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Meta-human Deceased

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Flash ( in hidden )
Vigilante ( in secret )
Criminal ( once )

Member of Team Criminal


Original multiverse
Team Flash ( in confidential )
Amunet Black ‘s criminal organization ( once )
Savitar ( once )
New multiverse
Team Flash


Thomas Snow ( godhead )
Caitlin Snow ( sister calculate )
Carla Tannhauser ( mother figure )

Alter ego

Killer Frost (formerly)
Hellfrost (briefly)


Danielle Panabaker
Danielle Nicolet ( in Cecile Horton ‘s body )
Victoria Askounis ( young ) Images

Some of you only think of me as the criminal I used to be. Back then, I was only interested in protecting myself. But, then, I found someone else worth protecting. And protecting that person led me to protecting a whole city. And slowly I changed. I learned how… I learned how to be selfless instead of selfish. I learned that I’m my best self when I’m protecting other people.

Frost ( c. 1999 – 2022 ), once known as Killer Frost and primitively labeled Khione after the greek goddess of bamboozle, [ 1 ] was Caitlin Snow ‘s alternate personality, until she obtained a body of her own. She was besides the girlfriend of Mark Blaine and the sister figure of Caitlin. Since she was a child, Killer Frost existed within Caitlin ascribable to cryogenic experiments performed on the latter by her father, Thomas Snow, in an attempt to prevent Caitlin from suffering from ALS. however, Killer Frost was suppressed until Caitlin ‘s time with Team Flash, when her alternate personality began to reemerge. primitively, Caitlin ‘s Killer Frost powers by and large amplified her insecurities and anger, changing her chemical balance, but the far she continued to use these powers, the far she changed. finally, after defeating Savitar, Caitlin developed a particular partnership with her Killer Frost side, going on to analyze her condition, which resulted in Killer Frost becoming a full-blown separate personality, the actions of whom Caitlin would largely not remember.

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In a conflict against Clifford DeVoe, Killer Frost disappeared as a result of DeVoe using Dominic Lanse ‘s powers to create a mental jam, which prevented Caitlin from accessing her alter-ego. [ 2 ] After defeating Siren-X from Earth-X though, Caitlin discovered that cryogenic anomalies calm existed in her deoxyribonucleic acid, without the bearing of dark matter. After the team found out that Caitlin ‘s father is actually animated, they discovered that he is besides a cryogenic meta-human with an evil separate personality, Icicle. During a battle with him, Caitlin is able to break through the mental obstruct created, allowing Killer Frost to emerge. Cisco late gave Caitlin a mental bodily process dampener created by Harry Wells so she could communicate with Killer Frost. [ 2 ] During a fight with Cicada, Team Flash discovered that Killer Frost was immune to his dagger ( as she was not a dark matter-created meta ) and could help defeat him. [ 3 ] soon after defeating Mirror Monarch, both Frost and Caitlin suffered from huge recurring headaches, which apparently led to them becoming separated from one another and Frost inhabiting a body of her own. [ 4 ] Frost chose life in prison without parole and decide to pay for her mistakes that she made. The pronounce, the prosecutor and the jury were very indulgent and offered no jail time and gave her an ultimatum to take the meta-human cure, but she declined and decided to take life in prison without parole and the judge gave her what she wants. [ 5 ] After there was break at Iron Heights due to damage from the Force Storm, Frost concisely escaped to round up everyone else who fled before returning ; as a result of her good deed, Frost was let out on bail. While resuming her duties on Team Flash, Frost began dating the reformed criminal Chillblaine. By 2022, Frost was traveling the world with Blaine for extreme sport dates. finally, Frost became Hellfrost and confronted Deathstorm with her newly promote powers. After the two fight throughout the city, Frost absorbed Deathstorm into herself, killing her in the serve .


original multiverse

early life

Around 1999, Caitlin Snow ‘s church father, Thomas Snow, discovered that his daughter inherited his ALS gene. Desperate to save her, Thomas began performing experiments of cryogenic gene therapies on Caitlin in an undertake to freeze the disease, equitable as he had done with himself. While the experiments were successful, Caitlin began exhibiting a double personality, whom Thomas called “ Khione ” after the greek goddess of snow. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] During one such incident, Caitlin fell off her bicycle during an accident and got hurt as a rush car approached, causing her irregular personality to amply emerge. Caitlin would repress this memory and Killer Frost for years. [ 6 ]

Fighting team Flash

Kidnapping julian Albert

17 years late, Caitlin ‘s Killer Frost character would emerge sporadically and gradually increasing in frequency as her meta-human powers emerged, particularly when dealing with her estrange mother. [ 7 ] She was kept at bay for a while after Caitlin used power-dampening cuffs to stop her powers, and subsequently her other persona, from emerging. After using her powers to save Barry Allen from Savitar, Killer Frost ‘s personality came to the fore, but Caitlin went to find Alchemy to try to get rid of Killer Frost. Caitlin used her ice powers to torture one of Alchemy ‘s acolytes to try to find him, but left him frozen barely before CCPD arrived. Caitlin then kidnapped Julian Albert to make him run a search algorithm to find Alchemy, hoping Alchemy would take away her ice powers, and finally located another penis of his cult. julian managed to call the police, and the Flash arrived to try to talk Caitlin out of using her ice powers. Caitlin stabbed him in the stage and escaped to find Craig, the cult member julian establish. Caitlin threatened his family, and he told her that he did n’t know where Alchemy was or who he was, but that he had shown them the future where she was Killer Frost permanently. Cisco Ramon and Barry arrived to stop her from killing the acolyte, and they fought. unable to escape, Caitlin gave Barry a snog to try to kill Barry before being knocked out by one of Cisco ‘s vibe-blasts. She woke up in the pipeline and tried to convince Team Flash she was back to normal, though they were unconvinced. After Wally West was cut out of the cocoon he was trapped in by Alchemy, Barry was forced to go to the grapevine to talk some sense into Caitlin. He let her out of her cell and asked her to kill him but, ineffective to hurt her acquaintance, Caitlin managed to avoid killing Barry. [ 8 ] In early 2017, Caitlin was given a necklace by julian that dampens her powers and besides collects solar energy to charge it to ensure that it continues to work by rights, thereby keeping Killer Frost at bay. [ 9 ] After Iris West was touched by Clive Yorkin, who had the office to disintegrate anything he touched, she was lento dying. Caitlin was then forced into using her powers to slow down and stop the dissolution. however, in the middle of this, Killer Frost concisely took restraint and stopped saving Iris. She even taunted julian, who ended up talking her out of it and allowed Caitlin to regain operate. [ 10 ]

Joining Savitar

After S.T.A.R. Labs was attacked by Abra Kadabra, Caitlin was critically injured by shrapnel and helped julian perform her operation. however, she late began dying from a capture. julian, Cisco, and H.R. attempted to resuscitate her, to no avail. In an attempt to bring her back to life, Julian ripped off Caitlin ‘s necklace and her powers caused her wind to heal, but once she opened her eyes, it was Killer Frost who emerged. She knocked everyone back with a huge wave of ice and emerged from the icy smoke with her haircloth fully white. [ 11 ] She then attempted to kill them with beams of ice rink from her hands, even knocking Cisco and H.R. by smashing a window they were behind. julian then attempted to grab her necklace and put it back on Caitlin ‘s neck, only for Frost to destroy it with another ice stroke. He told her that he cared for her, and she used this to her advantage, telling him to kiss her so she could freeze his lead. however, before they could meet each other ‘s lips, Cisco knocked her back over a table and into a wall with a vibration fire. When the three men ran out of the room, Frost followed and found them attempting to hide in the pipeline. equitable when she was about to kill them, Barry sped in and knocked her into a wall and told Caitlin that she could fight what was happening to her. She plainly told him that she did n’t want to and froze the doorway he was behind solid. When he searched the building for her, she was already gone. late, while Killer Frost was walking through the woods, she came across Savitar. At first, she was startled until he told her not to be afraid of him as he wanted her to become an ally of his. She asked him why she should trust him and he revealed himself to be Barry Allen ‘s meter end. She then asked him what he needed her to do. [ 12 ]

Hunting Tracy Brand

After joining Savitar, Killer Frost received a newfangled lawsuit and was sent to kill Tracy Brand at Central City University. When she arrived, Barry, Cisco and H.R. were already there trying to get her out. frost entered by freezing and smashing a glass doorway and sending an icicle right for Tracy. however, before she could be impaled, Barry moved her out of the way with his extremely accelerate and told H.R. to get her out. He was then knocked to the grind by Frost ‘s methamphetamine beam. As she was about to run after H.R. and Tracy, Cisco got in her way, she rubbed the fact that she was in full Killer Frost now in his face and shot him with an ice shine, knocking him over a rejoinder and onto the floor. This was when Barry got up and used a flamethrower and his accelerate to launch burn at her, causing her to retreat. When she reported spinal column to Savitar, he accused her of letting Barry and Cisco go on determination and told her all she had to do to be a idol like him is kill Tracy. She belated showed up outside Jitters and was about to attack Tracy and H.R. again until Barry, Julian and Cisco showed up, allowing H.R. and Tracy to flee the picture. Frost chased after them by creating a path of ice that flew through the air out with Barry chasing after her, attempting to get her to return to Jitters so Cisco could shoot her down. however, when she reached Jitters, Cisco could n’t shoot her down as he placid saw her as his ally, and this gave her the opportunity to shoot a beam of frost at him, then Barry was forced to run in front of him and take the blast, sending him down a fledge of stairs. Killer Frost then reached the ground again and walked over to Barry, taunting him. She then stabbed him in the branch again, stating “ scar weave is much more sensitive than regular tissue ” .
After Cecile Horton left the West house, Frost grabbed her and threatened to kill her if her boyfriend, Joe West, did n’t arrive at a sealed address that Cecile was being held in. Joe attempts to pull his artillery on her but is hit with an frosting savage and throw over an end mesa. Later, Team Flash arrived in a warehouse that Cecile was being kept in and Frost appeared out of the shadows and taunted tracy about killing her and asking them to hand Tracy over in return for Cecile. Barry then attempted to talk to get Caitlin to snap out of it and let Cecile go but to no avail, she then reveals that she knows Cisco is hiding up in the rafters and sets off a bombard forcing him to cursorily open a breach and land across the warehouse, knocked out and in a stack of boxes. Frost then went to shoot Joe with an methamphetamine beam only for Barry to run in the direction and get frozen on the ground. Before Frost can do anything else, Cisco shot her in the back with a vibration gust. however, she quickly gets back up and the two shoot their respective powers at each other. At first, it seemed Frost was winning until Cisco mustered adequate ability to knock her back into a wall, knocking her out. Savitar then appeared and sped her out of the warehouse. [ 13 ]

Regaining Savitar ‘s memory

Since Savitar was a time end of Barry, he remembered everything that Barry did, so Team Flash wiped Barry ‘s mind to prevent Savitar from knowing their plan. After they did this, Killer Frost wanted their plan to speed up and approached Savitar ‘s kneeling armor in decree to get to work merely for him to abruptly stand and hold Frost against a wall by her throat. She asks what he ‘s doing but he entirely asks the questions “ who are you ? ” and “ who am I ? ”. She then realizes what ‘s wrong and travels to S.T.A.R. Labs to get help from Team Flash. When Cisco, Wally and Julian restitution to the Cortex, Frost was waiting for them. wally attempted to speed towards her but realized that he had lost his speed and she tells them that she knows why. The three were discussing with each early to see if they should trust her or not until Barry, Iris and Joe walked in, wondering why they looked sol concern when Killer Frost walked out from Caitlin ‘s previous lab, causing Joe to pull his grease-gun on her. Everyone told him to stand down and he did sol. Barry, still in his amnesia like country, asked if Frost was some kind of supervillain, causing her to look at him with an “ obviously ” front on her front. He then left the room, which left Frost with erstwhile allies of Caitlin. She explains that what Barry remembers, Savitar remembers, and the team could just teach Barry everything and beat Savitar. however, there were lots of villains in Central City and no Flash to stop them at all. She then convinced them all that they needed to work with her to bring back Barry ‘s memories. Cisco and Julian worked with Frost and while they worked, Cisco attempted to remind her of all of the memories they had working on the particle accelerator. It seemed to get through to Caitlin but Frost cursorily took over again. late, the three ran second to the cerebral cortex and turned on the television, merely to see that a build had been set ablaze by an ill-famed arsonist. Frost ends up helping Barry recover his memories and put out the flames. After everything had calmed down, she attempted to leave lone to be stopped by Barry, Cisco and Julian. They tried to tell her that she was their ally and could be again with Julian besides saying that he loves her, but she replied that she never loved any of them and entered the elevator. Once the elevator started its lineage, Caitlin briefly took over merely for Frost to bury her again .

Final fight

Killer Frost approached Savitar to ask what he was working on in his suit and he replied that his suit was damaged during his competitiveness with Barry. Frost then asked if they were a team, referring to them both as “ Barry and Caitlin ”. He looked up and replied that he was n’t Barry and she was n’t Caitlin. She then asked if Savitar was in truth going to kill Iris after all of the memories he shared with her. He asked if she is having second gear thoughts about their design and she only shook her head, visibly scared. Memories begin to flood into Savitar ‘s head and she asked what he saw. He explains that Barry went back in time to ask for Leonard Snart ‘s aid to retrieve the power generator for their weapon to use against Savitar. Frost asked if she should stop them but Savitar precisely said that it does n’t matter. Later, Cisco got a vibration of Killer Frost in a afforest, waiting for him to come fight her. Cisco then arrived at her location and the two began to fight merely for Frost to overpower Cisco, flooring him and giving her a chance to kill him. [ 14 ] however, before she could finish Cisco off, Savitar sped in and commanded her to spare his life sentence. Confused, she asked why he needed to live. He explained that Iris had survived because H.R. had taken her rate and died, and that they needed Cisco to build something for them. H.R. died because Killer Frost took H.R. back to Savitar to be murdered when H.R. was disguised as Iris West in an escape undertake. The three then speed back to Savitar ‘s lair. Savitar explained to Cisco that he needed to convert the Speed Force bazooka into a quantum splicer in regulate for him to survive without the time paradox catching up on him. In club to make Cisco begin working, Savitar besides threatened Frost ‘s life, knowing that he would never get over the death of his best ally. After Savitar had left, Frost asked Cisco if he had finished the splicer and he nodded. He then attempted to tell her that if she continued to work with Savitar he would finally kill her after he did n’t need her abilities anymore, but she disagreed and thought they would constantly work together. mighty afterwards, Savitar returned to his lair. He asks if everything is done and Cisco explained that it is. Frost then began to raise her hands and Cisco repeated that Savitar would kill her but she does n’t listen and fires an icicle straight at his chest only for it to be stopped by a gap. The two villains looked traumatize until Cisco ‘s girlfriend, Gypsy, leaps into the lair through another rupture and pulls Cisco into another matchless. Killer Frost asks Savitar if he cared that they escaped and he replied that it did n’t matter since the splicer was quick. The two arrived at the outskirts of a afforest and began to use the splicer to make sure Savitar would live, but they are stopped by Jay Garrick, who escaped from the Speed Force. They then turned to see that all of Team Flash had arrived. Frost told Savitar to go whilst she fought Cisco and Gypsy. She was promptly thrown to the anchor which gave Cisco the chance to kill her but he refused and gave her a cure that was made by Caitlin ‘s mother and julian. She seemed very hesitant but once Savitar grabbed Cisco and was about to kill him, Caitlin Snow managed to take over Killer Frost and buried her rather and she saved Cisco ‘s life. Killer Frost and Caitlin never apologized to Cisco for her attempts to murder him. After Frost ‘s defeat, Savitar was besides erased from being and Caitlin left soon after. [ 15 ]


Working for Amunet Black

After this, Caitlin joined Amunet Black ‘s condemnable administration and worked in her club. Killer Frost besides resurfaced to do jobs for Amunet and ended up becoming one of her front-runner henchmen. One of those jobs was torturing and maiming Amunet ‘s enemies so that they lost fingers and toes. When Caitlin was working her shift in Amunet ‘s cabaret, she was approached by Cisco who asked her to rejoin the team. She ended up accepting his offer and helped them get Barry out of the speed violence. When she returned to the clubhouse to quit the condemnable constitution she confronted Norvock and told him about her decisiveness. When he grabbed her by the arm, it caused Killer Frost to reemerge and she managed to bash his head on a nearby machine. She then threatened him and walked out of the club. She was about to go on a spree through Central City until Caitlin regained control condition and Frost was buried once again. [ 16 ] When an alarm signalling an unauthorized breach went off in S.T.A.R. Labs, Killer Frost briefly attempted to take over Caitlin but was buried and was n’t able to take control condition. [ 17 ]

Joining Team Flash

After Caitlin received a note from Amunet signalling her return, she attempted to get a plane out of the city but was invited by Iris and Felicity Smoak to go to Iris ‘ bachelor girl party. When they were sitting at a table in a restaurant, Norvock approached them and told Caitlin to go with him but she refused. He then displayed his meta-human ability, an eye-snake. He attacks everyone at the table and when Cecile, Felicity and Iris are all down, Killer Frost emerged and transformed in front of everyone ‘s eyes. She then shot a air of ice at Norvock which knocked him through a window. The women then return to S.T.A.R. Labs and they asked how Frost was hush alert since they believed that Caitlin had gotten rid of her. Frost then explains that she is like a split personality and while Caitlin sleeps she is the one in control. She besides retrieves her new suit from a large black bag and leaves to go and find Amunet Black. When she reached Amunet ‘s club, Frost threatens her bodyguards to get past them and is greeted by Amunet herself. The two women and Norvock then enter a back room where Amunet kept a meta-human hostage and used his psycho-active tears as a drug. She then asked Killer Frost if she wanted to rejoin her and they could run Central City together as gods. Frost, however, refused Amunet ‘s offer and the two prepared themselves to fight each other until Iris ran in between them and managed to get Killer Frost out of there and back to S.T.A.R. Labs .
The girls asked Frost how she knew Amunet and she explains that she and Caitlin both worked for her and actually ranked very senior high school in her criminal organization. She besides admitted that she ‘d tortured Amunet ‘s enemies by freezing their fingers and toes off. Frost then told them that she planned to retreat to another earth to escape Amunet and live her own life how she wanted, without Caitlin. Iris then attempted to talk Killer Frost out of leaving and told her that she and Caitlin could live in concert as one. however, Frost entirely threatened to freeze her hand off and leaves the room to go contend Amunet. The two women meet under a bridge. Frost did n’t expect to see Amunet herself and was caught off guard when she launched a big piece of metal into Frost ‘s shoulder. She then attempted to recover by launching frost blasts at Amunet but she only deflected them with a metallic element shield and launched two more large pieces of alloy that floored Killer Frost .
Amunet then picked her up by the collar of her jacket and started to throw punches that made Frost retreat second into Caitlin ‘s mind and allowed Caitlin to retake control of her torso. Caitlin then returns to S.T.A.R. Labs and decided to stay while Iris, Felicity and Cecile fought Amunet. however, when things went south and Felicity and Iris were captured, Caitlin appeared in front of Amunet and her henchmen and allowed Killer Frost to take control. As Iris and Felicity ran behind Frost, Amunet ordered her goons to kill them but before any of the bullets could hit them, Frost made a giant igloo-like ice dome-shield to protect them. Iris then told Cecile to turn on a giant attraction so Amunet could n’t use her powers. She did as Frost had instructed, and rendered Amunet powerless. Frost then formed an icicle, ready to stab and kill Amunet until Iris managed to talk her out of it and they all return to the lab. Despite all Iris did to help her, Killler Frost never apologized to Iris for Killer Frost working with Savitar to murder Iris. Killer Frost never apologized to Cecile for threatening to murder her. late, the boys from Barry ‘s knight bachelor party arrived back in the lab to find Killer Frost waiting for them in the cerebral cortex. They are shocked to see her at first base but she lento transformed back into Caitlin and explained to them what was going on with her. After this, Caitlin and Killer Frost began working together and Frost became a fully fledge extremity of Team Flash. [ 18 ]

crisis on Earth-X

During Barry and Iris ‘ wedding, the priest was killed by Nazis from Earth-X. Cisco then told Caitlin to let Frost out and when she did, Mick Rory noticed her and took quite a like to her. Frost created a elephantine icicle around her hand and killed a few nazi on the aisle of the church service. [ 19 ] She then reappeared to fight the Dark Arrow but was ultimately overpowered by him and thrown against the wall of the focal ratio lab. [ 20 ] Caitlin, Cisco, Harry and Dinah Drake were locked in the grapevine by the Nazis but were all freed when Iris and Felicity found them and opened their cells. A automaton from Earth-X attacks S.T.A.R. Labs, and everyone present from Team Arrow, Team Flash, and Team Legends teamed up and destroyed him. [ 21 ] Later, in the final battle, Frost uses her ice path ability to fly herself, Amaya Jiwe and Zari Tomaz improving to the Earth-X version of the Waverider, the Wellenreiter, and destroy it. After the Nazis are defeated, Barry, Iris, Felicity, and Oliver Queen all get married and the heroes return to their respective Earths and times. [ 22 ]

Battling The thinker

After Barry was wrongfully accused of murdering Clifford DeVoe, he was in his trial when the city was threatened by a meta-human Cisco nicknamed Fallout. Killer Frost was needed to cool him down or else the stallion city would be nuked by him. Cisco and Harry Wells had to traumatize Caitlin in order to get Killer Frost to emerge and when she did, she and Cisco were breached to Fallout ‘s placement. At first, Frost seemed to have won by simply freezing Fallout, but he broke out of the ice and stroke Frost with a beam of department of energy, sending her flying back into a bus diaphragm and besides knocking her unconscious mind. fallout was then defeated by Barry and Cisco. [ 23 ] Frost helped Vibe when they were sneaking into Trickster and Prank ‘s hideout. When they both saw what appeared to be hostages, they ran towards and began to set them barren until they heard a make noise behind them and saw a group of Beebo toys that Frost freeze and shattered with her powers. When they turned back to the hostages they revealed themselves as Trickster and Prank in disguise and put power-dampening cuffs on Frost and Vibe, causing Killer Frost to disappear and Caitlin to reemerge. Both Caitlin and Cisco were then saved by the newest member of Team Flash, Ralph Dibny. [ 24 ] When Ralph began to doubt himself, Caitlin went to his office to try and give him a pep talk but when he would n’t listen she let Killer Frost out and she talked to him. He told her the trouble was that he believed all of his friends would leave him as his friends in the past have. Frost then told him that the people in Team Flash never gave up on her and that they would never give up on him, which lifted his spirits. Frost lied by not telling Ralph about all the attempts she made to murder members of team Flash, including the fact that she was an accessory to H.R. Wells ‘ murder when she took him to Savitar knowing he ‘d be murdered. He flush called her “ crisp Oprah ”. When Barry Allen attempted to escape from prison because of Amunet who was looking for meta-humans to buy and recruit into her organization, Vibe and Killer Frost breached into Iron Heights and asked him to come back to S.T.A.R. Labs with them, but he refused, not wanting to become a fleeting. Clifford DeVoe was besides alive and took over the body of former Team Flash enemy, Becky Sharpe. [ 25 ] When the team heard about an attack on the CCPD at an airfield, Killer Frost, Vibe, The Flash, and Jesse Quick traveled there to help them. Once they arrived they were able to cursorily take out the henchmen and were ready to take out their party boss, Veronica Dale, until she revealed that she was approximately to activate a microwave. however, before it destroyed all of Central City, Barry and Jesse entered Flashtime and attempted to figure out a manner to deactivate the nuke. Jay Garrick besides came from Earth-3 to try and help them. finally, the three speedsters thought it was a adept idea to cool down the atom-bomb and went to take Killer Frost into Flashtime. once in apparent motion with the speedsters, they brought her into the container where the microwave was located and attempted to send a shine of internal-combustion engine to cool it down, however, Frost began to burn up and her powers had no effect on the bomb calorimeter. In order to stop Frost from burning up, Barry puts her back into normal fourth dimension. She pleaded Barry to not let Caitlin die. Barry ends up taking Iris ‘ advice and stops the atomic warhead from destroying the city with avail from the Speed Force. [ 26 ]


team Flash came up with a design to attack DeVoe fountainhead on and enter his pocket dimension. Killer Frost, The Flash and Vibe then prepare to enter the pocket proportion and get the better of him. however, when they arrive, they realize that he wanted them there indeed that he could attack S.T.A.R. Labs with no issues. Harry, Joe and Iris were all attacked by DeVoe and his wife, Marlize. Iris was able to bring the three back and they attempted to fight DeVoe but he ended up killing Ralph and stealing his body. He then knocked Barry and Cisco back and when Frost attempted to stab him, he stole her powers and appeared to kill Killer Frost a well. He then knocked Caitlin back into a wall, unconscious. Caitlin undergo tests from Cisco and Harry, who were both unable to find any hound of dark matter in her body. [ 27 ] After Team Flash defeated Siren-X, the Earth-X doppelgänger of Laurel Lance, Caitlin found out that Killer Frost is still alive but without any benighted matter in Caitlin ‘s body, she is ineffective to appear. [ 28 ] The team began to help Caitlin to try and get Killer Frost to reemerge, they ran tests that involved Cisco shooting her with his vibration blasts, which caused nothing to happen. however, while Barry and Cisco are fighting DeVoe, Caitlin appeared and used Leonard Snart ‘s accelerator on DeVoe in an attempt to get Killer Frost to return, but to no avail, and becuse of Caitlin ‘s intervention DeVoe about killed Gypsy. [ 29 ] Caitlin never apologized to Gypsy or Cisco for about getting Gypsy killed by DeVoe. even desperate to get Killer Frost back, Caitlin last went to Amunet for help oneself. She led the team to believe that they needed Amunet to help defeat DeVoe and they all managed to get her to help them. Caitlin then struck a deal with her and told her that if she could get Killer Frost back she would do one prefer for her. however, it ‘s revealed that Amunet did n’t know how to bring her back but still gave Team Flash an item that could help defeat DeVoe. [ 30 ] When Caitlin went to therapy with Dr. Finkel, she revealed that Caitlin had been repressing a memory from her childhood, a memory which was very traumatic for her. She late asked Cisco to vibe her to this memory and see what happened merely to see her younger self induce hit by a car and then transform into Killer Frost. This revealed that Frost had been inside Caitlin even in her early childhood, before the atom accelerator explosion. [ 6 ] In the final battle against DeVoe, when Cecile went into parturiency, her powers which she received from her pregnancy kicked in and Killer Frost concisely inhabited her body. She grabbed Caitlin ‘s arm and told her that she had found Thomas and he had been that way all the prison term. [ 31 ]


Defeating icicle

team Flash had discovered that Caitlin ‘s founder ‘s death security was a fudge and that he was actually active. Barry, Caitlin and Cisco finally tracked him down to a warehouse owned by Tannhauser Industries .
however, it was late discovered that he was besides a cryogenic meta-human that had an evil split personality that attacked the team. The personality wanted to use a serum, that Caitlin reluctantly created, to kill off Thomas for good and inhabit the consistency himself. fair as he was about to inject himself, Caitlin managed to break through the mental block that DeVoe had created, allowing Killer Frost to emerge and shoot him back with an ice rink blast. He quickly attempted to convince Frost to take the serum deoxyadenosine monophosphate well and work with him but she refused, stating that Team Flash was her true family. As she walked towards him, she stood on and destroyed the serum. She created an ice-fist and began to punch him but stopped as Thomas ‘ personality emerged and spoke to Caitlin. This turned out to be a short reunion as the evil personality reemerged and shot her with an internal-combustion engine blast, proceeding to use two ice blasts to launch himself into the breeze and escape. Later, Caitlin discovered that she could use the cerebral inhibitor to speak to Frost through the mental block and the two began to catch each early improving. [ 2 ]

Meeting Cicada

During Thanksgiving, Caitlin, Cisco and Sherloque Wells decided not to attend the party at Barry and Iris ‘ apartment, causing Killer Frost to emerge. She questioned they ‘re decision of eating by themselves rather with friends who care about them and proceeded to walk off to the party, asking if they were coming or not. [ 32 ] During a struggle with Cicada, the stallion team was taken down by him and just as he was prepared to stab Barry with his dagger, Killer Frost emerged and fired an internal-combustion engine beam at him, sending him flying into a nearby van. He quickly stood and escaped the scene. The team late realised that Frost is immune to Cicada ‘s dagger and could be useful in defeating him. [ 3 ]


Killer Frost and Elongated Man were sent to Ivo Laboratories to help deal with A.M.A.Z.O., who had been unintentionally activated by an inexperienced Oliver Queen using Barry ‘s speedster abilities. The two and Officer Jones were unfortunately not strong enough and as they were floored by the android, it absorbed the two meta-humans ‘ abilities, using Frost ‘s abilities to fly through the roof and escape. [ 33 ] After traveling to Gotham City, Kara Danvers used Caitlin to gain access to Arkham Asylum, convincing the nurse that she was a mentally ill meta-human, evening cursorily flashing Frost ‘s eyes. After they got inside, a carouse began and the two split up. finally, Caitlin came across a delirious Nora Fries who was searching for something amongst the shelves. When Caitlin attempted to help her, Nora blasted a beam of cryogenic fastball at her, causing Killer Frost to emerge and engage in a fight. When Nora grabbed her conserve ‘s cryo-weapon, Frost asked for some aid over her comms but before Barry or Oliver could arrive, Nora blasted her back through a table, knocking her unconscious. [ 34 ]

Sabotaging the remedy

Whilst Caitlin was stitching up Cisco ‘s hand wounds, Killer Frost concisely emerged in order to freeze the wounds. Later, after Cisco began working on the meta-human cure, Frost appeared behind him and destroyed his workplace with a freeze blast. When asked what she was doing, Frost just stated that a meta-human remedy was not needed and that her and Caitlin were doing ticket together. however, Cisco explained that he wanted to cure all those who did not ask for their powers, including himself, who wanted to grow erstwhile with person and have a normal family. When Weather Witch and Silver Ghost were partaking in a dangerous joyride in Central City, Nora recruited Killer Frost for serve. Frost created a giant ice wall in the road that, unfortunately, did n’t stop the two as the car they were driving was able to phase through the wall. After the two ultimately escaped, Nora asked Frost if she was the one behind the car ‘s master loss, to which she was confused. [ 35 ] After Caitlin supported Cisco ‘s decision and began working on the remedy arsenic well, Frost then emerged and destroyed her exercise a well, much to the daze of Ralph, good as Barry walked in needing help on a mission to protect meta-humans from Cicada. Frost suggested they start looking in Amunet ‘s abandoned club where they discovered a distraught Norvok using the club to hide out in. The group informed him on the situation and asked if he wished to help them save the other meta-humans, which he agreed to. After one meta began to go against the plan, Norvok informed her of a chap meta-human ‘s death at the hands of Cicada, being so distraught, he left the room with Frost following closely behind. When they were alone, Norvok explained his by of working at the Central City Zoo, where he obtained his abilities and the reason he only looked out for himself. After he left, Ralph sat to speak to Frost and asked if she was just deoxyadenosine monophosphate afraid as Norvok, about losing Caitlin. Before she could respond, Barry returned with another meta-human but left again to track down Peek-a-Boo. late, Frost and Ralph finished their candid as she explained how afraid she was that Caitlin would one day grow tired of her and take the cure herself. Killer Frost did n’t remember that she was not a iniquity topic meta, and the bring around would n’t work on her. Norvok then entered and announced that it was time for the meta-humans to leave, however, before the cleaver could take off, Cicada appeared as Ralph attempted to get the metas to condom. Barry and Frost both stayed in order to fend Cicada off but Barry was ultimately abortive, being launched into a large batch of crates, unconscious. Frost then fought Cicada head on, even being able to draw rake by cutting him with an icicle, however, he managed to generate a large blast, knocking her backwards, causing her to be disoriented. barely as his dagger was about to hit Frost in the back of the head, Caitlin psychically warned her, allowing her to swiftly dodge the weapon with comfort and besides freeze it long enough for Barry to gain back his powers. however, Cicada managed to escape into hiding with Team Flash believe he would stay obscure for a while longer. After Caitlin resurfaced, Frost gifted her with an apology and besides a all-important piece needed to complete the meta-human cure, Cicada ‘s lineage. [ 36 ] After Iris experienced a quarrel with Cicada on his place, Barry, Ralph and Frost all rushed to her aid. Once they arrived, he was gone but Iris exclaimed that she knew how to inject him with cure as she had discovered his weakness. [ 37 ] Cicada late managed to kidnap Iris and hold her hostage on a rooftop, worried for her mother ‘s life, Nora rushed Frost to the placement and Frost immediately created two icicles ready to fight. however, she did not notice Cicada ‘s dagger behind her and it ultimately stabbed her in the back, killing her. Desperate to help, Nora ran back in prison term and ran second to before Iris was kidnapped, when Frost and Caitlin were both active. After resetting the timeline 52 times, failing to save each Team Flash penis, Nora ultimately let them help her come up with a plan to make sure no one died. As Iris and Nora distracted him, Frost, Ralph and Cisco all appeared on the roof and shoot at Cicada but before the dagger could hit one of them, Nora briefly reversed meter and made it stab Cicada rather, forcing him to retreat. [ 38 ] During Grodd ‘s render, Caitlin and Cisco ‘s minds were both controlled by him. After Cisco was locked in the pipeline by Barry, he witnessed Caitlin giving Grodd a device he used to enhance his psychic abilities, however, before he could pursue the Gorilla, Frost emerged and dart Barry with an ice rink blast, allowing Grodd to escape. [ 39 ]

Meeting the New Cicada

When the Team learned of Cicada ‘s plan to murder his next target, Philip Master, Frost managed to promptly be breached in and switch places with Master, catching Cicada by surprise and giving Barry time lecture him down. When Frost returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, Nora asked how retentive the dagger would be out of military action and she explained that Barry would alone have around 60 seconds. When Barry finally failed and was beaten, Frost promptly breached back to the alley and attempted to knock Cicada out lone for him to escape once again. belated, the team managed to get him to the lab and talked him into taking the bring around. however, during his surgery by Dr. Vanessa Ambres, S.T.A.R. Labs ‘ power suddenly shut down and a apparently new Cicada broke in and attacked the team. They all attempted to battle her but were all immediately defeated as she took the original Cicada back to her lair, murdering Dr. Ambres in the march. [ 40 ]

Icicle ‘s return

After Icicle attacked Tannhauser Industries, he besides kidnapped Caitlin and her mother, placing power-dampening cuffs onto Caitlin ‘s wrists to prevent Frost from emerging. however, when he hit Caitlin with an ice gust, it besides froze her cuffs, shattering them and setting Killer Frost release. When she confronted him, he had already placed her mother in a freeze chamber and then cursorily fled. When Barry arrived, Frost instructed him to save her beget and she set off after Icicle, the two of them creating separate ice paths to take flight on. finally, Frost managed to shoot him off his path but he besides managed to ambush and stab her in the shoulder, forcing Killer Frost back and bringing Caitlin out. however, before he could kill her, Thomas overtook Icicle and was reunited with his daughter. tragically, the reunion was short lived as Cicada promptly showed up, focused on killing Frost only for Thomas to sacrifice himself to save his daughter. He then died in Caitlin ‘s arms as his wife watched on. [ 41 ] still grieving from Thomas ‘ end, Killer Frost remained in Caitlin ‘s thinker and barely ever emerged. While Caitlin and Ralph were visiting the Tannhauser research lab, he finally talked her into coming out and freezing up a hole in the roof, cursing him in the process. [ 42 ]

Defeating Cicada and Reverse Flash

After the team had discovered Cicada ‘s plan of releasing a virus into the city to wipe out meta-humans, Killer Frost, Barry, Ralph and Cisco managed to ambush her at CCPD and render her unconscious mind. While Cisco deactivated the device, Frost, Ralph and Barry did their best to distract her but the three of them were ultimately defeated. however, Cisco finally deactivated the device and knocked Cicada to the grate just as Frost threw the mirror gunman Barry ‘s direction. As Barry shot the gunman, Ralph screamed for him to stop. [ 43 ] Ralph ended up jumpstart in the room of the accelerator, causing his body to uncontrollably misshape, giving Cicada time to escape. The team late tracked down her lair and devised a plan to administer the remedy to young Grace so that Cicada would cease to exist. Once they reached the lair, the team breached Cicada back to S.T.A.R. Labs in order for Nora to speak with youthful Grace and by the time she does, Cicada had already returned and was about to kill Nora precisely as Barry shot the dagger. She then began to be erased from universe and the team concisely believed they had ended it but did n’t realise that their actions had barely set Eobard Thawne free. After Barry and Nora were defeated by Thawne, the rest of the team breached by their slope and he greeted them individually, including Frost. They all then managed to use their individual abilities to overpower Thawne and ultimately defeated him. however, he ended up escaping after Barry realised that their actions had caused Nora to be erased from universe ampere well. Later, Cisco ended up taking the meta-human cure but did n’t leave S.T.A.R. Labs without gifting Frost with something, a new suit. [ 44 ]

Preparing for Crisis

Starting her own life
I don’t want to die when I just started living.

After the death of Thomas, Caitlin began to notice Frost acting odd and, even at some points, refusing to emerge. Later, after Caitlin and Frost ‘s near-death feel of about being sucked into a black hole at Jitters, Frost wanted to start living her own life in orderliness to experience modern things, however, she did not know how to ask Caitlin. When Ralph managed to trick Frost into coming out, he confronted her about her feelings and she confessed that she wanted to live her own life but was afraid to ask Caitlin if she could take over. Ralph explained that she should ask Caitlin how she felt about the subject and left her with her thoughts .
After another black hole opened in the in-between of Central City, Frost and Ralph both traveled to the scenery, Frost last donning her modern suit. She managed to shoot at a newspaper digest that about hit Joe and witnessed Barry willingly run into the black hole in order to stop it from the inside. however, it seemed as though he would not return and the stallion team looked disquieted and shocked until he came running out of it again as it closed for good. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin and Frost spoke to each other about her taking control for a while and attempting to live her own biography. Caitlin was glad to give Frost this luck and her body was quickly taken over as Ralph entered the room. She asked him where she should start good as he placed down the second version of the “ Book of Ralph ”. [ 45 ] During her beginning day out as unconstipated person, Frost was brought to an art indicate by Ralph and Cisco in rate to experience an actual populace event. Before entering, Cisco injected Frost with a nanite developed by Ray Palmer that allowed to her to sound like a regular homo and blend in with society. once inside the parade, Frost and Ralph toured some artwork, with Frost declaring that the pieces were n’t art at all, but in fact garbage, even going vitamin a far as to insult Kamilla ‘s bring. belated that day, whilst Frost was supposed to be monitoring the vitals of Chester P. Runk, she focused rather on attempting to draw a photograph of Khione to no avail. She was then comforted by Cisco who she then confessed her feelings of guilt to who advised her to make her mistakes right. however, Killer Frost never apologized to Cisco ( or Kamilla ) for trashing his girlfriend ‘s photography. After Barry ‘s fight with Ultraviolet, he returned to S.T.A.R. Labs badly sub burned from her UV Rays and discussed her aim within a privy organization with Frost, Ralph and Cisco. He then asked about a collection of artwork that had taken up space in the master of education bay, with Frost explaining that she had purchased all of them with Caitlin ‘s credit cards in order to support the artist ‘s “ inside life ”. [ 46 ]

Learning of the crisis

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After being informed of the impend death of The Flash by The Monitor, Barry and Iris sat down with the rest of the team and told them of their fates in the cheeseparing future, being wiped out by Antimatter. Seeing the Frost was visibly angry, Barry decided to help train her for a future without him beginning by bringing her along to the scene of a crime. As Joe and Barry investigated, Frost attempted to speed the investigation up until she and Barry realized that the perpetrator killed for benighted matter, allowing Frost to realize that Ramsey Rosso could be behind it. The two then arrived at Rosso ‘s lab and Frost was quick to threaten him with an icicle held at his throat, lone to be talked down by Barry. This allowed Ramsey to intelligibly see her face and he realized that Frost and Caitlin were in fact the like. As Ramsey discussed his workplace with the two, Barry believed that he could help in the probe into the criminal kill for dark matter ; however, Frost was immediate to distrust Rosso and was loath to go along with Barry ‘s plan .
While Barry spoke with CCPD over the call, Frost waited with Rosso who requested to talk to Caitlin about going behind her back to experiment with dark matter from Kord Industries. however, Caitlin refused to keep listen and Frost promptly shut down the conversation just as Barry returned to offer information on a defendant, Mitch Romero, who was known by Frost to be a peak gunman runner in the city. Barry then received an alert about a robbery at Mercury Labs by Romero, who had become a zombie-like creature. When The Flash and Frost arrived, she used her powers to launch Romero out a nearby window into the street below, receiving a lecture from Barry on their no-killing agreement. In order to work out her frustration, Frost trained with powers on a S.T.A.R. Labs quiz blank before Barry entered the room to try and talk with her. In order to get her to talk about what was bothering her, he challenged her to try and hit him with her powers only for her to finally give up and proclaim that she was angry her newfangled life would be erased by the crisis. now feeling better, Frost agreed to help Barry last stop Mitch Romero for good. After Romero broke into S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry managed to lure him into the grapevine with a phial of dark matter and locked him up. however, he then managed to break out, forcing Frost to use her powers to freeze him in put. After he injected himself with extra night count, she then realized that it is his fuel reservoir and excessively much of it could stop him. Barry promptly retrieved all of the dark matter that was kept in the lab and inject Romero with them, last exploding and killing him for dear. Later, in order to allow Frost to live her life with what prison term she had left, Barry offered to throw her a thirtieth birthday party in S.T.A.R. Labs, [ 47 ]

Anti-Monitor crisis

freeze goes to Waverider with the early heroes. When Ralph arrives and introduces himself, Frost tells everyone to ignore him, as he is raw, and this is his first crossing over. Frost and Cisco are both in the control condition room and Cisco is excited when he announces he is trying to determine where the antimatter Wave-Particle is on ground, to locate the informant of the waves and he has discovered its located at a subterranean region very close to them. Excited, he tells Frost to meet him in the cargo bay. Frost and Cisco make it to the end of the hallway and they are standing before a wall encrypted with a plant of symbols. A total of seven hieroglyphics. Both of them are interrupted by the presence of Pariah he re-introduces himself to the group, insisting he is no longer Nash and has only arrived to bear witness to calamity. When pressed as to what happened to him, Pariah tells his tragic fib and they ask Pariah if he remembers how to open the door, but he does not .
They open the door and enter the Nexus. Barry joins them and they see the canyon antimatter and a bleary running. Frost questions if the blur is alive. Barry uses his focal ratio to run forth, only to be very shock and surprise to see Barry Allen from Earth-90 endlessly running at abstemious accelerate on a treadmill. The anti-Monitor corralled his speed and used it to build his antimatter carom, which he tested by destroying the first base earth, Earth-2. It is only then, that they realize both Harry and Jesse are now gone. It is during this time they realize Pariah is missing.

Pariah reappears and brings Black Lightning with him. They have a brief dispute but Black Lightning decides to help them. finally, the Earth-90 Flash then decides to sacrifice itself and they flee back to Waverider, where Harbinger appears and reveals herself to be possessed by the Anti-Monitor. The heroes try to stop him but he uses his powers to disable them. then, Pariah transports the paragons to Vanishing Point and the Anti-Monitor destroys Waverider with an anti-material beckon, killing the remaining heroes together. [ 48 ] But she was restored a month former, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a newly universe. [ 49 ]

erase future

According to Craig, a member of Savitar ‘s fad, Caitlin would have been described as being “ brilliant and knock-down ”, and Savitar had “ special plans ” for her, which did come true as she helped him and he needed her to kill Black Flash. [ 8 ] When Barry visited a potential future, in the year 2024, it is revealed that Caitlin allied herself with Savitar. furthermore, during a climactic battle, Vibe ‘s arms were freeze and shattered by Caitlin, forcing him to replace them with bionic arms and subsequently making him ineffective to use his powers. Caitlin, distillery as Killer Frost, has been locked up in Iron Heights, and distillery refuses to divulge the identity of Savitar, with julian as her caretaker. [ 12 ]

Altered reality

After John Deegan used the Book of Destiny to rewrite reality and made himself “ Superman ”, Caitlin and Killer Frost ‘s lives were rewritten. It appeared that Frost had fully taken over and worked under Deegan as one of his prime soldiers. After he returned to his base, Frost and John Diggle applauded his actions but he promptly made them stay calm and exclaimed that the Trigger Twins had escaped him. Diggle and Frost cursorily assured him that they would be captured merely as a admonitory from the pipeline alerted the room. Frost explained that it must have been “ subject 1 “ but “ Superman ” promptly explained that he would take worry of her himself. late, Frost traveled down to the grapevine to speak with Agent Danvers and asked her to go home but became disbelieving when she refused. She asked if she had boyfriend trouble but Alex precisely explained that she thought the work they do is authoritative and she would n’t change. Frost just shrugged and left the grapevine. After Kara had managed to get through to Alex, the two attempted to escape Deegan ‘s base but were confront by him, Frost and Diggle. however, a breach opened and Barry, Oliver and the real demigod came through and the two supermen broke through the ceiling and began their battle whilst Diggle and Frost fought Oliver in the elevator. The two were ultimately beaten by him and thrown in the pipeline. This reality was late returned to convention after Superman used the Book of Destiny to repair it. [ 50 ]

New multiverse

At some point in Earth-Prime history, Frost was known as “ Killer Frost ”. Upon seeing her, most know her by that diagnose, so she must correct them. [ 51 ] [ 52 ] Frost ‘s Earth-1 memories were restored by J’onn Jonzz, when he came to S.T.A.R. Labs while Caitlin was treating Nash Wells. When Nash discovered that the Anti-Monitor was still animated, he, Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi began to develop a shrivel bomb to trap the Anti-Monitor into an eternity of shrivel, since he could n’t be destroyed. frost teamed up with Mick Rory, whom Sara had sent to S.T.A.R. Labs to protect the scientists as they developed the bomb. They fought a number of Shadow Demons and were about to be overwhelmed, when they on the spur of the moment got aid from Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning. together, the three beat up the demons, and Barry assembled the psychiatrist bombard, which Supergirl threw on Anti-Monitor, ending his menace forever .

Battling Black Hole

Frost could not understand why Cisco Ramon was upset ; he explained that the solid timeline of Earth had been rewritten after the Anti-Monitor Crisis and he is wearing a shirt with the House of El symbol that he did not remembering owning. Frost thought that it was thoroughly that all the heroes were now on one earth, but Cisco rebutted with a binder filled with all the villains that were besides on one earth. Frost wondered when Cisco had the clock time to accumulate such cognition. She then watched as Cisco and Nash argued about a crypto-circuit. [ 51 ] Frost tries to find Allegra a raw boyfriend. They set up a date at Jitters but Allegra sees him with another womanhood and gets harebrained at Frost, but they make up and Allegra deicde befriends the man. [ 53 ] When Frost returned from visiting Ramsey Rosso, she found Chester P. Runk in S.T.A.R. Labs, asking her to play pinball with him ; he was trying to avoid Barry and the mistake he had made while trying to improve Gideon. Frost explained to him that mistakes are “ learnable moments ” and every one of the members of Team Flash has about killed Barry at one point, citing that even the janitor made the floor excessively slippery once. Chester explained why he did n’t believe in second chances, but Frost corrected and encouraged him to use his genius to separate Barry ‘s mind from Grodd ‘s. [ 54 ] Frost responded when “ Iris ” called upon the Flash to come to Mercury Labs ; there she found the Black Hole assassin Sunshine attempting to steal the Prismatic refractor. The two battled until the Flash intervened, which angered Frost because he was losing his focal ratio and was asked not to fight. He abruptly collapsed ; this left Frost vulnerable to attack because she turned her attention to him. Sunshine gave Frost a massive wound ; as she stood over her opposition, Sunshine told Frost that her previous battle with Dr. Light made her celebrated in the organization. Joe West and the police arrived with guns drawn and caused Sunshine to withdraw, leaving Frost wounded and angry. [ 55 ] Frost summoned Ralph ; while she waited for his arrival, she read Uncaged Desire. As Ralph gave her a “ Dib-ploma ”, Frost listened to the advice he gave her about think that she was less than Caitlin and being scared of her mother ; once she said that those feelings were gone, Frost “ graduated ” and thanked her biography coach. [ 56 ]

Going north

Give us a call when you get settled in the north.
—Cecile to Frost as they hugged[src]

placid healing in Caitlin Snow ‘s apartment, Frost watched as Cecile Horton, Allegra Garcia, and Nash Wells packed for her ; Carla Tannhauser was coming to take her north to a adeptness there to accelerate her recovery. Nash fumbled around, which was annoying to Allegra, but Frost and Cecile encouraged him to continue with trying to connect with her. When Allegra asked if she could have one of her outfits, Frost allowed it. When Carla arrived, Frost corrected her about her less offensive fresh name and hugged her friends farewell. late, Carla complained that Frost was there ; Carla wanted the more scientific personality of Caitlin in master to assist her in defining the service line for the recovery process. frost protest because she has all of Caitlin ‘s memories and cognition. This sedate Carla who realized that Frost was just a much her daughter as Caitlin, causing the two to work in concert and allowed Frost the ability to transform without harming herself. As Caitlin wish Barry farewell as he told her about the death of Joseph Carver, Frost listened ; Barry promised her individually that he will take her white-water raft upon her return. [ 52 ] A few days late, Barry called Carla so she could update Frost and Caitlin on current events. [ 57 ]

War against Mirror Monarch

Frost returned to Central City to help the Team Flash. She defrauded Eva McCulloch during one of her attacks on the Black Hole, while Barry and Cisco stole particles from her to reconstruct a device to release Iris from the Mirrorverse. During the contend, Frost was hit by Eva ‘s blaster. She was taken to S.T.A.R. Labs where she was cured by an injection created by Barry. When she got up, Frost, Cisco and Barry saw Eva giving an interview to Arielle Atkins. then Barry revealed that this was not the real Eva, it was a mirror duplicate created during the explosion of the particle accelerator. Barry then linked the television of Eva ‘s death to Arielle ‘s platform, exposing the truth to the world. Frost then said that it was not a commodity theme to irritate the villain .
When Barry continued to change ascribable to the artificial Speed Force, he decided to remove Iris from the Mirrorverse and leave Kamilla and Singh behind. then Frost, Cisco and Allegra faced Barry. Barry defeated the other two but Frost used the Velocity X and soon became a speedster. They then run around the city and Frost tries to use both of her powers to stop him, but she is unbalanced and falls into a cable car. Barry says that her speedster time is running out and Frost says that she is not merely a speedster, so she strikes a beam of lightning and ice that immobilizes Barry. then Allegra appears and transports them to S.T.A.R. Labs using fastball bombs. But the quantum ball hits Cisco, who by chance shoots Allegra, who hits Frost with ultraviolet energy and passes out. [ 58 ] Moments late, Frost woke up and Barry had brought Iris back and returned to normal. team Flash along with the newcomers Chester and Wells came together to come up with a plan to stop Eva, who started kidnapping people in the city and replacing them with her clones. Frost and Cisco joined Barry in the final conflict against Eva, who created clones of herself. Eva finally gave up and went back to the Mirrorverse, and Wells went back to the past. [ 59 ]


somehow, curtly after the defeat of Mirror Monarch, Frost and Caitlin separated into two distinct entities ; baffled, they turned to Cisco for answers, but he was justifyingly shocked. [ 4 ] They asked Cisco what had happened but he was shocked, as were the other members of Team Flash. Caitlin finally discovered that exposure to the Mirror Monarch ‘s rays caused Frost ‘s cells to replicate enough to create a modern body, separating their telepathic connection so that they could nobelium retentive hear each early ‘s thoughts. Cisco would use the Firestorm Matrix to put them back together, but Frost sabotaged the object, making Caitlin angry. Frost helped Barry and Cisco confront Psych, but they were defeated due to Psych using his fears against them. Frost late revealed that she wanted to live his own life. [ 60 ] Frost was painting in Caitlin ‘s apartment when she appeared. Frost says that she had Matthew Norvock bring her things from storehouse. Frost is making the painting because there is an empty wall where she wants to place it ; Caitlin retorts that great minds think alike and place the painting she brought on the wall. Frost inspects it and finds it lacking until she puts her own flare on it. When a wave of green department of energy hit Central City, Frost and Caitlin leave the apartment and go to S.T.A.R. Labs ; the energy has changed Frost ‘s outfit. [ 61 ]

Hunted by Kristen Kramer

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frost was told by Cecile what charges were against her and told her to stay obscure in S.T.A.R. Labs, so Frost and Allegra exercised to pass the time. Chester told Frost that an ice-wielding criminal steal cargo from Ivo Labs and killed the hand truck driver ; Chester besides revealed that Kristen without proof blamed Frost. Frost decided to pursue the criminal herself and asked Allegra to cover for her if anyone questioned her whereabouts. Frost went to Keystone City to an old job of hers to see if the bartender knew anything. Frost met Mark Blaine and found herself attracted to him. meanwhile, Kristen appeared on television receiver issuing a bounty for Frost ‘s arrest. The patrons of the bar attacked Frost ; she escaped with the serve of Mark, who advised her to go to a warehouse, but when she got there, the warehouse was empty except for a laser which scanned Frost. frost learned that Caitlin was arrested because of facial recognition ; Frost plotted to break her twin release, but Caitlin dissuaded her .
Frost returned to Keystone City and confronted Mark, having realized that he was the criminal. Mark explained his origins and his desire to copy Frost ‘s powers. The two contend. During the crusade, Mark blinded Frost with his gauntlets ; however, Frost won by stabbing herself and Mark, noting that since she is a meta, she can heal herself, while Mark, as homo, could not and was in big annoyance. Allegra and the Flash arrived, with the Meta-human Task Force following. Frost decided, despite Allegra ‘s protests, to surrender. [ 62 ] The prosecutor and Judge Tanaka are very lenient on Frost and will not seek jail clock since the meta-human person made her who she is. They sentenced her to take the meta=human cure. But Frost declined and ask the judge, the prosecutor and the jury that she decided she will take life in prison without parole and take the punishment she deserves rather of taking the meta-human cure. The evaluator and the prosecutor give her what she wants and granted her life sentence in prison without password. [ 5 ] Days late, Caitlin, even sorrowful about Frost ‘s imprisonment, [ 63 ] told the report of Frost to Alexa Rivera to help her to understand how she can relate to Fuerza with the cerebral inhibitor. Later, Frost got a call from Caitlin. [ 64 ] Frost was visiting Carla when Caitlin called, revealing that Cisco Ramon was leaving to work for A.R.G.U.S. Frost sent a text wishing Cisco farewell. [ 65 ] Frost found Mark, who had run away, but when she was going to stop him, he revealed that he had been forgive. [ 66 ]

Fighting the Godspeed clones

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due to becoming a state witness, Mark Blaine was wounded in the banish he worked as bartender. Frost made the group attacking him stop and persuaded Mark to accept going to S.T.A.R. Labs to be healed. abruptly, an army of Godspeed clones attacked and Frost reluctantly gave Mark his cryogenic gauntlets. The two fought the clones, narrowly surviving the ordeal when the clones ran away to pursue the Flash. Later, Mark talked with Frost about the meet and closely kissed her. then left after a swallow shaker exploded. [ 67 ]


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Dating Mark

After making her 2022 New Years ‘ revelation to forgive him, Frost began going on dates with Mark around the populace. Among their destinations would be New Orleans in 2023. Caitlin, now dating again, decided they should have a double date ; however, it ended ill due to Caitlin mistreating Mark. Frost confronted Caitlin, telling her Mark had changed for her and that she needs to focus on her own kinship, since Marcus was waiting for Caitlin to give the polarity she ‘s quick. [ 68 ]

The Black Flame murders

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Frost helped Barry arrest Jaco Birch, whom they believed was burning people to death. While Frost believed him guilty like the stay of the team, Barry found proof Jaco was innocent. Frost helped keep volcanic activeness caused by Jaco ‘s aroused tumult over his son being taken from him from damaging the city, while Jaco absorbed the heat after Barry cooled the lava below. [ 69 ] After Barry and Chester discovered that a meta was using black flames, S.T.A.R. Labs soon fell under approach by them. To everyone ‘s shock, not only could n’t Frost put out the flames, but Cecile could sense the flames were sentient ; the flames trick grieving people into being burned by appearing as the loved ones they miss. After Chester rejected the fake version of his dad, the flames vanished. [ 70 ]


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finally, Frost became Hellfrost. Using a transmogrification to lure Deathstorm, she attacked him with her new powers. After the two contend throughout the city, Frost removed the quantum splicer from him and absorbed him into herself. team Flash celebrated at first, but Frost was poisoned by absorbing Deathstorm. Barry carried her to S.T.A.R. Labs and worked with Caitlin to try saving her, but they only could wake her up as Frost briefly before she died. [ 71 ]

erase future

In an erase future created by Eobard Thawne, he was the Flash and Barry was the Reverse-Flash. Along with Damien Darhk, the Reverse-Flash killed Ray Palmer, Nate Heywood, Sara Lance, and Cisco Ramon. In this timeline, Frost married Mark Blaine. In 2031, Frost assisted Eobard and Iris ‘ marriage ceremony. When Barry Allen crashed it, making the team angry. After Team Flash discovered that Barry worked with Damien Darhk, Frost and Mark had John Constantine put a security spell against Darhk ‘s black magic trick to fight him. When they encountered Darhk, he failed to use his black magic trick against them but could otherwise fight them due to his previous train in the League of Assassins. however, Ryan Choi could stop Damien Darhk from killing them. [ 72 ]


  • Present
  • Erased future


Right. I’m the queen of letting these people down. But you know what? They’re still here. No matter how much I disappoint them, they still show up for me. I don’t really understand it, but I think that’s part of this whole ‘friends’ thing. So, unless you do something worse than kidnap and stab them, I think you’re gonna be just fine.
—Killer Frost to Ralph Dibny[src]

Worrying about her new-found, uncontrolled powers, Caitlin ‘s emotions become heightened enough that she became a revengeful, angry and barbarous individual, alike, but not identical to Frankie Kane ‘s split personality disorder, besides like Frankie, when affected by her powers, her eyes glow pale blue ( while Frankie ‘s luminescence pink ) however, while Magenta tried to get rid of the Frankie character altogether, Frost amplifies Caitlin ‘s own fears, insecurities and bitter. As Frost, she mocked Barry Allen by mentioning his most atrocious failures, including the deaths of his parents, Nora Thompson, Henry Allen, Eddie Thawne and Ronnie Raymond, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as revealing to Cisco Ramon that his brother, Dante Ramon was alert in the pre-Flashpoint timeline, before Barry changed it. She expressed bitterness over Barry entirely caring about himself and his own happy ending, while she was left break. Caitlin mocked Cisco by calling him pathetic for feeling blue that he had to hurt her to save Barry. She openly blamed Barry for what ‘s happened to her, however admitted that she feels broken. She closely killed julian Albert and one of Alchemy ‘s Acolytes, however, she was even unable to kill Barry, making her photograph out of her anger, as she became horrified at what she about did. [ 8 ] once Frost was in full awakened due to Caitlin ‘s irregular death and revival, she states that she does n’t want to be cured and wants Caitlin never to come back. She allies herself with Savitar after he reveals himself to her. [ 12 ] Frost went after Tracy Brand after Savitar promised that if she lives up to her name and murders Tracy, she could be a god, she arrived at CCU in her raw outfit and attack Barry and Cisco, but when Barry fought back with fire, she ran away, she then attacked Tracy for the second time outdoor Jitters and continuously formed an frost slide that she slid on for a while without any trouble, she took advantage of the fact that Cisco would not hurt her and about hit him with a blast that Barry took. She stabbed Barry in the leg sol that he could n’t follow her and she left, claiming that this is her now. [ 13 ] former, Frost kidnapped Joe West ‘s girlfriend, Cecile Horton, outside of Joe ‘s home and threatened to kill her if Joe and the team did not hand over tracy to her and Savitar, belated at the conjectural exchange site, she claimed that killing Cecile would bring her no gladden but Tracy ‘s death at her hands would, when Barry tried to talk her out of it, she knew precisely what Barry was going to say, she and Cisco later faced off, and while she seemed sedate at beginning, she late fought back adenine hard as she can and lost to him, Cisco managed to get a sample of her blood, which could be the key to making a bring around for her. Before Cisco can take her, Savitar arrived and took her aside. [ 13 ] Despite all this, while reluctantly working alongside her early allies, it was proven that she distillery has a solid fastening to her memories of working at S.T.A.R. lab when she and Cisco reminisced about Ronnie losing his chasten back when they were trying to build the particle accelerator, however, Frost besides proved in this moment that thinking about who she used to be made her uncomfortable as she cursorily, dourly, stated that she did n’t want to stay any longer than she had to. Her conflict feelings about herself and her old allies were again emphasized when she told Team Flash she never loved them and left, lone for the assertion to hurt her center enough to cause the real Caitlin to emerge for a few seconds once she was out of the team ‘s sight. Despite Caitlin ‘s cover commitment to Savitar, she began displaying signs of regret and doubt in her treachery, during the final confrontation of Team Flash and Savitar, Cisco ‘s ageless loyalty for Caitlin finally enabled Caitlin ‘s true-self to become permanently restore and accommodate with her friends. At the lapp clock time, she felt lost, uncertain of who she is now. Six months after Savitar ‘s get the better of, Frost became stronger and finally was able to regain control on assorted occasions, recently Frost ‘s personality has become alike to Caitlin ‘s, after Iris convinced Frost and Caitlin that they could co-exist they decided to be allies and not enemies, Frost has besides become close with Team Flash, growing to appreciate their willingness to never give up on her despite her mistakes. She even assured Ralph Dibny that his friends will always be there for him when the latter briefly lost his confidence after failing a mission. As of 2019, Frost has mellowed out. After being let out by Caitlin to develop her own tastes and hobbies, Frost was helped by Ralph to learn how to improve herself and learn to consider the feelings of others. She gained a fondness for homemade art after learning it represented the heart of its creator ; something she sympathized with due to be her past of being repressed in Caitlin ‘s mind .
Post-Mirror Monarch, Frost was elated to discover her healing split her from Caitlin; allowing both them their individuality. Despite her preferred taste for punk fashion, the incident with the time displacement of the Still Force barbed her in a hippy look, Frost grew to like it and shopped at a thrift store for similar clothes. Post-Mirror Monarch, Frost was elated to discover her healing split her from Caitlin ; allowing both them their individuality. Despite her favored preference for bum fashion, the incident with the time supplanting of the still Force barbed her in a hippie expect, Frost grew to like it and shopped at a thrift memory for similar clothes. 250?cb=20181212191812
In an erase future where Savitar succeeded in murdering Iris West, by the prison term of the year 2024, Caitlin has become besides far gone to the point ; where she refuses to be called real name, as she prefers being called by her alias “ Killer Frost ”, she becomes angry when individuals call her by her very name .
Despite Caitlin’s insanity and cold nature, she is very observant, as she was able to realize that the Despite Caitlin ‘s insanity and cold nature, she is very law-abiding, as she was able to realize that the Barry Allen that she was speaking to was the younger-self of her Barry ; due to the look on his face, as the latter had not even become emotionally break, as his Iris was not abruptly however. This future was later erased when Savitar killed H.R. alternatively of Iris ; albeit by accident .

Powers and abilities


Persistent sub-thermal homeostasis with, uh, involuntary gelid substantiation. She gets cold and freezes stuff.
—Kara Danvers regarding Frost’s powers[src]
  • Meta-human/Cryogenic physiology: After Caitlin Snow’s father, Thomas Snow, discovered that she had the genetic marker for ALS, he used experimental cryogenic gene therapy on her to prevent the ALS from manifesting. The alterations Thomas had made to the treatment resulted in Caitlin developing a dual-personality (i.e. Killer Frost) and meta-human abilities soon after he treated her.[2] Caitlin’s Killer Frost persona, and the powers associated with her, remained dormant for 17 years (apart from a few brief episodes during her childhood), as several tests never showed signs of a meta-gene. Three years after the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, Caitlin’s powers finally emerged fully.
    • Thermokinetic cryokinesis: By absorbing thermal energy from molecules to create gelid surroundings, Frost can generate dangerously low temperatures from her body, letting her freeze virtually anything.[7] She can thus create sheets of ice, or shoot spearlike icicles at opponents. Frost can also create an ice slide and use her cryogenic powers to rapidly propel herself forward on the slide.[13] Furthermore, her powers can reach such low levels that they can completely negate a speedster’s healing powers and alternatively neutralize accelerated decomposing; by generating temperatures as low as -360 degrees, she proved able to shatter beings as powerful as the Black Flash.[15] Frost often gestures when using her powers, but she can also freeze things by touching them (e.g. Frost can freeze people through a kiss)[8] or being in the same vicinity.[47] She was also able to freeze the light-based bullet from photon rifle in order to remove it from her body.
      • Cryokinetic breath: Frost is able to exhale cold mists with enough momentum to knock several people backwards and off their feet.[18] She could also use this as a means to produce a thick and obscuring fog.[8]
      • Cryokinetic blasts: Frost is able to produce blasts of Ice and was able to attack many opponents with this ability and we seen this ability use throughout the series, especially when she fought Chillbliane and when she was fought off the guys in the bar who wanted to collect the bounty for her capture.
      • Cryokinetic constructs: Using her thermokinetic cryokinesis, Frost can create constructs made of ice and icicles as shown in multiple occasions. During the Earth-X invasion, Frost was able to create ice swords to fight the Nazis and we also see Frost uses ice daggers as her main weapon to might opponents such as her fight with Cicada and her fight with Grace Gibbons, Frost was wielding two daggers and was able to go toe to toe with Grace but was overpowered. She can also turn her dagger into a sword and back in order to pierce her opponent through her own body.
      • Cryokinetic healing: Frost is able to heal injuries by filling the wounds with ice. As the wound heals, the ice will thaw until its fully healed, the ice will be melted by the time its healed. For example, when she used this ability to help with Cisco’s hand after Cicada’s dagger cutted him, closed up Cicada’s chest wound after removing the dark matter shard, and when Joe was injured by Ramsey’s zombies.
      • Limited atmokinesis: Frost’s powers can also somewhat affect the weather around her, dropping the climate of the area and causing it to snow.
      • Flight: By generating cryogenic thrust, Frost was able to propel herself to the wall and then, to the ground to avoid herself from falling. Another instance is when we seen Frost propel herself into the air to fight her father’s alter-ego, Icicle, by creating ice slides and she used this ability before when she took on The Flash while trying to kill Tracy Brand.
    • Eye transformation: Frost is able to change her eye color whenever she uses her powers and her eye color transform to blue color. We seen this occur in multiple occasions; specifically when Frost started to emerge when she was with Catilin and when her emotions where heightened as Caitlin stated to Mick that whenever she is scared or annoyed, Frost appears and afterwards, Mick tried scaring Caitlin, causing Frost to emerge.
    • Cold immunity: An added benefit to her powers, Frost’s cells can withstand subzero temperatures, seeing as her body temperature was unaffected when Icicle decreased the temperature in a lab to absolute zero.[2]
    • Accelerated healing: While accessing her powers, Frost’s metabolic rate is augmented to offset cold tissue destruction, allowing her to regenerate from damage sustained on her body at a rate much faster than even a speedster; however, foreign matter must first be taken out to not impede the healing. After clinically dying from a combination of a seizure and her reopened impalement wound, she was immediately resuscitated into a stable and cognitive state while her wound seamlessly healed completely in seconds. Her healing is strong enough to withstand a photon blaster that was able to disintegrate a person in seconds. She was also able to quickly heal her self-induced wound when she stabbed herself with ice dagger.
    • Superhuman durability: Frost has shown remarkable durability, seeing as she has tolerated substantial amounts of physical distress; for example, she has survived being hurled into a car and electrical box by Vibe’s concussive blasts without sustaining any serious injury. On one occasion, Frost stabbed herself through her stomach with her ice dagger in order to also stab Chillblaine, who had her in a headlock, with only minimal flinching.

former powers

  • Possession: After Frost was removed from Caitlin by Clifford DeVoe, she briefly gained the ability to inhabit another body. She used this to briefly inhabit Cecile Horton’s body. After she was restored to Caitlin, Frost seemingly lost this ability.
  • Mental communication: Frost and Caitlin were able to talk to each other whenever one of them was in control. After having a separate body, both Caitlin and Frost lost this power and now have to speak to each other through conventional means.
  • Velocity X enhancement: After injecting herself with Velocity X, Frost gained the powers of a speedster.
    • Electrokinesis: Like all speedsters, Frost could generate electricity from her body, which was blue in color. Due to having mastered her ice powers, (and possibly also from experiencing Flashtime before), she adapted to her newfound speed immediately. She was able to generate her remaining Velocity lightning on command, and unleashed a powerful lightning-enhanced cryo blast.
    • Superhuman speed: While her speed was not measured, she was able to keep up with and even outpace the Flash, who is able to run well over Mach 13, and was freshly recharged from the artificial Speed Force. Though she outpaced Flash due to having a similar familiarity with Central City and using her ice powers to slow him down, Flash was presumably running at his top speeds against her, noticeably exerting a lot of effort to phase and dodge her ice blasts.
    • Superhuman agility: Frost was incredibly agile, able to change direction immediately. She was able to make sharp turns on city streets while moving at super speed without sliding or losing her balance, and simultaneously use her ice powers, even on vertical surfaces, to create ice walls and ice blasts without slowing down.
    • Enhanced durability: Frost was able to get up with little to no injuries after being sent flying through the air and crashing into a car from an extremely high height. This was due to her already superhuman durability and her body adapting to the Velocity speed boost.
    • Superhuman reflexes: Frost’s increased speed also augmented her reaction time, allowing her to react to danger and events far faster than a normal human.
    • Superhuman stamina: Frost’s body could handle the stresses of superhuman racing without noticeable distress, and her body’s enhanced stamina allowed her to function much longer than a normal human without becoming tired or weak.
  • Cold fusion enhancement: After Frost’s powers got enhanced by the Mental Augmentation Chamber, she became more powerful than ever being capable of matching Deathstorm’s abilities. Her cryokinetic abilities were restored by Caitlin briefly before dying, thus losing her new powers.
    • Flight: Frost was able to fly at high speeds after her transformation.
    • Pyrokinesis: Frost could manipulate and control fire created by extremely cold temperatures.


  • High-level intellect: While not quite as intelligent as her sister Caitlin, Frost is exceptionally intelligent. She is also very creative and adaptive especially in the field.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: To an unknown degree, during the six months in which she worked as an enforcer for Amunet Black, Frost developed a measure of sheer hand-to-hand combat skills. She once reversed an arm bar Norvock exerted upon her, slamming and pinning him painfully against a pinball machine. Frost also managed to hold her own against and even briefly injure Orlin Dwyer. Frost was able to fight on par against an older Grace Gibbons for a while, but was eventually overpowered. She was able to fight a zombified patient at a hospital with ice brass knuckles and later fight a group of zombies with Joe. By 2021, Frost’s fighting skills had improved significantly, likely from having received training from Barry as well as being out in the field more. She was able to swiftly defeat a bar full of criminals alongside Mark Blaine, and hold her own against Mark himself in their first encounter. In their second encounter she was able to overpower and defeat him.
    • Skilled swordswoman: During the Earth-X invasion, Frost was able to create ice swords and take down multiple Nazis with ease.[19]
    • Expert knife-wielder: Frost uses ice daggers as her main weapon and has used them on multiple occasions in fights with her enemies. During a fight with Cicada, Frost used a dagger as a weapon; managing to injure him.[36] On two separate occasions, Frost fought on par with Grace Gibbons, Frost wielding two daggers, for a while, but she was eventually overpowered.[41][43]
  • Artistic: As was first seen shortly before the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Frost struggles to expressing her emotions and imagination and it was evident when she attended Kamilla’s art gallery and was unable to see the purpose of those paintings and referred to them as “garbage” and afterwards, she started to secretly express her imagination by starting to draw a photo of a ice queen having to be caught by Cisco and confessed that she is trying to express herself and afterwards, she started to express herself with art and started to paint and draw as shown when she was painting in Caitlin”s apartment.[73]
  • Peak of human physical condition: Frost is in top physical condition as shown as she is working out and staying active by catching bad guys and fighting meta-humans with Team Flash and also, we seen her working out in “Growing Pains”, we see Allegra, her close friend, helping her workout as she is in S.T.A.R labs to avoid getting capture from Kristen Kramer.
  • High tolerance of pain: During the six months in which she worked as an enforcer for Amunet Black and with the help with her healing ability, Frost probably learn how to tolerate pain as she was able to learn how to fight and her ability allow to heal quickly after she is injured, it make get use to pain and to survive more painful attacks by overpowered opponents. Also, we see Frost tolerable to pain as Caitlin kept pushing off her impulses when she started to emerge and we see her continuing to push her impulses until she was able to be surface.

Alternate reality abilities

  • Peak of human physical condition: As a henchwoman of Superman, Frost was in top physical condition.[50]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Frost was a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist; she was able to overpower Oliver Queen with help from John Diggle when Oliver had lost his abilities.[50]


  • Carbine: Frost has implied that, like to her Earth-2 counterpart, her powers have no effect on carbine.[12]
  • Power-dampening tech: Like most meta-humans, if Frost is wearing power-dampening cuffs; she can’t use her powers. She can also be contained in a power-dampening cell.
  • Doctor Light’s photon rifle: When she was shot with Doctor Light’s photon rifle, which was lethal to everything it touched, it created a wound that troubled Frost’s accelerated healing, and after battling Sunshine the wound opened back up and worsened its effects.
  • Abnormally high temperatures: Intense heat can apparently negate Frost’s powers. However, the super speed she gained from Velocity X didn’t negate her powers, since her thermogenic cryokinesis negated the heat that she generated.
    • Flashtime: Frost can’t properly access her powers in this state, since this causes friction between her atoms, which creates extreme heat under these circumstances. Put simply, she is not able to access her powers because Flashtime is an external source of speed, rather than an internal one that can be counterbalanced. [26]
    • Nucleokinesis: It is likely that similar to her late Earth-2 counterpart, Frost will be severely affected by nuclear energy.


original multiverse

  • Frost suit: Whilst fighting crime, Frost dons a protective suit for aid in her battles. The first suit was mainly for her evil persona and she eventually stopped wearing it after joining Team Flash, where she then wore a baby blue jacket with leather bottoms. After returning from her disappearance, Frost never gained an official suit at first, mainly just wearing black, until Cisco created a new, dark blue suit, similar to her first suit.

New multiverse

  • Frost suit: Whilst fighting crime, Frost dons a protective suit for aid in her battles. After returning from her disappearance, Frost never gained an official suit at first, mainly just wearing black, until Cisco created a new, dark blue suit, similar to her first suit.


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  • Killer Frost’s original name was Khione.[2]
  • Frost and Caitlin have a close bond, so much so that they refer to each other as “sisters.” This relationship would further be explored after having both been seperated in their own bodies like twins.
  • Unlike Caitlin, Frost despises the color pink and hates wearing it, preferring to wear blue.[18][19]
  • According to Caitlin, both she and Frost enjoy the 1985 film The Breakfast Club. She stated that Killer Frost loves the character John Bender.[35]
  • She hates This is Us; having always shouted in Caitlin’s head to turn off the show.
  • According to Caitlin, Frost went to Burning Man in 2017 and made her deal with the hangover.
  • Frost has a drink named after her at CC Jitters, the Killer Frost drink.
  • By ” Memorabilia”, both Frost and Caitlin can talk to each when either of them is in control, showing an acceptance that both them share the same body.
  • Ralph Dibny affectionately calls her “Frosty”.
  • Frost may burn through the Velocity serum more slowly, due to her cryokinetic powers being able to keep her body cool.
  • While Caitlin admittedly dresses “like a teacher”, Frost favors a more punk/grunge look.
  • Thanks to Ray Palmer providing a nanotech solution in 2019, Frost’s eyes no longer glow and her voice doesn’t echo either.
  • Frost enjoys being her own entity; not having Caitlin in her head was the best thing about their split.

Behind the scenes

  • Starting from ” Into the Void”, Killer Frost now goes by the name “Frost”, just like in the comics when she became a hero.
    • The dynamic between Frost and Caitlin is similar to that of Marvel characters Bruce Banner and his alter-ego, Hulk as they share a body. However, Banner and the Hulk hate each other while Caitlin and Frost love each other as sisters.


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