normally referred to as the “ Injustice Gang ” or “ Injustice League, ” the popularity of the Superfriends cartoons made “ Legion of Doom ” the more familiar title. DC ‘s greatest villains have joined the Legion and prove that there is intensity in numbers .

1 Darkseid Is A Recurring Threat To The Universe

Darkseid on his planet Apokolips Created by the fabled Jack Kirby, Darkseid made his comedian book debut in the final examination pages of Superman ‘s Pal Jimmy Olsen # 134. Darkseid is the ruler of Apokolips, a planet that engages in war with New Genesis. Both planets are homes to New Gods, beings with impossible powers who descended from the original gods of the universe.

Darkseid is one of the most brawny cosmic beings in the DC population. His forte rivals Superman ‘s and his omega Beams can disintegrate foes in seconds. Darkseid is one of the most memorable Justice League villains thanks to his many antagonistic appearances in popular events like Final Crisis and “ Darkseid War, ” and series like Superman/Batman and Infinite Frontier .
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