It’s not that I fear death. Not anymore. What I fear most is that those things lurking above me would go to great lengths to wring out any information I have on the King in the cruelest way conceivable. If caught, I would have no way to resist!! That’s what this aura is telling me…!! This is as far as I can go!!
— Knov, in ” — Knov, in “ 6 : function 8
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Japanese Voice

Shin-ichiro Miki

English Voice

Grant George


Manga Debut

chapter 199

Anime Debut

Episode 85



Male.png Male

Eye Color

Light Brown

Hair Color

Black (Former)
White (Former)
Bald (Current)



General Status


Hunter Association
Palm Siberia (Pupil)

Previous Affiliation

Chimera Ant Extermination Team



Previous Occupation

Chimera Ant Extermination Team Member



Conjuration * [ 1 ]


Hide and Seek

prototype Gallery Knov ( ノヴ, Novu ) is a Hunter who participated in the Chimera Ant Extermination Mission. [ 2 ] He is besides the victor of Palm Siberia. [ 3 ]


Knov is a bespectacled young man, typically seen in a black befit and blue tie with a white button-down shirt. He is improbable and thin. At the begin of the Extermination Mission, Knov has medium-length total darkness hair, but near the day of the rape on the Chimera Ant King ‘s palace, Knov ‘s hair turns white after he experiences a mental breakdown upon coming into contact with Shaiapouf ‘s flagitious En. When Knov enters the castle to save Morel and Shoot, he is in a bad state of matter, with about no hair anymore. finally, Knov becomes bald and wears a flat capital to hide his head .


As an know Hunter, Knov is a serious individual, and very brooding. He shows a hint of arrogance upon meeting Killua for the first meter and labels him and Gon children. [ 2 ] He is very cautious during missions, about to the detail of being paranoid. [ 4 ] however in malice of his common good and calculating demeanor, he is besides a gambler at affection, as shown when he engages with Morel ‘s bet without hesitation and places his bet for 1 million ( Morel starts the bet by putting in 100 thousand ), stating that he has an appetite for long shots, which surprises Morel. [ 5 ] This risk-taking slope of Knov is at its paragon when he exploits the emergency within the King ‘s palace that has forced Neferpitou to undo their En as an opportunity to stealthily enter and place teleportation exits for his Nen ability, Hide and Seek, in order to prepare for an approaching surprise approach, despite not knowing the nature of the said hand brake nor does he know how much time he is allowed to execute the percolation before the Royal Guard ‘s En is revived ; during which he besides comments that it is wholly very well to suffer 3 losses out of the 4 planned major battles, ampere long as the 1 loss of the enemy is the King. [ 6 ] He is besides shown to be brave where despite his fear when approaching the palace alone, with many obscure variables placid up in the air, he however can repeatedly convince himself to keep on advancing and finally reaching the palace to enter and commence his plan. [ 6 ] He besides commands an air of confidence while handling his student, Palm. however, this confidence, along with the stay of his personality, would late disappear, after he comes face-to-face with Shaiapouf ‘s En, in which Knov then suffers from a brief genial breakdown that left him traumatized throughout the solid mission. [ 7 ] however, despite the injury, Knov is placid able to reunite with some of his courage to return to the palace and help his friends. [ 8 ] [ 9 ] Later, during the elections for the adjacent Hunter Chairman, he is back to his early personality .


Knov is the overlord of Palm Siberia and the target of her affections. [ 3 ] He and Morel are good comrades and both of them are members of the pro-Netero cabal in the Hunter Association .


Chimera Ant bow

When the V5 hire Chairman Netero to exterminate the Chimera Ants with any means, [ 10 ] the Chairman enlists Morel and Knov ‘s help, despite hindrance from Pariston. [ 11 ] They are tasked with killing the tabby before she gives birth to the King, which is estimated to happen in two months at the earliest. [ 12 ] As the three play along Netero to NGL, Knov and Morel leave their disciples in a town near the molding. [ 10 ] Knov makes his first appearance when he is about to cross the NGL border with Netero and Morel. They meet a demoralized Killua and an unconscious Gon at a checkpoint. Morel taunts Killua about his weakened assurance but Knov tells him to take it easy on the boy. When Killua says that he thinks the three elite Hunters will stand no find against Neferpitou because of his aura, he tells him his perspective is warped and to leave everything to them then advances into NGL with Netero and Morel. He chides the latter two more times before they cross the border. [ 2 ] When Netero comments that Neferpitou might be stronger than him, [ 12 ] Knov remarks that he must be joking, as otherwise, no Hunter would stand a gamble. The Chairman claims his ability has decreased to the point he is probably evenly matched with the two of them, causing Knov to point out that means he is calm enough strong. Netero ‘s ensuing wisecrack leaves Knov pique. Because Pitou ‘s En is so bombastic that a surgical attack on the Queen is impracticable, Netero asks Morel and Knov for suggestions. Smirking, Knov asserts the Chairman had already planned to take out their enemies slowly and quietly when he chose them. He retrieves Morel ‘s pipe from his pouch dimension and hands it to him, so he can create an army of Deep Purple bunnies to find out how many enemies they will have to deal with. [ 13 ] Over the course of ten days, [ 14 ] they manage to eliminate two squadrons, starting from the leader. Netero reckons the Ants will use baits and traps, and Knov suggests they intentionally fall in traps at times, both to exterminate some of the more mastermind troops before they can all band together and to create chaos. He estimates they will be able to take out three or four squadrons before they come up with their future plan, and optimistically states they might complete their deputation before their pupils arrive at the end of the calendar month. [ 15 ] For their adjacent plan, Morel creates a thick daze that covers an entire forest near the Ant Queen ‘s colony while Knov places portals all over the ground. When a Chimera Ant falls into one, they find themselves in a large room conjured by Knov, where they are killed by the Chairman. Using this method acting, they manage to decimate 14 more squadrons. Morel feels their plan is unfair, to which Knov replies it is foolproof since, despite his modesty, Netero is still stronger than them and eager to fight. [ 16 ] The Ants finally wise up, and by the end of the fourth week they hole up inside the nest. Knov contacts Netero and asks him if they should take action. The Chairman insists on waiting for their disciples. When Morel objects they would not be not useful in a contend of that magnitude, Knov comments Netero likes to gamble and the two make a count on whose pupils will show up the following day. Morel wagers 100,000 Jenny Symbol 2011.svg on Knuckle and Shoot, adding the clause that if they both lose, the pot goes to the Chairman. Knov bets for 1 million [ 5 ] that Gon, Killua, and Palm will come along excessively. [ 17 ] The stick to day, they see Colt flying towards them. Knov opens a portal vein, but they stay when they notice the Ant is carrying a white flag. He comes to them with the intention of surrendering, telling them about the previous birth of the King and begging them to save the Queen. [ 18 ] He warns them that should the Queen die, the Squadron Leaders will leave the nest and try to spread their seed. Knov confirms it is potential. They accept to take Colt to the Chairman. [ 17 ] The four relocate to a deluxe board where Netero requests the Hunter Association to send Dr. Lee, her best surgeons and artificial harmonium specialists to the Queen ‘s nest. Knov and Morel are concern to see him don his “ heart ” jersey, which he reserves for dangerous fights. They are tied more amazed by Colt ‘s assessment of Netero ‘s aura, according to which he will be killed by one of the Royal Guards before he can reach the King. Knov is disquieted by the Chairman ‘s enthusiasm. They return to the colony with the surgeons. Knov is surprised to discover some Ants retain memories from their lives as humans. Despite the doctors ‘ efforts, all they can do is prolong the dying moment of the Queen for a few minutes. When Morel threatens Colt with his shriek after the latter finds a baby in the Queen ‘s body, Knov, befuddled, wonders what he is doing. [ 19 ] After Knuckle and Shoot find and capture Kite ‘s manipulated body in the nest. Knov returns to the border town two days before the date he communicated to Palm to ensure Gon and Killua will be able to handle seeing Kite. He chastises Palm for using her ability without his license. He adds that she should spill her blood merely for him, causing her to fall for him again. He then enquires about her outfit. [ 20 ] He has Shoot spy on the boys. [ 21 ] The Hunters gather at a castle where Shoot releases Kite from Hotel Rafflesia. Gon approaches him and lets himself be struck, as Killua and Knov realize. [ 22 ] Through Colt, the Extermination Team becomes aware of the Sorting and that the Royal Guards know how to awaken Nen by pull. Netero infiltrates the Republic of East Gorteau and warns the Extermination Team to assume the worst if they do not hear from him by the appointed day. Ten days before the rally announced by Ming Jol-ik takes position, Knov, Morel, Knuckle, Shoot, Gon, and Killua take a train to East Gorteau. Morel remarks taking all of them breaks their promise to Netero, but Knov points out their agreement was for NGL, not East Gorteau. He then starts reading a koran. While they eat in a restaurant, Knov updates the others on the Selection and Netero ‘s movements. He receives a text from Netero, which brings a smile to his lips because he was already aware that Gon, Killua, and Palm would join the team and of a comment Morel alone precisely made. When Morel tests Gon, Knov shivers upon sensing the male child ‘s aura. Following the Chairman ‘s instructions, the Extermination Team divides into three groups of two—Morel and Knov versus Shaiapouf, Knuckle and Shoot versus Menthuthuyoupi, Gon and Killua versus Neferpitou—and separate the Royal Guards from the King. [ 23 ] Nine days prior to the planned attack, in the evening, Knov and Morel talk to Marcos, a military drawing card in Ming Jol-ik ‘s government, persuading him to sign an agreement whereby he shall disclose all military information in commute for the protection of him and his syndicate in a third area. He senses Morel ‘s irritation at his hypocrisy and warns him with a spirit. [ 24 ] Killua or Gon informs them that the “ excerpt ” has already started. At Marcos ‘ place, Knov asks Morel what is improper when he starts screaming on the earphone. They discuss the corruption of the Hunter Association, and Knov ‘s emotionlessness vexes Morel. He reminds him that the Chairman took everything into history to kill the King for surely, including the potential casualties. curtly subsequently, they discover Killua and Gon spring into natural process to stop the Selection. Although Morel is relieved, Knov observes overt hostilities will allow the Royal Guards to seal off the country and place it under martial law. [ 11 ] To prevent them from slaughtering the 5,000,000 citizens, Morel puts the capital city Peijin under siege using his “ Smoke Troopers ”, with Knov ‘s aid. [ 25 ] Six days before the fire on the King, Morel encounters Cheetu and is teleported aside due to his ability. Knov notices Morel ‘s disappearance but infers the plan is inactive on, as Deep Purple is even active. Unbeknownst to him, he is spotted by Flutter, who communicates his military position to Leol. [ 26 ] He effortlessly defeats Neferpitou ‘s puppets and cautiously heads towards the palace. He evades more puppets by retreating into his bid board. When he comes out again, he spots Flutter. He speculates the Ant specializes in reconnaissance and that the dragonflies he saw around the capital are his Nen ability. He runs towards him to take him down. [ 27 ] He successfully cuts off Flutter ‘s wings and incapacitates him, then drags him into his room. He sees Welfin and Bloster. When Morel returns from his fight with Cheetu, Knov briefs him. [ 28 ] When Neferpitou cancels all of their dolls and retreats their En to treat the King ‘s self-inflicted wound, Morel and Knov make conjectures about the reason. Knov is convinced it is not a trap and states that in any case, he needs to plant a portal vein near the palace. The two cleave up, with Morel staying in Peijin. [ 29 ] Exploiting the rain and the darkness, Knov crawls close to the palace, struggling but managing to keep his fear in check mark. [ 6 ] He manages to sneak into the kernel grove, where 5,000 humans are kept into cocoons from which they will hatch as Nen-using soldiers for Neferpitou to control and invade the perch of the world with. Knov plants an passing there and runs towards the palace. He places another near the entrance. As he runs towards the cardinal stairway to the second floor, he runs into Taragetter, whom he decapitates with Scream. He prepares to flee, but no early Ants come. He steps into Taragetter ‘s blood, which forces him to discard his shoes. [ 4 ] They will be former found by Welfin. [ 30 ] merely as he reaches the stairway, Shaiapouf activates his en ; his aura terrorizes Knov to the distributor point he would comment that it is not death that scares him to such a academic degree but rather it is the kind of torture he may be cruelly subjected to by the Royal Guards to force the information out of him in ways he can never resist if he were to be caught, which would besides ultimately bring about the failure of the entire operation. [ 4 ] Knov then plants the portal vein at the bottom of the stairs as the death introduction distributor point into the palace and flees the scene. As he leaves, he hears trucks approaching. [ 4 ] He surmises those are the women Marcos prepared for Bizeff, among whom should be Palm who is in an clandestine mission. As his objective has been achieved, Knov then hurries aside from the palace before being detected, with his mental health quickly deteriorating in the procedure and has late suffered a genial breakdown upon leaving the maximal stove of Neferpitou ‘s En ; he wonders how Gon and Killua can keep going despite the overpower force of the Royal Guards, and mutely prays Palm to remain safe. [ 7 ] His hair turns completely white as a result of his mental breakdown, and, with his liveliness demolish, he withdraws from the Extermination Team. [ 31 ] On the day of the assail on the palace, Knov volunteers to keep pill on the Royal Guards. He reassures the other Hunters that he will not take any risks since he fears the Ants more than any of them. At sunset, he sees Shaiapouf dispersed butterfly scales on the crowd of citizens marching towards the palace. [ 32 ] He reports to the team that the scales have a soporific effect, which they interpret as a good sign of the zodiac, as the push will not fly into a panic once the battles begin. At 18:00, Knov leaves the board again to check on the Ants, oppressed by the sense of guilt. [ 33 ] He then takes the rest of the team to the entrances he has set up inside the palace. [ 30 ] Seven minutes before the blitz, Knov relays the actions and positions of the Royal Guards to his teammates and heads bet on out, promising to update them if anything should change. [ 34 ] Shortly afterwards, they storm the palace through his ability. [ 35 ] [ 36 ] Knov rescues Shoot after he is badly injured in his contend with Menthuthuyoupi, taking him to a room with surgeons and checkup equipment where he receives discussion. [ 8 ] Knov is notified that Netero has taken the King to the appointed place. In hurt of his mental trauma, he returns to the palace to inform the Extermination Team. He hears Knuckle submit that he can no longer see Menthuthuyoupi as an enemy and warns him that he could change again at the King ‘s orders. He asks if there has been any news from Palm, but Ikalgo could not find her. Stating he will likely be unable to come back to the palace again, Knov then asks the members of the Extermination Team what they want to do. He compliments them for deciding to keep fighting even after the King has been separated from the Royal Guards and takes a wounded Morel to get treatment. [ 9 ]

13th Hunter Chairman Election bow

After the death of Meruem is confirmed, Knov is seen again in the hospital where Gon, Morel, and Shoot are being treated, along with the other members of the invasion team. When a elder doctor tells him and Knuckle that Gon is in an highly dangerous state, Knov says he will do everything to save his life, evening if it means having to rebuild the entire hospital. He then tells Killua that he will use Hide and Seek to bring all the necessary people and equipment to the hospital. [ 37 ] In the beginning cycle of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election, he places in the nineteenth place with Loupe Highland ; [ 38 ] and 16th set with Kanzai in the moment and one-third rounds. [ 39 ] [ 40 ] Later, after Morel reaches an agreement with Gotoh on the conditions for saving Gon, he calls Knov and tells him to prepare an detached windowless room with nothing but Gon. In the one-fourth round, Knov places in 18th along with Kite and Gon, and is eliminated from the election for not making the lead 16. [ 41 ] late he hands Morel the money of their by bet since Morel ‘s students were the ones who arrived on the agree date. Morel uses the money they had both waged to buy an expensive bottle of wine and drink to Netero ‘s memory, placing a glass in presence of a visualize of the deep chair. [ 42 ]

Dark Continent Expedition bow

Knov has agreed to participate in the excursion, but he will not go any farther than the borders of the New Continent, as announced by Ginta. [ 43 ] [ 44 ]

Abilities & Powers

Knov has all the benefits granted by his status as a Hunter. In battle, he chiefly takes on a load-bearing function, [ 13 ] but he has proven to be able to acquit himself well in open confrontations, during which he can be frequently seen using his Nen abilities to escape the opposition and subsequently get the shed on them. [ 27 ] Netero, who in the past was considered the best Nen exploiter in the world, said Knov was on the same grade of skill as him, [ 13 ] although Knov denied it. [ 16 ] His self-control used to be solid enough that he succeeded in venturing deep into the Royal Palace of East Gorteau, where the King and his three Royal Guards resided, all by himself and with the willingness to lay down his life ; [ 6 ] however, witnessing Shaiapouf ‘s En traumatized him to the orient that he was declared unable to continue the deputation, [ 31 ] although he managed to recover adequate to monitor the Royal Guards with a field glass [ 32 ] and, on the night of the foray into, to return to the palace doubly, once before the Royal Guards left it, although by his own admission he would be unable to return a third time. [ 9 ] Mere hours late he appeared to be already in full control of himself, making plans to save Gon ‘s animation. [ 37 ] Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: While infiltrating the palace, Knov gave proof of considerable focal ratio, executing a series of high-speed dashes to minimize his visibility in broader spaces. When Taragetter surprised him, he noticed the Chimera Ant and killed him before he could react in any way, subsequently grabbing delay of his brainless torso and running several meters before it began to bleed. [ 4 ] Advanced Agility: Knov can run on rooftops and jump from one another with ease. [ 27 ] High Intelligence: Knov is a perceptive individual. He was able to sense Morel ‘s disgust with Marcos [ 24 ] and estimate Netero ‘s motif for choosing Morel and him. [ 13 ] His acuity extends to the battlefield deoxyadenosine monophosphate well, examples of which he gave when he correctly guessed how Flutter monitored him [ 27 ] and how the Chimera Ants would respond to the Extermination Team ‘s attacks. [ 15 ] Master of Stealth: Knov is an technical infiltrator. He managed to sneak deep inside the castle that served as the Chimera Ants ‘ nest and establish his portals wholly undetected. [ 4 ] He can take advantage of the low visibility granted by the rain and the dark [ 6 ] [ 7 ] and camouflage himself with twigs. [ 6 ] Further proof of Knov ‘s proficiency in stealth is the fact that he was able to approach and take out Flutter despite the latter ‘s vantage point and Super Eye ability and without him managing to alert his allies. [ 27 ] [ 28 ] Hand-to-Hand Combatant: While his degree of skill in the field is obscure, Knov was said to be able to beat back Neferpitou ‘s arm puppets with bare-handed fight alone. [ 27 ]


Despite being a Conjurer *, [ 1 ] Knov might be able to use Emission, the type diametric to his, to a sealed degree, as his portals are made out of saturated aura detached from his body ; since both the portals and Scream require him to alter the shape of his air, he may have some proficiency in Transmutation excessively. He might have used a combination of Zetsu and In to sneak into the palace in a broken profile and to kill Taragetter with his Nen ability, going wholly unnoticed by the all of the other occupants within. On that juncture, he demonstrated the capacitance to activate his Nen abilities at extreme speeds. [ 4 ] Ginta hailed his Hide and Seek ability as an highly commodious rarity that would be very difficult to replace, [ 43 ] and another Hunter specialized in exile admitted that her own ability was far inferior to Knov ‘s and that a few more transporters would be necessary to match him. [ 44 ]

Knov’s Nen Type: Conjuration *
Type: Conjuration Hide and Seek (



Fourth-Dimensional Mansion )[note 1]

Hunter X Hunter - 104 - Large 06.jpg

Hunter X Hunter - 104 - Large 07.jpg

Knov uses his Master Key to exit the Four-Dimensional Mansion.jpg

Knov is a Conjurer[1] with a teleportation ability called Hide and Seek. By touching a flat surface, like a wall or the ground, and drawing symbols in a circle, Knov can set and open a portal leading to an artificial Nen dimension—a four-level mansion containing twenty-one rooms of various sizes. Each portal is linked to a specific room, with the maximum number of entrances being dependent on the size of the room (the largest can have up to 32). Each room is completely separate from the others. Normally each entrance can only lead back to the portal Knov created for it; however, Knov can use a master key to connect any room exit to any previously set portal.[27] Although the specifics are unclear, it appears that Knov can make his portals indiscernible in some circumstances, as Flutter, a Nen user, was not able to locate them before or after practice, [ 27 ] and Knov could establish three inside the Royal Palace of East Gorteau without them ever being detected by the Royal Guards or Welfin, who traced back the Hunter ‘s steps. [ 30 ] [ 34 ] away from percolation, thanks to their imperceptibility the portals can serve as trapdoors of sorts, transporting and trapping unsuspecting enemies into one of Knov ‘s rooms. [ 16 ]
Type: Conjuration Scream (



Window to the Void )[note 2]

Knov Scream 2011.png Knov has also been seen using his teleportation ability offensively. Scream allows him to open a portal between his hands and wrap it around his opponent. At the command “Close”, the portal closes, causing anything that was inside of it to be sent to another dimension. With this ability, Knov can maim and kill opponents quickly and silently.[4] It is not known if this technique has Limitations or if it can bypass things such as the target’s physical durability and Nen protection.


  • Chimera Ant arc:
    • Knov vs. East Gorteau Soldiers*[27]
    • Knov vs. Flutter†[28]
    • Knov vs. Taragetter†[4]


  • (To Killua) “People tend to overrate things they don’t comprehend.”[2]
  • (To Netero) “How you love to tease… You already knew what you would do when you chose the two of us.”[13]
  • (To Netero) “We’ll take them out quietly, one by one.”[13]
  • (To Morel) “I like to gamble, too. Especially on long shots…”[5]
  • (To Palm) “Your blood is a precious, limited resource. Use your ability only for me.[20]
  • “We only need to win one battle. We can sacrifice three, as long as we kill the King…!![6]
  • “Even if I fail… there will be other ways!! Go without fear…!! Closer!!”[6]
  • “My spirit was broken just by seeing the aura…!! Gon… Killua… you’ve seen it too. You were even closer than I was… even touched it. Then how… how are you able to face it again?! How can you still fight?! To save Kite?! To save humanity?! How do you keep going?”[7]
  • “Palm…!! Please… Don’t push your luck. Don’t get in over your head!! If you’re caught… it’s all over!! I can’t… I can’t go back there again!![7]
  • “I’m sorry Morel… everyone… I… I can’t face them again!!”[32]
  • (To Knuckle) “It’s not about the individual soldiers. The King can wave his magic wand and turn them all into mindless spawn!”[9]
  • (To a doctor) “We’ll bring the specialists to him. He’s a hero… he deserves that much. I’ll pay all costs. We’ll rebuild half the hospital if we need to. I swear I won’t let Gon die!!”[37]


  • Knov’s name is probably based upon the idea of the doorknob, since his ability allows him to create portal/doors into his own dimension.
  • Knov taunted Killua after hearing of his reaction to Neferpitou’s aura, commenting that people tend to become fearful and irrational when facing the unknown; ironically, he later had a mental breakdown from seeing the En of another guard, Shaiapouf, in a turn of events that mirrors the advice and warning he had previously given to Killua then.
  • Knov was allowed to enter NGL despite wearing glasses, although it is possible he smuggled them in through his Nen ability.
  • According to the “Hunter × Hunter Manual” section found in the Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho official character book (Shueisha Jump remix), * Knov’s stats are:
Story Arcs heed skill body

Nen ingenuity intelligence
Chimera Ant arc: NGL 3/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 3/5 4/5
Chimera Ant arc: Palace Invasion 2/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 3/5 4/5

Intertextuality and References

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic نوف (Nuaf)
China Flag.png Chinese 诺布/諾布* (Nuò bù)
France Flag.png French Novu
Greece Flag.png Greek Νόβ (Nov)
Italy Flag.png Italian Nobu
Russia Flag.png Russian Нов (Nov)
Thailand Flag.png Thai โนว์ (Now̒)


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  1. The second nomination of Knov ‘s Hide and Seek, “ Fourth-Dimensional mansion ” ( 4次元マンション, 4-Jigen Manshon ) in the Viz interpretation, could be translated more literally as “ Four Dimensions ‘ sign of the zodiac ”, “ 4-D mansion ”, or “ four-dimensional mansion ” .
  2. The second nomination of Knov ‘s Scream, “ Window to the Void ” ( 窓を開く者, Madowohiraku-sha ) —a non-literal translation in the Viz version, literally means something like “ A Person Who Opens a Window ” .


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