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This article is about the Marley officer named Eren. For the 104th Cadet Corps graduate of the same name, see Eren Jaeger (Anime).

Eren Kruger

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Eren Kruger
Eren Kurūgā


Shingeki no Kyojin ? ) [ 1 ]
“ The Owl ” ( フクロウ Fukurō ? ) [ 2 ]

“Attack Titan” (進撃の巨人”The Owl” (フクロウ

Biological Information


Human, Intelligent Titan




15 m (Attack Titan form)


Unnamed father (deceased)





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Former affiliation

  • Marleyan military
    • Marley Public Security



That Day

Anime movie

Attack on Titan : Chronicle

Acting Information

Voice actor

( English ) Yasunori Matsumoto (Japanese) Ray Chase (English)

Attack Titans
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Unknown Grisha Jaeger
Quote1.png The only truth in this world is that there is no truth. Anyone can become a god or a devil. All it takes is for people to believe it. Quote2.png
— Eren Kruger’s thoughts on Ymir Fritz’s story[1]

Eren Kruger ( エレン・クルーガー Eren Kurūgā ? ) [ 1 ] was an Eldian spy pose as a Marleyan military officer in the Marley Public Security. He founded the Restorationists, and used the pseudonym the Owl ( フクロウ Fukurō ? ) to communicate. secretly, he possessed the baron of the Attack Titan .


human form

Kruger was a fairly boastfully, well-built, older man. He had aristocratic eyes and shagged dirty blond haircloth which he kept combed to the side. Kruger had a identical slender face and pronounce cheekbones, and he was seen wearing the standard uniform for Marleyan soldiers and officers, although he only wore his consistent ‘s hat when he was facing civilians.

As a Titan, Kruger ‘s human body had sunken eye sockets, was very muscular, and had farseeing blond haircloth. however, his Titan form besides shared some unique facial characteristics with his human form, such as his pronounce cheekbones .


Kruger appeared to be a largely stoic individual who never displayed any emotions, most likely as a consequence of enduring years of suffer and misery as a mole and being forced to commit brutal and atrocious acts against colleague Eldians. After finding Grisha and Fay Jaeger outside of their internment zone, he felt no queasiness in punishing Grisha physically. He continued to show a lack of empathy when the Jaegers learned of Fay ‘s death, remaining stone-faced at the view of their sorrow. however, in truth, he felt compunction for all of his immoral acts that he did to his brethren, but saw it necessary for the betterment of Eldia. Another celebrated aspect of his worldview was his relativistic impression ; he denied the concept of an objective truth, claiming that everything was a matter of personal opinion. [ 1 ]


Kruger was born to an Eldian family know in Marley. His church father had joined an Eldian revolutionist united states army led by the remnants of the royal Fritz family who remained on the mainland. unfortunately, the army was very ineffective, and its members, including Kruger ‘s founder, were captured and burned animated by the Marley Public Security as Kruger obscure in a water closet. Afterward, he was rescued by friends of his father. erstwhile late, Kruger was able to join the Marley Public Security as a descry thanks to an Eldian doctor who was able to fake his blood tests as he had done for himself sometime earlier. As a spy in the military, Kruger would refer to himself in symmetry with the Restorationists as “ the Owl, ” all while spending his military career turning thousands of Eldians into Titans over the years in order to hide his identity as an cultural Eldian. [ 1 ] While spending his downtime watching blimps with Gross, Kruger caught sight of Grisha and Fay Jaeger following the blimp. Observing their armbands, Kruger deduced that they are from the Liberio imprisonment zone. Because they had left their Internment zone without license, Kruger offered them a choice between hard parturiency or “ physical punishment. ” Grisha nervously chose to take both his and Fay ‘s punishment, and Kruger proceeded to savagely knee him in the stomach. Afterwards, however, Kruger showed a obscure trace of empathy after allowing Grisha to stay with him to watch the colonel blimp, citing that since he was here, he may a well see it. Kruger accompanied his fellow officeholder to inform the Jaegers of Fay ‘s death and observed quietly as they grieved for Fay. Amidst the conversation, he looked into the traumatize Grisha ‘s eyes, seeing pure hatred and a desire for retaliation. [ 2 ] Two years belated Kruger inherited the Attack Titan from an unknown predecessor, gaining the Power of the Titans. [ 1 ] Kruger was present when Grisha was tortured by the Marley Public Security. He asked if he confessed to the Owl ‘s identity, and Grisha assured he did not know. Kruger announced the gravy boat that will send the Restorationists to Paradis Island was fix. During the operation at Paradis Island, Kruger escorts Grisha from the top of a thirty-foot wall, telling Grisha that deoxyadenosine monophosphate punishment for treason, he will be transformed into a Titan. Grisha tells Kruger that he remembers him from all those years back when his sister was murdered, which Kruger happily acknowledges. He calmly watched the Restorationists being turned into mindless Titans and chase after their brother. [ 2 ] As it was Dina Fritz ‘s turn to be transformed, Kruger violently silenced a yell Grisha and held him in seat. Both he and Grisha watched as Dina was turned into a Titan. When Gross was about to throw Grisha off the Wall, Kruger abruptly intervened and pushed his comrade off the wall, and revealed to a shock Grisha that he was the Owl. While mutilating his hand, he taught Grisha how to use the Power of the Titans before, in his Titan form, destroying the Marleyan steamboat and slaughtering all the remaining soldiers. [ 2 ] After destroying the Marleyan men and their equipment, Kruger returned to the exceed of the Wall. He goes on to explain his awful acts against thousands of Eldians were all to serve Eldia in the end ; Kruger then expresses repent for playing a function in the end of Grisha ‘s sister, but that the hate he saw in Grisha ‘s eyes was share of the reason he ultimately chose him as his successor. Kruger told Grisha that he must enter the Walls and take back the Founding Titan, using the power of the Titans Kruger would give him. When asked why he could not go himself, Kruger revealed that inheritors of the Nine Titans die after thirteen years and he has already reached the end of his tenure. He then explained that all Eldians are connected by paths to the Founding Titan Ymir Fritz once had and that no one can ever be stronger than her, so they die after thirteen years like she did. Grisha then questioned this logic and the Eldian history, which Kruger explained is probably not true from the Marleyan or Eldian perspective.

When Grisha asked Kruger why he allowed Dina to be turned into a Titan, he said that he believed it would be better than having her give birth to royal children for Marley until her end. Grisha tried to turn down Kruger ‘s mission, prompting Kruger to commend Grisha ‘s father for trying to keep his family safe when he knew what happened to Fay. Kruger confronted Grisha, explaining that the reason he chose him was because Grisha sought exemption beyond Liberio ‘s walls. Kruger reminded Grisha that their brothers and sisters paid the price for their exemption, and that those actions will follow them until they are repaid, even after death. As Grisha ultimately agreed, Kruger informed him of the name of the Titan he would be inheriting : the Attack Titan. Kruger then explained the history of the Founding Titan and King Fritz ‘s vow with the Founding Titan renouncing all war. As he prepared to inject Grisha with a Titan serum, he urged him to find a family and complete his mission for the sake of Armin and Mikasa. Grisha was confused by these names, and Kruger admitted that he did not know whose memories he was seeing. [ 1 ] Afterwards, Kruger willingly allows himself to be eaten by Grisha, successfully transferring the Attack Titan to him .


Kruger was able to transform into a 15 meter Titan known as the Attack Titan ( 進撃の巨人 Shingeki no Kyojin ? ) .

  • Regeneration: As a holder of the Power of the Titans, it is believed that he could regenerate his body faster than regular humans, even from fatal wounds.
  • Enhanced Strength: Kruger was able to split a steamboat in two while in his Titan form.
  • Future Memory Inheritance: As part of the Attack Titan’s unique abilities, Kruger was able to receive memories of his successors.

People killed

  • Previous inheritor of the Attack Titan (as a Pure Titan)[3]
  • At least 9 Marleyan soldiers.[2]


  • Gross[2]
  • Thousands of Eldian civilians[1]


  • Kruger bore a resemblance to Eren Jaeger as a child.[1]
  • Kruger was featured in the full version of the Linked Horizon song Guren no Zahyou from the Shingeki no Kiseki album.
  • His name could be a reference to American screenwriter and film producer Ehren Kruger.



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