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Real Name

Bruce Wayne

Main Alias

Robin King

Other Aliases



Thomas Wayne (father, deceased)
Martha Wayne (mother, deceased)



Base Of Operations

Castle Bat, formerly Wayne Manor





Secret Identity


american english

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Dark Multiverse


Scott Snyder · Greg Capullo

First Appearance
Dark Nights: Death Metal #2
(September, 2020)


that? It’s the sound of the Robin King, and a new spring is coming.


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The Robin King is a homicidal young Bruce Wayne from the Dark Multiverse serving the Batman Who Laughs.

Bloody reign

Bruce Wayne was born into the affluent Wayne Family of Gotham City. He had been a violent child ever since he was a pamper, which the butler Alfred Pennyworth knew, but ignored out of attachment and the belief that he ‘ll grow up to have a calmer personality. The child would make an excuse whenever he was caught and Alfred helped hide his violent attacks even from his parents, but one day decided he had enough. unfortunately for him, that very same day Bruce killed his parents when they took him to the movie field. They were stopped by a mugger as they were returning home, but he stabbed him before using his gun to kill his traumatize parents. When the patrol arrived, he lied that the mugger had shot them. [ 1 ] At the funeral, he felt panic and confused, but was reluctant in reaching out to Alfred. Soon however, he heard a robin bird scorch and thought that its noises which sounded like “ cheer ”, was precisely how he felt since killing his parents. Being inspired by the dame which took over nests of other birds, he decided to become a robin himself who will conquer others and spread his message of overthrowing the old order among the youth. Bruce secretly started accumulating weapons to kill respective superheroes of his world by getting the adults to give him money, and built a utility program belt loaded with them. [ 2 ] soon the police officer James Gordon, who had been nearby when the Waynes were murdered, arrived at the Wayne Manor and gave evidence to Alfred, which showed that the one truly responsible was Bruce himself. He was shot through the jugular vein however by Bruce, who turned his crossbow on Alfred. Alfred however subdued him with the tranquilizer gunman and took him outdoor, before recorded the truth about him on Thomas Wayne ‘s voice fipple flute. Bruce however outburst in from the window dressed in a foreign dress with a gas constant on it and a crown of thorns, proceeding to disarm and bash his head in with a tear. As Alfred died, he rung a handbell and declared himself to be the “ Robin King ”. [ 1 ] At one target, he covered Barry Allen ‘s beget in a poisonous substance that could nullify his Speed Force, while besides melting his muscles, before stuffing her inside Barry ‘s Flash Ring. [ 3 ] He besides killed Anton Arcane and Abigail Arcane, obtaining The Rot from their bodies. Another elementary he killed was Swamp Thing. While many of the heroes believed he was just a traumatize child dressing up as a bat, Harley Quinn recognized him for who he was and tried to kill him at the Wayne Manor. Bruce however gunned her down first. [ 4 ] He besides modified the Anti-Life equation to be able to turn people into the life-devouring Anti-Living. [ 2 ] His killings however were soon revealed to the universe, leading to a manhunt against him. Adam Strange, Balloon Buster, Enemy Ace, Firestorm, Hawkgirl and Hawkman came after him, but were all killed. The Batman Who Laughs soon showed up and revealed to him that his worldly concern was n’t real, but would soon disintegrate. He promised to show a populace where his actions could have intend and took Bruce to Earth -22, where he told him that his attempts at inspiring others were bootless, as they never listened and must be ruled over. Laughs then showed him the kids he was transforming into the Groblins to serve him, before forcibly making him his Groblin. Bruce however was able to swallow a pill that allowed him to retain his release will deep inside his mind. [ 2 ]

Death Metal

The Dark Knights took Bruce along when they invaded Earth 0 under a treaty with Perpetua, inducting him as part of the Robins under the Batman Who Laughs. When Laughs killed some of the Dark Knights after gaining the powers of the Final Bruce Wayne, he recognized that the child unlike them was inherently poisonous and asked him about his background. After hearing it, he asked him to be his partner as the “ Robin King ”, since he was even watery. The Batman Who Laughs then changed his shape into that of the “ Darkest Knight ” in front man of him. [ 5 ]

As promised, the unseasoned Robin King was given his crown and dressed up in his previous suit again. He later teleported to the Valhalla Cemetery in regulate to watch the Batman Who Laughs kill Wally West and the other heroes. He told them how he had made plans to kill every hero, including that for Barry Allen, which were kept in his utility belt. Doctor Fate upon learning how he had planned to kill Barry of his own populace, was shocked and told everyone to not listen to him, before being told by Bruce that the Darkest Knight was coming for them and he equitable came to enjoy the come slaughter. [ 3 ] He assaulted Harley Quinn, Jarro, Jonah Hex and Swamp Thing who had been left to stay at the portal site to the Dark Multiverse in the Castle Bat. As he talked about how he killed Harley of his universe, Jonah inject at him, before Bruce shot back with a Debrider fastball ( which started eating at his undead tissue ) and used the Rot to attack Swamp Thing, forcing the heroes to flee. [ 4 ] Bruce soon smashed through the wall of plants Swamp Thing had created as a barrier, bringing the dying Hex along with him and stabbing him before a pleading Harley with a knife, which sent any sinner to Masak Mavdil, where demons took the form of those they wronged and tortured them constantly. He then showed the mallet her worldly concern ‘s Harley had tried to kill him with and told her that there was no malefic version of Harley in the Dark Multiverse, which meant she was already a big evil in her own world. As he talked, Swamp Thing collapsed share of the cave roof on him and fled farther inside Castle Bat with others, though knowing he survived. [ 6 ] After the Darkest Knight gained the Crisis Energy by tricking Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman of Earth 0, he called forth the Robin King. The heroes well fell before his weapons, but Animal Man, Ted Kord and Red Tornado soon intervened. Robin unleashed Animal Man ‘s Anti-Living family from his population to kill him, while turning Red Tornado into a human as he lento died and having Ted eat alive by a giant beetle. As he fought Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman again, the Dark Knight stated he had adequate fun and took him back to Earth -22, where he revealed to him that he had turned him into a Groblin to set an example that exemption will always fail, but he had inspired others by retaining his absolve will. [ 2 ] During the final battle with the Bat-Family, Robin called upon his Groblin army to overpower the crusaders and ended up cutting off Batman ‘s Black Lantern Ring-toting hand with his own scythe. finally, the battle died down to the distributor point where he and Batman were the only two fighters remaining. Robin declared what a bang-up fight it was, taunting Batman that without his band, his cadaver would be giving out any minute, but he could inactive rally because he was Batman, jokingly asking him to say the iconic phrase in “ that voice ”. Batman agrees, but says that Robin is n’t that bright for think he had the real ring on his hand, leading Robin to realize Batman had kept it within himself the stallion time. He then resurrects both of their armies for himself ( including Alfred ), declaring that “ we ‘re ALL Batman ”, except for Robin, who he calls a bum.


  • Deception[1]
  • Genius Level Intellect[3]
    • Gadgetry: Robin King is skilled in design tools to deal with particular enemies using all of their weaknesses.[3]
    • Tactical Analysis: Robin King had prepared methods to kill every superhero in his world.[3]
    • Science: He was able to work out how to modify the Anti-Life Equation.[2]
    • Weaponry: Robin King is able to use not only the most effective, but the brutalest weapon to kill his enemies with minimal effort.

other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: He was hyper-violent since his birth.[1]



  • The Robin King represents Bruce’s fear that he was always broken deep inside, and that the death of his parents was ultimately just an excuse for the darkness and violence that was always inside of him.


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