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Mainstream Universe‎‎, 2011‎-present

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Real Name

Caitlin Snow

Main Alias


Other Aliases

Killer Frost


Justice Foundation
Justice League
Justice League of America
Secret Society of Super-Villains
Suicide Squad


Base Of Operations

Sanctuary, Happy Harbor, RI





Public Identity



Marital Status



Scientist, formerly Criminal









Blond · White



Prime Earth


Dan Jurgens

First Appearance
Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #19
(June, 2013)
Quote1.png The only way I could feel warm, the only way to melt the ice in my veins… was to kill. Quote2.png

Killer Frost src

Caitlin Snow is Frost ( once Killer Frost ), a scientist with cryogenic powers. Though she started out as a villain, she has since reformed, and even joined the Justice League of America.

Caitlin Snow was a young and bright scientist working for S.T.A.R. Labs assigned to an underfunded S.T.A.R. Labs Outpost # 72 in the Arctic Circle, where the asleep research worker Dr. Louise Lincoln had been working on a self-sufficient Thermodynamic Ultraconductor Engine that could subvert the irregular law of thermodynamics in arrange to create ceaseless gesticulate. Caitlin became concern in continuing Lincoln ‘s work, in malice of her colleagues warning her against it. When Caitlin succeeded in finishing the S.T.U. engine, her colleagues turned on her and revealing themselves to be working for H.I.V.E., as they were expected to ensure that the locomotive was never made populace in order to protect H.I.V.E. ‘s investments in the department of energy industry. furthermore, they were besides responsible for Lincoln ‘s death, and they then proceeded in silencing Caitlin by placing her in the work S.T.U. engine. In a panic, Caitlin ripped out the wires for the locomotive ‘s coolant system, consequently infusing her biological constitution with ice. As a result, she became a vampiric being who craved for heat, and killed the H.I.V.E. agents. After carrying out her vengeance, Caitlin continued to search for other sources of hotness ; she attacked a norwegian research camp and stole their helicopter to fly to her hometown of Pittsburgh, where she encountered and fight Firestorm. While fighting Firestorm, Caitlin discovered that Firestorm ‘s powers can temporarily heal her condition, and devoted her prison term to seeking and confronting him. She soon learned about the Firestorm Matrix and attempted to recreate it .

DC Rebirth

Killer Frost was captured at some point after, and transported to Belle Reve where she was forced to join the Suicide Squad. After reforming and saving the world from Eclipso, Batman had her released on parole from Belle Reve and she joined the new Justice League of America. After joining the newly Justice League of America, Caitlin found herself often in tense company as few of the team immediately trusted her. Black Canary initially mistook her for a rogue condemnable when she and Batman attempted to recruit her, while Lobo remained openly antagonistic towards her, despite his own much greater history of crimson supervillainy. Besides Batman, the only teammate who was wholly nonjudgemental of her was Ryan Choi, the new Atom, with whom she made an immediate joining with due to their shared scientific expertness, and the two became quick friends.

Caitlin quickly developed romantic feelings for Choi, who reciprocated them, though his inexperience with women and low self esteem caused him to be wholly forgetful to Caitlin ‘s drawing card to him, while Caitlin was excessively ashamed of her past and her condition to make her feelings known. Their teammates, though, all picked up on their attraction. together, the two trust to aid the other in both their respective personal objectives, for Caitlin this was curing her condition, and for Ryan it was locating his confused mentor, Ray Palmer. During one gamble, when their lives were in danger, Caitlin confessed her feelings to Ryan, who in-turn reciprocated, and the two began a behind and steady kinship, as they were ineffective to be physically cozy due to Caitlin ‘s condition. As time went on, Caitlin became increasingly agitated by her condition, until the team were attacked by Prometheus, who took each member down systematically. Using Caitlin ‘s condition and her reliance on external heat against her, he tricked her into a board that was below freeze, causing Caitlin ‘s body to begin shutting down. When Ryan and Black Canary managed to free her, she was sol drain she could n’t control her inflame vampirism, and was forced to drain Afterthought to near end in orderliness to stabilise herself. This consequence left Caitlin scared enough of her powers that she ended up agreeing to a bargain with Queen of Fables to cure her condition ; however, ineffective to sacrifice the worldly concern for her own sake, she reneges on the deal and helps the Justice League of America get the better of her, at the monetary value of her cure. The feel, however, leads to her re-evaluating her stipulate, choosing to view it as a chronic condition she needed to manage preferably than a disease she needed to cure.


  • Unique Physiology: Her new state is very basic, almost primal. Her body is completely encased in permafrost. She is not made of ice but she generates organic ice-like cells which make up her changed genetics.[1]
    • Cryokinesis: She can generate ice spikes to spear her opponents, kill an ordinary human with her freezing kiss and/or create a ice storm powerful enough to freeze everything, killing multiple people.[1]
      • Heat Absorption: Frost is a so called “Heat Vampire”, to stay alive, she must regularly absorb heat. The most efficient way to satiate this “hunger” is to absorb the body heat of others.[1]


  • Genius Level Intellect
    • Science: She was S.T.A.R. Labs’ youngest and brightest scientist. She can solve difficult equations in a single day’s time, as well as repair and operate heavy, energy generating machinery.[1]


  • Power Instability: Frost will die unless she regularly absorbs heat. This extends to areas of extreme cold for too long. This in turn makes her immune to overheating.
  • Allergies: Frost suffers an allergic reaction upon consuming cinnamon. Without an antihistimine, Frost can suffocate due to her throat swelling.[2]

  • Caitlin was once pen pals with El Diablo.[3]


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