Shinobu Kocho vs Spider Demon (Daughter)

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Shinobu Kocho vs Spider Demon (Daughter)








Mount Natagumo


Mount Natagumo Arc


Shinobu Kocho is Victorious.

Demon Slayer Corps

  • Shinobu Kocho

  • Spider Demon (Daughter)
Powers and Abilities

  • Insect Breathing
Spider Demon (Daughter):

  • Blood Demon Art
Damage and Casualties
  • Daughter Spider Demon is killed.

Shinobu Kocho vs Spider Demon (Daughter) was a battle that took place on Mount Natagumo. It focuses on the struggle between the Insect Hashira Shinobu Kocho against Daughter of the Spider Family .


As Daughter runs off from the competitiveness between Tanjiro Kamado and Rui, she reminisces on the events that have led to this moment, recalling when Rui foremost met her, everything that happened throughout her time in the Spider Family, informing Rui of the deaths of her “ Mother “ and “ Brother “ and his wrath upon realizing they have never lived to his expectations. soon after, she runs into Murata, much to his surprise. She immediately discerns that he is a Demon Slayer and captures him with an acidic cocoon, her own Blood Demon Art .
He promptly attempts to stab and slash open the cocoon to escape but it backfires. Daughter then comments that it is futile to escape due to the cocoon being incredibly durable despite its unfitness. Inside, Murata sees thick lime-green fluid oozing out of the threads, lento filling up the cocoon. The Spider Demon sadistically explains that the melted will first erode his consistent, then his body, before she will devour his remains.

abruptly, Shinobu Kocho appears right behind the demon and curiously wonders if the threads come out from her palms, along with wishing her a good evening and commenting about the beauty of the moon angstrom well .


Startled, Daughter promptly steps aside from Shinobu. She attempts to capture her with her acidic cocoon, but Shinobu gracefully dodges all of her silk and approaches her, closing the distance. Upon getting within range, she repeatedly kicks Daughter to the reason, pinning her depressed. Shinobu reflects that the Spider Demon does n’t want to become her “ friend ”, to which the monster cursorily begs for mercifulness. Daughter claims that she is being threatened by person and will be killed for any defiance, causing Shinobu to appear concerned. Shinobu states that she will be will to spare her, to Daughter ‘s great surprise, but adds that she must asks a few questions beforehand. coldly staring at the demon, the Insect Hashira asks how many people she has killed. Scared, Daughter quieten answers that she ‘s killed five, as she begins to tear up. She repeats that she had no option and was ordered to do so but Shinobu brushes aside her words and asks that she do not lie. The devil maintains that she has only killed five but Shinobu informs her of finding hordes of cocoons and at least eighty dead homo captives barely from the focus she came through in the forest.

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Seeing the frighten devil staying dumb, Shinobu mentions she is not angry and simply trying to get an accurate toll. When Daughter asks about the importance of knowing how many she has killed, Shinobu responds that she needs to receive the proper punishment in order for them both to be friends. Shinobu states that she could either gouge out her eyes, slash her digest to rip out her insides, and torture her for each of her victims. daughter begins to panic at her impending fortune, while a crafty Shinobu adds that she will not die from her torment because she can heal .
Disturbed and fearful of her future torture, the Spider Demon engages at Shinobu and attempts to capture her again, merely for Shinobu to promptly evade it again, while lamenting the devil ‘s poor decision. Seeing that they can never be friends, she unsheathes her sword. When the devil tries to fire her silk again, she is unable to spot the Hashira. Looking up, she sees Shinobu leaping high into the air travel before lunging towards her with numerous butterflies behind her. She abruptly finds herself surrounded as dozens of butterflies fly excrete her, with a single one land on her finger. When she moves in for a closer front, the butterfly begins to bleed. causing blood to drip from her finger and her soundbox to change. In actuality, Shinobu uses her Insect Breathing, Butterfly Dance: Caprice on the Spider Demon.

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Daughter immediately touches her neck to see if she was beheaded, to which she realizes she was not. She questions as to how and why the Insect Hashira did n’t behead her, to which she concludes that Shinobu does n’t have the necessary lastingness in club to behead a Demon. This greatly boosts the Spider Demon ‘s confidence in defeating her, but as she is about to attack Shinobu, she is hit by a wave of pain and sees her blood vessel changing. As her wounds begin bleeding, inner run appears throughout her body, and her condition quickly deteriorates. Daughter lets out one final examination yell of agony before slumping to the land, the last of the Spider Family defeated. Shinobu happily mentions that she should n’t feel safe if she has not been beheaded, as there are Demon Slayers like her who wield poison rather .


After confirming that Daughter is indeed dead, Shinobu cursorily frees Murata from his cocoon prison. Upon seeing the devil on the ground, he wonders if she should finish it off, lone for the Hashira to state that she is already dead from the poison she used. As an embarrass and nude Murata slinks away, Shinobu turns her attention to the devil Daughter had said has been ordering her, wondering if the demon has been reached by her collaborator Giyu Tomioka already .



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