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KING CONAN # 5, from Marvel Comics on June 1st, 2022, reveals the tragic history of Thoth-Amon ’ mho quest for might and his deadly treaty with the snake god, Set .

The Details

  • Written By: Jason Aaron
  • Art By: Mahmud Asrar
  • Colors By: Matthew Wilson
  • Letters By: VC’s Travis Lanham
  • Cover Art By: Mahmud Asrar (cover A)
  • Cover Price: $3.99
  • Release Date: June 1, 2022

Was It Good?

KING CONAN # 5 is however another captivating entry in the storm run by Jason Aaron. Mingling flashbacks with the salute, readers are given a tragic history of Thoth-Amon ’ randomness youth and the sequence of events that led him to sacrifice every shred of humanity within his soul to become master of the world.

Before you get besides put off, this international relations and security network ’ t another exemplar of a godhead ’ south undertake to make a villain “ relatable ” or “ misconstrue ”. This version of Thoth-Amon is wicked to the effect, and his backstory does nothing to change that. however, we learn barely how far the black ace is volition to go to secure his world power and how the difficulties of his childhood only served to make his choices easier. Conan makes an appearance in this issue, but his presence serves as a mix of a cameo and apparatus for the future issue. Conan ’ s presence, however, is calm meaningful, and he pushes the fib ahead by taking the battle to Prima on the cursed island and giving Thoth-Amon a taste of what it means to be a savage. Aaron ’ south achiever in both this issue and the series as a whole is how he ’ south able to layer on multiple storylines filled with complex play and emotions. Thoth-Amon is evil and torment, and you can feel the system of weights of those emotions through Thoth-Amon ’ s frustration at not achieving his goals. Aaron shows an impressive command of layers in this issue. Asra ’ second art, again, is a perfect match for this material. The thick, knock-down lines complement the brood climate f the set. The facial acting of every character is cinematic, and Wilson ’ mho colors are darn near perfect.

Keep scroll for a closer expression at the covers, or Click here to jump right to the fib description with some spoilers .King Conan 5 cover A by Mahmud AsrarKing Conan 5 cover B by Pasqual Ferry

What’s It About?

[ SPOILERS AHEAD – Click here if you equitable want the score without spoilers ] If you don ’ thymine recall how Thoth-Amon and Conan partnered up, first read our KING CONAN # 4 review.

We begin with a flashback to Thoth-Amon ’ s youth after he was sent to a seminary to study the dark arts under the Priests of Set. Thoth-Amon ’ randomness arrogant defiance makes him a poor scholar, soon making him an aim of contemn among his classmates as they receive punishment for his failures. As his studies reach a concluding test, Thoth-Amon offers a massive sacrifice that grants him an audience with Set to strike a blasphemous dicker. Over the ears, Set guides Thoth-Amon to seek out the Serpent Ring that will grant the wearer huge world power. Thoth-Amon is tidal bore to rule the universe, but possessing the ring is not enough. He must unlock the closed chain ’ s full moon potential with blood and sacrifice. now, Thoth-Amon recalls how he came to be on the curse island, leading him to his stream predicament. Conan follows Thoth-Amon through the caves to find the source of the excommunicate, but the way is blocked. We conclude the topic with a newly discovery, a ardent plan, and a raw feel for Thoth-Amon.

Keep scroll for a closer look at preview images of the internal pages, or Click here to jump right to the score.

King Conan 5 preview 1King Conan 5 preview 2King Conan 5 preview 3

Final Thoughts

( Click this connect 👇 to order this comedian ) KING CONAN # 5 takes a rebuff violate from the military action to build out Thoth-Amon ’ s character with surprise depth and complexity. The tempo is excellent, the narration hits the right note for this material, and the art is outstanding. seduce : 9.5/10

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