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Tatsu Yamashiro has a tragic history, having lost all she held beloved to her heart, she became an instrument of vengeance. Tatsu was born and raised in Japan and was allowed to follow her interest in the arts of combat at an early age by her parents. very good about her studies and dedicated to her teachings she grew cursorily in her teachings and art of hand to hand battle. Always drawn to her homelands ancient teachings of the Samurai impression structure, she read much on the old age honest-to-god warriors. As matured into a young woman Tatsu gained extraordinary skills in assorted types of Martial Arts. Tatsu would catch the center of two young men, the Yamashiro brothers, and was admired by both Yamashiro brothers, Maseo Yamashiro and Takeo Yamashiro. Tatsu had gotten to know the brothers for sometime and cared for both to some extent, however she had realized that she had started falling in sexual love with Maseo. With the begin of sad turn of events in Tatsu ‘s life her parents both passed away from nameless reasons. The two concisely proclaimed their love for each early and soon announced of their immediate wedding plans. Takeo however did n’t take this turn of events good and soon after Tastu and his brother announced their marriage he left and joined the criminal gangs of the Yakuza. He besides complicated ties of respect for Tatsu and Maseo with the stay of the Yamashiro kin and soon had the whole kin hating them both. While he was planning his retaliation on Maseo, Tatsu and Maseo married and erstwhile late Tatsu found out she was expecting .MaseoMaseo The felicitous match had two children who happened to be twins, boys they named Yuki and Reiko. While in the employment of the Yakuza for several years now Takeo had tattooed his chest with the symbol of the dragon and he grew in their ranks. Takeo went on with a desire for exotic weaponry and acquired a match of katana ‘s, however one was the mystic Soultaker, a ancient sword with charming abilities. Takeo started training for erstwhile and planned to use it to ultimately get retaliation on his brother and his newfangled syndicate. The Soultaker had ended up in the hands of General Karnz, who would subsequently be under the service of Brother Bedlam and sold the swords to him. Takeo sought out Maseo and attacked him in his own base and Maseo was killed in the fight, the distraught Tatsu grew ferocious and challenged Takeo to a double to the death. Knocking out Tatsu so he would face Maseo alone a displace started at the dwelling of Tatsu and Maseo, and it soon began to engulf to residence. As the combat came to an conclusion Tatsu showed her impressive skills and disarmed Takeo during the fight, leaving Soultaker behind which Tatsu now held. As Takeo fled, she started to rush to her burning family to save her children, however the mystic sword manifested its dubious nature and Maseo ‘s capture soul spoke from the blade telling her that it was already to late. Tatsu watched in repugnance as her family burn to the footing with both her children, Yuki and Reiko, still inside house barely escaping with her own life. With her past ruined, all her loved ones gone, Tatsu made an oath of retaliation and decided to make certain this never happened to anyone else always again. She started her train as a Samurai at this point, returning to a love of the art of struggle for identical different reasons this clock time and finally fulfilled her studies. She decided to take up the the attire of the Samurai, became the modern costumed vigilante known as Katana, taking the name of her chosen weapon, and started her hunt for Takeo to last enact her retaliation.


Created by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo, Katana beginning appears in The Brave and The Bold # 200 .

Character Evolution

Modern Age: New Earth

Katana ‘s character is based off by and large calamity. Her kin dies in her origin, and it makes her alone and bitter to villains. She was very coarse public speaking and cold to others in the beginning of her career. After she joined the Outsiders, she started to lighten up after becoming friends with Halo. She took a parental role in Halo ‘s life, as Halo had no memory of her past. She started showing the lovingness and gentle side, which came from her enate instincts. She however was cold to villains, but not to friends. After Halo dies in the moment version of the Outsiders, Tatsu showed her ramp to the global as she struggled with Violet Harper. once again, she returned to that biting state of mind and blamed the universe. finally, Halo was brought back to life and Katana became normal once again. When the Black Lantern ‘s usher up, Both her conserve and sons get rings and haunt Katana. She has to fight and kill her conserve, while her sons were dealt with by Halo. This reminded her of her past, but she pushed through the trouble and finally came to terms with their death. Tatsu besides has a inadequate relationship with Geo-Force, but it does n’t last farseeing because of Geo-Force ‘s actions .

New 52

After the events of Flahspoint, Katana joined the Birds of Prey, which consisted of Black Canary and Starling, by a request from Batgirl. Poison Ivy besides joined the team soon after Katana ‘s recruitment. After facing opponents who ca n’t be seen, Poison Ivy betrays them and forces them to help her in her eco-terrorism. not much has changed about her character besides her appearance. She has a fresh suit of armor and is even more pitiless. Black Canary seems to be the only person that Katana is close to. Katana normally communicates with her husband only. She uses Soultaker ‘s special abilities in missions for intel a well as battle. She joins the Justice League of America along with Catwoman, Baz, Vibe, Stargirl, Green Arrow, Hawkman and martian Manhunter. This interpretation of the JLA is led by Steve Trevor and organized by Amanda Waller to insure the worldly concern has a safe guard against the other Justice League. During the New 52 Katana was besides able to star in her beginning solo title. It however only lasted 10 issues and focused on her prison term in Japan .


Katana is presently a member of the Suicide Squad and is there on a voluntary footing. Unlike the DCEU version she has no attachment or anterior kinship with Rick Flagg and is merely there because she feels that something big is coming. As revealed in the pages of Suicide Squad # 3 the soultaker sword is sentient and convinced Katana to join Task Force X .

Major Story Arcs

Batman and the Outsiders

The OutsidersThe Outsiders While in Markovia, Katana got caught up in a fight she did n’t intend on being aside of. This finally led her to become a establish member of the Outsiders, by helping Batman save Dr. Jace and save Markovia from Baron Bedlam. Batman took her and 4 others, Geo-Force, Halo, Metamorpho, and Black Lightning, under his wing. He taught them barely what It meant to be a team and how to use there abilities to the fullest likely. Katana finally had to face Takeo again, after he took the Soultaker. He then used a confidential spell that brought choice people who had been killed by it back to animation. This included her asleep conserve Maseo. Katana and the Outsiders finally defeated all of them and Tatsu killed Takeo. She fought many villains during her time with the Outsiders including Masters of Disaster, Agent Orange, Duke of Oil, Nuclear Family, Force of July and Baron Bedlam. Batman finally left the team and Geo-Force took over leadership. Katana became an official agent of Markovia during this time, along with the other Outsiders. Batman finally came back to the team and they split apart soon after .

Outsiders Reunite!

finally, the outsiders reunited after Markovia was attacked by Roderick and his united states army of Vampires. The team that assembled to battle were Geo-Force, Halo, Katana, Looker, Technocrat, Wylde, and Faust. She successfully helped defend the castle, but was framed, along with all the rest of the Outsiders introduce, for all the end and the end of Markovia ‘s stream ruler. Katana and the team then went underground and finally cleared their name. They picked up two members during this clock, Eradicator and Atomic Knight. finally the team split astir and Katana and Geo-Force lead their team. During this clock, Katana faced Lady Shiva who killed her with the Soultaker. Katana came rear and stalemated Shiva, who then fled. The team came back together when Felix Faust, Faust ‘s beget, attacked them. After a long struggle, the team defeated him and the team split up .

Nightwing’s Outsiders

She was finally on the team again under many peoples leadership including Nightwing and Batman. She grew conclusion to early Outsider extremity Metamorpho and fellow asian Cassandra Cain during that fourth dimension. She showed her deadly skills many times and played a pivotal character in many of their missions. The team finally split up again when Batman took leadership from Nightwing. During this time, she met Captain Marvel, Billy Batson, and killed herself with the Soultaker so she could travel to it ‘s property and stop Takeo from taking over there. Captain Marvel brought her back to liveliness before her body was destroyed .

The Latest Outsiders

The most recent version of the Outsiders.The most recent version of the Outsiders. The latest incarnation of the Outsiders includes many of the original members and a couple of fresh faces. They were brought together by Alfred to stop the Insiders. The master team he brought together included Black Lightning, Geo-Force, Katana, Halo, Metamorpho, Creeper, and Owlman. They finally defeated the Insiders and then started hunting some of Gotham ‘s villains to help out when Batman died. Katana, along with Halo and Creeper, went after Killer Croc, but besides came into conflict with Man-Bat who teamed up with Croc. Alfred left the team as mentor during this time. They finally went through Blackest Night, in which Maeso, Yuki, and Reiko ( Katana ‘s asleep conserve and children ) were resurrected. This was heavily for Katana to cope with, but Halo finally stopped them. Halo disappeared soon after the battle was over for an nameless cause, making the things that happened during Blackest Night even harder. Geo-Force then changed everything and made the Outsiders agents for Markovia. He had words with Owlman and Black Lightning on occasions about his sudden confederation with New Krypton. Eradicator, or a clone of him, being their ambassador. They then take on the Masters of Disaster, who had 2 new members, but the fight stopped when Black Lightning and Geo-Force break into a fight. Katana finally stops the two and the 2 groups divide. They are all declared enemy ‘s of Earth and Geo-Force brings back Halo. The team finally goes to war with one another, causing mass destruction in Markovia. Veritas ended up being the cause of the problem, and the team united together at the end .

Other appearances

Katana is always seen with her fellow foreigner members during major crisis. She has been called by many people to help in versatile situations. She has helped Batman, Black Canary and others specifically because of her alone abilities. She has had encounters with many of the worlds top Martial Artists and has done well, proving her skills. She has been a separate of other teams for short amounts of time including Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad .

New 52 Story Arcs

Birds of Prey

The events of the 2011 “ Flashpoint “ storyline led to The New 52, a relaunch of all of DC Comics ‘ monthly books, and a boot to the DC Universe in-story continuity. In this new continuity, a newly healed Barbara Gordon returns to the Batgirl identity and takes a leave of absence from the Birds of Prey [ 15 ] and suggests that Katana take her place full-time on the team. Katana joins Black Canary and Starling as the third member of the Birds of Prey. Katana is described as a deadly fighter who has spent the survive year waging war on the Yakuza kin that is creditworthy for the end of her husband. She is rumored to be mentally unstable due to her belief that her husband ‘s person, whom she often converses with in japanese, resides in her sword. [ 16 ] After a phone number of adventures with the Birds of Prey, Katana leaves the group in order to keep an eye on a cult of assassins known as the Daggers .

Justice League of America

After leaving the Birds of Prey, Katana accepts membership in Amanda Waller ‘s new Justice League of America in exchange for information on her conserve ‘s murderers .

The Ways of an Outsider

Tatsu Yamashiro aka Katana is in San Francisco or to be more particular the part of the city known as Japantown. She ‘s rented out a place and is awaiting the arrival of an acquaintance. While walking through a parking lot she is attacked by Coil and the Sword Clan. After they trap her, they ask her to join them but she refuses. During this affray it ‘s revealed she does n’t have broad control of her soultaker sword. After she refuses the invitation to join the Clan they leave, except for one named Thrust. thrust reveals that he is the son of one of the heads of the kin and does n’t like to fight. He invites Katana to the Sword Clans ball. While at the ball she challenges several of the swordsmen and wins. Sickle, her husbands brother, is impressed. While leaving the ball, Steve Trevor stops her and asks her to go to Gotham on a mission. On her manner to Gotham City she is attacked by Killer Croc, who breaks her soultaker sword and releases the crawler ! She is defeated and knocked out by both Croc and Creeper. She wakes up back family with her sword about put together ( missing one slice ). After some rest she goes to Japan to repair the missing part of the soultaker sword. once there she is attacked, not only by the sword kin but by the Creeper as well ! The Creeper retreats but not the Clan. They continue attacking Katana until Katana gets her soultaker sword back causing them to retreat .

Katana and Green Arrow

Katana made an appearance in Green Arrow # 27 ( 2014 ), where she is told by the mysterious blind serviceman Magus that the death of her conserve relates to the Outsiders, the society formed of respective weapon clans and connected to Green Arrow ‘s modern origin report. The Soultaker is worked into the park Arrow mythology as the totem of the Sword Clan, which has parallels in the Fist, Mask, Shield, Axe, Arrow, and Spear Clans. Representatives from each of these clans make up the Outsiders, a secret company dedicated towards ending global corruption, but which is itself largely corrupt. Katana joins the Outsiders. In Green Arrow: Futures End # 1 ( 2014 ), set five years late in one potential future, Tatsu is shown to hush be a extremity of the Outsiders, which has developed a grudging relationship with Green Arrow, who rejected leadership of the Arrow Clan in the independent Green Arrow series five years before .

Rebirth Story Arcs

Powers and Abilities

Katana has amazing Martial Arts and besides Swordsmanship skills from her train as a child and from becoming a Samurai. These only increased when she trained with Batman during her membership with the Outsiders. She is ace in the use of imperativeness points and early gain Martial Arts techniques. She has unparalleled stealth that some of the populace ‘s best have not been able to match. She has great marksmanship as well showing this with a bow and arrow and shuriken. She is a great drawing card and has a bright tactical take care, being able to tell others how to use their powers to the fullest in any site. Her agility, accelerate, and reaction time are faster than a normal humans and she is a big acrobat .Katana with SoultakerKatana with Soultaker The ancient mystic katana blade named Soultaker is her main weapon of choice which she has used at times to kill without second idea. The sword has assorted mysterious properties which give it alone capacities. First off it is closely durable, coming into contact with high impacts and not receiving any damage. It is besides able to cleave through most material ‘s with perplex ease, its mystic asperity never ebbing. The Katana sword besides contains the souls of any being always killed by its blade, and over the centuries of use it retains quite an total of soul. The wielder of the sword may besides call away the entities of the sword to manifest on the blade and speak to the stream wielder, giving vitamin a much help oneself as they do in begging for mercy from the swords limbo. When a certain ritual of charming is preformed than the wielder can besides physically manifest these souls in corporal states and temporarily command them to do her/his bid. Katana is extremely skilled with all of the swords capability ‘s while in fight. She besides keeps other weapons on her person the majority of the fourth dimension which have assisted her during events which battling her room out of would not suffice. This includes shurikens, a dagger, caltrops, bracelets which tie together to act as rocket weapons, and other utensils of diverse uses. She in the first place used samurai armor, but has since used more modern costumes while fighting crime and her most latest costume is equipped with embroider and armored sections to add to far protection .


  • Height: 5’9″
  • Weight: 132 lbs
  • Eyes: Black
  • Hair: Black


  • Identity: Secret Identity
  • Occupation: Vigilante
  • Citizenship: Japanese
  • Place of Birth: Japan
  • Marital Status: Widowed
  • Known Relatives: Maseo Yamashiro (husband, deceased), Reiko Yamashiro (daughter, deceased), Yuki Yamashiro (daughter, deceased), Takeo Yamashiro (brother-in-law, deceased)

In Other Media


Katana In Batman: The Brave & The BoldKatana In Batman: The Brave & The Bold Katana appears as a member of the Outsiders in respective episodes of this serial on Cartoon Network. She is unseasoned and angry when the Outsiders, consisting of Metamorpho, Black Lightning, and Katana, met and crusade Batman and Wildcat. They have since became allies and have fought others alongside Batman including Despero. He has taken the young teenagers wrath and redirected it through training .Katana in Beware the BatmanKatana in Beware the Batman Katana assists Batman in numerous episodes of Beware The Batman. She is voiced by Sumalee MontanoKatana in Superman/Batman: Public EnemiesKatana in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Katana appears as one of the many heroes trying to find and capture Superman and Batman. She make a not speaking appearance .

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Katana in JL: Crisis on Two EarthsKatana in JL: Crisis on Two Earths An alternate version from a twin land appears in the film as part of the Crime Syndicate of America. She wears a costume exchangeable to Cheshire ‘s traditional one .

DC Super Hero Girls

Katana in DC Super Hero GirlsKatana in DC Super Hero Girls Katana is one of the independent characters in DC Super Hero Girls. She is voiced by Stephanie Sheh .

DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High

Katana in DC Super Hero High: Super Hero HighKatana in DC Super Hero High: Super Hero High Katana is salute in Supergirl ‘s welcome, angstrom well as in the contend against Granny Goodness and the Female Furies. She is voiced by Stephanie Sheh .

DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year

Katana is one of the heroes nominated to Hero of the year. She helps defend the school against Eclipso and Dark Opal ‘s attack, fighting the shadows. She is voiced by Stephanie Sheh .

DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games

Katana in DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic GamesKatana in DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games Katana appears in the movie as part of the team that competes in the intergalactic Games. She is seen fighting Mad Harriet as part of the “ Combat with Weapons ” game, though is not revealed who won. When Lena Luthor attacks, she aids her teammates against the robots. She is voiced by Stephanie Sheh .

LEGO DC Super Hero Girls

Katana in LEGO DC Super Hero GirlsKatana in LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Katana makes her debut in Season 1 Epsiode 3 “ trading Places ”

Lego DC Super Hero Girls: Brain Drain

Katana in LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Brain DrainKatana in LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Brain Drain Katana appears in the movie, with Stephanie Sheh reprising her function .

Live Action


Rila Fukushima portrays Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana on The CW series Arrow, debuting in the third season premier, “ The Calm ”, in flashbacks to a time when Oliver Queen was recruited as a mercenary for Amanda Waller operating out of Hong Kong. In “ Shogun ”, a season two episode Legends of Tomorrow, which is set in the same continuity as Arrow, the Soultaker is revealed to have originated in feudal Japan as the instrumental role with which a local anesthetic shogun was defeated. It was then passed to Masako Yamashiro, who is implied to later become the beginning in a long line of female warriors named Katana .

Suicide Squad

Tatsu Yamashiro ( née Hikari ) is a japanese human samurai assassin code-named Katana ( after her weapon of choice ). Tatsu is an ill-famed overcome of play and soldierly arts, trained to the highest level in the ancient art mannequin. She is a penis of the Suicide Squad, and, of note, the lone volunteer member, volunteering as Rick Flag ‘s personal bodyguard. She is portrayed by Karen Fukuhara .


Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Katana appears as a playable character through a DLC character pack. She is voiced by Anna Vocino

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Katana appears as a playable character through a DLC character clique .

Infinite Crisis

Katana is a playable character in the game .Katana in Infinite CrisisKatana in Infinite Crisis Tatsu Toro ’ s idyllic, but abbreviated, marriage to her husband, Maseo, came to a sudden end in a single, tragic night. Her husband and his twin brother, Takeo, were both members of the Sword Clan, one of the clans in the Yakuza criminal organization. Takeo confronted his brother over a matter involving the kin, and in the fight, Maseo was killed by his own sword, the Soultaker. This ancient Katana, one of the kin ’ mho relics, was said to contain the person of those it killed, adenine well as own other mysterious qualities. Tatsu witnessed her husband ’ randomness murder and collapsed by his body, overcome with grief. Takeo ran off into the night, and when Tatsu finally came to her senses, she took up the Soultaker and swore revenge against not fair Takeo, but the Yakuza and all crime everywhere. Tatsu is a charwoman wracked by grief and guilt. She goes by the identify of Katana in honor of the sword she wields, which she is convinced contains her dead husband ’ sulfur soul. due to this fact, she regularly has conversations with the sword, which is quite disconcerting to others. While she is a talented swordswoman and warlike artist, the sword can, at times, enhance her abilities in fight. When the sword is empowering her, the hilt of the sword glows with an spiritual light, burning Tatsu ’ s hand.

DC Legends

Katana in DC LegendsKatana in DC Legends Katana is a playable character in this DC mobile app bet on. She is classified as a champion with a mysterious affinity due to her mighty soul taker sword. Her bio in the game says : Wielding a curse samurai sword that holds the soul of her conserve master soldierly artist Tatsu Yamashiro seeks to punish all criminals. Torn between the love of two brothers when Tatsu married Maseo his brother Takeo joined the Yakuza and challenged his brother with the ancient swordSoultaker. Killed by the mystic sword Maseos soul was trapped in the curse sword. After the tragic loss of her kin Tatsu took up Soultaker and immediately wields it with her considerable martial arts skills in the pursuit of justice. She seeks to free her husbands soul while relentlessly punishing criminals .


  • DC Collectibles released a Katana figure as part of a Justice League two-pack with Wonder Woman.
  • Katana is featured in Mattel’s line of DC Super Hero Girls dolls and action figures.
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