Juzo Biwa Naruto : Everything You Need To Know

In The narrative of Naruto, Juzo Biwa ( Pi Pa Shi Zang, Biwa Juzo ) was one of the jonins from Kirigakure and was a region in the Swordsmen Seven of the Mist. In the indicate, Juzo deserted his village and joined Akatsuki and was joined by Itachi Uchiha .

Backstory Juzo Biwa In Naruto

Backstory Juzo Biwa In Naruto
The here and now that Juzo became a character of his team, the Seven Ninja Swordsmen in the Mist He became the holder of the Kubikiribocho the weapon he used several times to dye battlefields with lineage of his adversaries. The ferociousness of his actions made Juzo celebrated across unlike parts of the Shinobi global .
At time after the Third Shinobi World War, Juzo and his team-mates snatched an Konoha team of Might Guy, Genma Shiranui and Ebisu. Juzo was astonished to discover to learn that the young ninja had cognition of his team and was mindful of their increase popularity. Before the swordsmen were able to move further, they came surrounded with Might Duy, who activated the Eight Gates Released Formation, risking his life to let his son and team members to escape .
In the animated, Juzo survived the meeting together with Raiga Kurosuki a well as Fuguki Suikazan. After an incident Juzo went missing and was a function of Akatsuki. Following an incident that led to the Uchiha Clan Downfall, Pain directed Juzo to join forces with newly recruited Itachi Uchiha. In prison term, Juzo and his new team-mate completed versatile missions together. then, they were a * * igned an a * * ignment to The Land of Water, much to Juzo ’ second displeasure. Following the completion of the mission, Juzo and Itachi were pursued and attacked by a group of hunter-nin headed by Yagura the fourth Mizukage. Juzo along with Itachi were able to knock down the majority of the hunter-nin. however, Yagura took on the form of his Version 2 shape and launched the Tailed Beast Ball toward Juzo.

In a short amount of time, Juzo attempted to deflect the attack using the Kubikiribocho but was abortive and was mortally wounded. When Itachi defeated his opposition, the Mizukage, Juzo lamented having to die in this nation by reaching for his sword that he believed was his only real friend. In his final moments, in deference for his mate soldiers, Itachi left the body of Kubikiribocho in the hands of Juzo. In the wake island of his death, the sword returned to the hands of Kirigakure .

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Personality Juzo Biwa

Personality Juzo
Juzo was celebrated for his brutality that was inhuman. In the express outside of struggle, he is depicted as a relax person who even made jokes to his colleagues. In accession, he was shown to be extremely welcoming to newcomers and showing them how Akatsuki operates. His loyalty was to Akatsuki following Pain ’ mho commands without hesitation. In terms of a * * ignments, he was extremely careful and thorough and favored to conduct his a * * ignments in the most professional manner potential. He even worked to make formations so that he could better align with his partners to achieve the best possible results in combat .
He was a snob in his community to the extent that he did not want to undertake any mission to The Land of Water. Juzo had a touch of being a alone person who was without a companion in his life. therefore, he decided not to give any final examination words to Itachi prior to his death with a focus on his precious sword. however, he did demonstrate some refer for Itachi when he advised Heachi to escape and get away prior to the arrival of reinforcements from the enemy. besides in the event that Juzo demanded Itachi to kill his brother in case he is destined to be killed by Kirigakure. He then offered the lapp to Itachi should he get caught by Konoha .
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Appearance Juzo from Naruto

Appearance Juzo from Naruto
Juzo was a reduce and tall shinobi, approximately the lapp acme as the sword that he used. Juzo was not a shinobi with eyebrows, no creases around his eyes and a cross-shaped grade on his buttock. The eyes and hair are colored grey deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as his locks are curly and spikey. He has light tan clamber. In accession, He besides was sporting an blue red ( black for the Naruto Color Edition ) grid punctuate that covered his chew. besides, He was wearing a black, tight-fitting sleeves-less shirt, with two thin, thin stripes across his chest of drawers, an embroider belt out and light pants, american samoa well as black branch covers that extended from his hands up to his biceps. Juzo besides had bandages on his neck and face that were besides a cover for his ears as most participants of the Seven Swordsmen, besides had teeth that were pointed. As an Akatsuki member Akatsuki, Juzo wore the traditional Akatsuki Cloak, a well as an cut Kirigakure forehead defender to symbolize his fracture with the village. He besides was besides seen with his fingernails and smash polishes painted in green .
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Abilities Juzo from Naruto

Abilities Juzo from Naruto
In the seven Ninja Swordsmen from the Mist, Juzo was one of the most potent Shinobi Kirigakure always created, and was at a point of becoming Mizukage himself, just like his chap members. As with all the members of his police squad Juzo had a great battle skills and was highly technical in the art of kenjutsu. Armed with the Kubikiribocho that could regenerate itself from iron gathered from the rake of its victims, Juzo was hard enough to turn battlefields red from his enemies ’ blood and earned international fame for it.

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In the manga, he was able of getting through his Eight Gates Released Formation, and his talents allowed his credence as a member of Akatsuki which was an organization which was capable of capturing Jinchuriki. Juzo was besides an ace Water Release user, capable of creating water clones, and then engulf his surroundings in dense mist .
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