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産屋敷 耀哉


Ubuyashiki Kagaya


( By the Hashira )








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Demon Slayer Corps


( Formerly )

Head of the Ubuyashiki Family

Leader of Demon Slayer Corps (Formerly)


Amane Ubuyashiki

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Amane Ubuyashiki ( Wife )
Hinaki Ubuyashiki ( Daughter )
Nichika Ubuyashiki ( Daughter )
Kiriya Ubuyashiki ( Son )
Kuina Ubuyashiki ( Daughter )
Kanata Ubuyashiki ( Daughter )
Muzan Kibutsuji ( Distant Relative )


Manga Debut

chapter 8 ( Back )
chapter 28 ( Partial Appearance )
chapter 46 ( Full Appearance )

Anime Debut

Episode 5 ( Back )

Episode 15 (Full Appearance)


Japanese VA

Toshiyuki Morikawa

English VA

Matthew Mercer Kagaya Ubuyashiki Images Image Gallery

I know what eternity is. Eternity is human feeling. Only human feelings last forever and are undying.
  Kagaya Ubuyashiki to Muzan Kibutsuji in Undying

Kagaya Ubuyashiki ( 産 ( うぶ ) 屋 ( や ) 敷 ( しき ) 耀 ( かが ) 哉 ( や ), Ubuyashiki Kagaya ? ) is a major supporting character of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is the 97th drawing card of the Demon Slayer Corps [ 2 ] known chiefly as Oyakata-sama ( お館 ( やかた ) 様 ( さま ), Oyakata-sama ? alight. “ Master ” ) by his subordinates and peers and is besides the head of the Ubuyashiki Family. [ 3 ] [ 4 ]


Kagaya has light skin and blacken shoulder length hair. He has a curse cross off that is slowly killing him that besides makes his skin expression as if it was rotting spreading down his face and covering his eyes making him unable to see, by the time of his death this curse had spread all over his body making moving closely impossible. Muzan at Kagaya ‘s death described him as having the smile of a Buddha. He normally wears a black kimono over a white with a long white haori with a pink and purple flame-like practice that starts from the furi in the calves and the fuki in the hem .


A younger Kagaya A younger Kagaya .


Kagaya has a calm demeanor ; showing actual care about the members of the Demon Slayers, considering them his children. He is besides able to handle criticism well, and is honest about his weaknesses ; one being his inability to become a Demon Slayer despite being their main leader. In arrange to make up for this, he remembers every single penis of the corps and visits the die members at their cemetery on a casual basis until he could no long move due to his illness. While he may seem indulgent, he gives due consideration to reason ; clear of any biases, shown when he willingly accepted the situation of Tanjiro and Nezuko ( via a letter from Sakonji Urokodaki ) and flush defending their induce when there are others who thought otherwise. His manner of talk, while by and large fluid and aristocratic, is highly tactful ; using words and intonations in a way that the person he talks to would listen. His tactful and charismatic language is even able to make the likes of the initially passive Muichiro Tokito and the hotheaded Sanemi Shinazugawa listen to what he has to say without conveying anything that would rile them up. Towards his own kin, such as his children, Kagaya is quite rigid : due to the excommunicate of their family, he had to prepare them early on to replace him in leading the Demon Slayers. however, he shows the same gentle aura and demeanor towards them .


Kagaya became the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps when he was only 4 years erstwhile. [ 5 ] Kagaya first met Amane when he was 13 years old which was when she was 17. She was specifically selected by a priest to become Kagaya ‘s wife in ordering to care for his medical needs, but he merely agreed to the marriage on the condition that she cared for him on her own free will .



Foresight: Kagaya ( and the lie of the Ubuyashiki class ) possess a heighten tied of prevision that helps them avoid black situations and amassed them a great sum of wealth and luck. ascribable to this instinct, Kagaya accurately made respective guesses about multiple things that were finally proven to be true and accurate without him knowing any anterior data, as seen when he accurately predicted that Muzan ‘s only remaining helplessness was the sun and that he could not be destroyed by decapitation, [ 6 ] that the deaths of Gyutaro and Daki would send waves that would finally see that the Upper Ranks of the Twelve Kizuki begin losing members for the beginning time in hundreds of years, and that Muzan will find him and bring about the concluding war between Demon Slayer Corps and the Twelve Kizuki during his last five days of life sentence. [ 7 ] Soothing Voice: Kagaya possesses the ability to put others at relief just by the tone of his voice and rhythm of his actions, as he displayed with Tanjiro Kamado and even the blood-lusted Hashira. [ 8 ] In modern times, this property is called 1/F Fluctuation, and is said to be possessed by many charismatic people and have the forte of presence to move mass audiences. [ 8 ]


  • Kagaya has the same Japanese and English voice actors as Seijiro Kikuoka from Sword Art Online.
  • As stated by Kagaya, the disease currently ailing him is the curse inflicted on his family due to them birthing the “original demon.” The sickness itself is a genetic disorder passed down from generation to generation in their family, it has effectively left the Ubuyashiki family with weak bodies and a lifespan of less than 30 years.[9]
  • Kagaya’s first name contains the kanji for “shine” 耀, kagaya ? 哉, ya ? 産, Ubu ? 屋, ya ? 敷,

    shiki ?

  • Kagaya’s father committed suicide when he was 19, unable to bear the thought of having his troop members die over and over again. Kagaya’s siblings also died, leaving him to inherit the position of family head at the age of 4 years old.[5]
    • All boys born into the Ubuyashiki Clan will die without surpassing the age of 30. Girls born from the clan must be married off and change surnames by the age of 13, otherwise they will also inevitably die from accidents or illness.[5]


  • (To Tengen Uzui) “Tengen, the path you chose is a hard one. It is hard to reject the values you learned as a child. You must always fight yourself at the same time that you’re fighting on the field of battle. But in spite of your many inner conflicts and contradictions…I trust you to always fight for me and to protect innocent lives. Thank you Tengen, you are a wonderful child.“[10]
  • {To Muzan Kibutsuji) “I know what eternity is. Eternity is human feeling. Only human feelings last forever and are undying.“[11]
  • (To Sanemi Shinazugawa) “I’m sorry. I tried swinging a sword but it made my heart pound and I couldn’t even do it ten times. I would have been like you if I could have. I wanted to be a strong swordsman and protect others’ lives with my own body. But… it was impossible for me. I’m sorry to have to ask you to do such difficult tasks[…] If you are pawns… then I am a sacrificial piece too. And if a single piece, even one such as myself, who moves the Demon Slayer Corps, were to die, nothing would change. This is your first time at a gathering of the Hashira, so I think you misunderstand. I do not place myself higher than you or anything like that. But everyone just treats me that way. If that bothers you, you don’t have to go along with it. Instead of worrying about that, defend the lives of others as a Hashira. That is my only request.“[12]
  • (To Sanemi Shinazugawa about Masachika Kumeno) “Sanemi… all the children of the Demon Slayer Corps write their own wills. Strangely, the contents of those wills are mostly similar. Masachika’s was the same. I have been thinking about giving it to you. Masachika thought of you like the younger brother he lost. He dreamed of a shining future. Just like my dream. A wish for loved ones to smile. To live happily until the day they die and to never have their lives cruelly threatened. Even if you can’t be by their side. We want them to live. We want them to survive.“[13]



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