10 Best Comics Written By Kevin Smith (According To GoodReads)

once Kevin Smith hit the superhero comics, the sandbox actually opened up and he got to play with some of the biggest heroes in comics history. Before Marvel launched their Marvel Cinematic Universe, film maker Kevin Smith actually had his own Askewniverse in movie theaters. When fans went to one of his movies, it was a sure bet that something referenced in the film would tie into another film, another quality, and possibly even Jay & Silent Bob themselves. After getting applaud for his writing, he turned his attention to the medium of comics .
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Fans were excited to see that his Askewniverse expanded in comedian form. The adventures of his characters charmed the page and, in Clerks ‘ shell, even filled in a miss scenery from the movie. once he hit the superhero comics, the sandbox very opened up, and he got to play with some of the biggest heroes in comics history. here are the best comics written by him, according to GoodReads.


10 Chasing Dogma

Jay And Silent Bob In Cab from Chasing Dogma After Mallrats, it was pretty apparent that Jay & Silent Bob would end up a focus point for Smith in his following films. While there was lone a brief appearance by the couple in Chasing Amy, they would end up as independent characters for the watch film, Dogma. One interrogate, though, how did they get from New Jersey to Chicago ? That ‘s where the Jay & Silent Bob miniseries ( collected as Chasing Dogma ) comes in .
After watching The Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink, they decide to relocate to Shermer, Illinois, to become the local hookup for those wanting to partake in some adult substances. After some fun misadventures, they learn there is no such put as Shermer, Illinois. Stuck in the area, they end up finding their manner into the opening of Dogma .

9 Batman The Widening Gyre

After the success of Batman : cacophony, Smith returned once again with Batman : The Widening Gyre. Batman meets a new hero in Gotham by the name of Baphomet. After a few times bumping into each early, they start a working relationship. This is set against Bruce Wayne rekindling a romance with Silver St. Cloud, which leads him to start to wonder if he can actually leave Batman behind and live a normal life .
For better or worse, this fib is chiefly known for retconning an important moment in Batman history. Batman says that during his first out as Batman that he wet himself. The series ended on a major cliffhanger with the promise to wrap everything up in a third series Batman : Bellicosity. sadly after DC rebooting their population multiple times since then, it has so far to come to realization .

8 The Bionic Man

Bionic Man Smith has normally said that The Six Million Dollar Man was one of his front-runner shows growing up, so it ‘s no storm that he wound up writing a film script for the property in 1998. It was never produced but would get picked up by Dynamite to be reimagined as a comedian .
He would say that when he in the first place turned in the handwriting, one of the derogative notes he got from the studio apartment was like a comic koran. The series would run for 26 issues before Dynamite would adopt a Six Million Dollar Man Season 6 series to replace it. The Bionic Woman would besides spin off into its own comic out of Smith ‘s ladder pages .

7 Green Hornet

Green Hornet Before The Bionic Man, Dynamite picked up a script for a green Hornet movie that Smith had written but was n’t produced. This report follows the original Green Hornet ‘s son Britt Jr. He takes up the mantel of green Hornet after his dad passes away and must learn to come to grips with the secrets his dad kept from him .
The first 10 issues are based on the script that Smith wrote with the belated issues handled by other creative teams. While this film never got made, the movie studio apartment finally went with a interpretation that teamed Up star Seth Rogen and film director Michel Gondry .

6 Hit-Girl Season 2

Hit Girl Sitting Hit-Girl Season 2 sees our heroine on the way to Hollywood to stop a movie from being made about her life. Sounds familiar. If the film gets made, it will blow up her identity and cause her all sorts of problems. She takes Hollywood by storm the merely way Hit-Girl knows how .
This story seems reasonably easy for Smith as he has made two other movies about the same thing. Adding his comedian flair to the Kick-Ass universe, though, makes this a must-read for any Smith and comic fan .

5 Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do

After a successful run on some big comics ( more on those in a second ), Smith returned to Marvel to take a crack at Spider-Man. He put forth a floor of Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat, who checks in on an old acquaintance but finds they have died of a heroin overdose. Deciding to check out what happened has her cross paths with Spider-Man, investigating the same case .
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The first base three issues of the six-issue miniseries hit on fourth dimension, while the last three had a three-year delay. It was in the first place announced that Smith would take over writing duties on Amazing Spider-Man after this run. That, of course, did n’t end up happening .

4 Daredevil: Guardian Devil

13-daredevil-sister-maggie-guardian-devil His defender Devil runs heralded by fans and critics alike. At this fourth dimension, Daredevil had been separate of the Marvel Knights line, oversee by Joe Quesada. Daredevil had been in a sell slump, but Smith ‘s run on the title boosted sales and reinvigorated the character .
In the report, Matt Murdock is given a child whom the mother claims were born without having sexual activity. After taking charge of the child, claims startle to be made that the child could actually be the antichrist. He begins fighting off villains who show up to take the child and tries to find the pamper ‘s origins .

3 Green Arrow

kevin smith green arrow quiver After his successful run on Daredevil, DC hit Smith up to write for them a well. He came up with a fib about resurrecting Oliver Queen. After his death, it is shown that Hal Jordan used his powers as Parallax to resurrect Queen, but of course, there were complications. While he was brought back to life, Ollie ended up wandering around dispossessed with some memory loss .
once he is found, it is determined that Oliver was alive in body but was lacking his soul. After some villains try to take possession of Queen ‘s empty consistency, his soul is last convinced to return with some prod by The Spectre, who was actually Hal Jordan at the prison term .

2 Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet.

Batman 66 Green Hornet Kevin Smith Kevin Smith has long said he grew up watching the old Batman ’66 television receiver Show. It is no surprise then that he joined his acquaintance Ralph Garman on writing a crossing over between the Caped Crusaders and another champion of Smith ‘s clock time, green Hornet. Back when both shows were on television receiver, they had a 2 episode crossing over that showed the heroes at odds until they ultimately teamed up .
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This time is no unlike as they end up working together to stop a system by General Gumm and The Joker. Robin and Kato engaged in another competitiveness before the heroes last come to terms and go after the real villains. All this, along with the common narration that fans are accustomed to from the franchise .

1 Clerks

Clerks Holiday Special Kevin Smith It ‘s no surprise that when you talk about Kevin Smith, it all ends up coming back to Clerks. After the success of the film, Smith ended up doing a few Clerks comics with Oni Press. The beginning comedian shows the continuing adventures of Dante and Randal. After learning the value of newfangled Star Wars toys, Randal starts a dodge to sell them at the workshop, but Jay and Silent Bob foil it.

Smith released a vacation special that saw Dante visit Caitlin at the hospital. At the same time, gone Randal tries to keep his job from rival Vincent. Fans besides ultimately learn what is behind the doorway between the Quick Stop and RST Video. It turns out it ‘s Santa ‘s workshop. Of course, Jay and Bob get involved. ultimately, Smith does a comedian that shows what actually happened when Dante and Randal visited the master movie ‘s funeral home. These were all collected into a trade paperback along with Chasing Dogma .
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