Kenny Ackerman


Kenny Ackerman

  • 850

  • 842

  • c. 829

850 842 c. 829


Kenny Ackerman
Kenī Akkāman

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Kirisaki Kenī ? ) [ 1 ]

“Kenny the Ripper” (切り裂きケニー

Biological Information






[ 2 ]

190 cm


[ 2 ]

120 kg


  • Ackerman clan
    • Unnamed grandfather (deceased)
    • Kuchel Ackerman (sister, deceased)[3]
    • Levi Ackerman (nephew)[4]
    • Ackerman (relative, deceased)
    • Mikasa Ackerman (relative)


[ 2 ]

February 4th





Professional Information




Taichō ? )

Captain (隊長


  • Brigade Logo.png Military Police Brigade
    • Anti-Personnel Control Squad
  • Royal Government

Former occupation

Serial killer



Krista Lenz

Quote1.png God-like power. Everyone who gets their hands on it seems to turn compassionate. Would the same thing happen even to garbage like me? I want to know… what’s it feel like? What does it look like from up there? Can a piece of trash…like me…ever see the same kind of thing you see? Quote2.png
— Kenny’s dream[5]

Kenny Ackerman ( ケニー・アッカーマン Kenī Akkāman ? ) was a member of the Military Police Brigade ‘s First Interior Squad and the captain ( 隊長 Taichō ? ) of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad. An ill-famed serial cause of death known for slitting his victim ‘s throats, he was adept at evasion enough to become an urban caption known as Kenny the Ripper ( 切り裂きケニー Kirisaki Kenī ? ). [ 1 ] After confluence and befriend Uri Reiss, he worked for the crown, [ 6 ] but secretly desired the “ God-like power “ that the Reiss class had possessed for himself. [ 7 ] [ 8 ] He was the maternal uncle of Levi Ackerman and had taught the latter as a child on how to survive the Underground. [ 9 ]


Kenny Ackerman was a identical tall and slender valet who appeared to be well-built. He had short, coarse-looking dark haircloth that reached to his neck and besides had a reduce byssus along his jawline. He had the appearance of a middle-aged man with wrinkles around his eyes, which were minor and pierce. He was by and large seen wearing a childlike egg white shirt with a black tie that was never amply done up, and a big bootleg greatcoat that reached past his knees. He besides had a bowler hat with a white band around it. He was about always seen wearing a pronounce scowl, even when making a foul jest. [ 10 ] When not engaged in combat, Kenny, like his fellow Military Police, besides fashioned a black trench coat, along with his standard attire and bowler hat. [ 11 ] [ 12 ] When he was younger, Kenny had a more specify face and much fewer wrinkles. He did not have a byssus but he still had black sideburns. besides, his haircloth seemed to be slightly longer. He used to wear a long coat, dark trousers and shoes, a white button shirt and another hat .


Kenny wanted ability, and his personality was molded around this goal. He was a pitiless individual who did not hesitate to do anything to get the job done, including murdering children [ 13 ] or betraying his allies. [ 14 ] He operated with utter professionalism, hiding his emotions behind a pay back expression and showing neither compunction nor pleasure in his deputation. He besides showed a firm urge to kill Uri Reiss when they first met. [ 15 ] Kenny expressed a desire to live a “ fun ” life, but had a foreign theme of what he considered “ fun, ” commenting that he believed his grandfather ‘s narrative about the Ackerman kin ‘s history because it would be more fun to do thus, and commenting that growing old and living a full animation did not sound playfulness. The only thing stranger than his mind of fun was his smell of humor, seen when he said that his grandfather ‘s narrative about the persecution of the Ackermans was “ fishy, ” [ 16 ] and when he freed Eren Yeager in order for him to fight against Historia good for his own entertainment, even though the future of humanness was at stake. [ 17 ] He had shown a cynical temper occasionally, like when he told Rod Reiss that he was sticking around because he was looking for a toilet. [ 18 ] flush so, he was able to show true wonder and deference to those who he believed deserved it, like Uri or his second in command. He could besides be seen at prison term displaying genuine concern for others, killing MPs that came near his grandfather ‘s home so that they would not harass him, [ 19 ] and raising his nephew Levi following his sister ‘s passing. This care for others could besides be seen concisely in his interactions with Historia in the Reiss Chapel, becoming perceptibly saddened to see Historia ‘s slavish devotion to her father ‘s will, despite the consequences that she would face if she followed through with is design to inherit the Founding Titan. This is not to say he was excessively caring ; he despised cowards and did not respect them, and cared even less for titles, not hesitating to threaten Rod Reiss, the king of the Walls. [ 20 ] Kenny belated revealed that he only obeyed Rod as a plan to obtain baron, and that his true intentions were always to become a Titan and gain the Founding Titan himself, which was in direct opposition with Rod ‘s goals. [ 21 ] After witnessing Uri and by and by Frieda Reiss become charitable people after inheriting the Founding Titan, he wondered if the like thing would happen to him excessively. He wanted to know what does it feel like to be kind and feel for. His fantastic dream was to take the Founding Titan and see the world like Uri once did. [ 5 ] Despite his outward confidence, Kenny seemed to suffer from some degree of self-loathing, going so far as to describe himself as “ drivel. ” His poor people view of himself seemed to stem largely from a dissatisfaction with his own miss of empathy towards the lives of others, as his entire quest for exponent was motivated by a hope that gaining more baron would make him a more compassionate person like Uri. His self-deprecating nature besides manifested itself in a miss of assurance, demonstrated by his decision to abandon Levi when the latter was still a child because of his belief that he was not match to be person ‘s parent .


At some unspecified point, either before or after becoming a serial cause of death, Levi recalls Kenny saying he felt a sudden inexplicable billow of ability and with it he knew “ precisely what to do. ” [ 22 ] In the decades anterior to the drop of Wall Maria, Kenny was an ill-famed serial killer that stalked victims in Mitras. His favored method acting of killing was to slit the throats of his victims, which earned him his ill-famed handle “ Kenny the Ripper ” ( 切り裂きケニー Kirisaki Kenī ? ), and it was rumored that he murdered over 100 members of the Military Police Brigade. [ 23 ] During this period, he had a conversation with his grandfather, who was about to die. Kenny informed him that he had murdered more members of the Military Police, and that he besides has found his sister, Kuchel, working as a prostitute in the Underground and pregnant. He besides explained that one part of the family had moved to the south, over Shiganshina District, but they were placid inadequate. [ 24 ]

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then Kenny asked his grandfather why the Ackermans, a lineage of warriors once close to the crown, were being persecuted to the degree of near extinction. His grandfather explained that the Ackermans were not hated, but feared ; because their memories, along with those of the asian races, could not be wiped out by the world power of the king who created the Walls. The Ackermans of the past did not tell their children the truth in order to protect them, though this did not stop the persecution. flush then, Kenny found the fib funny. [ 25 ] erstwhile after that conversation, Kenny talked with a touch in the politics, who informed him of the universe of the Reiss family, the true royal class within the Walls. Kenny tracked down Uri and Rod Reiss and tried to kill them, but failed when Uri partially transformed into a Titan and trapped him in his hand. [ 26 ] Though Rod tried to shoot Kenny while he was immobilized, Uri stopped him, wanting to interrogate him to discover the identity of his liaison ; finding Kenny ‘s hate towards them justified ascribable to the persecution that the Ackermans suffered at the hands of the monarchy. [ 27 ] Kenny attempted another attack by throwing his tongue at Uri, though the latter stopped it with his weapon. Seeing this, Kenny started screaming at Uri, asking for another prospect to prepare a proper still-hunt. To Kenny ‘s shock, Uri released him, and tied bowed before him, apologizing for the persecution towards the Ackermans and pleading him to spare his life. Kenny was surprised to see this coming from a king with that a lot might, and offered to help Uri, which the latter accepted. [ 26 ] Kenny became Uri ‘s bodyguard and close friend, and remained at his english until the latter ‘s death. After some years, he returned to the Underground to see his baby but found that she was already dead. He found, and then adopted, her son Levi but introduced himself to Levi as a near acquaintance of Kuchel ‘s, without revealing their genuine family relationship. Kenny lived with Levi and trained him until he was strong enough to survive for himself ; at this point, Kenny abandoned his nephew without saying adieu. [ 28 ] Years later, Uri explained that he would not be farseeing for the populace and he would be passing his powers to one of Rod ‘s children, but that he would live on in their memories. Uri told him that he saw the worldly concern as ending in some time but before it happened, he wanted to make a eden for world. Kenny apparently did not witness his acquaintance ‘s death, because in Rod ‘s flashback, he was not show .
After Uri passed the Founding Titan to his niece Frieda and died as a result, Kenny made a plan to obtain the same Titan powers Uri had and used his influence to establish the Anti-Personnel Control Squad. It is implied that by this point he no longer was a serial killer whale, as he referred to it in the by tense to his subordinates ; Kenny particularly mentioned how the panic that he once inspired dwindled into nothing more than an urban legend. [ 29 ] however, the soldiers did not care because, as Traute Caven said, they had given up in the task of killing Titans, and the only remaining option is killing humans. [ 30 ] This greatly please Kenny, as he had found his new favored soldier and second in command. [ 31 ]


In the year 845, days after the fall of Wall Maria, Kenny arrives with a group of soldiers at Historia Reiss ‘s home. He grabs Historia ‘s mother and asks Rod Reiss if she and Historia are related to him. Rod Reiss denies it and Kenny slits Alma ‘s throat. He approaches Historia to kill her excessively, but Rod Reiss orders him to stop and saves her life, giving her the new name “ Krista Lenz ” to live by. [ 32 ] At one point, Kenny finds himself being stalked by a mysterious girlfriend. Upon confronting her, the girlfriend claims to be an illegitimate daughter he has fostered. Kenny easily sees through her lie, confident he has never done anything that would result in an illegitimate child ; before he can apprehend her, however, the girl attacks him and flees into the sewers. [ 33 ] Kenny ‘s police squad is sent to retrieve Eren and Historia from Dimo Reeves. As his soldiers secure the two, Kenny takes Reeves to a outback blot to speak with him. Leading Reeves into the woods, he tells Reeves that he personally trained Levi and promptly kills the man for betraying the government. After confirming that everyone from Reeves pot is dead, he tells Caven to prepare the anti-personnel upright maneuver equipment. [ 34 ] Kenny travels with his two captives to Trost, with Levi and the Survey Corps in pastime. When Levi attempts to observe Kenny ‘s group, Kenny flanks Levi and his companions and attacks them. He kills one of Levi ‘s companions but Levi himself manages to escape. [ 35 ] Kenny ‘s squad pursues Levi, forcing him to take tax shelter in a nearby tavern .
Kenny follows Levi into the tavern, but is not able to find him. Concluding that Levi is not there, he is caught off guard duty when Levi begins to talk to him from under the counter. Levi expresses astonishment at Kenny ‘s working with the Military Police, and Kenny brushes Levi off by saying that a terror can not understand adult matters. Kenny continues to taunt Levi, criticizing his decisiveness to join the Survey Corps, and throwing chairs over the measure to antagonize him. As he tries to get closer to Levi, Levi shoots him with the tavern owner ‘s gunman. Kenny manages to block the fastball with a electric chair, saving his life, but is knocked out of the tavern by the push of the impact. As Levi makes his escape, Caven comes to check on Kenny. Kenny remarks that Levi has grown and that his dream is slipping away from him. Having personally given up the avocation of Levi, Kenny delivers Eren and Historia to Rod Reiss. [ 36 ] In the cavern under the Reiss Chapel, Kenny listens on as Rod helps Historia unlock her memories of her sister Frieda, and Eren his memories of his don ‘s end moments. As Historia absorbs the information, Kenny reveals himself, and informs Rod that the military has switched sides, overthrown the creature king, and taken over with Darius Zackly in appoint. He encourages them to hurry, as they are about surely being pursued. rod orders Kenny to take his squad and guard the entrance to the chapel service, as he can merely move forward once the Anti-Personnel Control Squad leaves. Clearly displeased, Kenny tips his hat and departs. [ 37 ] When Rod reveals to Historia that the Founding Titan ‘s power can alone be fully realized by a penis of the Reiss family, Kenny reveals himself to have been listening in on them. He asks Rod to confirm what he just said about entirely a Reiss being able to obtain the Titan ‘s ability, which he does. Having planned to become a Titan himself and steal Eren ‘s power, Kenny becomes visibly distraught as he realizes that his plan is otiose. [ 38 ] Growing angry, he lifts Rod into the tune by the collar and begins to threaten him, upset that Rod knew his intentions and strung him along. Historia demands that he let go of her church father and Kenny reminds her that Rod is trying to turn her into a giant who will eat Eren. Historia replies that she will do it if it is her mission, and Kenny reminds her of her severe childhood, suggesting that Rod only saved her because Grisha killed the rest of his children. He claims that Rod used his family because he did not want to become a Titan, covered up the larceny of the Founding Titan ‘s baron in order to keep the Reiss family in ability, and sacrificed countless lives by staying quiet. Rod interjects and tells Historia that Kenny is improper, claiming that he can not become a Titan himself for an unspecified reason .
Kenny releases Rod, and Rod tells him that he is free to leave and should go live a long biography. Kenny dourly remarks that Rod ‘s hypnotism would not be very playfulness, before ascending the stairs towards Eren, telling him to turn into a Titan, to the horror of the two Reisses. Kenny says that both Historia and Eren can become Titans and fight to the death, with peace returning if Historia wins and nothing changing if Eren wins. He slices Eren ‘s brow to help him transform, and asks Rod if he can truly call die of natural causes living. [ 39 ] Kenny uses his upright equipment to pull himself up to a safe distance. [ 40 ] however, Kenny gets very surprise when Historia hesitates to inject the serum. [ 41 ] He even starts laughing after Historia rejects the serum, harms her father and tries to release Eren, cheering the two on for making things far more interest. [ 42 ] however, when Rod transforms himself into a Titan, Kenny gets dragged by Rod ‘s heat and sheer size. As Kenny tries to escape using his steer gear, he sees his squad coming towards him. He tries to warn them to stay away, but is only able to watch as they are crushed under the falling debris. [ 43 ] Kenny manages to survive and escape. however, he is heavily injured in the procedure, receiving hard burns all over his soundbox from Rod ‘s transformation. [ 44 ] Resting under a tree outside the cavern, he remembers how he first met Uri and the subsequent effects upon his own life. [ 45 ] sometime former Levi and one of Levi ‘s subordinates find Kenny. Levi observes that Kenny ‘s injuries have left him on the brink of death, and Kenny responds by smugly revealing that he has a Titan injection, which could allow him to save himself. [ 46 ] Levi is confused as to why Kenny has not already used it to save his own life. Kenny claims that he was afraid of ending up like Rod, but Levi is not convinced and asks if he has a better explanation. As Kenny tries to think of one, he recalls all of the authoritative people of his past, and comes to the realization that they all had something that drove them, which he has lost. At the brink of death, Kenny confesses that he is Levi ‘s uncle, explaining that he left Levi because Kenny viewed himself not fit to be a founder. As a final endowment, Kenny gives Levi the Titan injection that he stole from Rod. soon after, he dies, sitting under the tree where he rested. [ 47 ]


Decades ago, the one-day captain was an ill-famed serial killer whale who murdered within the capital and was capable of taking out over a hundred members of the Military Police, showing exceeding conflict art. [ 1 ] He was besides very firm as he suddenly appeared behind Historia Reiss ‘ mother. [ 11 ] Kenny ‘s accelerate was once again shown when confronting Annie Leonhart : not entirely did he manage to traverse the outdistance of respective meters between them and get behind Annie without her notice, but he was besides able to dodge her kick with apparent comfort. [ 48 ] Despite her incredible active skills, Annie immediately opted to retreat into the sewers, implying she was uncertain of a victory against him. [ 49 ] On peak of that, he was the drawing card of the First Interior Squad, showing high leadership skills. [ 50 ]

Levi Ackerman mentions learning quite a moment from him concerning how to out-maneuver his targets, suggesting that Kenny was highly intelligent and a strategic thinker. [ 51 ] When Levi felt the possibility of facing his honest-to-god teacher, he was highly awkward despite going head-on against Titans on a fall back basis. He is besides very analytic and intelligent and is the matchless who taught Levi to think in the lapp strategic brilliance as he does, even outmaneuvering him and tricking Humanity ‘s best soldier into walking into a trap. [ 52 ] The fact that he was able to teach an person arsenic skilled as Levi these things suggests that he is an adept teacher .

Anti-personnel vertical maneuver equipment

Like the Survey Corps, the First Interior Squad have vertical steer equipment adenine well, called anti-personnel vertical steer equipment. however, it is besides equipped with guns sol as to kill humans rather than Titans. He is able to use them to scale buildings at incredible speeds and assault his targets before they can react. [ 53 ]


  • Levi Ackerman – Kenny trained Levi when they were younger, and they even lived together. He appeared to have some respect for Levi since he called him “his pride” and though he respected Levi, his dream appeared to be killing him. The meaning behind their similar last names implies a familiar relationship;[54] however, Levi was unaware of his last name until he was told by a soldier, though he was not surprised by him being an Ackerman. It is later revealed that Kenny was Levi’s uncle, who took care of the latter after his mother, Kuchel Ackerman died. After teaching Levi how to fight, he abandoned him feeling that he could not be a good parent to Levi.
  • Uri Reiss – Unlike with Rod, Kenny showed true respect towards Rod’s younger brother. Rod said that Uri was the one that took Kenny in, and when Rod referred to Kenny as a “stray dog” and to Uri as “whimsical,” Kenny ignored the insult towards himself and only cared about Uri, threatening Rod to blow off half of his head if he kept talking about him in that way.[55]
  • Traute Caven – As soon as she explained what she thought about the world, Kenny got very surprised and happy, showing that he indeed liked the way she thought about the world.[56] He eventually valued her expertise enough to make her his second in command of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad.
  • Rod Reiss – Though initially Kenny seemed to be loyal to Rod, being a sort of “right-hand man” for him, it was later revealed that he does not like him at all, believing that he is a coward that only cares about himself, and only obeyed him because he wanted to steal the Founding Titan from him. When Rod revealed that the Founding Titan would be useless if it were not used by a member of the Reiss bloodline, Kenny showed his true colors and did not hesitate to insult and threaten Rod.
  • Historia Reiss – Kenny killed her mother, Alma, without hesitation and was going to kill Historia had Rod not intervened. Years later, he insulted her when he captured her and Eren, saying that in the five years since he last saw her, she has barely grown. However, he appeared to pity her, as he explained her that Rod was going to make her turn into a Titan and eat Eren and told her that Rod was a liar and a coward.

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