Default keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Photoshop

Result Windows macOS Load layer transparency as a survival

Control-click layer thumbnail Command-click level thumbnail Add to current choice Control + Shift-click layer thumbnail Command + Shift-click layer thumbnail subtract from current survival Control + Alt-click level thumbnail Command + Option-click layer thumbnail intersect with current survival Control + Shift + Alt-click layer thumbnail Command + Shift + Option-click layer thumbnail Load trickle mask as a choice Control-click filter mask thumbnail Command-click percolate mask thumbnail New layer Control + Shift+ N Command + Shift+ N New layer via copy Control + J Command + J New layer via cut Shift + Control + J Shift + Command + J Group layers Control + G Command + G Ungroup layers Control + Shift + G Command + Shift + G Create/release clipping mask Control + Alt + G Command + Option + G Select all layers Control + Alt + A Command + Option + A Merge visible layers Control + Shift + E Command + Shift + E Create new evacuate level with dialogue box Alt-click New Layer button Option-click New Layer button Create new layer below target layer Control-click New Layer release Command-click New Layer push button Select lead layer Alt +. ( period ) option +. ( period ) Select bottom layer Alt +, ( comma ) choice +, ( comma ) Add to layer choice in Layers jury Shift + Alt + [ or ] Shift + Option + [ or ] Select following level down/up Alt + [ or ] choice + [ or ] Move target layer down/up Control + [ or ] Command + [ or ] Merge a copy of all visible layers into target layer Control + Shift + Alt + E Command + Shift + Option + E blend layers Highlight layers you want to merge, then Control + E Highlight the layers you want to merge, then Command + E Move layer to bottom or top Control + Shift + [ or ] Command + Shift + [ or ] Copy current layer to layer below Alt + Merge Down command from the Panel pop‑up menu choice + Merge Down instruction from the Panel pop‑up menu Merge all visible layers to a raw layer above the presently selected level Alt + Merge Visible command from the Panel pop‑up menu option + Merge Visible command from the Panel pop‑up menu Show/hide this layer/layer group only or all layers/layer groups Right-click the eye icon Control-click the eye picture Show/hide all other presently visible layers Alt-click the eye icon

Option-click the center icon Toggle lock transparency for target layer, or last lend oneself lock / ( ahead flog ) / ( ahead slash ) Edit layer effect/style, options Double-click layer effect/style Double-click level effect/style Hide layer effect/style Alt-double-click layer effect/style Option-double-click level effect/style Edit layer style Double-click level Double-click layer Disable/enable vector dissemble Shift-click vector mask thumbnail Shift-click vector mask thumbnail Open Layer Mask Display Options dialogue box Double-click level dissemble thumbnail Double-click layer mask thumbnail Toggle layer mask on/off Shift-click level mask thumbnail Shift-click level dissemble thumbnail Toggle percolate mask on/off Shift-click filter masquerade thumbnail Shift-click percolate mask thumbnail toggle between layer mask/composite image Alt-click layer mask thumbnail Option-click layer dissemble thumbnail toggle between filter mask/composite image Alt-click filter mask thumbnail Option-click filter mask thumbnail Toggle rubylith mode for layer mask on/off \ ( backslash ), or Shift + Alt-click \ ( backslash ), or Shift + Option-click Select all character ; temporarily select Type cock Double-click type layer thumbnail Double-click character layer thumbnail Create a clipping disguise Alt-click the line dividing two layers Option-click the argumentation dividing two layers Rename level Double-click the layer mention Double-click the layer identify Edit trickle settings Double-click the filter impression Double-click the trickle effect Edit the Filter Blending options Double-click the Filter Blending icon Double-click the Filter Blending icon Create new level group below stream layer/layer place Control-click New Group release Command-click New Group button Create modern layer group with dialogue box Alt-click New Group button Option-click New Group button Create layer mask that hides all/selection Alt-click Add Layer Mask button Option-click Add Layer Mask release Create vector mask that reveals all/path area Control-click Add Layer Mask button Command-click Add Layer Mask release Create vector masquerade that hides all or displays path area Control + Alt-click Add Layer Mask push button Command + Option-click Add Layer Mask push button Display layer group properties Right-click layer group and choose Group Properties, or double-click group Control-click the level group and choose Group Properties, or double-click group Select/deselect multiple conterminous layers Shift-click Shift-click

Select/deselect multiple discontiguous layers Control-click Command-click
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