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Amateur Hunters


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chapter 186

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Episode 77 ( 2011 )

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Kakin Empire (former) The Amateur Hunters are a group of aspiring Hunters led and mentored by Kite. The group is hired by the Kakin Empire on the Azian continent to conduct a biological view. [ 1 ]


fiddling is known about when Kite met each member of the group, but one said that they have been with the group for three years. [ 2 ] Unsurprisingly, Kite has spent more time with them than Gon. Kite besides seems to have the closest connection with Spin and Stick, since he financed the purchase of their home so that they could protect the Small-billed Swan. It can besides be deduced that other members of the group were with Spin and Stick since the early mentioned that Kite was the first adult who listened to a “ crowd of kids ” with nothing to their names. [ 3 ]

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Although Kite called the group ‘s members excellent “ hunters ”, it ’ s improbable that any of them have passed the Hunter Exam and possess a Hunter License. [ 1 ] Gon besides asked Spin why she wants to be a Hunter. [ 3 ] none of the group ‘s members are Nen users. [ 1 ]


Chimera Ant bow

After meeting Gon and Killua in a afforest in the Kakin Empire, Kite explains to them that he was hired by the state to conduct ecological inquiry of new species. He reveals that he has six others with him, calling them amateurs but excellent hunters. The six individuals arrive proper on prompt and wonder who the two kids are. Kite explains that they are his friends who stopped by during their travels. One penis of the group introduces herself as Spinner Clow, telling them that they can call her Spin. When Gon introduces himself using his full name, Spin is taken aback by his concluding name, and Kite confirms that he is Ging ‘s son, surprising the others as well. [ 1 ] Killua then introduces himself, and two members pick up on his stopping point name, asking if he belongs to the family of celebrated assassins. Killua confirms this but adds that he quit the commercial enterprise. Kite reveals that both boys are professional Hunters and that they can learn a fortune from them, leaving Kite ‘s group stunned. The group of nine then sits around a table of food, and the remaining members of Kite ‘s group introduce themselves. A valet named Monta Yuras tells them to call him Mon. A son named Lin Koshi is glad to meet them. A man named Stick Dinner explains that he is in charge of cook, playfully pointing out the connection to his list. A girl named Banana Kavaro is besides gladiolus to meet them. And last, a girlfriend named Podungo Lapoy introduces herself. [ 1 ] Kite asks them about the Camp Tigers, and they reply that they were able to capture amaze footage, wondering what they should do now since they finished earlier than planned. Kite replies that they have another calendar month until their contract ends, and Mon suggests that they keep working and focus on small creatures. Stick quickly agrees, and Lin points out that discovering seven more species will double the quota on the contract, with Spin agreeing that it would be a full plaza to stop. As Gon and Killua look eager to help, Kite asks the two if they want to work with them, and they excitedly ask if they can. Kite explains that they merely need to use the television camera to take a digital video of anything unusual and that it will automatically compare it to the database so that they can know if it ‘s a new species. He reveals that Lin has discovered the most with more than 1,000 in three years, and Lin points out that the demand number is 1,019. Another member playfully adds that Kite is last with only 68. Kite explains that he works with large mammals and is n’t good at finding humble bugs. [ 1 ] Banana adds that the Camp Tiger was the biggest discovery of their trip, and Killua wonders what the creature is. Spin reveals that they make consumption of fire, and Banana adds that it ‘s the first discovery of a non-magical beast that prefers cooked kernel to raw. They then show Gon and Killua footage of the tigers roasting prey that they caught with their large horns, with Podungo pointing out that their horns are retractable. former that night, Spin and Stick are impressed by how many newly and rare species Gon and Killua are finding, with Stick praising their intuition, luck, and experimental skills. Kite tells himself that while his group relies on know and cognition, Gon and Killua use their five senses to notice things that most people would pass over, calling it a method acting only possible for professionals who know how to use aura. [ 1 ] The group delivers their findings to Mr. Wong, who excitedly says that it ‘s worth 200 years of their own research. He apologizes for not being able to pay them a bonus, but promises to recommend them to the ministries of other countries. He then tells them about a segment of a strange creature that was acquired by the Southernpiece Auction House, adding that they ca n’t list it since it could be unregistered and lawsuit legal issues. He then reveals that they would prefer to sell it to a licensed Hunter than have it taken by a bureaucrat. The group travels to Yorknew City and makes their means to the auction house, finally reaching the section mentioned by Wong. Kite asks Lin what he thinks, and he replies that it ‘s clearly from a previously unregistered species and that while it looks like an insect stage, there has never been any insect with a leg sol big. Spin points out that the claws are besides different from early insects, and Banana adds that they normally have two while this matchless has six. [ 2 ] After the group discusses the specimen further, Podungo suggests taking a sample distribution back to find out more, and Kite asks the auction official if they can have a little piece. The man replies that he can not refuse person recommended by Mr. Wong and gives them two samples after asking them to let the auction house know if they ever find an Albino Ponytail Cat. While Podungo and Mon design to examine the samples and call them when they get the results, Kite and the others leave to consultation the world who found the leg. Killua asks Kite where it was found, and he replies that it was south of Yorknew, suggesting that they go by nation since the weather has been unstable recently. The group travels by truck and finally finds the man, who tells them that it was on a nearby beach good floating near the water ‘s edge. As the group searches the shoreline, Killua notes the midst forest behind them, and Banana adds that it will be difficult to find the creature if it hid inwardly. Spin is n’t certain if the creature is calm alert, and Stick adds that they do n’t even know if it washed up on the lapp island. [ 2 ] Banana then reveals a little frank in her backpack and lets it smell the sample, with Gon eagerly wanting to smell it adenine well. Killua wonders if the sample is icky, but Banana explains that the dog would refuse it if it were. however, the andiron is unable to pick up any sort of trail, and Kite guesses that the creature washed astir elsewhere, asking how the currents stream. The man who found the leg tells them that they change direction day and night and that it depends on the season and day a well. Spin says that it will be impossible to specify a localization, but Gon suggests that they split up. Kite wonders if he can find it, and Killua explains that Gon ‘s nose works equitable like a frank ‘s. however, they find that the scent is gone and guess that the rain washed it away. Kite ‘s earphone suddenly rings, and Podungo reveals that the animal is most probable a Chimera Ant fagot, with Kite and the others taken aback by the news program. [ 2 ] Killua wonders what a chimera Ant is, and Spin explains that it ‘s an insect designated quarantine level one. Killua asks if it ‘s dangerous, and Spin adds that it has a famished appetite and uses a strategy known as phagogenesis to reproduce. She last reveals that the creature can eat many times its own weight in a single day and that it ‘s called the “ epicure ant ” for that very reason. Killua asks how large it can get, and Spin replies that queens are around 10 centimeter. Killua guesses that the one they are looking for is probably two meters tall and that it could eat people. After the group goes silent, they finally decide to keep looking for the creature. [ 2 ] Spin explains that a Chimera Ant queen keeps moving until she finds a identify she likes and that she will continue to produce soldier Ants until then. She will besides produce numerous construction Ants to build a nest and will then remain there until her death. Spin adds that the soldier Ants will catch enough food to satiate her appetite and that a two-meter-tall queen can develop a smack for homo pulp, which can cause entire villages and towns to go missing. however, as Spin does a research on her laptop, she is unable to find any aggregate disappearances in the past six months. Gon asks about individual disappearances, but Spin says that it would n’t help them since hundreds of thousands of people go missing around the universe every year. Killua asks about areas with higher rates of missing reports, but Spin replies that she ca n’t do that either since the data is two years old. [ 4 ] Others suggest looking up sightings rather since a two-meter-tall insect would make the news, but Spin says that she is n’t getting news program or even any rumors. Banana wonders if they are worrying for nothing, and Spin guesses that the creature may already be pisces food. Kite asks her to show him the data on ocean currents for the day the worm ‘s leg was found. Spin brings up a map of the location, and Kite asks her to show him where the leg could have been ten days ago based on those currents, speculating that the leg may have been severed after the creature washed up elsewhere. Spin tells him that the stallion Balsa Islands are a hypothesis, and Kite replies that the Mitene Union is besides possible in that shell. Stick wonders what it is, and Banana on the spur of the moment realizes that it ‘s where NGL is. Kite points out that it ‘s besides the localization of East Gorteau, and Killua wonders what NGL is. Kite replies that it stands for “ Neo-Green life ” and that the state forbids all modern engineering and lives among nature. [ 4 ] Spin brings up a function of the Mitene Union and clicks on NGL, saying that all their communication is done by mail and all their transportation by horseback. She confirms that it ‘s illegal to bring in modern engineering and cites a case in 1987 when three members of a television crew were caught trying to film a documentary, one of whom was executed and the other two left imprisoned. She adds that it has a population of 2.17 million, one percentage of which are volunteers while the rest are “ members ”. Kite wonders what they would do if the Chimera Ant washed up there, and Spin replies that they would likely do nothing, citing the example of an epidemic when they declined external help because they wanted to let nature take its course. Kite points out that it would be excessively late anyhow even if any information got out, guessing that the Chimera Ant is already building its nest. [ 4 ] Kite and the others then make their way to the NGL Border Stop, and the driver explains that it acts as both the country ‘s checkpoint and embassy. He wonders why the place is then concern, revealing that he has already transported ten other groups there. Kite realizes that others must have had the like estimate, telling the group to prepare themselves since NGL is n’t the eco-friendly group they claim to be. Gon is left confused, and Banana whispers to him that there are many disturb rumors about them. [ 4 ] The two ambassadors ask about the nature of their visit, and Kite explains that a biohazard-class worm may have wandered into their nation. The group is led at heart and surprised by the multiple computers. The ambassadors explain that they are n’t inside the state yet and that the computers are used for statesmanship and information exchange. They stress that all metals, field glass, and petroleum products will have to be removed before they are allowed to enter. Lin wonders if that includes his glasses, and the man confirms it, adding that they besides need to remove any clothing that has any formative or metallic element parts, or that ‘s made from synthetic fibers. Spin worries about having to strip naked, but the ambassador assures them that they will provide invest with natural fibers. The other ambassador adds that anyone with irremovable implants ( for example, surgical bolts, metallic alveolar consonant fillings, silicone prosthetics ) will be refused introduction. [ 5 ] alone Kite, Stick, Podungo, Gon, and Killua continue the entry procedure. Kite tells the others to wait in town and that they will contact them in two weeks. A woman leads them to the inspection area and explains that they will have to go through a metal detector, roentgenogram, and ultrasound since people have tried to smuggle grease-gun parts, cameras, or cell phones in their bodies before. The five are finally granted introduction and lease three horses for Jenny Symbol 2011.svg 12,000 a day. They decide to check out the communities along the coastline first and realize that the translator guides are keeping a close eye on them. Kite tells Gon and Killua that he does n’t expect any aid from the people, adding that his instincts are telling him the animal is somewhere inside the country. [ 5 ] After receiving a bloody note with directions from one of Ponzu ‘s bees, Kite tells Gon and Killua that it will be dangerous and asks if they want to come. The two show no hesitation in agreeing, and Kite tells the translator that the horses will be excessively behind for them. He then tells Stick and Podungo to go back with the others and inform the Hunter Association that it ‘s a top-level terror. [ 6 ] After their confrontation with Neferpitou, Killua safely carries Gon back to the NGL Border Stop. He then calls Spin and tells her that they had to leave Kite behind, enraging her as she orders them to explain themselves. Mon takes the earphone from her and tells Killua to wait there since they are on their manner with reinforcements. In the back of the truck, Mon hangs up as Banana and Podungo are seen with Netero, Morel, and Knov. [ 7 ] After leaving Knuckle and Shoot at the NGL Border Stop and begging the former to save Kite, [ 8 ] Gon rides back in the hand truck with Killua and Spin, who is seen reading a bible. Gon finally stops sulking and says that he needs to get stronger so that Kite wo n’t be disappointed after Knuckle rescues him. Spin tells Gon that while he may have met Kite before they did, they have spent more time with him. She adds that she would have kicked him off the truck if he kept sulking since Kite would n’t want to see him like that. She is besides convinced that Kite is silent alive, telling Gon that he wants to see wits and determination from him, not regret or remorse. She then tells him to train hard if he ‘s fallible and that he can do squats or pushups right there in the truck. [ 3 ]

Gon begins doing handstand push-ups and finally asks Spin why she wants to be a Hunter. Spin replies that she needs money to pay off an huge debt, asking if they have always heard of the Small-billed Swan. Gon replies that he has n’t, and Spin explains that while they do n’t know why yet, it only lives near a sealed mine. She continues by saying that they bought what was left of the integral mountain and that Kite financed it for them, adding that he was the beginning adult who would listen to a group of kids with nothing to their names. She then reveals that the mountain is home for her and Stick, who were both born there. She adds that their most permanent memory is seeing thousands of swans take flight as the sun rose behind them, realizing how much the place entail to them once they heard that it was being considered an industrial waste site. She reveals that Kite said he envied them since he does n’t know where he was born and does n’t have a place to call home. With Gon and Killua still listening intently, Spin tells them that she will take them there once the mission is over, calling the place invaluable. [ 3 ]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arch

During Kite ‘s discussion with Koala, Spin enters the board and tells him that he has a guest. Kite tells her to let him in, and Gon appears in the doorway. After his talk with Kite, Gon waves goodbye to him and the Amateur Hunters. [ 9 ] After meeting Ging at the top of the World Tree, Gon happily joins Kite and the Amateur Hunters to watch thousands of Small-billed Swans take flight as the sunlight rises behind them. He then sends a video recording to all his friends so that they can see the spectacle. [ 10 ]



Kakin Exploration Team

A young charwoman who is constantly seen chewing gum. She came to sketch the country with Kite. [ 1 ] She aspires to be a Hunter so that she can pay back her debt to Kite, who financed her purchase of an integral mountain in her hometown—a mine townhome to the Small-billed Swan. [ 3 ] A big man with a koala-like expression besides surveys Kakin for new species. He seems to be in charge of the baggage. [ 1 ] He came to survey Kakin with Kite. He already discovered over a thousand fresh species even before meeting Gon and Killua. He ‘s a light young man with round glasses and normally appears nervous and stuttering. [ 1 ] He came to review Kakin with Kite. He came from the same township as Spin. He likes saying puns and has an afro. He besides said that he handles the cook because his surname is Dinner. [ 1 ] She came to view Kakin with Kite. Banana tells Gon about the Camp Tigers, has short hair, and wears baggy dress. [ 1 ] She came to survey Kakin with Kite. Podungo has dark skin with hair tied up in a topknot. She is the smallest extremity of the group. [ 1 ]


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