Nathaniel Richards (Kang) (Earth-6311)

Kang the Conqueror

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Nathaniel Richards [ 1 ]

Current Alias

Kang the Conqueror


[ 2 ] Pharaoh Rama-Tut, [ 3 ] Blue Man, [ 4 ] King of Kings, [ 3 ] Master of Men, [ 3 ] Lord of the Seven Suns, [ 3 ] Victor Timely Jr, [ 2 ] Victor Timely III, [ 2 ] Kang, [ 5 ] Conqueror of the Universe, [ 6 ] Scarlet Centurion [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ]

Victor Timely,Blue Man,King of Kings,Master of Men,Lord of the Seven Suns,Victor Timely Jr,Victor Timely III,Conqueror of the Universe,

Affiliation and Relationships


feral Avengers [ 10 ]


Legion Accursed, Hel-Rangers Cosmic Avengers, former leader of the Anachronauts Council of Kangs, and Council of Cross-Time Kangs

Leader of the Chronos Corps


Matriarch of the Eyriennes ( ancestor ) ;

Ancestors:Matriarch of the Eyriennes (ancestor);

Nathaniel Richards, Cassandra Richards (ancestors);
Nathaniel and Cassandra’s son (ancestor);
Victor von Doom (alleged ancestor)
Ramades (son);
Marcus Kang (I-XXII), Marcus Kang XXIII (sons, Scarlet Centurion, deceased);
Uriel (adopted son, deceased);
Eimin (adopted daughter, deceased)
Other Relatives:
Huntara, Reed Richards, Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards (distant relatives);
Iron Lad, Kid Immortus, Rama-Tut, Scarlet Centurion, Immortus, Mister Gryphon (temporal counterparts);

( run ) Ravonna Renslayer (consort)

Marital Status


Physical Characteristics[158]




6′3″ ( 1.91 meter )


230 pound ( 104.33 kilogram )



  • Brown



Origin and Living Status


Human time-traveler out to control all of history

Living Status




Place of Birth

Other Earth, 31st Century (Earth-6311)

Personal Information





Base of Operations

Chronopolis, Limbo, Damocles Base

The 40th Century of Earth-6311

Creators and Appearances


Stan Lee, Jack Kirby


Avengers # 8
( July, 1964 )
Quote1.png written, destiny! History is made! Made by the deeds of the strong! The brave! And destiny is forged! The historians, the students, the gray-beards– they come in the wake of the strong and write down what the brave have done! But it is the conquerors who change the world! Story is not scholar — and neither isHistory isMade by the deeds of theTheAnd destiny isThe historians, the students, the gray-beards — theyin theof the firm and write down what thehave done ! But it is the conquerors who change the universe !Quote2.png

Kang the Conqueror[src]

Nathaniel Richards has had versatile incarnations over the years and each identity has its own, ever-expanding history. For the sake of clarity, this article will only cover, basically, the history of Nathaniel Richards during his time as Kang. For more data on the early identities of Nathaniel Richards, please mention to the entries on Iron Lad, Kid Immortus, the Scarlet Centurion, Rama-Tut, and Immortus. In addition, there are many surrogate adaptation of Kang in being. For the sake of clearness, it is normally accepted that each alternate Kang that has interacted with Earth-616 is a direct divergence from the “ Prime ” Kang of Earth-6311. While differentiating between each of these divergent Kangs is unmanageable, all those that are tied in with the Kang-Prime are listed here for reasons that will become apparent to the lector.



Nathaniel Richards was born in the thirtieth hundred of Earth-6311, a reality where world never went into the black ages. After centuries of progress and war, peace was brought to the land by a time-traveller from Earth-616 named Nathaniel Richards. Because Richards brought peace to this war-torn future, he was known as the fabled benefactor. [ 11 ] The Nathaniel Richards born to this reality is said to be a descendant of the Benefactor through Reed Richards, although other records besides indicate that he may besides be a descendant of the Latverian sovereign known as Dr. Doom. [ 12 ] At the historic period of 16, interposition from his future self, as Kang the Conqueror, resulted in youthful Nathaniel to try and prevent his eventual transformation into Kang, concisely becoming the young champion known as Iron Lad. [ 13 ] The youth besides concisely had a stretch as a super-villain known as Kid Immortus. [ 14 ] however Nathaniel Richards finally returned to his native clock time to ultimately follow his proper destined path, possibly with his memories as Iron Lad erased, however at this meter there is no conclusive explanation and the events leading to this are as yet unrecorded. As an pornographic, Nathaniel discovered a clock time car and having grown bored of his peaceful time, traveled back in time to ancient Egypt on Earth-616. There he set himself up as a Pharaoh Rama-Tut until he was ousted from this situation by the Fantastic Four. [ 3 ] Rama-Tut tried to flee spinal column to his own era, but he was caught in a time storm and was forced to appear in the modern earned run average of Earth-616. A gamble brush with his possible ancestor Dr. Doom, [ 15 ] inspired Nathaniel to abandon his Rama-Tut guise and assume one similar to Doom. In his first try, Nathaniel created the identity of the Scarlet Centurion, but abandoned this identity after being defeated by the Avengers. [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] Resuming his Rama-Tut guise, Richards attempted once again to return to his native thirtieth Century. The time-storm caused him to overshoot his own earned run average and he ended up in the war torn fortieth Century. There Rama-Tut found a war tear future where barbarians battled with engineering from past eras of which they had no cognition of how they worked. Seeing his own personal cognition on how these weapons operated, Rama-Tut found it simple to reinvent himself and conquer this era. Creating the identity of Kang the Conqueror, Richards began to do good that. First Kang conquered the Earth, [ 5 ] [ 16 ] [ 9 ] then began conquering the galaxy, taking over stallion empires, including that of the Badoon. [ 17 ] But even this was not enough and Nathaniel ‘s mind continued to turn back to the modern age of heroes and sought to conquer it arsenic well. [ 5 ] [ 16 ] [ 9 ] [ 17 ] One of his earliest observations of the past was when Kang concisely appeared over Times Square in New York City, circa 1939. This induce brief hysteria and some media coverage, but otherwise his appearance was dismissed as a hoax by the authorities of that fourth dimension. [ 18 ] It has been stated that part of Kang ‘s motivations for wanting to conquer the modern old age was due to incomplete diachronic records that spoke of a Celestial Madonna who would sire the most herculean world in history. Kang was determined to learn the identity of the Madonna and ensure that he was the father of that child. [ 19 ]

To Conquer the Modern Age

When Kang appeared for the first prison term in the modern age of Earth-616, his transport landed outside of Washington D.C. Blasting a land strip with his ship, Kang held off the United States Army with his advance weapons and ordered that he would only speak with the leaders of the worldly concern. In response the United States government contacted the Avengers to deal with this unique crisis. [ 5 ] [ 16 ] [ 9 ] [ 17 ] [ 20 ] [ 21 ] When the Avengers arrived to face Kang, his first gear usher of world power showed him easily able of fighting off Earth ‘s Mightiest Heroes. After revealing his origins to them and another struggle, Kang easily defeated his foes and took them prisoner. [ 5 ] [ 16 ] [ 9 ] [ 17 ] [ 20 ] [ 21 ] however while in the march of trying to imprison Captain America, the Star-Spangled Avenger broke exempt and battled Kang. Detecting that Rogers was from the 1940s, Kang randomly decided that he did not belong and air Cap hurtling back in time to the year 1945. [ 22 ] The entirely members not captured were the Wasp and Captain America ‘s buddy Rick Jones. The two then began to plot how to free their comrades. [ 5 ] With the help oneself of Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four, they managed to rescue Captain America from 1945 [ 23 ] then rallied Rick ‘s Teen Brigade. The group pretended to want to side with Kang, completely fooling the conqueror who allowed them aboard his ship. [ 5 ] Rick, [ 20 ] Teen Brigade, [ 5 ] and Captain America [ 23 ] all worked together to free the capture Avengers. [ 5 ] [ 20 ] [ 23 ] The Avengers then confronted Kang and battled him afresh, sternly damaging his armor. [ 5 ] [ 20 ] [ 23 ] Kang then attempted to launch a Neutrino Missile, but this weapon was destroyed by Iron Man. [ 5 ] [ 20 ] Kang then attempted to expose the Avengers to lethal rays of radiotherapy, but this was focused back on him by Thor, [ 5 ] [ 20 ] forcing Kang to flee back to his own era. [ 5 ] [ 16 ] [ 9 ] [ 17 ] [ 20 ] [ 23 ] Kang has besides stated that during this brush he placed a time probe to monitor for the appearance of the Celestial Madonna. [ 19 ] unanticipated by Kang at this time, each of his travels into the past created divergent versions of himself, all of which ruled their own divergent empires and continued their own schemes. [ 24 ] One detail Kang referred to himself as the “ Prime ” Kang, although he has admitted that he can not be certain for indisputable. [ 17 ] Following this humiliating get the better of, a divergent version of Kang [ 17 ] decided to set up a beachhead in the twentieth hundred from which he could begin planning his seduction of the modern old age. He traveled back in time to January 1, 1901 where he established the town of Timely, Wisconsin under the guise of Victor Timely and became the town ‘s mayor. He besides established factories and a commercial enterprise, Timely Industries. Teaching his staff the basic principles of robotics. Kang besides established the kingdom of Chronopolis which originally started as a fortress out of synch with prison term in the claim area of Timely, but it finally grew and branched off to become a massive hamlet between Earth ‘s past, stage, and future. [ 2 ] Kang used Chronopolis to monitor his conquests and when he was away from timely, he had robotic stand-ins that would apparently old age and finally “ Victor Timely ” died. He was replaced with “ Victor Timely Jr. ”
In 1929, Kang while posing as Timely Jr, employed Phineas Horton, and through this employment Horton finally developed the engineering that brought the original Human Torch android to live in 1939. By the 1980s, and using the guise of Victor Timely III, Kang had made Timely Industries a successful engineering manufacturer. Timely engineering indirectly were creditworthy for much of the late advancements and some of this technology finally went into the equipment used by Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four, the cybernetic arm of detective Misty Knight and the plan for Roxxon Oil ‘s Deathlok cyborg among others. [ 2 ] During this time the “ Prime ” Kang continued to observe the Avengers, keeping racetrack of their exploits and line-up changes. [ 17 ] He besides focused on his foster seduction of the fortieth hundred, waging war against the Shi’ar and the Skrulls. Through his monitoring of the Avengers he besides learned of another time-traveler calling himself Immortus, who unknown to Kang, was his future self. [ 25 ] When one divergent Kang returned his attentions to the Avengers again, he built an android based on the novice champion Spider-Man and used it to try and lure the Avengers into a trap. however this plot was foiled thanks to the interposition of the real Spider-Man who defeated his automatic doppelganger. [ 26 ] [ 27 ] Another divergent translation of Kang [ 17 ] decided to try and conquer the modern age of heroes by taking over a by hundred in the hopes of erasing his foes from being. He began monitoring the sixth century, and when the epic Black Knight was away battling his foe Morgan Le Fay he attacked the kingdom of Camelot. [ 27 ] He promptly incapacitated the charming Merlin and bested King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. He then took over the kingdom of Camelot and began using his advanced intelligence to help the knights construct twist weapons for that era in the hopes of conquering the earth. however Kang ‘s undertake to take over the sixth century was witnessed by the Watcher who brought the Fantastic Four ‘s Human Torch and the Thing into the past to stop Kang. While the Thing battled Kang ‘s forces, the Torch freed Merlin. When the charming disabled Kang ‘s might source, the two heroes easily defeated him, forcing Kang to flee back to his own time. [ 28 ] The dependable Kang placid continued to monitor the Avengers, witnessing their first line-up change which included Captain America, Hawkeye, the Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver. [ 29 ] He was by and by possibly the Kang that was manipulated by his potential ancestor, Dr. Doom, who used his emotion-changer device to gather an united states army of super-villains to attack the marry of Mr. Fantastic and the inconspicuous Girl. [ 30 ] Kang was involved in a massive battle between the gathered super-villains and the heroes who were attending the marry. [ 31 ] The conflict came to an abrupt end when the Watcher provided Reed Richards with a time displacer which he used to send the villains back to where they came from, with all memory of their attack erased, [ 30 ] [ 27 ] [ 31 ] however through reviewing recordings of his exploits Kang finally remembered this conflict. [ 27 ] Kang briefly returned to the fortieth century to continue his conquests of worlds there. [ 17 ] He by and by discovered the property of Kosmos and its size-changing properties that are tied to Pym Particles. He conquered this dimension and enslaved its native Kosmosians forcing them to assist in the creation of his Growing Men constructs. [ 32 ] [ 17 ] Once the Kosmosians completed their task, Kang hid the Growing Men in versatile eras to hide these potent weapons from his enemies. [ 33 ]

Princess Ravonna

In his native fortieth Century, the true Kang had fallen in loved with Princess Ravonna Renslayer a princess of an Earthly kingdom. due to his love for Ravonna, Kang allowed her father to remain in rule of his kingdom but pressured Ravonna to marry him in order for her founder to continue to maintain his autonomy from Kang ‘s empire. Ravonna refused his hand in marriage and Kang sought to prove his power to her by transporting the Avengers Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch to his earned run average and defeating them in conflict. late when Captain America learned that his mate Avengers were kidnapped, he issued a challenge to his enemy and was brought to the future and defeated him angstrom well. These defeats did nothing to impress Ravonna, and Kang ordered his forces to attack, good as the Avengers recovered to defend the kingdom. [ 34 ] [ 27 ] [ 17 ] Kang and his army well overtook the modest kingdom and the Avengers were once more get the better of and taken prisoner. however, when Kang decided to spare Ravonna and her church father, this earned the anger of his commanders who saw this mercifulness as helplessness. Chief among these was his the commander known as Baltag who sought to usurp command of Kang ‘s armies. With his forces turned against him, Kang realized that his love for Ravonna was greater than conquering this kingdom and he grudgingly realized that only the Avengers could help him fight off Baltag and his forces. The Avengers proved to be a big help defeated the army, it ‘s commanders taken prisoner. Seeing Kang usher compassion and wish, Ravonna decided to accept his romantic advances. just as Kang was returning the Avengers to their own time, Baltag broke rid and tried to shoot Kang in the back. Ravonna saw this and threw herself in the path of the weapon ‘s glow and was struck down. Baltag was then executed. Ravonna apparently died in Kang ‘s weapon, suggesting that possibly their love was never meant to be. [ 35 ] [ 27 ] [ 17 ] however, Kang refused to let his love die and used fortieth century skill to keep her in a submit of freeze animation, not dead but not alive either. [ 36 ] [ 27 ] [ 17 ] Many of the alternate versions of Kang besides experienced similar tragedies. [ 24 ] The true Kang decided to put aside his annoyance and try out even greater gamble, in his native clock he clashed once again with the Shi’ar, forcing them to surrender. This did short to fill the evacuate in his life and Kang soon desired to restore Ravonna to life sentence. [ 17 ] however finding a means to do so did not occur directly as one of his Growing Men was unearthed in the modern senesce of Earth-616. Returning there to retrieve it, Kang engaged in another conflict with Thor. Recovering his Growing Man, Kang then attempted to flee in his time machine, but Thor used his hammer Mjolnir to capture it in an eternity whirlpool, apparently destroying Kang in the work. [ 33 ] [ 27 ] In reality, another divergence was created with one Kang ending up in the dateless kingdom of Limbo [ 16 ] [ 17 ] while another ended up back in his native fortieth hundred of Earth-6311. [ 27 ] The Kang that ended up in Limbo found the bastion of Immortus. Unaware that was a future adaptation of himself, Kang began using his equipment to study history. Coming across the moment when Ravonna was about to sacrifice her life for him, Kang activated a device that pluck Ravonna out of the time-stream, creating a divergent reality in which Kang was slain in her stead, an incident that horrified Kang. [ 37 ]

game of the Galaxies

The divergent Kang who ended up back in the forty-first century of Earth-6311 crushed a small rebellion [ 27 ] before he continued to find a means to revive Ravonna. After many bootless attempts to restore her, the Elder of the Universe known as the Grandmaster appeared before him. The Grandmaster offered Kang a challenge : To pit champions of his choice against those of the Grandmaster ‘s own make. If Kang ‘s champions won, he would be given the power over life and death. If Kang lost, the Grandmaster would then obliterate the Earth. Kang agreed to the terms and was given a year to gather his choose champions. [ 36 ] [ 17 ] Kang chose his old foes the Avengers to represent him. After plucking the Black Panther from his fatherland of Wakanda, Kang then sent one of his Growing Men to New York City. There his initiation kidnapped Tony Stark from a hospital where he was recovering from a heart attack to lure the Avengers into a glow that brought them to the future. The Avengers agreed to battle for Kang on the condition that Stark was returned to the portray to seek aesculapian treatment. Captain America, Goliath, and Thor were then transported to modern day Earth where they were to battle the Grandmaster ‘s created minions the Squadron Sinister. [ 38 ] [ 27 ] The trio were joined by Iron Man, and they went to four unlike locations to stop each Squadron member from stealing a national landmark, while Kang and the Grandmaster observed events from the future .
In New York City, Captain America prevented Nighthawk from stealing the Statue of Liberty. Iron Man stopped Dr. Spectrum from absconding with the Taj Mahal in India. In Egypt, Thor stopped Hyperion from taking the Sphinx. Goliath traveled to London where he attempted to stop the Whizzer from stealing Big Ben. however noise from the expansive Black Knight caused the Grandmaster to call the battle a forfeit and transported Goliath and Whizzer back to the future, unwittingly transporting the Knight ‘s Ebony Blade angstrom well. [ 39 ] [ 27 ] With the first base round in forfeit, Kang agreed to another match between the Grandmaster. This clock they sent the Vision, Yellowjacket and the Black Panther to France circa 1941 to conflict the original Invaders : Captain America, the Sub-Mariner and the master Human Torch. While this struggle raged, the Black Knight used his mysterious connection to the Ebony Blade to transport himself to the future and free the early Avengers who were being held in stasis. When the Avengers sent to 1941 succeeded in defeating their contemporaries they were brought back to the present equitable as their contained comrades confronted Kang. Although Kang was technically the winner, his ‘draw ‘ in the beginning beat entail that the Grandmaster would alone give him the power of life or death. Unwilling to let go of his hatred over the Avengers, Kang chose the exponent to kill the Avengers preferably than the ability to save Ravonna. however, he was felled by the Black Knight who at the time was not a member of the Avengers, and frankincense immune to his powers. With his kill, Kang lost his powers over death and the Grandmaster sent the Avengers home before departing himself, leaving Kang along to regret the option that he had made. [ 40 ] [ 27 ]

Tomorrow War

Records of which Kang engaged in what activities are hard to determine beyond this point, however it has been confirmed that the Prime Kang was still monitoring events in Limbo. [ 17 ] One adaptation of Kang found a means of prolonging his biography by developing a device that would transfer his take care into a cloned consistency in his native timeline upon death. [ 41 ] Determined that the best way to conquer the modern senesce was to start by affecting history in the twentieth Century during World War I. Through his observations he learned that the champion allied command europe known as the Phantom Eagle was destined to destroy a german mortar carom that would have changed the confront of the war. If prevented from doing then, a french ancestor of Bruce Banner — the man destined to become the Hulk, and a establish penis of the Avengers — would be killed. This Kang theorized that with the death of this ancestor the Avengers would never come to be. however when Kang attempted to travel to the year 1917 he was prevented from breaching that time period thanks to a prison term storm. alternatively Kang decided to trick the Hulk, believing his about boundless strength could breach the barrier. Appealing to the Hulk ‘s hate of his alter-ego, Kang successfully sent the Hulk into the past. however, the Hulk unwittingly destroyed the cannon while trying to stop the Phantom Eagle. The time storm then began a sling blastoff consequence, which Kang fight against but ultimately lost. While the Hulk was hurtled to his proper time, Kang himself was thrown into time and was apparently lost in the time pour. [ 42 ] [ 43 ] [ 17 ] This Kang cheated this destiny by transferring his mind to a new body. [ 43 ] One Kang went on to find another beachhead from which to launch his attacks on the mod age, deciding to set up operations in the twenty-third century of Earth-6297, due to the fact that possible future abolished all weapons and was powerless to stop his invasion. This earned the anger of that of a equal clock traveler and would be conqueror, Zarrko the Tomorrow Man. Kang then used this front to capture the Avengers and imprison them in this future. With a time storm stopping him from breaching Kang ‘s bastion, Zarrko recruited the modern day heroes Iron man and Spider-Man, bringing them to the twenty-third hundred knowing their presence would weaken the time storm. When the two heroes confronted Kang, Zarrko betrayed them and got the drop on Kang. [ 44 ] [ 43 ] Zarrko then decided to use Kang ‘s own plan to conquer the advanced long time using Kang ‘s “ Time Bombs ”, devices that would revert the people and technology of the era back to a more crude clock time. While Zarrko and Kang were busy in a stand-off, Spider-Man revived and escaped back to his own earned run average in a meter machine. There he recruited the help of the Fantastic Four ‘s Human Torch to locate and deactivate the Time Bombs. [ 45 ] Learning from the Torch that the FF ‘s allies the Inhumans could assist him in using the last functional Time Bomb to return to the future, arriving just moments before Spider-Man in the first place left, Spidey and the Inhumans managed to get the drop on Zarrko and Kang. While Black Bolt freed the Avengers, Spider-Man rounded up Zarrko, but Kang managed to escape in the chaos leaving behind an empty suit of armor. [ 46 ] [ 43 ]

celestial Madonna

soon, one divergent Kang became aware that the Celestial Madonna was reaching her developmental security as a fresh dawn star began shining in the sky of the modern age, suspended over Avengers Mansion. Kang traveled back to the advanced earned run average to collect the Celestial Madonna determining that it must be one of three women who were in mansion at the sign of the zodiac : the Scarlet Witch, the enigmatic Mantis or the aged sorceress Agatha Harkness. [ 47 ] Kang unleashed his Macrobots upon the Avengers who were easily overpowered. Kang then took the three women equally well as Thor, Iron Man, and the Vision prisoner. Kang then left the Swordsman behind, considering him the weakest of the Avengers and therefore beneath his notice. Kang and his prisoner relocated to a mystery lab hide within an egyptian pyramid built in Kang ‘s honor during his days as Rama-Tut. There he plotted to begin World War III by encasing each of the male Avengers in one of his Macrobots and sending them to assassinate key political figures in the United States, China, and Russia in order to spark nuclear Armageddon. In breaching the pyramid, thanks to the mystic steering of Agatha Harkness, the Swordsman awoke the ancient vampire Amenhotep equally well as the slumbering shape of Rama-Tut who had been in freeze animation for over 5000 years in an try to stop his past self — as Kang — from continuing on his current path. [ 48 ] [ 43 ] The future Rama-Tut prevented the Swordsman from slaying Kang [ 19 ] and brought him back to New York where they recruited Hawkeye, who at the time was not an active member of the Avengers. [ 49 ] The trio stopped the Macrobot using the Vision to slay the United States Secretary of State at the UN Building in New York. They then traveled to China where they stopped the Macrobot bleed Iron Man ‘s powers to try and eliminate the chinese government ‘s govern class. ferocious at this inference, Kang scrapped his plan to assassinate a russian politician and unleashed the Thor powered Macrobot on the heroes which was besides defeated. During the conflict the Avengers freed all the comrades, including the three prisoner females. besides during the competitiveness, Kang revealed the true identity of Rama-Tut and learned that he is his future self. With the lapp man from different eras face to face, fourth dimension ruptured revealing to all gathered that Mantis was destined to be the Celestial Madonna. With his plans being thwarted at every footfall, Kang decided that if he could not have the Celestial Madonna cipher could and tried to shoot Mantis. Despite hindrance from Rama-Tut, the shoot was on-key, but before it could strike Mantis the Swordsman stepped in its way sacrificing his life for hers. meanwhile Kang and Rama-Tut ‘s scuffle sent them crashing into the controls of Kang ‘s time-sphere and both men were lost in the time stream. [ 50 ] [ 43 ] Both men were plucked out of the time stream and transported to Limbo by Immortus, and Immortus pretended to ally himself with Kang by imprisoning Rama-Tut. Immortus then gave Kang access to his devices to get revenge against the Avengers. Kang used this to gather versatile super-humans just moments from their deaths to form his host of the Unliving. These minions included the Frankenstein ‘s Monster, Wonder Man, the original Human Torch, Midnight, the Ghost, and Baron Zemo. He then transported the Avengers to Limbo to struggle his minions. [ 51 ] [ 43 ] Kang led his horde into the huge maze of Limbo to slay the Avengers and reclaim Mantis. however his control over the Legion began to weaken the longer they were active in Limbo, the foremost to break free from his control being the Frankenstein ‘s Monster. The Legion managed to slay Iron Man and seriously damage the Vision in their hunt for the heroes. [ 52 ] During the battle, Kang sent Baron Zemo back to make sure that Rama-Tut and Immortus did not escape. meanwhile, his control on the Human Torch failed and with the aid of the Frankenstein ‘s Monster he managed to partially repair the Vision. Midnight on the early pass faced Mantis and was defeated. Wonder Man later fell battling Thor who then turned his vengeance on Kang for the death of Iron Man. unable to withstand the blows of Thor ‘s hammer, Kang once more flee into the time stream. Zemo was late defeated by Hawkeye who then freed Immortus and Rama-Tut. Immortus then brought Iron Man spinal column to life, repair the Vision and sent the members of the Legion to face their destinies. Immortus then convinced Rama-Tut to return to his own destiny a well before revealing to the Avengers that he himself was a future translation of Kang before sending the Avengers home. [ 53 ] [ 43 ] It was later revealed to the Avengers that Mantis was to form a union with a penis of the plantlike Cotati race who had taken on the form of her die lover the Swordsman and Immortus offered to officiate their wedding [ 54 ] When the marry was being planned in Vietnam, Kang reappeared in the present to make one more attack on the Avengers to try and capture Mantis. To this end he appeared in that earned run average at three different moments, making three Kangs present. After taking down the communist heroes known as the Titanic Three, the three Kangs distracted Thor, Iron Man and Hawkeye who managed to capture all the duplicates. however the “ real ” Kang then kidnapped who he thought was Mantis and escaped into outer space. however, Immortus already knew what Kang was planning, and had his minion the Space Phantom take the form of Mantis, storing the real Celestial Madonna safely in Limbo. By the meter the Space Phantom revealed his true shape, it was besides late for Kang, as Immortus succeeded in marrying Mantis and the Cotati and they transformed into pure energy and left to meet their fortune in the stars. [ 55 ]

The American Frontier

This Kang decided to once more try to alter the path of the modern historic period by conquering an earlier era, this fourth dimension targeting the nineteenth century. however while travelling through the time flow, he was confronted by Hawkeye who was using Dr. Doom ‘s time-platform to try and reach the twelfth century. The two battled it out, but ended up throwing themselves into the same era, entirely some clock aside. [ 56 ] Appearing in the year 1873, Kang built an hostel and sedan in the township of Tombstone, Arizona, convincing the locals that his mask was to cover a wound sustained in the American Civil War. He then used a device to sap the will of the locals and used them as slaves to build a massive bastion within the hostel. Unaffected by this was the western hero known as the Two-Gun Kid who found happenings leery. He called out on early heroes of the west to help him investigate. The first to answer his call were the Rawhide Kid and Kid Colt. When they went to confront Kang, he revealed his true nature to them, unleashing a dinosaur summoned from the prehistoric past to drive them aside. [ 57 ] While this was occurring three more time travelling Avengers — – Yellowjacket, Hawkeye, and Songbird — – arrived in that era mistaking the chronal anomalies occurring were part of their on going Destiny War. Kang detected their presence, and not knowing who they were or what their intentions were took away the time-sphere given to them by Kang ‘s future self before trying to kill them in a cave in. [ 58 ] Back in township, Two-Gun Kid was joined by the Ringo Kid and the Night Rider and they attempted another attack on Kang. Kang took this moment to reveal his hidden bastion and then unleashed a biologically engineered lounge lizard creature against the cowboy sending them fleeing. While Kang was distracted, the three time travelling Avengers managed to break into his bastion and escape in their recover Time-Sphere. [ 59 ] finally the translation of Hawkeye who battled Kang in the timestream appeared in 1873 and quickly allied himself with the Two-Gun Kid and his friends to battle against Kang. [ 56 ] Learning that Hawkeye ran afoul of Kang in the timestream, his companion Avengers Thor and Moondragon were led to him by Immortus. They were confronted by Kang in the timestream but managed to fight him back. [ 60 ] The couple were reunited with Hawkeye and they joined him and the cowboy in stopping outlaws hired by Kang from robbing a track dispatch of uranium. [ 56 ] With Thor taking on his deadly guise of Donald Blake, he, Hawkeye, Moondragon, and the Two-Gun Kid infiltrated Kang ‘s fortress. There Kang unleashed a massive mutate coyote to battle the heroes. Since thor was in his person form, Kang did not recognize him and Blake was able to slip off and break into Kang ‘s control room. There he changed rear into Thor and the two fought it out. Kang was no match for the Asgardian thunder idol ‘s illimitable persuasiveness and increased his impel plain besides high causing it to apparently disintegrate him. With Kang ‘s seeming demise his fortress vanished. With Kang ‘s seeming death, Immortus led the Avengers to believe that he was erased from history adenine well, [ 61 ] however this was revealed to be a ruse on Immortus ‘ part. [ 16 ] This version of Kang survived deoxyadenosine monophosphate well, using his mind sender to swap to a newly cloned body in the fortieth hundred. [ 43 ] [ 2 ] [ 62 ] This was witnessed by the “ Prime ” Kang who decided to develop a exchangeable engineering in order to cheat end himself. [ 62 ] By this time the Prime Kang had formed a Council of Kangs in Limbo, consisting of himself, and two of his most cunning divergent selves. Seeing their alternates was insults to their bequest, they brought each interchange Kang to Limbo and executed them. [ 24 ] One of the first recorded Kangs to be eliminated by the council was a Kang who conquered the the forty-first Century of Earth-8386 where he forced the people to slay each other for his own entertainment. Following his death, a massive statue was placed to continue manipulating the people of this world to kill themselves until it was destroyed by the Hulk of Earth-616. [ 63 ]

secret Wars

sometime late the Earth-616 universe was visited by the Beyonder the potent being sought to understand desire and summoned a group of heroes and villains. The heroes included the Avengers, three of the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Magneto, the Hulk, and Spider-Man. The villains gathered were Galactus, Dr. Doom, Ultron, the Wrecking Crew, the Enchantress, Dr. Octopus, the Lizard, the Molecule Man, the Absorbing Man, and one of the many divergent Kangs. The Beyonder then created Battleworld, a patchwork world comprised of chunks of versatile planets. He then told both sides to slay their enemies and all they desired would become theirs. Teleported planetside, Kang and the other villains set up operations in a high-tech facility. When Dr. Doom suggested that they rescind their petit larceny desires to try and make contact with a apparently almighty deity, the other villains balked at this prompting Doom to bury them in debris and try to seek out the heroes. Unscathed by this assail, Kang watched as Doom flew away in an alien craft and blew it out of the sky. When the gathered heroes tried to assist Doom, he realized that they were unworthy of his plans vitamin a well and approach. He was soon joined by his mate villains who were led by Kang while Doom fled. [ 64 ] [ 43 ] During the ensuing battle the heroes captured Kang, the Enchantress deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as Thunderball, Piledriver and Bulldozer of the Wrecking Crew and imprisoned them at their own headquarters. The other villains fled back to Dr. Doom who had reprogrammed Ultron to be his patriotic bodyguard and executioner. [ 65 ] doom discovered that a suburb of Denver, Colorado was separate of Battleworld [ 66 ] and empowered two of its natives into Volcana and Titania to bolster his ranks. He then launched an attack on the heroes headquarters, freeing Kang, and the Wrecking Crew. They were ineffective to rescue the Enchantress due to the fact that she was freed and ventured off with Thor sooner. [ 67 ] [ 68 ] After successfully launching an attack wherein an entire mountain was dropped on the heroes, Thor and the Enchantress returned teleporting before the meet villains. Kang and his comrades then piled onto the thunder idol and apparently slew him. [ 67 ] [ 68 ] Seeking to avenge his previous treachery and ensure loyalty, Dr. Doom later ordered Ultron to slay Kang, and the conqueror from the fortieth hundred was atomized before his comrades. [ 69 ] [ 43 ] Thor and the other heroes survived their apparent deaths and continued to clash with their foes until Dr. Doom managed to steal the baron of the Beyonder. [ 70 ] With the power of the Beyonder, Doom sought to bring peace to the universe and to show his good religion to the heroes gathered he used his huge powers to resurrect Kang and return him to his proper space in time. [ 71 ] When recounting these events, Kang himself did not mention his resurrection, implying that he cheated death thanks to the device that transferred his mind to his new body. [ 43 ] There is no explanation for this omission. ultimately, the heroes rebelled against Dr. Doom and with the serve of the Beyonder defeated him. With the villains having escaped Battleworld, the Beyonder banished Dr. Doom and returned the heroes base. [ 72 ] soon the Beyonder arrived on Earth and assumed human form to learn about human hope. [ 73 ] During his time on land, his universe became viewed as a menace to the natural ordering of the universe. [ 74 ] This prompted the devil Mephisto to create the Beyondersbane a device that utilize energies stolen from the Beyonder american samoa well as that of Eternity. With the Beyondersbane entirely having a limit time before reaching critical mass, Mephisto devised a delivery of this powerful energy : an army of super-villains called the Legion Accursed. He sent out his agents to make offer diverse villains their hearts desire in central for destroying the Beyonder. All these villains had to do was touch the Beyonder to unleash the power that would theoretically destroy him. Kang was one of the many villains who agreed to the deal joining Mephisto ‘s Legion Accursed. They attacked the Beyonder while he was meditating on a seclude island. however they ultimately failed thanks to the thing who came to the Beyonder ‘s defense, holding the villains at bay retentive adequate for the Beyondersbane to hit critical mass. When the device self-destructed the treaty Kang and the others made with Mephisto became nothing and void and they were all teleported back to their points of origins. [ 75 ] Eventually, an united states army of heroes battled the Beyonder to the end, a battle that ended in the Beyonder ‘s seeming demise and ending his threat for a clock. [ 76 ] By this time, the Prime Kang and his two counterparts succeeded in apparently eliminating every alternate interpretation of Kang in universe, the last being their Earth-267 counterpart. By this clock time the “ Prime ” Kang had been constructing automaton duplicates of the rule out Kangs to run their empires from distant and began plotting to eliminate his final examination two counterparts. He allowed one of his two counterparts to infiltrate his secret sanctum where the Prime Kang then pretended to let him in on his secrets. then after shocking the other Kang by revealing his still-living version of Ravonna, the Prime Kang shot him dead, as part of a plan to eliminate the Avengers and the third Kang. To this end he transported the Wasp, Hercules, and the Black Knight to Limbo. He then sent out a automaton to confront the Avengers challenging them to find his bastion and fight for a mean to return home. [ 24 ] When the heroes attempted to get information from the Space Phantom, Kang apparently slew him before their eyes before unleashing a horde of Dire Wraiths upon them. While the Avengers were occupied the Prime Kang set up the dead body of the second Kang at a control console table and contacted his third base counterpart to trick him into returning to Limbo as they were under “ approach ” by the Avengers. Joined by Captain America, Captain Marvel, and the Sub-Mariner, the Avengers reached Kang ‘s bastion where they found the dead Kang. This coincided with the arrival of the third base Kang who blamed the Avengers for murdering his counterpart and a fight broke out. When the third Kang realized that they had all been lured into a plat, the Prime Kang incapacitated them and imprisoned them in stasis beams. When they revived, the Prime Kang informed those gathered that he would eliminate them. [ 77 ] The Prime Kang then revealed to his prisoners his own personal history and where he came to diverge from the other Kangs and his formation of the Council of Kangs ( Multiverse ) to eliminate his subscript duplicates. All the while he was talking, Hercules struggled against the stasis beam with his esteemed strength, causing it to overload. Noticing this, Ravonna remained placid, not revealing this fact to Kang. finally the striving proved besides much and the Avengers broke unblock. Ravonna revealed her betrayal and while she held the third gear Kang prisoner, the Avengers went after Kang-Prime. As the Prime Kang fled, the third base Kang convinced Ravonna to let him go detached to get retaliation and she relented allowing him to leave. When the third base Kang caught up with the Prime, he tried to shoot his counterpart with a conceal weapon unaware that Kang-Prime had booby-trapped it and it exploded in his face killing him instantaneously. The Prime Kang was the merely one left he remained defiant in front of the Avengers until Immortus appeared with Ravonna by his side. Immortus revealed that through the career of each Kang, he was there manipulating things behind the view to ensure that the path that leads Kang to becoming Immortus is the only path Kang would ever take. Immortus explained that he manipulated the Prime Kang directly, allowing him to enter Limbo, placing a imposter soundbox, and setting in gesture the formation of the Council of Kangs. Immortus then showed off the fruits of his parturiency : the Psyche-Globe, which contained the memories of every murder counterpart of Kang. Seeking this cognition for himself Kang struggled with Immortus and seized the Psyche-Globe from his hands. however when Kang tried to use the Psyche-Globe it bombarded his mind with all the memories all at once threatening to drive him brainsick, as Immortus had planned. Kang then fled into Limbo and when the Avengers tried to follow after him Immortus stopped them telling him that this was all ordained and sent the Avengers back to their proper seat in prison term. [ 16 ] [ 43 ] [ 17 ] With his sanity quickly fleeting Kang triggered the time circuitry in his helmet creating two necessity divergent to divide the lunacy between. One returned to the fortieth Century to recover, [ 17 ] while the other became Kang-123488.23497. [ 78 ]

council of Cross-Time Kangs

By this time a group calling themselves the Council of Cross-Time Kangs was organized. They consisted of respective other beings and aliens that slew their own realities translation of Kang and usurped his identity. There are conflicting explanations as to why they were formed. Kang-Prime has previously stated that he was creditworthy for their creation [ 2 ] while he has by and by considered them nothing more than pretenders and fools despicable of his name. [ 17 ] By their own explanations they are obviously a higher ordain that sat above versatile alternate Councils of Kang, each member being the sole survivor of a pick of their alternate selves across the Multiverse. [ 78 ] meanwhile, the Prime Kang attempted to heal his apparent personnel casualty of Ravonna by bringing numerous surrogate reality Ravonna ‘s to slave over him, but soon he grew not to care about her any long. He then decided to turn his energies against the beginning woman who betrayed him : mantis. [ 2 ] Confident that the Inferno would cover his reappearance in the time stream from the Council of Cross-Time Kangs, attacked Mantis in New York City equitable as she was being rescued by the Fantastic Four. Immobilizing the Fantastic Four he kidnapped Mantis hoping to use her ability as the Celestial Madonna to unleash the power of the Dreaming Celestial sleep in Mount Diablo, California. not only did the Fantastic Four follow after him, but as did the sorcerer known as Necrodamus. When Kang arrived in California, he was shocked to find that Mantis was stripped of her powers gained from the Cotati and began pondering how to breach the barrier when the Fantastic Four arrived. Kang managed to escape the Fantastic Four but upon doing then he realized that person had kidnapped Mantis. [ 79 ] Kang managed to track Mantis back to New York City where he found her a prisoner of Necrodamus who was preparing to sacrifice her to the demons of Limbo once the planets became aligned. Forced to team-up with the Fantastic Four to suit his own ends for Mantis, he accepted an idea provided to him by Ms. Marvel. With the Human Torch ‘s flame powers being mystically enhanced, Kang transported the Torch outdoor of the orbit of planet Mercury. The Torch then buried a device deem into the satellite, allowing Kang to pull the planet slightly out of alignment preventing Necrodamus from slaying Mantis. The darkness gods then punished Necrodamus. With their deputation over, Kang teleported away leaving the Torch stranded in space. [ 80 ] While Kang was gone the epic X-Men and X-Factor ended the demonic infestation of New York. [ 81 ]


Knowing that Mantis sought the Fantastic Four ‘s help to recover her son from the Cotati, Kang went to warn them. They agreed with him that the only means to prevent her from taking their savior was to kill her. Kang brought the elders of the Cotati to New York and summoned the Priests of Pama to help. however when they arrived, the Fantastic Four were reunited with the Torch thanks to the Silver Surfer and they defended Mantis, defeating the Cotati and their priests. When Mantis forced the Cotati to flee with her superscript mental powers, Kang fled back into the timestream once more. Following this, Mantis left her physical body to try and convince the Cotati to release her son in on the genial plane. [ 82 ] [ 2 ]

Infinity War

Some years later the Magus, the evil persona of Adam Warlock, was orchestrating a building complex conspiracy to obtain he Infinity Gauntlet and rule the universe collected a number of Cosmic Cubes and constructed a massive fortress in another dimension. On Earth, Dr. Doom detected the massive energy source and the exponent it was drawing from Earth. Unaware of its source and seeking to obtain this power for himself but needing an ally, Doom contacted Kang in the future. Both men agreed to work with each early while secretly plotting to betrayal when they reached their prize. [ 83 ] Tracing it to its receiving source on Earth, the two prepared a ship and headed off to find it. [ 84 ] [ 85 ] They found the location of the energy source moments before the arrival of Galactus, his herald Nova, the Silver Surfer, and the Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange who were besides seeking to locate the source of the energy as Galactus tied it to the sudden incapacitation of Eternity. Seeing their arrival, Doom and Kang cloaked themselves from the view of the new arrivals. [ 83 ] When Galactus and his allies opened a portal to travel to the property the energy reservoir was coming from, the two villains followed, cloaked from view. [ 84 ] [ 85 ]

Detecting the approach of Galactus, the Magus attacked from afar destroying the world devourer ‘s embark. Doom and Kang were able to slip past the wreckage and continue on the trail. Appearing in another dimension they found another chase to follow and they continued on their path. Detecting that Warlock and his Infinity Watch and the brainsick Titan Thanos was following after them they were more than pleased when a group of heroes — besides trying to track the informant of the energy — appeared and began battling with the Watch. [ 86 ] The two finally made it through to the other side of the dimensional gate and materialized in movement of the Magus ‘ bastion. Sneaking at heart, the pair found the power source and rigged explosives on the Cubes in the event they might lose their battle with its owner to ensure that cipher could claim it if they failed. [ 87 ] By the time they secretly reached the command room they found that the Magus had captured Adam Warlock and the Infinity Gauntlet. At that very moment Galactus was petitioning the Living Tribunal to restore the power to the Infinity Gauntlet as the Magus had planned all along. The pair then abruptly attack the Magus, but he was besides strong for Kang who was easily incapacitated. The Magus fled, and before Doom pursued after him, he killed Kang with a gauntlet blast. [ 88 ] [ 17 ] While Doom failed to obtain the Infinity Gauntlet, Adam Warlock and his allies finally stopped the Magus. [ 89 ] As with previous instances, Kang ‘s apparent demise did not prove to be permanent here as his mind was transferred to a new body in his own era. [ 17 ]

Citizen Kang

By this meter Kang ‘s empire spanned some six centuries with his domain of Chronopolis touching diverse points in clock. He besides formed his Anachronauts warriors gathered from versatile eras to be his elect warriors. [ 43 ] however far expansion into the multiverse was deadlocked between other opposing time controllers including the ancient creature Alioth, the Time Variants Authority, the Congress of Realities, Revelation a future adaptation of Ravonna, [ 90 ] and the Delubric Consortium. [ 17 ] When the Vision discovered that parts of his torso were created by Timely Industries in the class 1939, he went to Timely, Wisconsin to investigate and was subsequently captured by Kang. Weeks subsequently when Captain America went to look for him, Kang had him banished to the year 2700 BC. interim, long since having escaped the Time Bubble, Kang-Nebula – revealing herself to be Kang ‘s long lost love Ravonna – attempted to obtain the avail of Dr. Druid to assist her in stopping Kang. [ 9 ] interim, Kang traveled back in clock to seek out an alliance with Prester John in the kingdom of Avalon sometime in the tenth hundred. When John refused to join Kang, the clock traveler banished Prester John to the year 911 AD hop that John would change history by preventing an alliance between King John the Simple and the Viking drawing card Rollo Hrolfson. Kang besides banished Thor to this era and he made time continue on its intended path. [ 27 ] finally Ravonna – now dubbed the Temptress – convinced Dr. Druid and the Fantastic Four to assist her in stopping Kang. Using the Fantastic Four ‘s time machine they traveled to Chronopolis. There they besides ran into the Avengers who were searching for their miss teammates. This led to a struggle between the two groups when the Avengers presumed that Ravonna was once more rig people. As the two hero teams clashed, Ravonna managed to slip away and Kang unleashed his Anachronauts upon the heroes. [ 43 ] The FF and the Avengers were easily overpowered and imprisoned in Kang ‘s bastion. Kang then revealed his stream plans for invading the advanced era : revealing that he was behind timely Industries he had components in about every technical device made over the death 100 years and would use this to pave the means to his victory. Ravonna made her bearing known and apparently skid Kang, but this turned out to be however another divergent version of Kang. The real Kang soon appeared, and impressed on this new revengeful incarnation of Ravonna, Kang challenged her to a battle. If Kang won Ravonna would stay in Chronopolis and become one of his Anachronauts. If she won, she would win the mighty to kill him. During the course of the battle, the heroes broke release from their prison and began battling the Anachronauts. During the course of the battle, Thor attempted to toss his hammer through the barrier that protected the two combatants. however the mallet was besides strong and pierced the battlefield. Seeing that it was about to strike Ravonna, Kang pushed her out of the direction and took the blunt of the shove off, sternly crippling him and leaving Kang on the brink of death. Realizing the irony of the position, Ravonna vowed to restore Kang to wax health, if for nothing more than to last get her retaliation and kill him. Carrying Kang away, Ravonna allowed the heroes to leave. [ 2 ] [ 17 ]

Terminatrix Objective

nowadays calling herself the Terminatrix, Ravonna put Kang in stasis and in decree to keep his conglomerate in order and safe from the Council of Cross-Time Kangs, she began posing as Kang the entirely beings aware of her magic trick being the Anachronauts. She besides began investigating era earlier in clock time and discovered the temporal creature known as Alioth who ruled those eras and threatened to consume Kang ‘s empire deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. Later, Ravonna ‘s future self Revelation summoned three Avengers : Thunderstrike, War Machine, and US Agent, to stop the Terminatrix from reviving Kang. In retaliation, the Terminatrix summoned Avengers of her own : master America, Iron Man and Thor. [ 91 ] While the two teams of Avengers were manipulated into fighting each other, the Terminatrix was lured to the class 9999 AD by Revelation. [ 92 ] While Kang remained in stasis his body was visited by some of the Time-Keepers, who feared that without the revival of Kang, the multiverse would suffer a Chrono-Synclastic Entropy consequence when Alioth finally invaded Chronopolis. relatively, in the year 9999 Revelation convinced Terminatrix that she actually sought to assist her in defeating Alioth and provided her with advance medicate from her point in time to cure Kang of his injuries. however before the Terminatrix could return to Chronopolis, Alioth attacked. [ 90 ] As the Avengers battled Alioth, the Terminatrix returned and used the device given to her by disclosure and it successfully restored Kang to wide health. Kang, Terminatrix and Revelation then recovered the Avengers as Alioth absorbed the Council of Cross-Time Kangs, killing them all. Equipping the Avengers with devices to protect them from the chronal-beast, Kang besides gave them a weapon to destroy it : the Chrono-Key. When they attacked Alioth in the council chambers, the Chrono-Key transformed into Tempus, a chronal being that absorbed the latent chronal energy with the absolutely bodies of the Cross-Time Kangs, and Tempus was able to pull Alioth creating a time barrier preventing Alioth from becoming a menace to Chronopolis. Angry at the loss of lives the Avengers tried to confront Kang but he promptly banished them from his kingdom. then when it appeared that he and Ravonna would last reconcile their differences, she stabbed him in the back mean to revive him thus that they would be considered equals in an attack to deviate herself from the potential future where she would become Revelation. [ 93 ] Kang has late stated that he intentionally orchestrated the free of Alioth in order to eliminate the Council of Cross-Time Kangs and rule over his empire alone without their interference. [ 17 ] finally Ravonna did restore Kang, and their old animosities came to an end. They returned to the forty-first hundred to rule together however Kang soon cursorily grew bored with his placement which was becoming more and more bureaucratic. By the clock he reached age 60, Kang had grown tired of this life and sought a more dim-witted prison term. Kang then decided to leave his integral conglomerate under the command of Ravonna and resumed his guise of Rama-Tut and returned to Ancient Egypt for a time. [ 17 ] For more on the time Kang spent in his second reign in Egypt see the entry on Rama-Tut
During his time as Rama-Tut, the former Kang assisted the Avengers and Immortus stop his past self from taking the Celestial Madonna. After which he returned to the time stream to find a new management in biography. Thanks to events occurring at the end of time, [ 94 ] Rama-Tut diverged into two clear-cut individuals. One saw his deathrate and decided to travel to Limbo, where he finally became Immortus. [ 95 ] The other looked into the prison term pour and saw how Immortus was basically a slave to the Time-Keepers and became angry. Finding a new fire inside him, Rama-Tut denounced his future self and his indenture animation to the Time-Keepers. Tut returned to the forty-first Century and resumed his guise of Kang the Conqueror with new ardor .
For more on the divergent paths of Kang see the entry on Immortus
His first order of duty was to eliminate all rival time travelers from the play field. He unleashed Alioth upon the TVA, and the Delubric Consortium upon Revelation. Deciding that the only way to truly relish his conquests he decided to no longer trust on an easy means out and destroyed the device that would transmit his mind into a newfangled body upon physical death. Kang then began studying Immortus and his masters the Time-Keepers in order to learn how to avoid this eventual destiny. He learned that the Time-Keepers were created at the alleged “ end of Time ” on Earth-794282 by the concluding TVA agent known as He Who Remains. Through these observations he learned that the Time-Keepers had attempted to ensure that the universe ended with them and considered the Earth its gravest menace. During his investigations he made allies with the Kree Supreme Intelligence and the modern era reformed criminal Libra. together they learned that the Time-Keepers and Immortus were attempting to alter the run of human destiny by killing long time Avengers associate Rick Jones, as he contained the power of the Destiny Force. [ 17 ] At this point in the advanced era, Rick Jones was apparently dying as a resultant role of the energies of the Destiny Force. [ 96 ] Knowing that the Supreme Intelligence had previously controlled the Destiny Force in Rick [ 97 ] and brought him to the Blue Area of Earth ‘s Moon where the Intelligence was being held prisoner by agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. [ 98 ] After Rick was left with the Supreme Intelligence for observation, Immortus sent his agent Tempus to eliminate the young man. however Kang arrived good in time and began holding off armies of soldiers plucked from diverse periods in history by his future self. During the crusade, Rick awoke and with avail from the Supreme Intelligence was able to channel the Destiny Force and summon a group of Avengers from different points in history which included Captain America, Yellowjacket, the Wasp, Goliath, and Hawkeye from Earth-616, arsenic well as Captain Marvel and Songbird from one possible future to help Kang. [ 99 ] With the assistant of the Avengers and Rick ‘s Destiny Force, Kang was able to fight off the troops summoned by Immortus. With the immediate trouble gone, Kang sent the Avengers off with Libra to seek condom while he returned to Chronopolis to prepare to engage war against his future self. however when Kang returned to his domain Immortus immediately launched an attack against him. [ 100 ] Chronopolis was being decimated, with the majority of the Anachronauts, including the Terminatrix, being slain by time-twisting explosion. It soon became apparent that Immortus was seeking the Heart of Forever a powerful energy source that made it potential to change history without creating divergent realities. The Avengers soon arrived to lend a hired hand, but Kang ushered them off in his time machine ordering them to remain out of the prison term pour indeed that Immortus could not follow them. As this was happening Immortus gained access to the Heart and used it to collapse Chronopolis, its entire population and all its chronal energies into the powerful Forever Crystal. [ 101 ] Immortus then went about pruning respective realities to ensure that humanness does not follow the destiny that put them at the gamble of being destroyed by the Time-Keepers, while the Avengers tried their best to oppose him. [ 102 ] meanwhile Kang had survived the destruction of Chronopolis, escaping to a hideout shroud in the kingdom known as Purgatory. There he reflected on his past life up to that point before he was contacted by Rick Jones and the Supreme Intelligence and informed that the Avengers were captured and that the Time-Keepers were preparing to make their final gambit. [ 17 ] They found the Avengers being placed on a mock trial by the Time-Keepers in the 26nd Century of Earth-9812 where the Avengers have become an intergalactic empire, the future which the Time-Keepers were seeking to avoid. [ 103 ] With the serve of Rick ‘s Destiny Force, Kang and the Avengers were able to break through the Time-Keepers force fields, but they and Immortus fled to the end of time on Earth-794282 to use the Forever Crystal in a Chrono-Cannon to wipe out all timelines that would create a future like Earth-9812. There Immortus refused to hand over the Crystal and was apparently murder. Kang and the Avengers attacked again. They then unleashed an army of evil Avengers from interchange realities. When Kang fought back against the Time-Keepers who then attempted to speed up Kang ‘s destiny and force him into transform into Immortus. The Avengers, joined by the Rick Jones of Earth-98120 who was bonded to his era ‘s Captain Marvel, summoned heroic verse Avengers from other eras to help fight the bad. [ 94 ] Through sheer smell of will, Kang managed to fight off the Time-Keepers attempts to force his transformation into Immortus. In the end the Avengers triumphed, destroying the Chrono-Cannon and Kang executed the Time-Keepers in retaliation. however before he could get a prevail of the Forever Crystal, Captain America smashed it. Kang was besides in for another shock absorber when he found Immortus, nowadays a distinguish entity from him active and well. When it was deduced that Kang ‘s destiny was no long tied to that of Immortus, the conqueror realized that he had achieved the greatest victory of all and teleported away. The Avengers were besides returned to their respective eras. [ 104 ]

Kang Dynasty

now with a detached destiny, Kang began focusing again on his desire to conquer the modern era. To this end, he manipulated the hero Captain Britain into accepting the function of king of Otherworld, removing him from the play battlefield when it came time for a electric potential invasion. [ 105 ] Returning to his empire, Kang then spent the adjacent few decades in that era preparing his armies and ensuring entirely the most perfective specimens were selected. additionally he organized a harem of genetically ideal women and began copulating with them. [ 106 ] Each child from these unions he named Marcus and began training them to be the ideal warrior. With each failure, he killed his offspring and sealed them in a individual chamber aboard his massive space station the Domocles. [ 107 ] His last try elided Marcus XXIII. Marcus Kang proved to be a achiever, and was trained in the art of fight, war, and strategy from his father. When Marcus reached adulthood Kang gifted him with his old identity of the Scarlet Centurion. [ 108 ] They then began monitoring the Avengers in the advanced historic period then that Marcus could learn his foes, Kang told him to pay particular attention to Captain America. At this time the Avengers were at their highest ebb and a wholly ball-shaped force that was trying to strike at their respective foes first base before they could terrorize the release universe. Kang the Centurion then began observing the Avengers conflict with the Presence in Russia, [ 109 ] and their battle with Hulk-like creatures created by Jonathan Tremont of the Triune Understanding [ 110 ] before deciding it was time to launch their attack. [ 111 ] Arriving in the modern era, Kang coached his son on how to struggle his campaign before sending him to sent a announcement of war to the United Nations in New York City. When Marcus arrived, he clashed with the Avengers and found himself instantaneously smitten by their member Warbird. When the Avengers refused to stand down, Kang appeared and decided to give them a show of ability. He had his Damocles establish displace a potent fire and destroy the United Nations Building, but used storm fields to save those inside. Kang then issued an ultimatum to the Avengers and gather government officials : surrender or face invasion. [ 112 ] Kang then warned those gathered that there were many dangers ahead in the future, showing them glimpses of of the possible futures on Earths 691, 1745, 2042, 6311, 8394, 8410, 9014, 9930, 10742, 115000, 17342, 45017, 70395, and 107342 admonitory that if they did not side with him world would die in any one of these possible futures. Kang besides outlined his destiny for world in this era, turning them into a massive army to conquer the entire universe. strange to those gathered, Kang besides broadcast his speech to every television, calculator and radio in the worldly concern in orderliness to cause panic and chaos across the earth and besides bring out would be allies in the conflict ahead. His speech prompted the Atlantean barbarians under the rule of Attuma to attack Rollo Bay, Prince Edward Island, and renegade Deviants to attack Wuwei, China. Despite all this, a representative from the United Nations denied the opportunity to surrender telling Kang that the people of Earth would fight. Kang advised them that he would be attacking soon, targeting France first before leave, warning them that if they attacked his base directly alternatively of fighting off the invasion he would react gratingly. [ 113 ] Kang and Marcus then returned to the Damocles to prepare for war observing the Avengers battles with the Presence, Attuma and his hordes, the rogue Deviants, the terrorist organization known as AIM, the Wizard, and early threats. [ 114 ] interim Kang sent his son to gather those who pledged commitment to his cause. Among the first crop was the villain known as Whirlwind whose demands for star discussion only angered Kang prompting him to teleport the super-villain back to Earth to warn others to not make such bold demands in the future. While on Earth, the Avengers began liquidating their threats, but the United States government was pressuring them to deal with Kang. [ 115 ] Kang besides spent this time observing the reformation of the Thunderbolts and their struggle with Graviton and considered them no threat to his plans. [ 116 ] Getting ready to strike, Kang then ordered his son Marcus to begin mobilizing his labor troops for an attack. meanwhile on Earth, the Avengers were dedicating themselves to defending France. however the United States government was only giving them 96 hours before they launched a evanesce of Sentinel robots to deal with Kang, a decision that Captain America thought was a badly one, but he accepted. Things became more complicate when the alleged master of the World made his own bid to take over Earth, erecting massive defense perimeters around every major city in the world. [ 106 ] Kang finally launched his ground attack on France, and began preparing for the adjacent salvo. interim the Avengers broke into three teams : One to defend France, another to deal with the Master, and a third base group led by Captain America to try and take down the Damocles base. [ 117 ] Marcus late went to Earth and assisted Warbird in taking down the Master despite her reservations with him, leading to the first in a series of small betrayals against his forefather. [ 118 ] When the Avengers later attacked the Damocles base, Marcus intentionally allowed them to break through the storm field that protected it unaware that his forefather was standing over him. Kang chose to hide his cognition from his son and rather focused on battling the Avengers. At that moment the United States government then launched their Sentinels at Kang ‘s orbital base. Kang appeared in a massive holographic image, and took control of the Sentinels since they were comprised of parts built by Timely Industries. Kang then destroyed the Avenger ‘s embark and left them floating in space and turned his holographic image and army of Sentinels on Earth. [ 119 ] Kang ‘s retaliation was swift. He launched a massive approach on Washington D.C., decimating the integral capital despite the Mighty Thor ‘s attempts to try and stop him, leaving the city destroyed and millions of people dead and reduce to bones. Soon the United States officially surrendered and Kang insisted that the Avengers de facto leader, the Wasp, be the beginning to sign the contract of surrender. [ 120 ] interim the Avengers trapped in space were rescued by Quasar and the Living Lightning. Before returning to Earth, they had to stop Jonathan Tremont from taking control of a massive transport alien prayer ship with the assistant of their teammate Triathlon. After their victory they soon learned that Kang had taken the Earth. [ 121 ] Kang soon had about the entire world in his hands, but there were still pockets of immunity and he had them captured and placed in camps. In one such camp, the Scarlet Witch helped Wonder Man escape indeed that he could join the other Avengers hush free and fighting Kang, using her Hex Powers to make it appear that Wonder Man died when Kang ordered him executed for a fail escape attack. [ 122 ] Kang then focused his efforts on the stopping point of the resistance but they began defending themselves with the Master ‘s defenses, and their ranks were increased with the help oneself of Namorita and the Atlanteans, a well as Warlord Kro and his Deviants, and the Presence and his mate Starlight, forcing Kang and his forces to retreat back to the Damocles. That base was on the spur of the moment approached by the Triune Ship. When Kang used his holographic projection to attack the ship he was shocked to see that the Triune craft was able to replicate the technology and do the lapp with Captain America. [ 123 ] however Captain America proved the ranking champion and Kang was forced to retreat back into his transport. The Avengers, with the improbable aid of Jonathan Tremont managed to piece the force airfield around the Damocles and Warbird then compromised the energy core. With the ship starting to explode, Kang ordered a full retrograde and coerce Marcus into an escape pod, sending him spinal column to the fortieth Century, telling his son to let him die in conflict and begin his own destiny before the Damocles fell to Earth. [ 124 ] The remains of the Damocles crash landed in the town of Gaithersberg, Maryland and miraculously Kang survived the crash but his armor was hard damaged. The Avengers arrived soon and Kang challenged Captain America to a one-on-one struggle. This was a conflict that Kang ultimately lost and he was last taken prisoner. Soon Kang ‘s empire was dismantled and the Earth began to repair the damage. Kang meanwhile found himself locked in a cloistered prison in Montana. There he was rescued by his son Marcus, despite his protests to be left. Kang finally relented and returned to his ship. There Kang revealed that he knew of his son ‘s betrayals and revealed the truth of his birth. Kang then expressed his disappointment that his son would not entirely betray him, but deny his wish to die in combat — or at least by execution from his enemies and become a caption. Deeming his son as a lot a failure as all the versions before him, Kang fatally stabbed his son. When his computer asked if Kang wished to awaken the following Marcus, he delayed the order, allowing himself a consequence of grief nowadays having lost everything. [ 107 ]

The End & JLA/Avengers

Following this, Kang was concisely imprisoned along with early time traveler by Akhenaten of Earth-4321 until he was defeated by Thanos and his prisoners freed. [ 125 ] Later, Earth-616 was being merged with a distant cosmic by the being known as Krona which altered history where the two vastly different universes coexisted together. According to this new reality, Kang battled with the alleged Lord of Time over a Chronal egg. Both manipulated the Avengers and the Justice League of America into clashing with each early. The heroes won the struggle, but these events were erased from history when Krona ‘s unite of the two universes was halted by those self-same heroes. [ 126 ]

Iron Lad

Kang late traveled into his own past, saving his teenaged self from bullies in the hopes of helping the young Nathaniel Richards achieve his fortune as Kang the Conqueror sooner. Showing the boy his fortune, Kang besides equipped him with Neuro-Kinetic armor, which proved to be a mistake. Unwilling to become a villain, the young Nathaniel Richards fought back against Kang and then escaped into the time pour and ended up in the mod earned run average. Learning that the Avengers had disbanded, he uncovered a secret protocol within the remains of the Vision and used it to form a group of young heroes who finally came to be called the Young Avengers, and calling himself Iron Lad. [ 127 ] With the formation of the group, former Avengers Iron Man and Captain America attempted to convince the youths to disband. During their discussions at the ruins of Avengers Mansion, they were attacked by one of Kang ‘s Growing Men. Upon the constructs defeat, it signaled Iron Lad ‘s placement to Kang. [ 128 ] Kang clashed with Iron Man, Captain America, former private eye Jessica Jones, and the Young Avengers. He warned them that if Iron Lad did not return to his own time and follow his destiny to become Kang, history would be irreparably changed in catastrophic ways. Kang ‘s appearance in the modern old age alongside his younger self caused this change in history to accelerate. While the Young Avengers geared to fight Iron Lad ‘s future self, the Avengers saw firsthand the changes that were being made and resolved to try and help Kang restore the natural orderliness. When the Young Avengers fought back, they were well trounced by Kang who turned Iron Lad ‘s own armor against his teammates. [ 129 ] Kang then opened a time portal to bring Iron Lad back to his own era, but was knocked in by Iron Lad ‘s teammate stature, sealing it. Kang returned momentarily and threatened to kill Captain America, but the Young Avengers fought back even harder than earlier. Their ranks increased when Iron Lad converted his armor into a new incarnation of the Vision. While Kang was distracted, Nathaniel managed to sneak up behind him and fatally stab his future self through the chest of drawers with a sword, killing him. [ 130 ] With the future quickly changing and members of the Young Avengers being wiped from universe, Iron Lad realized the futility in his last out in the stage and willingly returned to the future to follow his fortune and become Kang the Conqueror. This cause reality to return to the status quo. [ 131 ] Kang was obviously restored to liveliness as a result .

Heroic Age

When Adam Warlock became the Magus once again in ordain to stop the Fault, a trap in time in space caused by a T-Bomb, it ensured that the future of Earth-7528 where the Magus and his Universal Church of Truth ruled the universe was the prevailing future. This caused the end of many potential timelines, the lone survivors being each reality ‘s version of Starhawk. Kang was warned of this at hand sentence from a surviving Time-Keeper before being frozen in Limbo frost. Kang sought refuge in Limbo and gathered the united states army of Starhawks. Witnessing members of the Guardians of the Galaxy trapped in the year 3009 of Earth-7528, Kang and the Starhawks rescued them. Having had their ages changed due to the Fault Kang restored them to their proper ages and informed the group of the danger to history. He offered them only one solution : kill Warlock. He then gave the Guardians ‘ drawing card Star-Lord a Cosmic Cube to help do the job. Despite the team ‘s reservations, Kang transported them back in time to moments before Adam Warlock turned into the Magus to do the job. Star-Lord finally succeeded in slaying the Magus, but not before many of his teammates and allies were slain. however with the Magus now dead, reality resumed its proper course. [ 132 ] Kang soon became aware of the potential future of Earth-10071 where the automaton Ultron slew that reality ‘s Avengers paving the way for domination of Kang ‘s own era. To stop this, Kang gathered an army of heroes to destroy Ultron, but failed. In retaliation, Kang went back and gathered more and more super-humans and failed complete 20 times. [ 133 ] His constant time travels caused besides a lot of a strain on time and broke it causing chaos across the time flow, causing different eras to bleed into each early while causing the battle between Ultron on Earth-10071 to continue in a ageless loop. This prompted his future self, Immortus, to pose as Kang once more and convince the future Avengers to allow himself to travel back in time to recruit the Avengers of the modern era to fix the fracture in prison term. [ 134 ] The Avengers finally traveled to Earth-10071 and learned of the situation and agreed to deal with Ultron. [ 133 ] They went spinal column in clock time anterior to the conflict with Ultron and convinced the automaton to lose the struggle, pointing out that in fighting Kang would lead to the price done to the time pour and that Ultron would nobelium be destroyed as well. Ultron agreed, and when the time for the struggle came, Kang and his forces easily destroyed him. With such a quick victory, Kang returned his warriors to their proper points in history. Disappointed with the lack of a challenge, Kang returned to his own clock time to continue searching for a desirable conquest. With the defeat of Ultron, reality diverged to a modern future of Earth-10943, and the damage to the time pour was repaired. [ 135 ]

apocalypse Twins

With the parentage of the Apocalypse Twins, Kang began to see them as a menace to his future time and began orchestrating a means to not only eliminate the terror of mutants to his future clock, but besides to gain mastery of all prison term and ensure that his rule reigned unopposed. To this end, Kang kidnapped the twins, Uriel and Eimin equitable moments after their birth, taking them into the future to raise them. [ 136 ] He then traveled back in time to the year 1013 AD and took on his Rama-Tut guise and began manipulating once sought after successor, Apocalypse, convincing him that he was destined to rule the world by feeding him half truths about the come future. Through his gain believe, he tricked Apocalypse into fighting a young thor in Scandinavia, knowing that the armor given to Apocalypse by the Celestials would be immune to Thor ‘s axe Jarnbjorn. Seeing that he was losing the fight, Thor fled second to Asgard to petition his father Odin to give him the office to defeat Apocalypse. As expected, Odin turned down this request due to the oath Earth ‘s pantheon gods made to not interfere in the work of the Celestials. Posing as Thor ‘s brother Loki, Kang used Thor ‘s anger to trick him into working together to find a solution to stop Apocalypse. Kang then uncovered a spell hidden in Odin ‘s library that could give Jarnbjorn the world power to destroy Celestial armor. Kang then resumed his Rama-Tut guise and tricked Apocalypse into going after Folkbern Logan a soldier in England who was an ancestor of the advanced day hero Wolverine. When Apocalypse and his Horsemen attacked England to slay Logan, Thor arrived and battled him, slaying these Horsemen and badly wounding Apocalypse, although Apocalypse teleported away and lived on for centuries thereafter. When Thor returned to Asgard to celebrate, he was berated by Odin who warned that his actions that day would one day have grave repercussions on the universe. With the first part of his scheme complete, Kang returned to the modern era where he recovered Jarnbjorn from Brazil where it was embedded in the body of the die sorcerer Baron Mordo in a brazilian grave. [ 137 ] Kang then began raising the Apocalypse Twins in the year 4145, teaching them that mutants and humans could never live in harmony together and that the twins would grow up to oppose Kang himself and they would meet kill. To show them how the crusade for domination was a lost causal agent for the twins, Kang forced them to live out years of their lives in mutant concentration camps run by the Red Skull on Earth-13044. There they were forced to live in a camp run by the cyborg known as Ahab. When Uriel and Eimin attempted to escape Kang watched over them gloating, and allowed them to be captured by Ahab and his Hounds. When Ahab caught them, Kang stood back and watched as Uriel was forced to blind his sister by cutting her eyes out with his wings. [ 138 ] Convinced that they had learned enough about human cruelty, Kang took the now teenaged Apocalypse Twins back to his future of 4145 to continue their train. He sent them on a deputation to Earth-26111 to slay Colonel America. This alternatively led to a battle with the Morlocks and Uriel and Eimin were forced to slay their leaders Havok and Rogue. After their failure, he brought them back to his own time and showed them his trophy room, including Jarnbjorn. [ 139 ]

Avenge the earth

however before Kang could continue his condition of the Apocalypse Twins, they stole Jarnbjorn and returned to the modern earned run average of Earth-616. Using the weapon they slew the Celestial known as Arishem the Judge, merely as it was summoned by the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. They then started a campaign to create a mutant ecstasy, to move the mutant population to a new world before the Celestials sought vengeance. This plot was opposed by the Avengers Unity Division in vein. ultimately, the Apocalypse Twins succeeded in manipulating the Scarlet Witch into succeeding in their plan, and the Earth was destroyed by Exitar the Executioner. In order to prevent Kang, or any other fourth dimension travelers from going back in time and stopping them, the twins besides constructed a tachyon dam that protected the stallion timeline. [ 140 ] It was by this indicate that Kang ‘s latest embodiment of Marcus realized that the Apocalypse Twins escaped and attempted to warn his father. however Kang was already being told what the revelation Twins were up to thanks to holographic recordings that were rigged to go off equitable as Kang ‘s timeline was beginning to be erased. [ 138 ] Kang began gathering other beings from futures that were being wiped out thanks to the cultivate of the Apocalypse Twins. Forming the Chronos Corps which consisted of Stryfe of Earth-4935, Venom of Earth-9997, Dr. Doom of Earth-6375, Iron Man of Earth-8410, Magistrate Braddock of Earth-12928, Ahab of Earth-13044, and the Abomination Deathlok of Earth-11045. [ 141 ] however he and his forces were unable to affect changes in the give day thanks to the tachyon dam. About a decade late, the mutants had established themselves on a new worldly concern called Planet X. By this time both Havok and the Wasp had gotten married and had a homo child named Katie. In order to create a safer universe for their daughter, Alex and Janet managed to destroy the tachyon dam that existed in their earned run average, allowing Kang and his Chronos Corps to breach that distributor point in history, which allowed them to besides recruit Thor to their campaign. [ 142 ] Kang came up with a plan to restore the Earth, but with the tachyon dam in the past preventing them from going far, Kang came up with a plan to send the minds of the surviving members of the Avengers Unity team into their past bodies and preventing the destruction of Earth. When Havok protested ascribable to concerns he had over the fortune of his daughter, who could be erased from history by such a move, Kang teleported her away into the timestream in arrange to force his and the Wasp ‘s support. In attempting to free the capture Wolverine and Sunfire Kang and his minions clashed with the X-Council and X-Force arsenic well as the Apocalypse Twin ‘s minions Banshee and Daken. [ 143 ] Succeeding in their task, with the assistant of Magistrate Elizabeth, Kang managed to send the minds of Thor, Wolverine, Havok, the Wasp, and Sunfire back in time to the moments leading up to the destruction of Earth. [ 144 ] The heroes travel into the past and with the help of Rogue and the Sentry managed to keep Exitar at bay while they recovered Jarnbjorn from the Apocalypse Twins. As Thor wounded Exitar, the other members of the Unity Team destroyed the tachyon dam, allowing Kang and his forces to arrive in that era. This was the final climax of Kang ‘s schemes and he had his Abomination Deathlok push Thor into the cosmic energy spewing from the wounded Celestial. Kang then began attempting to absorb the cosmic department of energy, hoping to attain godhood and conquer all clock. [ 6 ] The Avengers clashed with Kang ‘s Chronos Corps and were assisted by the arrival of Immortus and his Infinity Watch while Havok and Sunfire attempted to prevent Kang from absorbing more energy from the Celestial. While Sunfire defeated the Apocalypse Twins, Havok overpowered Kang and severed him from the Celestial energies. Defeated, Kang fled into the timestream taking his Chronos Corps with him. however he left Ahab behind to find the Red Skull and ensure that the future of Earth-13044 came to pass. [ 145 ] Because Exitar was prevented from destroying the land and the Apocalypse Twins were defeated before they could complete their ecstasy, reality continued on its natural course, although the Planet X reality endured in a divergent reality designated Earth-13133 .

original Sin

Kang finally ended up working with two of his understudy selves, Immortus and Iron Lad, at a point in clock time and space called the “ end of the road ” to await the arrival of the “ end Avenger ”. [ 146 ] This came in the form of Captain America who was being hurtled ahead through time thanks to the damaged Time Infinity Gem. He was rescued from the fractured timestream by Iron Lad after surviving an experience some 51,028 years in the future. [ 147 ] Iron Lad then brought Cap before Kang and Immortus. When the Time Gem reappeared the three clock travelers trapped it in a bottle of “ No-Time ” to prevent it from functioning and sending Cap through time so far again. They explained to Cap that the current crisis threaten to destroy the multiverse was destined to fail if they allowed Cap to continue going forward, Iron Lad ‘s future selves having already lived this moment. however Cap refused to stand back and do nothing when lives were in danger and broke the Time Gem exempt, and was transported back to his own era before the three incarnations of Kang could stop him. [ 146 ]


After Attilan, the city of the Inhumans, was destroyed by Black Bolt during his battle with Thanos, [ 148 ] the Inhumans that were scattered were found except for Black Bolt ‘s son Ahura. Kang had teleported him to his fortress and took him under his fender. When Black Bolt finally found Ahura, he submitted him to the Terrigenesis action and made a deal with Kang : Kang would take Ahura to safety into the time current in order to save him from the death of the universe bring about by the Incursions. Kang accepted but with the condition that tied if the Multiverse was restored, Ahura would be his forever. [ 149 ] When the universe was restored, Black Bolt reneged on his deal with Kang and decided to get his son Ahura back. With the aid of Reader, Black Bolt traveled rear 13,000 years into the past, where Kang would leave Ahura in the care of Randac in Attilan to accommodate him to Terrigenesis and then retrieve him some fourth dimension late. however, Kang caught onto Black Bolt ‘s treachery and forced him to retreat. [ 150 ] The Inhumans decide to rescue the stainless Ahura from his future destiny by travelling bet on in meter 13,000 years ago to the moment Kang delivered Ahura to Randac. After Kang left, the Inhumans arrived to Attilan to retrieve him. Ahura did n’t believe what his chap Inhumans said and remained loyal to Kang until he was shown with the Historikon what he would have been manipulated to do, and how that future would have played out. Kang subsequently returned to the setting with an army consist of soldiers from different periods of clock time in order to retrieve Ahura. After being captured, Ahura manifested his Inhuman ability to create psychic projections of himself to possess Kang, forcing him to leave, fix the price he had done to the Inhumans ‘ history, and never try to harm his people again. [ 151 ]


due to a bug in the timestream, Kang found himself being split up into versatile versions of himself. One of those versions, Mr. Gryphon, found himself stuck in advanced day Earth-616. [ 152 ]

Infinity Conflict

When Kang travelled to the year 4657 where he saw an almighty Thanos battling a horde of dark creatures which ended in his frustration leaving reality to be consumed by the stygian dark. After observing how this darkness consumed the worlds, Kang sought to find the informant of the trouble. His search head him to the satellite of Zelchia, where a mutant native developed the world power to teleport. Kang tried to end the threat by killing the native, but early teleporting mutant natives emerged. With this undertaking failed Kang sought to study the darkness, but his ship was damaged and was left stranded in the class 4012 where he encountered Starfox. After some negotiate Kang send Starfox back to the point where the Titan send his past self in expatriate. After Starfox ‘s design to avoid the threat succeeded, Kang returned to Zelchia in the class 2127 where Thanos, controlled by his almighty future self, awaited him and after Thanos assured that the design was a success Kang left. [ 153 ] The almighty future Thanos then trapped Kang in stasis, since he was likely terror to his plans. After Thanos absorbed the Living Tribunal and the One-Above-All, Adam Warlock freed Kang and told him his plan to stop Thanos from destroying the integral Multiverse. As the almighty Thanos was about to end it all, Kang prevented Starfox and Pip the Troll from travelling through clock time, causing Thanos to get distracted and allowing portray Thanos to take defend of his powers and reset everything to prior the machinations of future Thanos. After preventing Eros from stealing his technology, he rescued Adam and agreed to travel through clock time once again to fetch the green Soul Gem. [ 154 ]


Power Grid[159]


Increased Lifespan : Kang is over 70 years old chronologically, but the people of his earned run average have improved biology to the target that they seem to age much slower than 21st hundred man. therefore he appears to be a man in his mid-40s. [ 17 ]


Superior-level Intellect: Though it is hard to gauge Kang ‘s reason given his futuristic origins, his genius is nothing short of super-human by modern standards. He commands engineering beyond the most sophisticate designs of Stark Industries and Doctor Doom, and has made breakthroughs in time travel and in robotics. Kang is the entirely know time traveler ( other than his counterpart Immortus ) who possess the ability to travel through fourth dimension without creating divergences. In fact Kang has the combined cognition and have of his counterparts from across the Multiverse. [ 17 ] Furthermore, while employing the huge resources of his conglomerate, and when using his time-ship to penetrate the trans-dimensional kingdom of Limbo, from which all future eras are accessible, Kang theoretically has access to technology from any century, and presumably from stranger worlds equally well. Hence, in combination with the multiple resources available to him, Kang showed to have in his monomania rare artifacts such as the last Cosmic Cube, demonstrating expertness to effortlessly manipulate it. [ 132 ] It may besides include artifacts such as the Forever Crystal, which is adequate to to erase whole realities from universe. [ 155 ] Political Savvy: Kang is a bright military tactician and a matchless general. Using his considerable charisma, Kang was able to raise an army and conquer his first universe within mere weeks of building his armor. Kang has conquered everything within 100 luminosity years from other Earth, totaling “ a thousand thousand ” worlds, [ 17 ] which include the counterpart Badoon and Shi’ar empires of his reality, extending to several early dimensions. Though he considers it a job, Kang is besides a adequate to statesman. Kang is portrayed as normally underestimating the perplex ability provided by a Cosmic Cube, suggesting that he prefers to conquer worlds via more conventional and less especial means. [ 17 ] Skilled Combatant: Kang is a master of both armed and disarm battle. He has managed to go toe-to-toe with Captain America, and single-handed held back Immortus ‘ time-tossed army for several minutes during the Destiny War. Indomitable Will: Through swerve storm of will, Kang managed to separate himself from his future counterpart Immortus to make himself a clear-cut entity. [ 104 ] Kang is absolutely audacious, and will stop at nothing to accomplish his own goals .



  • Battle Armor: Kang’s battle armor is produced from a rare synthetic alloy from the 40th century. It is neuro-kinetic, meaning it responds to his subconscious thoughts. Though Kang has no powers, his armor endows him with rough equivalents of super-human abilities.
    • Enhanced Strength: Gives Kang the ability to lift 5 tons.
    • Durability: The armor has a built in force-field that extends from 2 feet away from his body, outward to 20 feet in all directions. It can withstand even a nuclear strike at point blank range.
    • Anti-Gravity Device: Kang has a device in the gauntlets of his armor that allows him to render objects weighing up to 2.2 tons weightless.
    • Video Communicator: Built into the right wrist is a video communicator, which he can use to stay in contact with his bases from any point in the time-stream.
    • Time Travel: Kang’s armor can create temporal divergences, giving him the ability to travel through and manipulate time.
    • Concussive Bolts: Kang can fire concussive blasts from the fingertips of his gauntlets; these blasts have the force of several tons of dynamite.
    • Weaponry: By cracking his fingers, Kang can summon any number of weapons which are transported to him through time-stream instantly.
    • Electric Shock: By flexing his muscles, Kang can activate a powerful electric shock.
    • Hover Pad: Kang has often made use of a hover-pad in his battles.
    • Survival Kit: Kang’s armor has a self-contained atmosphere, 30 day supply of food, and waste disposal system.
    • Body Transference: Until recently, Kang employed nano-technology in his helmet’s circuitry that enabled him to transfer his mind into a new body at the moment of death.
  • Kang’s Light of the Centuries Sphere: A sphere that can transport people through space and time. It can also hold people captured in itself.[36] It travels at faster than light speeds,[42] probably fueled by a virtually inexhaustible energy source, or alternatively by accessing hyperspace.


He typically carries assorted weapons, such as an anti-matter defensive structure screen generator, a “ vibration-ray ” projector, an electromagnetic field amplifier, neutrino-ray warhead projectile catapult ( pistol size ), electric paralysis generator, boldness gas sprayer and a molecular expander. He commands a huge array of warriors from across all periods of time, including his own future earned run average, armed with promote weaponry. He used numerous robots, most notably his Growing Man stimuloids, packed with the “ Growth Pollen ” of the worldly concern Kosmos, which causes them to grow in size and forte by absorbing kinetic energy ; this Growth Pollen uses the lapp energy accessed via the size-changing “ Pym Particles “ discovered by Dr Hank Pym.

department of transportation

Possesses a large space ship, capable of travel through both fourth dimension and space .



  • The longest time Kang had been in the present was over 136 hours when assisting Doctor Doom.[157]
  • Kang is aware of the misconception about him being the father of Reed Richards, although it is technically the opposite.[157]

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