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Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color


Personal Status


Active (Pre-Timeskip)
Deceased (Post-Timeskip)


Shoichi ( Younger Brother )
Teruko ( Younger Sister )


Manga Debut

chapter 20 ( Flashback )
Chapter 22 ( Full Appearance )

Anime Debut

Episode 12


Japanese VA

Shunichi Toki

English VA

Brandon Winckler Kiyoshi Images Image Gallery Kiyoshi ( 清 ( きよし ), Kiyoshi ? ) is the elder brother of Shoichi and Teruko, who gets kidnapped by the Tsuzumi Mansion Demon, Kyogai .


Kiyoshi is a young man with black hair slenderly longer than Shoichi ‘s. He has hazel brown eyes just like his siblings and wears a persimmon colored haori over his greens kimono.


Kiyoshi is a audacious young boy who managed to survive on his own in a house with three Demons all trying to devour him. He is intelligent and crafty enough to use Kyogai ‘s tsuzumi against him in order to survive. Tanjiro Kamado was impressed by Kiyoshi ‘s will that allowed him to hold out for so farseeing under these conditions .


due to to his rare blood, Kiyoshi was targeted as a marechi by Demons and taken by force to Tsuzumi Mansion. There, three Demons fought over who was going to eat him and the ensuing fight caused Kyogai to lose one of his tsuzumi drums. Kiyoshi took the drum and used it to transport himself away from the Demons. [ 1 ] Kiyoshi strikes the tsuzumi whenever danger is near and holds out until serve ultimately arrives. Teruko appears to save him alongside a Demon Slayer named Tanjiro. Tanjiro dresses Kiyoshi ‘s wounds and asks for an update on the situation. [ 2 ] The Demon Slayer asks Kiyoshi and Teruko to hold out a small longer while he takes on Kyogai himself. They ‘re aflutter at first, but they calm down when Tanjiro states his belief in their ability to be brave. [ 3 ] Tanjiro defeats the Demon and finally returns for the kids. They panic and throw things at him because the tsuzumi drum has disappeared. Tanjiro commends them for holding out and they leave the house together. [ 4 ]

All the siblings reunite while Tanjiro comes to blows with a violent boar-masked Demon Slayer. Zenitsu Agatsuma interrupts their reunion to cower behind them away from the contend. [ 5 ] After Tanjiro wins, they all work together to bury the bodies of the die and pray for them. Before twilight, the three siblings say adieu to the Demon Slayers and Tanjiro ‘s crow gives the son a bag of wisteria to take with him back home. [ 6 ]


As an average human, he does n’t posses any extra powers or abilities. however, he is called a ‘Marechi ‘ ( 稀 ( まれ ) 血 ( ち ), marechi ? ) by the Tsuzumi Mansion Demons since he has a rare blood type that is favored by them. [ 7 ]





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